How To Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username? | 7 Methods

How To Find Someone On Kik If You Don't Know Their Username?
Are you looking for someone on Kik? Do you have suspicions that your significant other is on Kik? Finding someone specific on Kik with their username is easy but if you do not know How To Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username we’ve got your back. In this article, we will discuss several ways to find a Kik user.

To find someone on Kik without their username, use phone contacts or Kik codes if available. Otherwise check groups they may be in, find linked social media, guess username from email, or use third party people-finder sites, though risky. Snooping in-person is also an option.

By reading this article, you’ll learn multiple techniques to find someone on Kik anonymously, like scanning their Kik code, checking shared groups, linking social profiles, and using external sites. It also provides safety tips for using Kik responsibly.

Why Do You Need To Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username?

There could be several personal reasons why you might want to locate someone on Kik when you don’t have their username. It’s possible that you have a young child, and you’re concerned about the potential risks of this app for them. Alternatively, you might have doubts about a partner who is displaying significant warning signs. In that situation, why not opt for an open conversation?

If, for some reason, you can’t communicate openly with them and you’re hesitant to ask them directly about their Kik usage, here are seven methods to find someone on Kik without knowing their username.

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7 Ways To Find Someone On Kik Without Knowing Their Username

As stated above there are two main ways to find someone on Kik. The first one uses the Kik app itself and the second one by using third-party apps. Below we will be discussing the various ways in which you use to Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username;

Method 1: Finding Someone On Kik Using Your Phone Contacts

If this person is close enough for you to have their number you could just call them and ask if they use Kik. But if you cant ask them for various reasons you can follow these steps below to know if they are on Kik. Know that if they didn’t use their number for logging in you will not be able to see them while using this method.

Step 1: Open The Kik App

First, open Kik on your device if you don’t have a Kik account you can simply signup. You can sign up easily by submitting a username, password, and email id.

Step 2: Click The Plus Icon

After opening the app you go to the bottom right of your chat screen. Press the plus icon (+).

Step 3: Tap “Find People”

Now you’ll be seeing various options so click “Find People”. Its icon is that of a person with a plus sign.

Step 4: Choose “Find by Phone Contacts”

You’ll be taken to a different screen with the following option; ‘Find by Username’ ‘Find by Phone Contacts’ ‘Find by Kik Contacts’. Click the second option.

Now you’ll be able to see all your contacts who use or don’t use Kik. Scroll through to find the one you’re looking for. Maybe you might find someone who you had no idea was using Kik. If the one you’re looking for is not up there they are not using Kik. Or they might have just not signed up using up Kik. So try a few more methods before you get sure.

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Method 2: Finding Someone On Kik By Using Kik Codes

There are codes for Kik accounts, much like there are codes for Snapchat accounts, and you can use those codes to find people on Kik. If you don’t have their username but you somehow have their Kik Code you can follow these steps to find their username.

Step 1: Open The Kik App

Log in to Kik by opening the app and entering your username and password.

Step 2: Click The Plus Icon

Select the Plus option (see the top of the screen in the left corner).

Step 3: Tap “Scan a Kik Code”

After following the second step you’ll be directed to a new screen where you will find ‘Find by Username,’ ‘Find by Phone Contacts,’ and ‘Find by Kik Contacts.’ Select the second choice.

Step 4: Get Connected

You’ll be able to chat with the user right after scanning the code.

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Method 3: Finding Someone On Kik On Group chats

If you know which groups they might be frequenting or are just on the same group chat. You might just catch the someone you are looking for. Although if they are only in private groups you will need an invite to the groups. Follow these steps to know how you can check if someone you are looking for is on Kik.

Step 1: Open The Kik App

Open the app and input your login and password to log in to Kik.

Step 2: Click The Plus Icon

Choose the Plus (+) icon located in the left corner of the screen at the top.

Step 3: Finding Groups

After clicking the + sign six options will pop up. Among these options tap on “Public Groups”. Now you’ll be directed to a new screen where you can search the group names. For example, if the ‘someone’ you’re searching for is a fan of bicycles type in bicycles and you can see various groups for it.

Step 4: Click The Group Title

After choosing the group you think they are the most likely to join click the group title. And there you’ll be seeing all the members who have already joined in. You can join in by clicking “JOIN PUBLIC GROUP”.

Step 5: Search The User

After joining the group, click the group title which is on the top left corner. Now you’ll be able to see all the various members of the group. Skim through it to find the ‘someone’ you’re looking for.

The success of this method depends highly on how much you know the other person. How much time you’re willing to spend also will affect the result. As there will be multiple groups and if they use a username that is not somewhat related to their name you’ll have a harder time finding them.

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Method 4: Finding Someone On Kik Using Social Media

Are you already connected on social media? Maybe they are your online crush and just can’t muster the courage to talk to them with your real profile. Then you might just have some luck finding their Kik account.

Since you already know their name and have knowledge about their hobbies finding them can be easy. Or you might be luckier as some Kik users share their Kik profiles on their social media.

Talking anonymously is great as you can be confident that you won’t be judged on anything else than your conversational skills. But you should still be ready for the time you ultimately show them who you are.

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Method 5: Finding Someone On Kik Using Their Email

Finding someone on Kik using their email is quite impossible. While you have to use email to signup for Kik searching them using their email will not show you any results. Thus the best option you have when you only know their email is to just send them an email explaining your situation best and ask them.

But if just cannot email then you might just have to play the guessing game. You can guess their username by basing it on their email but success is highly unlikely.

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Method 6: Finding Kik Profiles Via People Search Tools

If all the above methods fail this is the final way to find someone without their username. These are all third-party websites that are mostly filled with ads, popups, adware, etc. While two of them require payment others are free to use. We will now discuss the Kik finder sites below.


TruthFinder is one of the best background check software available. It scours the internet for millions of comprehensive public data to identify people’s background information, criminal history, and social media profiles.

Simply input the name of the person you’re looking for, and TruthFinder will scan billions of documents across a variety of public records databases before providing you with a report on that individual.

After that, you’d choose the best match and proceed to the PERSONAL section to see whether the person uses Kik or not. Keep this in mind to see the results you’ll have to pay $1.00 for 5 days and then $29.89/monthly.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a web-based research service with one of the largest databases of social media/dating site profiles and background information.

To find someone you have to either enter their name, email, phone number, username, address, or image, and press ‘Search’. You will also need to enter their age range and the website will load the information. But to access this information you’ll have to pay $5.73 for 5 days and then $27.48/monthly.


KFriendFinder is one of the largest buddy finders. You can choose the country and age and it will show you, various users. You can scroll through to hopefully find who you are looking for. Some of the profiles have their Snapchat or Instagram links so you can cross-check.


Usernamesfinder will help you browse Kik usernames. You will have to enter the Age, Gender, Orientation, and Country. Click “Find Kik Usernames” and the website will show all the relevant results. Scroll through and you might find someone you’re looking for.

The success results might not be satisfactory especially with these third-party apps so don’t put your hopes on these sites too much.

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Method 7: Snooping Around

If someone you’re trying to find is near to you might I suggest a little snooping around? Know that we are not conducting any illegal behavior and this is strictly for informational purposes. But if they are close enough to you that you could take a little sneak peek into their phones. You could just open their app and see their username. Be careful as this method might end up with you getting into a fight. So be cautious and if you get caught best of luck.

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Safety Precautions While Using Kik

Kik doesn’t track the content of messages or users’ phone numbers. This means that users can communicate without revealing their actual identities or phone numbers. As a result, it becomes challenging for law enforcement and parents to gather much information about the person on the receiving end of the communication.

Stay safe on Kik by avoiding giving personal information and remaining alert while talking with strangers online. For concerned parents, you should read the Kik Guide For Parents. This document will guide how you should handle your child or teen’s Kik account.

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What Risks Are There In Using External Kik Finder Sites?

While third-party Kik finder websites may seem like an easy way to uncover someone’s profile when you only have limited information, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks.

Many of these sites scrape data from across the internet and can contain out-of-date or incorrect information. Worse still, some sites require you to pay to access any search results, or are laden with ads, popups and other annoyances. Others may contain malware that can infect your device.

Additionally, these sites violate users’ privacy by exposing their information without consent. You may not get the results you hoped for and compromise your own security and privacy. Tread carefully when tempted to use these questionable third-party sites to find someone on Kik

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Why Is Sharing Personal Information With Strangers On Kik Risky?

Kik allows users to connect and chat anonymously without revealing any personal details like phone numbers. This anonymity can lead some users, especially teens, to overshare confidential information with Kik friends they don’t actually know.

Details like your full name, age, location, school, family details, personal photos and more should be kept private when chatting on Kik. You never know who is really behind that anonymous username and what they might do with information you provide.

Sharing personal details with strangers makes you vulnerable to stalking, bullying, catfishing, identity theft and other harms. The anonymity Kik provides is intended to protect your privacy – don’t negate that by readily handing out your private information to just anyone. Protect yourself by being selective about what you share.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions about Kik and related queries with the topic “Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username”. Please read ahead.

Where Is My Kik Code?

Kik codes function like QR codes. To locate your Kik Code, navigate to the top right corner and click on the settings icon. This action will take you to your profile. There, you will find an option labeled “Your Kik Code”. Click on it to reveal your Kik code.

Is Kik Used For Affairs?

Kik isn’t solely dedicated to extramarital affairs, but a considerable number of Kik users employ the app for ‘sexting’ and sharing explicit images. Hence, it’s reasonable to inquire if your partner is investing an excessive amount of time on Kik.

How To Check If Someone Is Online On Kik?

It is not possible to check if someone is online on Kik as there is no indicator. You can know when someone is online when you have sent a message and they’ve read it. The three indicators are (S)Send, (D) Delivered, and (R) Read.


Hence, through the comprehensive insights provided within the pages of the article titled “How To Find Someone On Kik If You Don’t Know Their Username,” it is our aspiration that we have effectively addressed all your inquiries.

Regardless of whether you are in search of your child, your partner, or even someone you have a fondness for on Kik, it is imperative to approach this search with a strong commitment to respecting their personal privacy.

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