How to Save Videos From Telegram to Gallery [Updated 2022]

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Save Videos From Telegram to gallery

​​Are you wondering how to save videos from Telegram because you are using it for the very first time? Do your friends constantly sends funny and exciting videos from the Telegram groups or channel and make you save them to your phone memory? If that’s the condition, then you came into the right article where you will learn to save Telegram videos directly to your … Read more

How to Download Telegram Videos Faster 2022 [Mobile and Desktop]

How to Download Telegram Videos Faster 2021

Telegram is a great instant messaging platform for talking with people all around the world because it is fast, secure, and easy. You can also share media files, data, and other documents within a minute. Moreover, it also allows saving videos and photos to your gallery, which are short without a problem. So, How to download telegram videos faster? Answer: If you want to increase … Read more

How To Play Games On Telegram [Telegram Gaming Bots]

play games on Telegram

Are you the type of person who enjoys playing games but is short on phone space? Why don’t you download Telegram, a safe end-to-end encrypted messaging application that lets you play games alone or with all your other friends and families? But how do you exactly play games on Telegram? Answer: Operating Telegram games on your devices can sometimes become tedious if you don’t exactly … Read more

How To Change Phone Number On Telegram 2022

How to Change Phone Number on Telegram 2021 [Android, IOS, Desktop]

When creating a Telegram account, I used my mobile number during the signup process. At that time, sharing my personal number on Telegram was not a big deal because I was excited to promote my business through the Telegram channel. But later on, I thought it was not a good idea to provide your number, which you use daily. So, if you are also thinking … Read more

2 Ways To Auto forward Messages In Telegram

How To Auto forward Messages In Telegram

How to auto-forward messages in telegram? Are you bored of looking for the process of forwarding the messages on telegram? Wondering how to auto-forward the messages? Do you know how to do it? You need not scratch your head for this silly question. You are at the right place. This article contains ultimate information and ideas about the question you have right now. We will … Read more

How To Delete Multiple Messages On The Telegram App 2022 [Only Me | Both Sides | Chat History]

Delete Multiple Messages On The Telegram App

Don’t worry; we will guide you to delete multiple messages on the Telegram app. Quick Tips: If you want to delete multiple Chat/Message history from your Telegram account within seconds, to do so, follow the steps; Answer: To delete multiple texts from Telegram, you just have to follow a few steps. 1. Open the telegram app. 2. Long-press any message from the chat list. 3. … Read more

How To Know If Someone Read The Telegram Message?

How To Know If Someone Read The Telegram Message

How to know if someone read my telegram message? Sent a message to someone on telegram? Do not know if they have not seen it or if you got ignored? We are here for you. This is a newly posted article on our website to make you clear about these kinds of questions you have. Our article contains the answers you have been searching for … Read more

How To Download Telegram On Your Phone And Laptop [Updated 2022]

Download Telegram On Your Phone And Laptop

So you are thinking of using Telegram on your smartphone or Pc, and you want to download Telegram on your device but have no idea how to? Do not worry; in this article, you will find everything that you need to download Telegram on your Phone and PC. Answer: You can download Telegram on your phone by: 1. Go To Play Store or App Store. … Read more

Why Telegram Animated Stickers Not Working 2022 [5 Fixing Methods]

Why Telegram Animated Stickers Not Working 2021

You wanted to add a sticker on Telegram to make your conversation even more interesting. So, you open the emoji bar and switch to the sticker. After that, select a cool-looking animated sticker and add it to the sticker section. But, when you try to send that sticker to a person, you suddenly see your Telegram Animated stickers not working. It only shows a static … Read more

How To Block Users On Telegram?

Block Users On Telegram | Block Someone On Telegram: From Contact List, Groups And Channels

Do you want to get rid of unwanted messages, photos, and videos that you receive from your contact friends or someone from groups and channels on Telegram? To avoid such users, Telegram allows you to block them from your Telegram account. Answer: To block someone on Telegram, 1. Go to their profile 2. Tap the menu 3. Choose the option to block 4. Confirm to … Read more