Why Is Kik Slow? | Issues And Fixes [2023]

Why is kik slow

Kik is a messaging app that many users worldwide use to connect to new friends. However, if you use Kik often, you may have encountered some issues where Kik is slow it is not working correctly. While using an app, such an issue can be quite frustrating, so I have written an article on why Kik is slow and the ways in which you can fix this issue.

Kik can run slow due to a weak internet connection, full cache, outdated app version, device problems, in-app bugs, server issues, corrupted accounts, or insufficient storage space. Fix by connecting to better WiFi, clearing cache, updating the app, scanning for malware, reinstalling Kik, restarting your phone, disabling VPN, logging out, then back in, and contacting support.

To fix all these issues, I have created a guide that you can follow step by step to ensure your device and Kik app run smoothly. Read the article further for better input on how you can access this.

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What Is Kik?

Kik is a messaging application that places a strong emphasis on privacy. It stands as one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally, boasting an array of features that render it an excellent selection for individuals who prioritize confidential conversations and aspire to forge new connections.

Kik is compatible with Android and iOS devices and further extends its utility to desktop computers. Notably, Kik’s user-friendliness stands as one of its most commendable aspects. The process of adding friends and initiating conversations unfolds seamlessly and rapidly.

Additionally, Kik extends a myriad of customization alternatives to its users. This encompasses the capacity to alter color schemes, font styles, and other attributes, thereby tailoring the application’s appearance and experience in alignment with individual preferences. Should one necessitate guidance in navigating Kik’s functionalities, a wealth of tutorials is readily accessible online.

In its latest update, Kik introduces a novel characteristic designated as ‘Live Streaming.’ This functionality enables users to engage in live broadcasts akin to those facilitated by platforms like Instagram or Facebook. An interesting facet of this feature is the ability to generate revenue through diamonds and coins sent by viewers during streams. Remarkably, this avenue of earning operates on a complimentary basis.

Undoubtedly, while social media has undeniably entrenched itself in our daily existence, it remains pivotal to allocate moments of respite for oneself. Within the Kik app, the ‘Meet New People’ feature facilitates precisely this. It enables users to initiate contact with strangers worldwide, engaging in conversations that persist for 15 minutes. Subsequently, unless mutually agreed upon, the participants’ profiles become invisible to each other.

Nonetheless, despite the extensive array of features Kik presents to its user base, instances arise where the application may not perform in alignment with expectations. Consequently, we delve into the reasons behind Kik’s occasional sluggishness and explore potential remedies.

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Is Kik A Safe App?

Kik is a messaging application that facilitates communication among friends and family through smartphone devices. Its hallmark lies in its capability to exchange photos, videos, and sketches, enhancing interpersonal interactions.

Kik stands as a comparatively secure application attributed to its inherent features. Notably, it offers mechanisms to obstruct messages from specific contacts and to restrict profile visibility to chosen individuals. Additionally, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Kik mandates users to be a minimum of 13 years old to establish an account.

Hence, utilizing the app while adhering to its terms and operational guidelines ensures a satisfactory experience.

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Why Is Kik Slow?

Having thoroughly explored the multifaceted aspects of Kik, we now delve into the solution to a pertinent query: why does Kik occasionally exhibit sluggish performance? Below, I’ve compiled an exhaustive inventory of potential factors contributing to this phenomenon when using Kik on your device.

1. Weak Internet Connection

In instances of a feeble internet connection, the seamless operation of online applications, including Kik, might be compromised. It’s imperative to ensure a robust internet connection for the smooth functioning of the Kik app.

To this end, verifying that your device is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network is essential. Alternatively, should Wi-Fi connectivity prove inadequate, transitioning to mobile data can bolster your connection’s efficacy.

2. Kik Is Full Of Cache

Cache refers to duplicated files containing your app’s data. These files help the app work faster. But, as you use the app more, these duplicated files grow bigger. So, it’s important to sometimes remove these duplicated files (cache) to make sure the app keeps working well.

If your Kik app has too much cache, not only will the app’s features not work well, but the cache will also use up a lot of your device’s storage space.

3. Kik Is Not Updated

If your Kik app isn’t updated to the newest version, it might become slower. This is because each update brings improvements to the app’s functions and sometimes even introduces new features.

If you’re using an older version of the app, the existing features could slow down and not work properly, as the newer updates are designed to make everything smoother and better.

4. Device Problems

If your app is working slowly, it might be due to issues with your device’s software or hardware. Bugs or harmful software, like malware, could be affecting the performance of the Kik app. It’s important to investigate these possibilities on your device to make sure Kik runs as smoothly as possible.

Another reason could be that your device isn’t compatible with the Kik app. If this is the case, you’ll need to create more space on your device to allow the Kik app to function properly.

5. In-App Bugs

Next, the causes behind your app’s malfunction and sluggishness could also stem from bugs within the app itself. If you frequently link external third-party apps to your Kik app, there’s a possibility that these connections might introduce corrupted files and bugs into the Kik app.

Furthermore, interacting with links and features that originate from sources outside the Kik app, that is, third-party sources, can also render your app susceptible to bug attacks and malware infiltration.

6. Kik Server Down

We’ve all experienced this situation. You launch the Kik app, excited to chat with friends, but instead of messages and notifications, a stubborn loading screen appears. Or worse, you attempt to send a message only to be informed that the Kik servers are currently down.

Yes, it’s frustrating, but unfortunately, it’s a reality we face. Periodically, Kik servers encounter issues, leading to potential disruptions in-app functionality. However, there’s no need to worry excessively.

Numerous websites exist to help you verify the operational status of any website or app, Kik included. So, if you encounter sluggishness or malfunctions with Kik, a simple online search can provide clarity.

In the interim, you might consider using alternative messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

7. Your Kik Account Is Corrupted

Kik, a messaging app that’s gained popularity recently, presents a concern for its users. If they link their Kik accounts to external websites or tools, their accounts might face corruption. This arises because these external sources can introduce harmful elements like malware or viruses into Kik accounts. Consequently, the Kik app’s performance might be hindered due to the compromised data and files within the Kik account.

To circumvent this issue, Kik users should stick to official updates solely and refrain from connecting their Kik accounts with any third-party platforms.

Kik does provide an update enabling users to recover previous data from an earlier Kik version, but this doesn’t always resolve the problem. If you’re encountering difficulties with Kik, it might be prudent to consider deleting your account and commencing anew.

8. Not Enough Space On Your Device

Do you ever find it a struggle to create more room on your phone? It often seems that as soon as you add a few new apps, your storage becomes packed again.

Interestingly, there’s a logical explanation for this phenomenon. Kik Messenger serves as an example of an app that can consume a substantial amount of space on your device. While its initial size is around 15-25 MB, this figure can rapidly escalate with increased usage.

Each time you send or receive messages, media files or engage in live activities, Kik undertakes updates to its servers and database. Yet, if sufficient free space isn’t available on your device, the app’s performance can dwindle. The reason lies in the app needing to access storage more frequently, straining the system. In severe scenarios, an app might even be uninstalled from your device.

So what’s the solution? Make sure you have enough free space on your device for all of your installed apps. Or you could always try reinstalling the app.

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How To Fix When Kik Is Slow?

Now that we have looked into all the possible reasons why Kik is slow on your device, we will dive into the solutions that you can apply to ensure that the app runs better on your device.

1. Connect To Better Internet

If you’re anything like me, you use Kik quite a bit. Well, maybe even a lot. But sometimes, even the most devoted Kik user can encounter issues. The app might become sluggish or refuse to load altogether. When faced with such a situation, your first step should be checking your Wi-Fi connection. If your device’s internet isn’t up to par for the smooth connection Kik needs, it will perform sluggishly, like a snail.

The solution? Start by making sure you’re connected to a better internet source.

Before diving into Kik, ensure you’re connected to a robust Wi-Fi network. This simple step can help you avoid any frustratingly slow moments and swiftly get back to your Kik conversations.

You can check the internet speed on your device, and if the internet is slow, then switch to the mobile data if you are on your mobile device.

2. Clear The Kik Cache

As anyone who has ever used Kik knows, the app can sometimes be a bit slow. This is often due to the cache data stored in your account. While the cache can enhance performance by utilizing duplicate data, it can also create problems if not regularly cleared.

Fortunately, a solution exists. If Kik is operating slowly or failing to load messages, photos, or videos, simply clear the Kik cache in your device settings. Doing so will erase all cached data and should enhance performance. Moreover, it’s a prudent practice to routinely clear the cache to avert future complications.

The steps to clear the app cache from Kik on Android and iOS devices are below.

Clear Cache On Android Device

Step 1: Go To Settings

First, go to the device settings by tapping on the gear icon on your screen.

Step 2: Access Application Manager

From settings, tap on the application manager.

Step 3: Tap On Kik

From within the application manager, go to Kik App.

Step 4: Tap On Clear And OK

Under the Kik app, you will see the Clear option to clear the cache. Tap on that and tap on OK to confirm clearing the Kik cache.

Clear Cache On iOS Device

Unlike an Android device, you will need to clear out the app itself when clearing the cache for Kik. So, follow the given steps to clear the Kik cache on iOS devices.

Step 1: Go To Settings

First, go to the device settings by tapping on the Gear Icon.

Step 2: Tap On General

Then go to the General option from inside settings.

Step 3: Go To iPhone Storage

In settings, go to the Storage option.

Step 4: Access Kik

From there, access the Kik app.

Step 5: Delete Kik

Finally, Delete the Kik app to clear the cache from the app on your device.

3. Update Kik App

Another method to enhance the performance of the Kik app is by keeping it updated.

Updating your Kik application can lead to smoother operation and offer solutions for various unanticipated issues. Regular updates are crucial to prevent unknown problems and errors in your account.

Typically, your phone automatically handles app updates. Yet, in certain cases, these updates might be missed. In such instances, manual action is necessary. If a new update is available for the app, it will be accessible in the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhones.

Here’s how you can update your Kik Application on Android and iOS devices:

  1. On an iOS device, head to the App Store, while on an Android device, visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Locate the Kik app, and if an update is available, it will be indicated on the right side of the screen.
  3. Simply tap the update button to ensure you have the latest version of the app on your device, and follow the provided instructions to complete the update.

4. Update Security Path In The Device

A security path is present in your device to make sure that any glitches or bugs do not attack your device and the apps in it.

Follow the steps below to update the security patch that is on your device.

Step 1: Go To Device Settings

First, go to your device settings by tapping on the Gear Settings Icon.

Step 2: Go To Software Update

Go to the Software Updates option.

Step 3: Look For New Updates

In your security updates, check for any new or recent updates that have not yet been installed on your device.

Step 4: Download And Install Updates

If there are updates, then download and install the updates.

Step 5: Restart Device

Finally, restart your device, either on Android or iOS, and then use the Kik app again and check whether the issue of it being slow is worked on.

5. Re-Install Kik App

You can also re-install the Kik app by uninstalling it. Once you have done this, you can log in to the account on your Kik app using your credentials. Your app will work better once you uninstall and reinstall it on your device.

6. Open And Close Kik App

To open and close the Kik app on your device, erase the app from the recently opened app tabs. This will refresh the app, and you will get to use it fresh as new/ This must help when your app is running slow.

7. Stop Using VPN

If you’ve been utilizing a VPN service alongside Kik and noticed a slowdown in the app’s performance, the solution is straightforward: disable the VPN. VPNs alter your location and IP address, which can result in diminished Kik and overall app performance on your device. Therefore, if you encounter delays or loading problems, merely turning off the VPN might rectify the issue.

However, if the problem persists, other factors like an unreliable internet connection might be at play. Yet, using a VPN shouldn’t inherently slow down Kik. Give it a try and observe the results!

8. Check If You Have Enough Space On Your Device

As any frequent Kik user is aware, ensuring ample space on your device is vital for the app’s optimal performance.

The more you engage with Kik, the more storage it tends to utilize. In situations where Kik identifies limited space on your device, it will function sluggishly, leading to a frustrating experience.

Insufficient space results in Kik’s sluggishness, causing frustration for users.

The remedy? To tackle this issue, maintain a minimum of 500 MB of free space on your device to facilitate Kik’s seamless operation.

You can achieve this by clearing the app’s cache, which enhances Kik’s performance and precludes slow loading in the future. Therefore, ensuring adequate device space is crucial for sustaining smooth app functionality if you’re an active Kik user.

9. Scan For Any Malware On Your Device

To maintain the seamless operation of your Kik application, it’s crucial to scan your device for malware periodically. Viruses can potentially corrupt app data and impede your device’s performance. Consequently, having an antivirus program installed on your device is vital.

Moreover, safeguarding against malware involves refraining from using third-party applications. Many such apps lack reliability and could jeopardize your device’s integrity. Hence, adhering to the official Kik app is the wisest approach to guarantee a smooth and secure device experience.

10. Log Out And Log Back Into Your Kik Account

For those who prefer to maintain up-to-date applications, encountering a minor glitch might occur occasionally.

No need to fret; it’s a common experience. Occasionally, after updating your application, a small glitch might emerge. The positive news is a straightforward solution exists.

All that’s required is logging out of the Kik application and subsequently logging back in. This action resolves the issue and reinstates the application’s smooth functionality.

Hence, if you ever come across a minor glitch, keep in mind to log out and log back in – it’s truly as simple as that!

11. Restart Your Device

If Kik is running slow, a simple restart of your smartphone can get things moving faster again. Fully power down your phone by holding the power button and tapping “Power Off.”

Wait at least 30 seconds with the phone powered completely down, then turn it back on and unlock it. Restarting fully clears any memory used by open apps and background processes. It provides a fresh start, so Kik has more RAM and processor power to utilize.

12. Remove Unused Apps From Your Phone

Having numerous unused apps downloaded on your phone can negatively impact Kik’s performance. Go through your full list of apps and tap to uninstall any that you no longer need or use.

Removing bloated apps, unused games, and extra social media platforms clears up valuable storage space and memory. It also frees up processor usage and RAM that was being taken up by their background processes and services. Give your phone a fresh start to allow Kik to run faster.

13. Turn Off the Background App And Refresh Setting

A simple way to improve Kik’s speed is to disable your device’s background app refresh setting. Find this in Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch it off. This prevents any apps from updating content in the background when you aren’t actively using them.

It stops unnecessary refreshing that drains processing power, storage, RAM, and a battery that Kik could be utilized instead. Restrict background usage to give Kik the resources it needs.

14. Check Kik’s Performance in Airplane Mode

An easy connectivity test is to toggle airplane mode on and observe if Kik loads and runs faster without internet access. Airplane mode suspends all wireless connections temporarily.

Open Kik and check if speeds improve without WiFi or cellular data connectivity. If Kik works fine offline, the issue may be your network connection. But if it remains slow in airplane mode, then the underlying problem is likely the app itself or your device’s performance. This can isolate the culprit.

15. Contact Kik Customer Support

Finally, if none of the above solutions work, you can contact the Kik team with your issues. If the issue is due to any in-app faults, then Kik will provide you with the solutions to fix the issue of Kik being slow on your device.

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Why Is Kik Not Working?

If the Kik app is not working or functioning well on your device, then you can look for the possible reasons why this is happening. The most common reasons and methods to tackle them have been listed above for any malfunctioning in your devices’ Kik app. You can also look further as to why Kik is not working well on your device. Sometimes, the issue can be specific to your device, or it could be an in-app fault as well. Whatever the reason might be for Kik not functioning, there are methods to tackle this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on why Kik is slow are below.

How Can I Tell If My Internet Connection Is Too Slow For Kik?

You can tell if your internet connection is too slow for Kik if messages take a long time to send and receive, media takes forever to load, or you see frequent loading errors. A speed test showing less than 1-2 Mbps means your connection may be too slow for smooth Kik use.

What Is The Minimum Internet Speed Required For Kik To Work Properly?

Most experts recommend a minimum of 1-2 Mbps download and upload speeds for Kik to work properly. This allows messaging and content to load smoothly without significant lag. Faster speeds like 5+ Mbps will provide better performance, especially for video calling.

Should I Delete And Reinstall Kik If Clearing The Cache Doesn’t Help?

Yes, deleting and reinstalling Kik is recommended if clearing the cache fails to speed it up. Reinstalling provides a clean slate, eliminating any corrupted files and slowing things down. Just be sure to back up your messages first.

Can Using A VPN Make Kik Run Slower Even With Good Internet?

Yes, a VPN can make Kik run slower by routing your connection through remote servers, even if your internet speed is good. Try disabling your VPN to see if Kik’s performance improves. If so, your VPN is likely the culprit.

Is It Possible My Kik Account Is Corrupted If Other Troubleshooting Doesn’t Work?

Your Kik account itself may have become corrupted if other typical troubleshooting steps don’t improve performance. Try logging out and back in or deleting and re-adding your account. If issues remain, your account data may need to be wiped.

How Often Should I Clear The Kik Cache To Keep It Running Fast?

You should clear the Kik cache about once every 1-2 weeks to keep it running fast. Frequent use builds up cached data quickly, slowing things down. Setting a biweekly reminder ensures you clear this data before it bogs things down.

If My Phone Has Enough Storage Space, Could Kik Still Run Slow?

Yes, Kik can still run slow even if your phone has enough overall storage space. This is because Kik may not have enough allocated storage itself. Check its app storage settings and clear Kik’s cache to free up more space for smooth running.

Is There A Way To Optimize Images In Kik To Make It Use Less Space?

Yes, go into Kik’s settings and reduce the image upload resolution, which will optimize images to take up less space while maintaining quality. You can also compress photos before sending in Kik and delete old images/chats you no longer need.

Can Closing Background Apps Help Improve Kik’s Speed?

Yes, closing unused apps running in the background can help improve Kik’s speed by freeing up device memory and processing power. Kik will run faster when it doesn’t have to compete for resources with many other apps.

What Should I Do If Force Closing Kik And Restarting Don’t Help?

If force closing Kik and restarting your phone doesn’t help, try deleting and reinstalling Kik, clear your phone’s entire cache, check for any device software updates, and scan for malware. If issues continue, contact Kik support for further troubleshooting.


In conclusion, if the Kik app is slow on your device, you can easily fix this issue by applying any of the above-mentioned fixes. You can know what are the reasons behind your Kik app being slow and work your way from there. If the issue is from the Kik side itself, you can always contact Kik support to ensure your Kik experience runs smoothly.

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