How To Remove Live Stream On Kik?

How to remove live streams on Kik

Kik is a popular chat app that recently added a live streaming feature called “Go Live.” However, some users want to remove this due to inappropriate content, high storage & technical glitches.

The Kik app itself does not let you disable live streams. Instead, you need to install an older version of Kik that was released before the live-streaming capability was added. Using an older Kik APK lets you log in with your existing account, and the live streaming will be gone. Just be careful where you download the older APK from.

Certain individuals might contend that utilizing an older iteration of Kik lacks adequate security measures; however, no substantiated evidence indicates that the older version of Kik compromises your data. Hence, opting for an older Kik version remains a viable choice. Nonetheless, exercise prudence when obtaining it from sources outside the official platform.

What Is Kik Live Stream

Before delving into the process of removing the live feature on Kik, it’s helpful to understand what this feature entails. Kik Live is a functionality that enables you to initiate live broadcasts within the application, showcasing your stream in the live section of the Kik app.

Your live video is accessible to anyone, and individuals can participate in your Kik live by requesting to join your stream.

Consequently, users might be inclined to eliminate the live streams on Kik, as these streams often contain adult-oriented content within the application.

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Rules And Requirements For Kik Streaming

As a Kik user, you may be interested in understanding the rules and requirements associated with utilizing the live stream feature.

Before you consider removing the live feature entirely, it’s crucial to acknowledge the various regulations in place to ensure the safe usage of the live stream on Kik.

Here are some essential rules to be aware of:

  1. Underage users are not permitted to engage in live streams on Kik.
  2. Minors are prohibited from participating in Kik’s live streams.
  3. Nudity and explicit content are strictly forbidden on Kik’s live streams.
  4. Live sessions on Kik must not involve hate speech or bullying in any form.
  5. Any form of illegal activity is not allowed. Users found engaging in such activities during a live stream will face account suspension or bans from Kik.

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How To Remove Or Get Rid of Kik Live Stream

If you’re here because you wish to deactivate the live feature on the Kik app or disable its visibility, follow these steps to eliminate the live feature from your Kik application.

Initially, you’ll need to download a previous version of the Kik app that doesn’t include the live feature. Numerous resources are available for downloading different versions of the Kik app since its inception.

After downloading the older version, you should link your current Kik account to the newly installed one.

Once the synchronization is complete, the live feature will be removed from the Kik application.

Additionally, remember that you must uninstall the other Kik application from your device before adding the new one. It’s not possible to have two versions of Kik simultaneously on the same device.

Step 1: Download The Older APK Version Of Kik

To download an older version of the Kik application, you can go to the official websites of Uptodown or AndroidApkFreefor iOS and Android devices.

Do not download the latest Kik application version, including the 2019 versions and above.

To look for the required old version application, check the Updated section to check the version.

Then tap on the Kik Messenger application and the Download APK button.

Step 2: Allow Download

Since the download you do from this website is through a third-party application, ensure that your device will allow this download.

You will see a warning message: “This type of file can harm your device.

Do you want to keep anyway?”

In this case, allow the device to download this version by tapping on Ok.

Step 3: Install The Older Kik App On Your Device

Next, you need to download the Apk version of the Kik application.

Keep in mind that this being an unofficial download, your device might prevent the installation of the application.

Ensure you enable the installation of the application and disable the permission again.

This ensures your device stays away from any harmful auto-downloads.

Also, remember to remove the older version of the Kik application from your device; otherwise, the new application download and installation will not be complete.

Step 4: Launch Kik On Your Device

Next, you need to launch the apk version of the Kik application.

Sometimes, since the download version may not be supported on your device, you may have to re-install a different version.

There are multiple apk versions of the Kik application in 2019, so you can look for this from the websites above.

Step 5: Login To Kik

After the installation, you can log in with your old username and password to the Kik application you downloaded.

If you want to create a new account, tap the Sign-Up button and create a new one on Kik.

If not, you can Log In with your credentials.

Step 6: Done

Once you log in to the account, you will see that the live feature is no longer available on the Kik application.

Therefore, you can use all the other features of the Kik application without the live feature disturbing you.

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Why Do Some Users Want To Remove Live Streaming?

The live streaming feature on Kik allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers or the public. However, some Kik users want to disable or remove this capability entirely. There are a few key reasons why:

Inappropriate Content

Live streams on Kik have been known to include adult content, nudity, or other material some users find offensive or disturbing. Parents may want to restrict access for their teens.

Privacy Concerns

Users may not want the live streaming to accidentally broadcast private or personal moments if the phone camera is left on. There are worries about privacy.


Like any social media platform, bullying and harassment can happen on Kik’s live streams. Users may want to avoid being targeted.

Unwanted Interactions

Shy users may not want to deal with unwanted comments or interactions from strangers in a live chat.


Some users find the live streams distracting or want to avoid getting frequent notifications when their friends start broadcasting.

Technical Issues

The live streaming feature is also known to cause a lot of technical glitches like app crashes or freezes. It can be buggy.

Storage Space

Live videos take up significant storage space on your device. Removing streaming helps free up storage capacity.

By removing the live streaming capability entirely, users can avoid these issues and have more control over their Kik experience. The main option is to downgrade to an older version of Kik without live streams.

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Difference Between The Older And New Version Of Kik

When logging into an older apk version of the Kik application, you might need to keep a few things in mind beforehand.

Some Differences between the older version of Kik and the newer version of Kik are below:

Dark Mode

The newer version of the Kik messenger has an optional Dark Mode feature in the app that allows the user to modify all of the interface settings from white to dark.

This Black Mode feature can be seen in apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Kik User-Interface

Since the second update for Kik, the user interface can be quite different from the older version.

You will open the Kik Live program alone after you log on to your account.

You can start communicating with your friends using text messages after you select Chat from the list of things you can do in the top left corner.

Friends List and Chat Messages

The account history you set up for the old version of Kik will not be available when you switch to Kik.

Even if you’re using Basic info credentials to log into your strategy, the switch from the previous edition of Kik won’t have any effect on the information.

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Why Does Kik Have “Live”?

Kik, a messaging platform boasting an extensive user base of over 100 million individuals, recently unveiled a novel video feature titled “Kik Live.” This innovative addition empowers users to engage in live broadcasts, thereby facilitating the sharing of experiences and fostering connections with friends and family.

Yet, apprehensions have arisen regarding potential misuse, particularly considering Kik’s history of being utilized for explicit content exchange. In response to these concerns, Kik has established community guidelines that explicitly forbid nudity and specific forms of language within the context of live streams.

The rationale behind Kik’s decision to introduce this live-streaming functionality lies in enhancing user engagement and interaction. However, the company is also taking significant steps to ensure responsible and secure usage.

To this end, Kik has implemented a set of community guidelines that prohibit participants from displaying nudity or employing certain types of language during their live streams. This is part of the company’s broader efforts to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all users.

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What Happens When You Use The Older Version Of The Kik App?

Kik, renowned as one of the globe’s most popular messaging apps, unveiled a fresh update in February 2018. This update encompassed an array of novel features and enhancements in comparison to its predecessor.

Nonetheless, a recent study has brought to light the fact that numerous users persist in utilizing the prior iteration of Kik, despite its reduced functionality and security in contrast to the more modern version.

It’s worth noting that the earlier version of the app lacks the same level of security found in its newer counterpart.

The present iteration of Kik integrates an encryption option, affording users the capability to encode their messages through a unique key known solely to the sender and recipient.

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Does Installing An Older Version Of The Kik App Deletes All The Previous Messages And Friends?

When you download Kik Messenger versions from 2018, 2019, or 2017 onto an Android device, you are presented with various options to access your account.

One option is to establish a fresh Kik account from the beginning, while the other choice involves accessing your pre-existing Kik account.

If you opt to create a new Kik account, you will essentially be setting up an entirely new profile. Consequently, you might need to forge new connections or re-add your existing ones before engaging in communication.

Upon logging in with your existing Kik account, all your current contacts will be accessible, though any previous chat history will be forfeited.

Kik specifically synchronizes the address book and contact list associated with your contacts; however, it does not amalgamate your historical messages and status updates into your profile.

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Is The Older Version Of Kik Safe To Use?

As a user, you may be concerned about utilizing the Apk version of the Kik application. Rest assured, there’s no need to worry. As long as you acquire the version from a reliable and authentic website, you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

However, it’s important to note that even with an Apk version obtained from a genuine source, certain glitches within the application might still arise. Unless it’s necessary, avoid opting for the Apk versions of applications.

You can download Apple devices directly from the App Store, while Android devices can access them via the Google Play Store. There are websites that offer the Apk version of the Kik messenger app, as well as other apps available on the Play Store.

If you are aware of a reputable website to source the APK file for the application, there should be no harm to your device. Nevertheless, downloading the APK file from unfamiliar sources could potentially lead to the compromise of your information.

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Is Going Live On an Older Version Of Kik Possible?

If you intend to utilize the live feature within the version of Kik Messenger you have installed, it’s imperative to ensure the application on your device is updated beforehand.

Following the update, the Kik application will operate with the live feature activated.

Furthermore, you can configure the Kik application to update automatically, ensuring you consistently possess the latest version for uninterrupted usage.

However, should you wish to revert to the version lacking the live feature, it’s crucial to deactivate the auto-update function and uninstall the updated version.

To eliminate the live stream feature in Kik, meticulously adhere to the provided steps.

Otherwise, obtaining the Apk version of the application initially would serve no purpose.

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How To Go Live On Kik?

It is really simple to go live on Kik, especially with the latest version of Kik. Here are some steps to help you go live on Kik.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Kik app installed. Next, launch the app and tap on the camera icon located in the upper left corner. A range of choices will appear on the subsequent screen. Select “Go Live.”

Subsequently, you will receive a prompt to enter your broadcast’s title and specify your desired audience.

You can decide between “My Friends” and “Public.” If you opt for “My Friends,” only individuals on your friend list will have access to view your broadcast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on “How to remove live stream on Kik” are below.

How To Cancel Kik Live Streams?

You can cancel a Kik live stream by tapping on the X button on the top right corner of the screen. At any given time, the Kik live stream can end, and you can remove yourself from the streaming. Also, Kik will remove or ban you from going live on the Kik application if you violate the terms and conditions of a Kik live stream.

Can Kik Ban My Account For Violating Live Stream Rules?

Yes, Kik can ban your account or disable your ability to live stream if you violate their terms of service rules during broadcasting. Make sure to follow the guidelines.

Can You Go Live On Kik?

To go live on the Kik application, you need to open the Kik application and tap on the Go Live feature. Once you get to the live page, you can go live by tapping on the live streaming option at the bottom of the page. Once you go live, your live stream will show on the streaming page, and anyone can join the live session.

Are Kik Messages Recoverable?

Kik messages are not recoverable. Once you delete the Kik application from your device, the Kik messages will delete automatically. So, even with downloading a newer version of the Kik application, you have to keep this in mind.

Does Kik Notify The Video Being Saved By Other Users?

No, Kik gives no such notifications relating to other users saving your videos.


In conclusion, the Kik live streaming feature is removable if you download and use an older Apk version of the application.

Therefore, this method is safe to use if you go about through secure channels and websites.

Also, you can always get the live feature back once you update the application.

This way, you can surf on the Kik application with no disturbance from the live feature.

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