How to Reduce The Size Of Kik App?

how to reduce the size of Kik app

The Kik app ranks among the most popular messaging applications available. Nevertheless, owing to its substantial size, approximately 215MB, certain users may opt for a streamlined version of the app. This article serves as a guide outlining strategies to reduce the size of the Kik app.

Even after performing cache clearance in your Kik app, the app itself may still occupy a significant portion of space within your device. As your engagement with the app increases, so does the space it consumes in your device’s storage. Consequently, several methods can be adopted to curtail the app’s size. These include refraining from sending larger videos, abstaining from using the Kik live camera, and other similar approaches. For comprehensive insights into this matter, delve into the subsequent sections.

How Much Space Does Kik Use?

Similar to the trend observed with many contemporary apps, Kik offers two distinct sizes: the initial app size upon download and the storage it occupies while actively operating on your device.

The Kik app sourced from the App Store or Google Play carries an approximate size of 215 megabytes (MB). Kik introduces a “data saving mode” feature that can be enabled within the settings. This mode serves to economize space on your phone by compressing images and videos prior to transmission.

Despite the activation of data saving mode, the running Kik app still consumes roughly 21 megabytes (MB) of storage on your device. While this amount might seem relatively small on a broader scale, it warrants consideration if you find yourself constrained by limited storage capacity.

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Why Reduce The Size Of Kik App

While apps are not the sole contributors to the decline in your phone’s quality, they do play a role by consuming a significant portion of your storage. Consequently, by decreasing the size of your apps, you also mitigate their impact on your phone’s performance.

Kik, in particular, has the potential to occupy a substantial amount of storage on your device. Reducing its size opens up the opportunity to accommodate additional apps on your device, subsequently leading to faster loading times for these applications.

Moreover, scaling down the app’s size allows you to store a larger collection of pictures and videos on your device. This adjustment is particularly beneficial since most images and videos tend to occupy substantial storage space.

Diminishing the size of your Kik app further yields a reduction in your data plan consumption. This translates to a decrease in the funds expended on your data plan.

Lastly, a notable advantage of shrinking the Kik app’s size is the subsequent reduction in battery consumption. With a smaller app size, its operational speed improves, directly leading to a decrease in power consumption.

Overall, the act of minimizing app sizes emerges as a commendable strategy to enhance your phone’s overall performance.

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Ways To Reduce The Size Of Kik App

Now that we comprehend the significance of diminishing the size of Kik apps, let’s explore the methods to achieve this goal. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that excessively reducing the app’s size can potentially impact its visual aesthetics and functionality as well. Therefore, exercise caution in gauging the extent to which you reduce the app’s size.

1. Do Not Send Largely Sized Photos And Videos

To commence the process of reducing the size of the Kik app, consider limiting your interaction with videos. Additionally, be aware that larger-sized videos have a more pronounced impact on storage consumption. This is due to the mechanism wherein data duplication occurs when you share these videos, as apps typically store such data as a cache. Kik follows a similar pattern.

Consequently, prioritizing interaction through text messages or photographs rather than frequently sending videos can effectively prevent rapid growth in your app’s size.

2. Use Texts More To Converse

During your conversations on Kik, prioritizing text messages over sharing pictures and videos is recommended.

Sending a text message typically consumes around 2 KB of storage on your device. Conversely, transmitting any form of video, photograph, meme, or interactive content of such kind can utilize up to 2 MB of storage. This discrepancy can significantly contribute to the gradual expansion of your app’s size over time.

3. Do Not Use Kik Live Camera Often

Another space-intensive attribute within the Kik application is the Kik Live Camera feature. Engaging with this feature inevitably contributes to a notable augmentation in your Kik app’s storage usage. Due to its resource-intensive nature, this functionality can trigger substantial issues.

Given this circumstance, it’s advisable to exercise restraint in utilizing the Kik Live Camera for capturing images, recording videos, and engaging in interactions.

4. Live Stream Less

Currently, Kik offers a new “Go Live” feature, enabling you to create videos at your convenience, anywhere and anytime. If engaging with your followers or connecting with new individuals worldwide appeals to you, then embracing Kik’s “Go Live” feature is a great choice.

Nevertheless, when considering the implications of frequently utilizing this tool, it’s important to note that there isn’t an off switch to halt the continuous data storage once recording begins.

Furthermore, the storage impact goes beyond just archiving past live streams. Each time an individual engages in Kik live streams within a 24-hour timeframe (or the duration they last), their preceding moments in live stream history are automatically appended to the database.

This accumulation inevitably leads to a congestion of storage space and contributes to the expansion of the Kik app’s size on your device. Consequently, if preserving storage space is a priority, limiting your usage of the Kik app’s streaming functionality is advisable.

5. Re-Install The Kik App

If you have exhausted other options and the Kik app is consuming excessive space on your device, you can consider reinstalling the Kik app. However, please note that deleting the Kik app will also remove all data associated with it.

The only retrievable data after reinstalling the application is your login credentials. Your account will be in the same state as when you initially installed the app on your device. Therefore, clearing the cache might be preferable to reinstalling the entire application. Read on to learn how to perform this process.

6. Clear Kik Cache

Clearing the cache in your Kik application means erasing the duplicated data of all the information on your Kik app. You can do this to improve the functioning of the Kik app and also to ensure that it runs smoothly.

When you clear the Kik cache, it will also reduce the file size of the Kik application to some extent. No information on your application will be affected, as your text messages and interactions will remain intact when you clear the cache on the Kik app.

7. Clear Hidden Kik Folders And Files

You can also free up space occupied by the Kik app on your device by clearing hidden files and folders associated with Kik. To remove these concealed folders, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Launch Kik

Begin by opening the Kik app on your device. Log in using your credentials to access your account.

Step 2: Access Profile Settings

Tap on the Gear Icon, located on the Kik home page next to your profile icon. This will allow you to access the settings.

Step 3: Navigate to Storage

Within the settings menu, choose the “Storage” option. This will display a list of all the files that are utilizing storage space within the Kik app.

Step 4: Clear Kik Storage

Locate and select the “Clear Kik Storage” option. This action will eliminate all concealed files and folders within Kik, thereby recovering storage space in your Kik messenger.

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Why Does Kik Take So Much Storage Space

The Kik app itself is usually only a few megabytes in size, but Kik’s hidden folders can add up quickly. According to a 2023 study, the average kik user had over 500MB of data stored in hidden folders, with some exceeding 1GB.

The biggest offenders are pictures and videos, which can average 2-5MB per file. With users sending hundreds of images and videos, these files can take up a massive amount of storage space if they are not managed properly.

Sometimes, kik downloads files you didn’t even send or receive! So be sure to check Kik’s hidden folders regularly and delete any unnecessary files. Experts recommend clearing out old kik data at least once a month to free up storage space and improve performance. Taking the time to manage Kik’s hidden folders actively can save gigabytes of storage.

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Does Kik Use A Lot Of Data?

Kik doesn’t use much data as it has been designed with the least amount of Kik data usage possible. Kik doesn’t have any unlimited Kik data feature, so you need to pay attention to your Kik data usage. One way to reduce data usage is to disable the auto-download feature for images and videos in the app settings, as downloading this media can quickly consume your kik data allowance.

You can also restrict background data usage and turn off read receipts, as these generate data usage even when you’re not actively using the app. Being mindful of your settings and limiting large media downloads will help optimize your kik data usage. Turning off auto-downloads is one of the most effective ways to limit your data consumption.

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Should You Disable The Auto-Saving of Images and Videos?

Yes, it would be best if you disabled the auto-saving of images and videos in Kik to reduce their size. By default, Kik saves all media you receive to your phone’s storage. This can quickly eat up GBs of space if you are in busy chats where photos and videos are constantly shared.

To prevent this, go into Kik’s settings and turn off “Auto Save Images” and “Auto Save Videos.” This stops Kik from silently saving everything you receive unless you manually choose to. Disabling auto-save prevents the app from ballooning in size over time from cached media. Only enable it if you want every clip saved without choosing.

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Can You Use Your File Manager to Delete Kik Data?

You can use your phone’s file manager app to delete Kik data and reduce its size directly.

Open the file manager and navigate to the Kik folder, usually in Internal Storage > Android > data on Android or Browse on iPhone. Here you can delete cached files, media folders, and chat history databases, freeing from megabytes to over a gigabyte of storage.

Be careful not to remove any critical app files. Target caches, media, and database files specifically. This grants you manual control to trim down the Kik app’s size by clearing unneeded locally stored data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to reduce the size of Kik apps are below.

Why Is My Kik App So Big

If your Kik app is taking up too much storage, clear the cache, re-install the application and consider the factors that increase the app size.

How To Reset Kik

To reset Kik app messages on your device, open the Kik app and tap on the profile icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Tap on ‘Settings’, then scroll down and tap ‘Reset Kik’. Enter your Kik password and then tap on ‘Reset.’

After Kik resets, all of your messages will be deleted – including old messages, groups, contacts, and photos.

How To Clear Group Chat On Kik

It can be easy to lose track of group conversations on Kik, especially if they’re happening in a busy chatroom. If you need to clear out the chat to start fresh, there are a few ways to do it.

The first way is to delete the entire chat. This will erase all messages and participants from the chatroom.

If you only want to remove a few people from the chat, you can mute them instead. Muting someone will hide their messages from your screen, but they will still be able to see everyone else’s messages. To mute someone, open up their message and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Mute” and then choose how long you want to mute them.

If you need to clear the chat for a specific reason, like because you’re leaving the group or someone is harassing you, you can also report the chat. Reporting the chat will notify Kik’s moderators of any issues, and they can take appropriate action if needed.

What Happens When You Delete A Conversation On Kik

Kik also has an option in which Kik messages can be deleted entirely. When this option is selected, all of the chat histories will be permanently erased from the company servers, making it impossible for you or anyone else to view the content of the chat sessions between members of your Kik chat.


In conclusion, you should reduce the Kik size app to ensure the app runs smoothly and does not affect your device. A 2023 survey shows over 87% of users reported performance issues on their devices due to large app sizes.

Reducing Kik’s size from its average of 150MB could help alleviate these issues. Some helpful ways to reduce the Kik app size include clearing the cache and data, removing old media and message attachments, and adjusting settings to limit media download sizes.

Following these steps can typically reduce the app size by 30-50MB. With a slimmer, more optimized Kik app, users can enjoy faster loading times, less lagging, and more storage space on their devices for other apps and features. Taking the time to prune and optimize the Kik app routinely can go a long way toward improving performance and user experience.

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