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Is Kik Safe And Private? [Tips: Increase Privacy And Secutiry 2020]

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As we all know, Kik is a popular instant messaging application that allows us to send and receive Text messages, Photos, Videos, Stickers, etc. And has exciting features that attract every age users to use Kik. Talking about its features, Kik is also famous for group chat and Kik bot. Using Kik, we can also meet new people from different countries and share our images, videos, memes, stickers with them, to make our texting fun. But is Kik safe and Private? to share our personal information with anyone.

We can see that many people don’t care about privacy and security on the app; they care about is exciting features and happy chatting. But they don’t even know, due to lack of security and privacy, their data get leakage and may cause a vital problem in the future. And we are unaware of such a problem until we face ourselves. So we should choose a secured application before start using it.

Every app has advantages and disadvantages of using it; we can say that there are only a few apps that provide safety, privacy, and exciting features in the app, somehow they lack something in the app.

Talking about Kik, there is no doubt that Kik provides excellent features, but they still lack privacy and security concerns, which is not suitable for its users. But we should not depend upon the app privacy and security policy because it’s up to us to add and share our personal information, images, and videos.

So, just a secured app is not enough; you should also be aware of your security and privacy. There’s something that we can do to make it 100% safer. Considering those things, today, in this article, we will guide you on how you can make your account private and secured with some safety tips.

How to Stay Safe on Kik?

Low security and privacy is a vital issue which may lead to crime or leakage of information and data. So we should be concern about our security and privacy.

Kik provides some online safety features within the app; we can customize the settings on Kik to improve our security, and we can also be alert before adding new people and sharing our personal information with them.

So here are the tips you can implement to increase your safety on Kik. Do follow the title mentioned below.

Tips 1: Be careful while adding new people

Are you the one who adds random people to your social media? If Yes, then don’t do it because when you add random people to your social media, you might get unwanted images, videos, and abusive messages. So, before adding new people or someone who is a stranger, you should be very careful and choose wisely to make a safe conversation with them.

But I didn’t mean to say that every new people you add are harmful or abusive. Even the one whom you know well can misbehave; it depends upon human mentality.

Tips 2: Only chat with trustworthy people

Don’t worry, even if you have added new or random people in your Kik account. Because when a new friend sends photos and videos, it will be blurred. If you receive unwanted images and videos, you can ignore them, skip their messages, and remove them from the chat list.

Only talk to them who are friendly and trustworthy so that you can trust them and share your images and videos and enjoy your conversation.

Tips 3: Block unwanted friends

If ignoring messages from unknown people didn’t work, then you can directly block them off from your account. Kik provides a feature to remove and block your friend from Kik.

So if you get a nonstop unwanted and irritating text from your friend, then block them, and you are free from your problem.

Tips 4: Keep your personal information private

We make new people, and even that’s why an app like Kik messenger is made. But trusting random people blindfolded is our mistake; we should be careful while chatting with them. We should be capable of identifying their intention before sharing our personal information or data.

Even we get lots of scams and links, we should not click on it, and even if we do, we shouldn’t provide our essential information until its authorized and official links.

So the only thing we can secure our information and data is we don’t share our information with anyone.

Tips 5: Report the issue to Kik

Unfortunately, if you receive unwanted photos or videos, abusive messages, and scams, then take a screenshot of the message and report those people.

On the Kik app, you get a feature to report unwanted activities of people. If you see something inappropriate actions, then please feel free to report those users from the reporting feature on Kik. And Kik will do their best to address your issue as soon as possible. And you can also email [email protected].

Tips 6: Make your best judgment

Go with your gut; if you think someone has a bad intention and they are trying to force you to get involved with their inappropriate activities, then instantly block them and report those people because keeping them as your friends make no sense.

Tips 7: Choose a strong and secured password

Do not share your password with the unknown or anyone you know. We share our password with our friends or a boyfriend, and they might leak our privacy. We shouldn’t trust anyone.

Sometimes even our account gets hacked or accessed by other people. This is also the reason our privacy gets a leak. So we have to choose a secure and robust password.

Before choosing a password, insert special characters, alphabets, numbers, and more than eight characters.

Tips 8: Manage message from new people

When you get messages from new people or someone who is not in your contact, then messages from them appear under the ‘New People,’ and messages and profiles will be blurred. So, you can manage and select people to add and remove from your Kik account.

If you think you know them, or they are good people, then you can send the message back. If not block, delete the message, block them, or report them from the Kik.

Is Kik Private?

Is Kik private? The answer to this question is both yes and no.

From one perspective, if we see that Kik doesn’t use the phone number to signup, also you don’t have to verify the username and birthday, it ensures that your personal information is safe.

But if we see from another perspective, we don’t need to verify our phone number, username, and birthday. So some users take benefit of the feature and fake user identity so that they can through scams and misbehave with you.

So, it up to us how we use Kik and whom we add in our Kik account.

Can Kik trace our messages?

Kik doesn’t have access to trace user messages line by line. However, Kik can trace your chat history from its database, but they don’t have the authority to check the user’s messages and disclose their information until a vital problem occurs.

So, you can trust Kik but don’t trust people on Kik easily. Make sure before you share personal and private information or data.

How safe is the Kik app?

We can say Kik is safe, but the activities of people on Kik is not acceptable. So, be alert and avoid those people besides the Kik app is safe to use due to its changing privacy policy and secured features.

And it depends on us as well, whom we talk to. If we use Kik staying on a safe side, we can say that Kik is secure, and if we choose the wrong people, then we can say that Kik is not a safe platform, and it is the same with the other apps too.

Do you get scammed on Kik?

As people started using Kik as a dating app, you get a lot of scams and links. They use different ideas to make you pay money and get a login to their link. Some people use bot features as well to fool and trick you.

So, it would be best if you are alert and should be able to identify what is real and what is fake. If you find someone who tries to scam you, you can report them.

In Conclusion

There you go, after reading this article, you will know the answer to your question is Kik Safe And Private. isn’t it?

If you just landed in the conclusion then above are the tips that you can follow to increase your privacy and security on the Kik app. Here in this article, you will know some features on Kik that improve your security and some safety measure that you can take before using the app. We have mentioned all the tips clearly and most thoroughly, for you to understand.

Besides, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article ‘is Kik safe ad private’ then, please feel free to leave us a comment in our comment section below. We are always there for you to solve your problem as soon as possible.

And for more helpful guidance and tips on the Kik app, you can go to the link Kik Tips.

Thank You.

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