TikTok Error: TikTok Phone Number Already Registered/Used [Fixed-2022]

TikTok Phone Number Already Used

TikTok is one of the most popular social media and video-sharing apps in the world. This app has a huge market all over the world from Europe to Asia and from America to Africa. You can create short-duration videos with cool filters through this application. Furthermore, you can share it with your friends. Answer: Over the years, this application has … Read more

10+ Best TikTok Editing Apps For PC [Explained With Features]


TikTok is one of the most popular apps for creating, watching, and sharing videos. So, you still have a lot of time to join TikTok, a famous video-sharing app that has grown in popularity in recent years. Are you tired of only using TikTok to edit your videos? Do you have an interest in trying out more TikTok editing apps? … Read more

How To Know When Someone Unfollows You On TikTok?

How to know when someone unfollows you on Tiktok

You can have many viewers watching the new video that is becoming popular on TikTok but still, you will not have gained many followers proportional to the video views. Unfortunately, this is often the case faced by new TikTok creators. Furthermore, even if you gained a substantial number of TikTok followers, there is a high chance that a percentage of … Read more

How To Check TikTok Notification Settings?

How to check Tiktok notification settings

TikTok is a rapidly growing social media platform with a vast user base. The app is one of the popular ways how people to share ideas and create entertainment content. The TikTok app is available for Android and Apple devices and can be found in their respective app stores. Due to a large user base and a constant stream of … Read more

9+ Best TikTok Editing Apps For Android


TikTok is a popular app where millions of users create videos, share them, and try to communicate with others on a new platform. Consider using one of these best TikTok editing apps for Android to add filters, stickers, and other features to your videos. If you’re looking for some of the best TikTok editing applications for Android, check out the … Read more

How To Get Face Tracking Filter On TikTok?

how to get face tracking filter on tiktok

TikTok face tracking filter is the effect available to track the face of the user. In this option, as soon as your face comes in front of the camera, the face can be distinguished in the camera by detecting the patterns. So, it looks interesting as it gives you various effects. It is known as the ‘Face Tracking Effect’ on … Read more

How To Reply To Questions With Video On TikTok?

Reply To Questions With Video In TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform that lets you put your creative content on the application for the world to see. This means, as a creator, you get to interact with your followers and audience through comments and videos. As you have the power to influence people around you, it is obvious that some of them might have questions to … Read more

Why Steam Download Stuck At 0 Bytes And How To Fix It 2022

Why Steam Download Stuck At 0 Bytes And How To Fix It 2022

Each game on Steam is divided up into bits that are about 1MB in size. You can face a problem; Steam download is stuck at 0 bytes, which is very common. The solution to the problem is below: Answer: The best ways to fix the problem of download issues are to reset the stream configuration, delete the cache or upgrade … Read more

How To Send A Message To A Private Account On Instagram

How to send a message to a private account on Instagram

Instagram has a feature of DM that is Direct Message along with others. You can use this feature to send a message to someone on Instagram. It is quite easy to send messages to a public account on Instagram. Another type of Instagram account is a private account; here is a guide on how to send a message to a … Read more