Kik Messenger New Features: What’s New On The Kik App 2022

Kik is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, which allows you to receive and transmit text messages, photos, videos, sketches, GIFs and many more. Many features are available within the application and the exciting feature that you will see on the Kik app is you can add a bot on Kik chat and have fun. If you are fed up with the same features available on Kik for two years and waiting for new features to come then, your wait is over because Kik Messenger’s new features are available now.

In the year 2021, Kik had targeted its user requirements and finally launched some new features and improved old features to increase user experience and fun. The Kik team is working continuously to improve the app and its features and we hope soon we will see more advanced features on the Kik app.

This might be the reason why Kik has survived and other popular apps that started along with Kik have disappeared or some have not reached the popularity level of Kik. However, other popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are busy competing with each other and copying each other’s features.

So today, in this article, we will let you know new added Kik messenger features and improved features this year. Stay with us and read the full article to learn about new features that were added to Kik.

If you are using Kik then let’s try new features together and if you are new then, download the Kik app and create your Kik account today to try all new features available on the Kik app. 

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Here are the highlights of some popular features that were improved and added to the Kik app. Besides these, there are other features which might not be vital for you. So, we have mentioned those features and explained all features in detail under Kik Messenger New Features 2022.

  • Now, you can see many new and cool Emojis, GIFs, and Stickers on the Kik app.
  • You can do more with the Kik bots. You can chat with them, do quizzes, play games, get tips, and many more.
    • Send Photos and Videos
  • You can use Kik Codes to connect with your friends from different places and meet new people.
  • Features Keep You Safe.”
  • And a simple user interface that is easier to use.

So, these are the major highlights that you can see on the Kik messenger. Now, let’s talk in detail about these features that were added and improved.

Kik Messenger New Features 2022

Here, you can get details on all the new and updated features on the Kik app. So without any delay, let’s go through the new features available on Kik.

Stickers Update

The stickers feature an old feature on Kik that you will see, but Kik has updated the elements and added a new and cool sticker according to your mood and feelings, in the year 2022. You can find thousands of animals and mood stickers, which looks pretty impressive.

And the reason behind updating the feature “Sticker” is not just to keep its users happy but to keep the Kik family connected.

Besides stickers, you can also see thousands of new emojis and GIFs added to the Kik library.

The Bots Update

The Bot is also an old feature that you can see on the Kik app. But this year, you can see an updated bot that lets you play the game, do quizzes, chat with the bot, get tips, read the news, get advice and the exciting part is that you can also add a bot to your private and group chats to have fun with your friends.

Share Live Videos And Photos

Instead of the video call feature, you will see the feature to send photos and videos on Kik. You can send live videos and photos to your friend or in a group as well. You can enjoy your chatting by sending exciting saved photos and videos as well.

Kik Codes

Kik codes are the most advanced feature added to Kik; this feature is exciting. You can add your friend and meet new people using Kik codes. You can also share your profile code to add a friend and similarly, you can also share group code.

To read Kik codes, you have to scan the Kik codes by the Kik scanner to reach the destination. After you scan the received Kik code, you will be able to add a friend or join a group according to the shared Kik codes.

Browsing Update

This is an old feature, but this might be new to you because many people don’t care about it.  While browsing on Kik we saw some updates that were made by Kik. Now, you can record the chats like other social media tools. And it doesn’t matter how many people you chat with; you can record all the conversations with them, easily!

Third-Party Integrations

Now, Kik is not only available on Android or iOS devices but you can also download Kik for Chromebook and it’s free to download.

Kik is no more just a chat application, you can see different features available on Kik which are designed by a third-party integration and the third-party designed website is also optimized by Kik. This helped the Kik app to grow and increase its users on the Kik app.

You can also create your own bot for the Kik app and have fun with your friends.

Kik Web History

Kik Web History seems important and a feature appreciated by the audience. Due to this new feature, you can now quickly identify the list of the websites that you have visited from your Kik online Messenger.

You can check the list of websites and your history that you have access through your Kik messenger and you can also clear the cache to hide/clear the website from the list that you have visited for the last few days. This helps increase your privacy.

Kik Partners With Crisis Text Line

As we all love to text via typing messages and at the same time we don’t feel comfortable texting private things and problems on social media. But on Kik, we can easily discuss our personal problems and private things with some trained crisis counselors and it is totally safe to share your problem. This might be the reason behind the success of Kik Messenger and why Kik users love the Kik app.

To know about Kik features to Meet new people on Kik, go to the link.

In Conclusion

There you go, these are the new and updated features that you will find on the Kik app. Without any delay, login to your account and enjoy the experience of new features and improved old features on Kik messenger. All the features are straightforward and you will easily understand how to use them.

I want you to try and experience new features on Kik. While using any feature if you find it difficult to understand or have any suggestions for us then you can leave a comment in our comment section below. We are always here with you to solve your problem.

For more tips and guides on Kik, you can go to the link Kik Tips.

Thank You.

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