How To Check If Someone Is Online On Kik [Updated 2022]

Kik is a well-known messaging app, with more than 8 million monthly active users. The main reason for Kik being a popular messenger app is its ability to use more than just a text message feature. Users can go live streaming, listen to music, share content from the web, meet new people around the world, play games and even talk to bots.

When you add people on Kik through your phone number, username or Kik Scan code, they become your friends until you remove or block them. You can talk to anyone whenever you want to if they are available and online on Kik.

However, Kik doesn’t show if any users are online or not. So it is quite difficult to find out whether a person is still available on Kik or not. It sometimes ruins all the fun and excitement, especially when you are talking to a new friend.

Considering that, today we will learn how we can check if someone is online on Kik or if they left the messenger. Lots of users have reported this problem as theyl never know how many friends are currently active.

So, let’s get started.

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Why Does Kik Not Show Any Online Users?

Kik is a popular messaging app that lets you be anonymous. You can create an account on Kik without using your phone number. This means just a username and an email address is enough to let you get access to the Kik Messenger app. So this could be one of the reasons why Kik does not let anyone know if someone is online or available on the application.

As already discussed above, Kik also lets you meet new people from all around the world. It doesn’t matter whether a person is on your friends list or not. You can choose to use the Meet New People feature and it will automatically select random people. You only have around 15 minutes to chat with that person. However, if you don’t like talking anymore, then you can leave the chat whenever you want to. After the 15 minutes time period ends, the person you were talking to will no longer be available to talk.

Another reason why Kik doesn’t show active users could be to maintain privacy of the users. We might not be in the same mood to talk to the same people every time we open the Kik app. Sometimes, users also want to have short conversations with strangers who are not in their friends list. Therefore, not showing an active symbol on your profile is a good way to stay invisible.

How To Check If Someone Is Online On Kik?

In the instant messaging world, Kik is doing a pretty good job of bringing people together. When we feel like talking to new people, Kik is an exceptional option. However, the only problem in Kik Messenger is the lack of online status. We can never know if someone is online or offline on Kik.

Since Kik doesn’t have any option for us to check the online status of our friends, it sometimes gets hard to talk to people. But, there is another way you can check if someone is online on Kik or if they have left the conversation.

One simple way to find out is by S, D, R features. If you don’t know what that means on Kik messages, then take a closer look.

  • S (Send): When you write a message to anyone on Kik and hit enter, your message is sent to the Kik server. This means there is no error while sending a message. This is when the symbol S is seen beside your message.
  • D (Delivered): When your message is successfully delivered to the receiver by the Kik server, the symbol S will turn into a symbol D beside your message. This means your message is delivered, but the receiver has not opened or seen your message.
  • R (Read): If you see an R besides your message, then it means the receiver has seen and read your message.

Now, to check if someone is online on Kik or not, just send them a message; if the person opens or sees your message, then you will see the R (Read) character beside the message; otherwise, it remains on D (Delivered). So, if it stays on D, then it means a person is not still online or active on Kik. This is the most simple way to know the online status of someone on Kik. The same trick is implied in a Kik group chat.

This is not a very reliable option to know if a person is online or offline, but somehow, it can pretty much do the job. But remember, don’t keep sending messages to every person on your friend list to check whether they are online or not. This might make them feel like you are invading their personal space.

Alternative Method

Besides the above method, there is one more way to know if someone is online on Kik. This time, we will use the Active User Check tool from Kik to check who’s currently active on Kik.

Active User Check lets you find out which friend left you on a Read. If you send an important text message to your friend and they leave you on a Read, it does not feel good, right?

Furthermore, if you have joined too many groups on Kik that you can’t even remember, you can check what percentage of the groups are active on Kik using this feature. This way, you can leave those groups that have not been active for months or even years.

How To Tell The Last Time Someone Was Active On Kik?

Since Kik doesn’t show online and offline status of people, it’s difficult to determine if a person is still reachable or not. Besides, when it comes to checking the last active status of a person, it is not possible. Kik doesn’t have such an option. The only way to know your friend’s active or inactive status is by checking the above mentioned S, D, R methods. Besides that, we are very sorry to say that you cannot tell the latest active or inactive status of a person on Kik.


There are no other ways to check if someone is online on Kik besides the above-mentioned methods, even if the people are from your friend’s list. Till now, Kik has not introduced the status checking feature on its app, but in the coming future, users may be able to see the status of people on Kik.

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