How To View Deleted Messages On Discord?

Have you ever used your phone or computer to message friends on Discord and they later deleted the messages and images they sent? If so, you might be wondering what they send and how to view those deleted messages on Discord. I was also very curious as one of my friends immediately deleted one message … Read more

How To Change Discord Background Theme?

How to change Discord background theme

Discord is a platform that allows users to communicate with one another in an easy and applicable way. However, you might want to make your time there even more interesting, and you can do this by changing your background as well. So how to change Discord background theme? Answer: On Discord, no in-built options allow … Read more

How Does Push To Talk Work On Discord? [Updated 2022]

Push-To-Talk: How Does It Work On Discord?

Push-To-Talk is an important feature of two-way radios and other communications devices. They are also called “press to transmit” as it enables the operator to start communications with another individual or with his or her team. Discord Server is a popular platform especially for gamers to frequently communicate with their team members using it. Likewise, … Read more

How To Stream Netflix On Discord [Ways, Issues And Fixes]

How to stream Netflix in Discord

Netflix is a streaming service that provides users with all kinds of media content. Moreover, as a Discord user, you are prone to being in a community that is all about sharing. So, it can be a headache when you want to stream Netflix in your Discord and there are issues that come up. You … Read more

How To Delete All Messages On Discord | Step by Step 2022

How To Delete All Messages On Discord

Are you having issues with how to delete or unsent your messages on Discord? Are you searching for options to delete an entire group of messages simultaneously? Or are you having trouble simply using this interactive app on your device? Well, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Discord is a messaging app, so … Read more

How To Join A Discord Server Without Invite?

how to join discord server without invite

Discord servers are an accessible platform where you can meet and communicate with new people in real-time. Discord servers became especially popular during the pandemic and have garnered a lot of interest among users. With the different kinds of servers available, some cannot be joined without an invite. So, here is a guide on how … Read more

How To Clear Discord Cache [Free Device Space]

How to clear Discord cache

If you use Discord on your device very often, then you must notice that the Discord app is taking up your device storage. This is because of all the cache files stored in your disk space to run your Discord app smoothly. If you want to clear up the space in your device, just follow … Read more