How to Remove Friends From Kik | Step by Step Guide 2020

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How many friends do you have on Kik? Can you able to contact all of them? These are the first thing which you should consider when you join the Kik Messenger. Since Kik doesn’t have any separate friend list section, so all our friends, which we have added, are a jumble in app home page along with messages. Due to this, it’s hard to find a specific friend to whom we want to talk.

Furthermore, if you are talking to new people on Kik through the Meet New People feature every day, then this is also the most simple way to fill your Kik messenger with too many people. The app itself won’t remove them after you finish talking to them. So, they will stay on your chat section forever until you delete them manually.

Now, if you are planning to remove friends from Kik because of the above reasons or inactive friends or due to your own personal issue, then you came into the right article. We have provided the simple few steps to delete someone from Kik without knowing them.

Okay, now, without any further delay, let’s move on.

Can You Add Any Friends on Kik?

Kik is the instant messaging app, just like a Facebook messenger. So, you can add any friends on Kik with just a few steps. All you need is your friend’s username or phone number to make a conversation with them. Moreover, you can also use their Kik Code, which is similar to the Snapcode, which you use them to unlock new lenses on Snapchat. Like that, Kik will detect your friends’ user id when you scan the code and automatically add it to your chat section.

After adding your friends on Kik, you can create a group with them and share content or videos, Gif, Sticker and more interesting thing within a group. This is a pretty good use of Kik messenger.

Does Kik Notify Your Friends When You Remove them From Your List?

In case you are wondering whether Kik will notify your friends when you remove them from your contact, then don’t worry. Kik doesn’t send any notification to your Kik if you delete them from Kik. This means you can add any friends and remove them whenever you want. It’s all upon on your decision. So, take your time and delete the friends one by one if they irritate or disturbing you by sending unnecessary messages.

How to Remove Friends From Kik?

Kik allows any users to add people from anywhere, even though they are not your friends. When you search the random name on Kik, then it will display the other people’s username, which you can add.

For example, if you search the name William, then Kik will display a person’s user ID under that name if the name is registered on Kik Messenger. Because of this, anyone can send you a message and become your friend if they add you on Kik.

Many of the Kik users reported this problem because there is no any restriction of adding friends. Anyone can disturb any person by sending misbehaving content through chat.

So, if anyone is interrupting you on Kik, then you can follow the below method to delete them from your chat list.

  1. Open your Kik Messenger on your mobile device.
  2. Login into the account using your username and password if necessary.
  3. Now, there you can see all your friends and their chat messages.
  4. Choose the friend which you want to remove from Kik. You can also search the username of that person by swiping down on the screen.
  5. Once you find a person profile then long-tap on the chat message.
  6. Here, tap on Delete, and it will automatically remove the person from your chat list as well as from Kik.
  7. Now, follow the same process with your other friends too. You have to manually delete the person from the Kik. That’s because Kik doesn’t allow to select multiple user profiles. It will consume some time, but we also doesn’t have another option to choose.

So this is the simple way to remove someone from Kik. However, if you want to have a conversation with those particular friends which you just removed, then re-add them from the “Find People.” To do so tap on the”+” option.

Besides, the above method is for android users only. If you are using the Kik Messenger on iPhone, then you have to follow a little bit of different steps. Don’t worry; it won’t take much time.

Now for IOS users to delete friends from Kik, remember this one step only. When you long-tap on a personal profile to remove them from Kik on android, instead of that, just Swipe left on a person’s name and tap on Delete. This will erase the person profile from your Kik.

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How to Stop Chatting With Your Friends?

Everything has a good side and a bad side. Like that, Kik Messenger also has some drawbacks when you remove friends from it. The main problem of deleting a person from Kik is that they can still contact you. Don’t get shocked, you read correctly.

When you remove someone from Kik, then it only works for you. What I am trying to say is that Kik only deletes a person profile from your account, but it’s not removed from that person’s side. So, your profile or messages still appear on that person’s Kik account, and they can still message you.

The above method, which we have learned earlier to remove friends, works perfectly fine. But only for those accounts who are inactive and which are added when you use the Meet New People features to talk with strangers. Other than that, if your friends are irritating you daily by sending a message, then it won’t work for them. In this case, you either have to block a person profile or use the stop chatting feature.

Stop chatting will create a separate new folder for those people to whom you have used these features. Whenever they send you a message, then it automatically stores in a separate folder. So this way, you won’t see your chatbox full of messages. And if you like to respond to their messages, then you can allow the chat feature.

Another good part about this feature is that a person won’t know that you have seen their message until you start chatting.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Access your Kik account using the login credentials.
  2. Now, long-tap on the person username or profile.
  3. After that, choose the Chat Info option.
  4. There tap on the three vertical dots from the upper right corner.
  5. Finally, tap on the stop chatting option, and it will create a separate folder.
  6. Use this process to all user profiles that still message you even though you remove them from Kik.

Now, whenever they send you a new message, then their profile won’t show up in front of your chat section. Rather than it will be a move to the process from where you can ignore it or resume the chat.

Resume the Chat

If you change your mind and want to continue your conversation on Kik, then follow these few procedures.

  1. Open your Kik Messenger.
  2. Now tap on the first section, which shows New Chats.
  3. There choose a person to whom you want to continue the Chat.
  4. Finally, tap on Chat, and from now on, you can resume your conversation.

What Happens When You Remove Someone From Kik?

As I already said, when you delete someone from Kik, then you will no longer be able to talk to that person. Kik will remove a persons’ profile along with its messages from your account. All the previous conversations that were happened with you will be deleted forever. You can’t retrieve those messages once Kik deletes them.

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Can a Person Message You When You Remove them From Kik?

Yes, a person can still text you even though you remove them from your Kik messenger. Kik only removes a person’s profile from your account, not from that person’s account. So it’s a one-way process, not a two way.   

If you don’t want to receive a message ever again, then the only option is to block that person from Kik. This way, you won’t get any messages from that person in the future.

Here learn how to block someone on Kik?


Now with the help of the above-mentioned method, anyone can easily remove a list of friends from Kik. But remember, you still get messages even though you delete someone’s profile on Kik. To escape from this situation, use the Stop Chatting feature that will store incoming messages into a separate folder or section. You will know that this particular person has sent you a message and even view it, but their profile won’t appear on your chat section.

The above-mentioned process is also the best way to get rid of all profiles that stuck on your chat list when you use the Meet New People feature. So, instantly remove the profile after talking to new people so that your profile won’t get full of random people profile.

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