What Does The Yellow Heart On Snapchat Mean?

Snapchat is a unique private messaging app with different icons, colors, and emojis that appear next to the username you interact with. In Snapchat’s world, emojis are friendship hierarchies. Likewise, there is a yellow heart on Snapchat. But what does the yellow heart on Snapchat mean?

The yellow heart emoji means that you are each other’s No 1 Best Friend. This is because you have sent the most snaps to each other.

The yellow heart, along with other emojis, represents the different levels of friendships according to Snapchat. Since emojis are essential to use Snapchat properly, let’s look at the yellow emoji and its meaning.

What Does Yellow Heart Emoji 💛 Mean?

The Yellow color represents a cheerful hue. It represents the color of warmth and spring daffodils. The color yellow boosts our memory and encourages communication. It’s a color that shows enthusiasm and enlightenment.

So you may wonder what a yellow heart emoji means? Of course, we all know that the heart emoji represents our emotions regarding love, gratitude, hope, or even flirtatiousness. But the yellow emoji in specific coveys love but love you show towards your friends.

If you have received a yellow heart from your friends, they show that they like and appreciate you as a dear friend. Or they just like yellow. The yellow emoji in Snapchat means that you are #1 best friends with each other.

What Does The Yellow Heart 💛 On Snapchat Mean?

The yellow heart also referred to as the gold heart, is an emoji you might have noticed on your Snapchat chat screen. Friend Emojis on Snapchat help you keep track of your friends on Snapchat.

The yellow heart on the emoji means that you have sent the most Snaps to this Snapchatter, and they sent the most Snaps to you, too. This means that you are each other’s #1 Best friend.

This means that you have Snapped at each other every day, and they have sent you a snap back every day. Not only that, you both have sent each other the most snaps than any other user.

Can You Have the Yellow Heart On Snapchat With Multiple People?

Since the yellow heart on Snapchat means that you both send snaps to each other the most, you may wonder if you can have the yellow heart 💛 with multiple people. But, at the same time, Snapchat users can have more than one best friend.

You cannot have multiple #1 best friends on Snapchat. It is called No.1 because you cannot have two first places. In comparison, the yellow heart is easier to get compared to other emojis like red or pink hearts. So, to sum up, you cannot have the yellow heart on Snapchat with multiple people.

While users may wonder if they can have multiple yellow hearts on Snapchat, some users may never see the yellow heart on their Snapchat. And that is a completely normal experience for inactive Snapchat users.

How Do You Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart 💛?

If you never had a yellow heart on your Snapchat fees, you might feel that you’re missing out in simpler words called FOMO. However, you will need teamwork to get the yellow heart with someone specific. As Maxwell’s book reads, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

To get the yellow heat with your Bestfriend, you both need to send each a lot of Snaps. A lot of Snaps mean you need to send each other more Snaps than you do with other Snapchat users.

It can get harder to get the yellow heart if you send everyone the same amount of Snaps. This will make it longer to gain best friend status on Snapchat since there are more users to compete with. So if you want to get the yellow heart, snap them as often as possible.

Can You Change Snapchat Emoji Meanings?

Since Snapchat has different emojis for the different levels of friendship, it can get confusing for many users. Or maybe you just don’t like the yellow heart emoji. Whatever your reason, you can easily change your Snapchat emoji meanings.

To change your Snapchat emoji, you must go to your settings and navigate ‘Customise Emojis.’ Then you can pick and choose from the different selection of various emojis, and you can even create different themes for your Chat feed.

Changing your Snapchat emoji will make it easier to know what different emojis mean on Snapchat and make your chat feed look cute. And cuter is always better.

Why Is The Snapchat Yellow Heart 💛 Significant?

You must be thinking it’s “just a yellow heart emoji” what significance does it have that you need to have it on your chat feed. The main reason why it is so significant is that you can only share the yellow heart with one person. The connection is what makes it special.

The yellow heart signifies best friend status. It can only occur when you both send each other most snaps. Meaning that they care more about sharing their life moments with you than any other Snapchat user.

The yellow heart also shows the beginning of your budding friend status, which is the first step to gaining more difficult friendship emojis. Next, it shows you who your number one best friend is on Snapchat.

Can You Change The Yellow Or Red Heart Emoji?

Not a fan of the yellow emoji? While the red heart is superior, I hope we can all agree that the pink heart is the best. You can do two things if you don’t want to see the yellow heart on your chat screen.

First, you can stop sending snaps to each other. This might make the recipient angry, but if you don’t mind a sour relationship, you can stop contacting them or send them just enough snaps to maintain the snap streak. You can also remove them from the status of a Best friend on Snapchat.

Second, you can change the emoji. Since Snapchat allows you to change and customize emojis, you can go to your settings and change the yellow heart to anything you want. This will save your friendship status and not waste both of your hard work to get the yellow heart 💛.

Why Did The Yellow Heart Disappear?

The yellow heart emoji will disappear if you no longer send each other the most snaps since this emoji is based on both of your activities. This means that your best friend has found someone else.

When the yellow hearts disappear, they are no longer your number one best friends on Snapchat. It could be for various reasons. They might be taking a digital detox or just are busy sending you snaps.

But if they are still your best friend but the yellow heart disappears, they probably send more snaps to someone else.

Why Did My Yellow Heart 💛 Turn Red ❤️?

Did your yellow heart not disappear but instead turn red? If you are worried that this is a bad sign, you should read up about different emojis on Snapchat.

Your yellow heart turning read means that your friendship has leveled up. Not only are you sending each other the most snaps, but you have done it for two weeks in a row.

If you have sent snaps to each other the most two weeks in a row and still haven’t got your red heart. It could be a glitch, and you should use troubleshooting methods on Snapchat. However, if none of those methods work, you should contact Snapchat Support.

How Can I Remove The Yellow Heart 💛?

Relationships can turn sour pretty quickly. So if you feel your friendship is lacking on Snapchat and want to remove all connections. You can go around it in various ways.

You can either block them or remove them as a friend on Snapchat. Doing this will instantly remove the connection between you both. And they will not get a notification that you have unfriended or blocked them on Snapchat.

If you don’t want to take such a drastic measure, then all you can do is stop interacting on Snapchat. That means you need to stop sending them snaps but messaging them is fine as messages don’t contribute to gaining emojis.

How Long Does The Yellow Heart Emoji Take To Disappear On Snapchat?

Generally, there is no exact time when your yellow heart will last once shown. While it will take two weeks or more, depending on how long it takes for you both to get to that point. Or the yellow heart might not appear at all if you each have a lot of people you snap with often.

If you want the yellow heart to disappear, you could just unfriend them. Generally, there is no exact time how long the yellow heart will take to disappear, but if you both are snapping at each other the most, after two weeks, the yellow heart will change to red.

Since we don’t know when the yellow heart will turn into a smiley face if you don’t want it to disappear, make sure you and your friends are snapping at each other the most.

What Are The Different Snapchat Emojis?

Since there are many different types of emojis on Snapchat, you might get confused about what all these emojis that appear on your chat feed mean. Thus here are all the emojis on Snapchat.

💕 Super BFF

This is getting serious! You have been each other’s #1 Best Friend for two months straight.

❤️ BFF

You have been each other’s #1 Best Friend for two weeks in a row.

💛 Besties

Congrats, you are each other’s #1 Best Friend. You send the most Snaps to this Snapchatter, and they send the most Snaps to you, too.

😊 BFs

They’re one of your Best Friends. You send them a lot of Snaps, but they are not your #1 best friend.

😬 Mutual Besties

Your #1 Best Friend is also their #. So you send the most snaps to the same person they do.

😎 Mutual BFs

The mutual friend emoji. You both have the same Best friend meaning one of your best friends is one of their best friends.

🔥 Snapstreak!

You’re on a Snapstreak! You have sent snaps to each other daily, and they snapped you back.

⌛️ Hourglass

When this appears next to your Snapstreak, this means Snapstreak is going to end soon! Both you and your friend need to send a Snap to each other within 24 hours, or you’ll lose your Snapstreak.

🎂 Birthday

This appears next to your friend’s name on the date they entered as their birthday on Snapchat.

How to Customize Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat allows you to change emojis. If you don’t like the look of the yellow heart, you can always pick a new emoji. You can also create themes for your Snapchat chat screen.

To customize your Snapchat emojis, go to your Snapchat chat screen and tap on the three horizontal dots. Then tap “Customise Best Friend Emojis.” Now you can see all the different emojis represent and customize these emojis.

Customizing Snapchat emojis will not only make it easier for you to remember what stage of friendship you are on but also make your chat feed look cute. You can try different emoji themes and have a unique and aesthetic chat feed.

Why Does Snapchat Have So Many Emoji Meanings?

If you frequently use Snapchat, you must have noticed many emojis and icons in your Chat feed. The emoji function is unique to Snapchat, so you must wonder what these Snapchat emojis mean and why they are there.

The main purpose of Snapchat emojis is to categorize and simply show user relationships. You can see how far you have gotten in your friendship with users with these emojis. Thus motivating people to use Snapchat more often by sending more snaps to earn these emojis.

Sending more Snaps means that you receive more snaps as well. This also increases your Snapscore and triggers a snap streak represented by the fire emoji. Snapchat emojis also show aspects like a mutual friend, how often you snap at each other, and other insights. So overall a very handy function to have.

When Did Snapchat Introduce the Emoji Functions?

Snapchat Emoji function first started in April 2015. Before its introduction, Snapchat used to display your top three best friends to everyone. Due to privacy concerns, Snapchat removed the publicly visible list of friends list.

Snapchat emojis are now private and can only be viewed by concerned users. The emojis also have their own meanings and give more insight into what level of friendship you are on and how many Snaps they send you.

Today the list of your best friends on Snapchat is fully private, and you can add a maximum of eight persons to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions about Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Do The Different Colors Of Snapchat Mean?

There are three colors with different icons representing what snap you sent or received. The red icons represent Snaps without audio. So if you send or receive a picture or a video without sound, it will have appropriate red symbols. The purple color represents Snaps with audio, and blue is for texts,

How Can You Tell ‘A Snap Was Sent’ to Just You?

When sending a Snap, you can send it to multiple people at once. But Snapchat does not disclose how many people you are sending snaps to. Thus you cannot know if a Snap was sent to you. All you can do is ask the sender.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat?

When you block someone on Snapchat, the person you block will not be able to see your stories and snaps. They won’t be able to share messages with them. The blocking goes both ways, so you and the blocked user will not appear in each other’s searches.

How To Find Out When You Made Your Snapchat Account?

To find when you made your Snapchat account, you must go to your Snapchat profile and scroll down. You will find the date at the bottom of your profile with a ghost emoji above “Joined Snapchat on ….”


To summarise, Snapchat is a fun instant messaging app. While Snapchat uses various emojis to represent different levels of friendships, it is all just a gamification of the app. This means that, like other social media apps where you gain followers in Snapchat, you gain emojis and Snapstreaks. And like many Social media apps, you mustn’t get addicted to it or let it negatively affect you or your relationships. We hope to have answered all your questions about the yellow heart on Snapchat. If we missed anything, let us know in the comment below.