10 Methods To Increase Your Snapchat Score | Boost Points [2023]

7 Methods to Increase Your Snapchat Score

Snapchat is one of the most popular and widely used social media applications. While it may initially seem complex, it becomes easier to use once you become familiar with its features and makes an effort to simplify the process. Snapchat has introduced various new and exciting features that may be difficult to understand. However, we are here to assist you in resolving any issues with Snapchat. Today, we will focus on one of its features, Snapchat Score, and how to increase it.

You can increase your Snapchat score faster by following these techniques: check your score, add new friends, send multiple snaps, send snaps to all friends, open unread snaps, share snaps as stories, engage with others’ stories, participate in challenges/events, and post interesting content consistently.

The numbers displayed on your Snapchat profile, located below your name and next to your username, represent your Snapchat Score. You can click on the score to explore more details about it. Many people notice this number on their profile but remain unaware of its purpose.

What is a Snapchat score?

The Snapchat score refers to the number on your profile below your Snapchat name and next to your Username. It serves as a measure of your popularity and level of engagement with the Snapchat app.

The Snapchat score fluctuates based on your activities within the app. There are various ways to increase your Snapchat score.

Would you like to learn how to increase your Snapchat score faster? If you’re highly engaged with Snapchat and value your score, you can follow the methods outlined in this article to boost your score more rapidly. Let’s get started.

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Why Should I Increase My Snapchat Score?

Increasing your Snapchat score has several benefits and can improve your engagement and popularity on the platform. First, a higher Snapchat score can boost your social status within the Snapchat community. It shows that you’re active and interact with friends, which helps you gain more visibility and recognition among your peers. You may attract more attention, followers, and potential connections as your score goes up.

Lastly, a higher Snapchat score may increase visibility, as it can help you access popular features like Quick Add, where your profile is recommended to other users. Increasing your score increases your chances of unlocking these exclusive perks, enabling you to explore and enjoy Snapchat more fully and uniquely.

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How to Increase Your Snapchat Score Faster?

If you’re a Snapchat enthusiast aiming to raise your score rapidly, these methods are perfect for you. Many of the activities you engage in on Snapchat unknowingly contribute to increasing your score.

Below, you’ll find seven effective techniques to enhance your Snapchat score. Follow the steps outlined below to achieve the desired results.

1. Check Your Current Snapchat Score

Check Your Current Snapchat Score

Before we begin any of the methods, let’s consider this as the first method. Knowing your current Snapchat score is crucial to track whether it is increasing. Following the procedures mentioned in this article to enhance your, Snapchat score won’t be meaningful if you are unaware of where to check your score.

  1. Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  2. Tap on the bitmoji or Ghost icon.
  3. Look for your Snapchat score below your Snapchat name and to the right of your Username.
  4. Please tap on the score to access more details about it.

Now that you know how to check your Snapchat score, check it before proceeding with the methods mentioned in this article. Once you’ve tried all the techniques, check your score again to see how it has changed. Best of luck, and have fun!

2. Add More New Friends

Add More New Friends

On the Snapchat app, when you add or accept someone’s request, you receive a Snapchat score. However, this approach is only suitable for beginners, as once you reach the friend limit, your score will no longer increase. Additionally, if you’re new to Snapchat, you may not earn points for adding celebrities and public figures.

If you’re a newcomer, add friends to your Snapchat account. Best of luck! We hope to see you on the leaderboard.

3. Do Not Send Direct Messages

Do Not Send Direct Messages

While sending messages to your friends can boost your score, Snapchat doesn’t consider direct messages, meaning your score won’t increase even if you send or receive them.

To ensure your score grows, visit the chat section and open your friend’s chat box to exchange messages. Remember to click the circle button.

4. Try To Send Multiple Snaps At Once

Try To Send Multiple Snaps At Once

When you send one snap to a friend, you earn one point. However, you may gain extra points by selecting and sending multiple snaps simultaneously based on the number of snaps you share.

Access your account and share multiple snaps from your device gallery to do this. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t allow you to select or send multiple snaps simultaneously. You’ll need to do it manually. But don’t worry, have fun with it!

5. Send Your Snap To All Of Your Friends

Send Your Snap To All Of Your Friends

If you’ve already reached the maximum number of friends, that’s great! To increase your score faster, follow this method.

As we all know, sending one snap earns us one point. Now, you must send your friends all your photos and videos. Try not to skip any friends and encourage them to send their snaps, as there are points for both sending and opening snaps.

There’s a saying that goes, “To gain something, you have to lose something.” Similarly, it would be best if you put in some effort to boost your score quickly. This method is the most effective way to increase your score rapidly. So, start sending your snaps to your friends and enjoy the experience.

6. Open All Unread Snaps and Messages

Open All Unread Snaps and Messages

When you log in to your Snapchat account and navigate the chat section, you’ll likely find a collection of unread messages waiting for you. If you don’t believe me, scroll down, and you’ll see the number of story message notifications you’ve received and some important messages and snaps from friends and family.

I recommend scrolling through and opening all the unread snaps and messages. Remember, you earn points for the images and videos you receive and open. So, take some time to go through your chat section and open all those unread snaps and messages.

7. Add Snaps As Your Story

Add Snaps As Your Story

You’re familiar with the Snapchat story feature, aren’t you? Here’s what you can do: go to your account, select snaps from your collection or take new ones, and share them as your story. Your snapshots will be visible to everyone based on your privacy settings. The exciting part is that you earn points for every snap you share as a story.

Isn’t this fun? Why not start sharing both your old and new snaps as a story? I can’t guarantee the exact number of points you’ll earn, but you might be pleasantly surprised by how many points you accumulate through the Snapchat story feature.

8. Engage With Others’ Stories

Engage With Others' Stories

Boost your Snapchat score faster by actively engaging with the stories your friends and followers post. Watch their stories, leave comments, and send them snaps or messages to show your interest and involvement. This interaction strengthens your relationships and earns you points for engaging with others’ content.

9. Participate in Snapchat Challenges Or Events

Participate in Snapchat Challenges Or Events

Participating in challenges or events hosted on Snapchat is another effective way to increase your score. Keep an eye out for trending challenges and special events on the platform, and actively participate by creating and sharing snaps related to those themes. You can have fun and earn points for your active involvement.

10. Post Regularly and Share Interesting Content

Post Regularly and Share Interesting Content

Increase your Snapchat score by regularly sharing interesting content that captures the attention of your friends and followers. Develop a habit of sharing snaps and stories that captivate your audience, such as showcasing your daily activities, sharing special moments, creating creative videos, or sharing funny videos. Engaging your audience with compelling content will attract more views, snaps, and engagement, resulting in a higher Snapchat score.

I have provided these ten methods to help you increase your Snapchat score quickly. I hope you followed all the steps mentioned in this article. Have you noticed a significant change in your score? Please take a moment to check your score on your profile, and don’t forget to share your increased score with us.

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Do chats and stories increase your Snapchat score?

Sending and receiving messages with your friends on Snapchat and sharing snaps as stories can increase your Snapchat score. Each message you send and receive, and each snap you share as a story, earns you points. However, you don’t receive any points for simply watching other people’s stories.

Regularly send snaps as chats to your friends and upload snaps as your daily story. You can follow this strategy to increase your Snapchat score rapidly.

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What Does Your Snapchat Score Do?

Snapchat’s score is a metric to measure your engagement, popularity, and activity level on the app. It considers the various actions you perform within the app, such as sending snaps as messages and sharing them as stories.

Earning points through these activities contributes to increasing your Snapchat score. However, the score itself doesn’t have any specific functionality. It does allow you to unlock certain trophies, which are awarded when you reach specific score milestones on Snapchat. These trophies are achievements or badges to showcase your Snapchat usage and accomplishments.

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Does a Higher Snapchat Score Unlock Special Features?

No, having a higher Snapchat score doesn’t unlock any special stuff or extra in the app. The score shows how much you use Snapchat and your popularity, but it doesn’t give you access to cool new features.

Regardless of their score, Snapchat gives everyone the same features, like filters, stickers, and fun stuff to play with. The score is just a way to see how active you are on Snapchat, but it doesn’t give you any special powers or exclusive stuff.

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Will My Snapchat Score Increase If Someone Replays My Snap?

No, your Snapchat score does not increase when someone replays your snap. The Snapchat score is based on the number of snaps you send and receive and other activities like posting stories and engaging with the app. Replays, which allow someone to view a snap again, do not contribute directly to your score.

When someone replies to your snap, it adds no points to your score. However, it does indicate that the recipient found your snap interesting or worth viewing again. The replay feature allows users to rewatch snaps but does not impact the score calculation. So, while receiving replays can be an indication of engagement and interest from others, it doesn’t have any direct influence on your Snapchat score.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Snapchat Scores and are as follows:

Can My Snapchat Score Decrease?

No, your Snapchat score cannot decrease. It only increases or stays the same. The score reflects your overall activity on the app, including sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and interacting with the platform. However, certain activities like watching others’ stories do not affect the score.

Can I Reset My Snapchat Score?

No, you cannot reset or manually change your Snapchat score. The score is a cumulative measure of your activity on the app, and Snapchat does not provide an option to reset or manipulate it. The score reflects your usage history and cannot be altered or reset.

Can Using Snapchat Filters Or Lenses Increase My Score?

No, using Snapchat filters or lenses does not directly increase your Snapchat score. The score is primarily based on sending and receiving snaps, posting stories, and engaging with the app. While filters and lenses enhance your snaps, they do not impact your score calculation.


You know the seven methods to boost your Snapchat score, but remember to apply these techniques consistently. If you need a refresher, visit our official website or search for the article to review the daily strategies. To sum up, this article covered the topic of Snapchat’s score, how to increase it, and addressed some commonly asked questions.

We aim to present the methods clearly and understandably. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please comment in the box below, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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