7 Methods To Increase Your Snapchat Score [Boost Points Updated 2022]

Snapchat is considered one of the most used and popular social media apps. Snapchat looks complex to use, but unless you are familiar with its features and try to make it easy.

Several new and exciting features make Snapchat looks confusing to understand. Don’t worry; we are here to solve any problem regarding Snapchat. So, today we are back with its feature called Score.

I think you have noticed some numbers on your Snapchat account in your profile, just below your displayed Name and right to your username, that’s your Score. And you can click on the score to explore the score.

Well, I am sure you have noticed some numbers, and many people notice an unknown number in their profile, but they don’t know the purpose of it.

So, stay with us, because today in this article we will explain to you what is a Snapchat score, and how to increase your Snapchat score.

What is a Snapchat score?

Snapchat score is just the number that is displayed in your profile, just below your Displayed Name and right to your Username. It is a technique to measure your popularity and addiction to the Snapchat app.

The score on Snapchat keeps changing according to your activities on Snapchat. There are various methods on how you can increase your Snapchat score fast.

Do you want to know how to increase your Snapchat score faster? – If you are Snapchat addicted and score values you a lot, then you can follow the methods mentioned below in this article. You can gain your Snapchat score faster if you do so. So let’s began

How to Increase your Snapchat Score Faster?

These methods are for you if you are addicted to Snapchat and want to increase your score quickly. There are various activities you perform daily on Snapchat, and you don’t even know those activities are the key to increase your Snapchat score.

Here are the seven best methods to increase your Snapchat score quickly. So, follow the procedures mentioned below.

Check your current Snapchat score.

Before we start any method, I consider this method as method one because you should know what is your current score to check whether your Snapchat score is increasing or not. Just following all procedures mentioned in this article to improve your Snapchat score, but you don’t know from where you can check your score, then it’s meanless.

So, firstly let’s see how to check your Snapchat score.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Click on the bitmoji or Ghost icon.
  • Now, below the displayed name and right to the Username, you will see the Snapchat score.
  • Click in the score to know more detail about your score.

There you go, now you know how to check your Snapchat score, right? – So check your score and remember your score before you follow all remaining methods mentioned below. And check back after you follow all the ways, then you will know the change in your score. All the best and have fun.

Add more new friends.

On the Snapchat app, when you add someone or accept the request of someone, then you will receive the Snapchat score. But this method is for beginners only because after you have exceeded the limits of friends, your score won’t be increasing. And also, if you are new on Snapchat, you may not achieve points for adding celebrities and public figures.

So, if you are new, then start adding friends to your Snapchat account. All the best, we want to see you on the topic list of the scoreboard.

Do not send direct messages.

Sending messages to your friends increases your score but, when you send a direct message, then Snapchat doesn’t consider this feature so that your score will not increase. Even you receive or send direct messages, your score won’t grow.

So make sure you go to the chat section and open the chat box of your friend to convey messages, don’t forget to click the circle button.

Try to send multiple snaps at once

As I know, if you send one snap to your friend, then it will increase your one point. So why don’t we select multiple snaps and send multiple snaps to our friend this will increase point and maybe you will also get extra points for numbers of snaps your share.

So,  access your account and start sharing your multiple snaps at once through the device gallery. But the sad part, you cant select multiple snaps so that you can send them all at once. And you can do it manually so don’t worry and have fun.

Send your snap to all of your friends.

If you have already exceeded the maximum number of friends, then that’s good. If you want to increase your score quicker, then you have to follow this method.

As we all know, if we send one snap, we collect one score. So now, what we do is we send all our photos and videos to our friends. If possible, don’t skip single friends and send your snaps and say them as well to send their snaps because there is a score for sending snaps and opening snaps as well.

There is a saying ” to gain something, and you have to lose something” similarly put some effort if you want to increase your score quickly. I think this is the best method to boost your score faster. So, start sending your snaps to all of your friends and have fun.

Open all the unread snaps and messages.

When we log in to our Snapchat account and click in the chat section, what we see? A pile of messages right, and if you don’t trust me then, scroll down, you will see the number of story message notifications you get and some important messages and snaps from your friend or a family.

I suggest you scroll down and open all the unread snaps or messages. You get points for images and videos your receive and open. So, go through your chat section and open all unread snaps and messages.

Add snaps as your story.

You know the concept of the Snapchat story, right? Go to your account, choose snaps, or take snaps and share as your story, where everyone can see your snaps according to your privacy settings. But do you know you get points for every snaps you share as a story?

Isn’t this fun, yes, right? Why don’t you start sharing all your old and new snaps as a story? I am not sure, but somehow, you may get more points than you expect from the Snapchat story.

There you go, these all are the seven methods that can change your score and increase your score quickly. I hope you have followed all the procedures mentioned in this article. Did you feel the rapid change in your score?  Go to your profile and check your score. Don’t forget to share your increased score with us.

Do chats and stories increase your Snapchat score?

Yes, you get points for every message your send and receive with your friends. Similarly, you get points for snaps you share as stories, but you don’t get any point for watching other’s stories.

So make sure you send snaps as chat and upload snaps daily as your story. This strategy will increase your Snapchat score quickly.

How do you increase your Snapchat score?

There are five best methods on how you can increase your Snapchat score.

As I have already explained all the methods above let me list out one more time for you. And all the method is stated by Snapchat. So here is the list

  • Send as many as snaps you can.
  • Open all the messages from the chatbox.
  • Add your snaps as your story.
  • Add new friends
  • Send your multiple snaps with your friends.

And many more we even don’t know about, when we will find out we will let you know so don’t forget to check our articles.

What does your Snapchat score do?

Only a few social media apps use the feature score. Score on Snapchat is the process to measure your popularity, addiction to the Snapchat app, and also activities you perform.

When you do activities like sharing snaps as messages and stories, you get the point for that. And what you can do with your score is nothing. You can unlock some trophies, and you receive some trophies after you earn a high score on Snapchat.

In Conclusion

There you go, that was all about the score on Snapchat, how can you increase your Snapchat score, and some of the frequently asked questions. So, now you know all the seven methods to increase your Snapchat score, but don’t forget you implement all those methods daily. If you don’t remember any technique, then you can come back to our official website or search for the article and implement the strategies daily.

I hope all the method mentioned is straightforward and easy to understand. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article, then you can leave us a comment in our comment box below. We will try to respond to your comment ASAP.

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Thank You.