How To Change The Writing On Snapchat- Step-By-Step Guide

Are you confused about how to change the writing on Snapchat? Snapchat is a social media platform that lets users send pictures and short videos. You can also talk to your friends through texts. You must be wondering why there’s so much hype when Facebook and Instagram do the same thing. The catch on Snapchat is, the photos and videos or texts disappear after the viewer views them. Sounds intriguing

Furthermore, the app also lets the users extensively edit the pictures and photos before sending them. One such edit feature on Snapchat is ‘Texts.’ You can add different fonts to pictures and videos. This article will be your step-by-step guide to change the writing on Snapchat

Changing the writing on Snapchat is an easy process. After you take a picture or video, click on the ‘T’ icon in the sidebar on the right side of the screen. Then, tap on the font you like. You can also change the writing by using third-party apps

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a free-to-download messaging app where users share photos, videos, texts, and even drawings. The app hit popularity in a short time. You’ll mostly see young people enjoying the app.

Despite being a messaging app, Snapchat does not try to recreate experiences offered by Facebook or Instagram. Instead, the social media platform created an entirely new form of communication. As a result, Snapchat has successfully cracked the formula for customer retainment. App engagement through different features brings people back to the app over time

Snapchat is a messaging platform where photos and videos disappear. Yes, you read it right. The photos, videos, and texts disappear after a user views them. It sounds pretty bizarre.

This idea spread like wildfire, and Snapchat became one of the most popular apps of our time.

8 Best Features Of Snapchat

Snapchat is more than just a messaging app. Snapchat offers a wide range of features that lets users edit their content.

Have you ever thought about what these features are?

Here is a list of Snapchat features that make it popular among billions of people


The core of Snapchat is self-destructing in nature. Due to this, no one can save or share pictures that users upload on this platform. Taking a screenshot is an alternative to saving images. However, the app lets the sender know if someone takes a screenshot of the photos they send.

This feature is perhaps what makes Snapchat such a beloved app


The story lets users broadcast their snaps that last for 24-hours. This feature is an exciting feature that keeps the users engaged on the platform. In recent times, Instagram and Facebook have also made changes to let users post stories.

Stories are a continuous feature. So, as soon as a user’s story ends, the other story automatically starts. You can look into how to add stories in Snapchat.


Have you used Lenses on Snapchat? The feature is truly innovative.

Lenses incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence—the result is face filters that allow changing user’s appearance.


One of the critical elements of Snapchat is face tracking and imaging technology. In addition, the app offers filters that adjust to your face. How cool is that?

Filters are a fun feature that helps you connect with your friends and family.

You will also find regular filters as black/white or the ones containing stars. Make sure you update your app at times to get new filters


Geofilter is one of the better reasons why apps use your location.

Snapchat’s Geofilter takes the location of the user and automatically activates the applicable filters in that region. So, for example, if you take a Snap of the Eiffel Tower, you’ll get a filter that perfectly fits the photo

Geofilter is an attractive feature of Snapchat that makes your photos or videos better


Snapchat lets users take photos and videos through the app and edit them. The app converts these pictures into memory.

Memory is a collection of photos and videos that a user has taken on Snapchat.

Imagine waking up one day and going through your Memories on Snapchat. Just thinking about it makes me nostalgic.

Snap Map

The Snap Map enables users to get the latest trends and breaking news. Users can quickly check the events via Snapchat Stories. In addition, users have access to information all over the world.

The feature also gives users real-time or last used location of their friends and family.

If you’re hiding from someone, it’s better to turn on the ghost mode


There is no denial; Instagram copies Snapchat. However, with this feature, it is quite the opposite. Snapchat now has a text-syles feature. In addition, users see additional text options that let them switch fonts.

Users can also add effects to the texts

Were you aware of these features of Snapchat? I know for sure that you have a favorite that makes you keep coming back.

In this article, however, the main focus will be to change the writing on Snapchat. So, is it possible to change writing on Snapchat?

Is It Possible To Change Writing On Snapchat?

If you’re a novice Snapchat user, you might not know your way around the app. Snapchat has a steeper learning curve than any other social media platform.

The app adds dozens of new abilities without adequately explaining how to use them. Due to this reason, Snapchat has become increasingly complex over time.

To answer the question, YES!!

It is possible to change writing on Snapchat. You can do it through the ‘Add Texts’ feature or use third-party apps if you want to be a little extra

How To Change Writing On Snapchat Using Snapchat Effects And Fonts

Snapchat allows users to add text to the photos or videos they take. These texts have Bold, Italic and, Underlined formats. You can also change text effects and fonts. Sadly, there are not many effects from which you can choose.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the writing on Snapchat using Snapchat Effects and Fonts

Step 1. Open Snapchat App

Look for the Snapchat icon on your device and tap on it. The app will launch on the device

Step 2. Take A Snap

Once the app launches on your device, the camera turns on automatically. Take a snap by tapping on the big shutter button at the bottom of your screen. If you want to upload a picture from your gallery, tap on the gallery icon beside the shutter button

Step 3. Tap On The Text Icon

After you click a photo, you will see a sidebar menu on the right side of the screen. On the sidebar menu, look for a ‘T’ icon. This icon is the Text icon. Tap on it. You can tap anywhere on the screen too

Step 4. Type In The Text

Tapping on the ‘T’ icon opens a text bar where you can write. Type in whatever you want

Step 5. Change The Writing On Snapchat

You can change the color of the text through the slider on the right side of the screen. You will also see font options right above the keyboard.

Shas Snapchat provides multiple fonts. These include Classic, Big Text, Label, Glow, Script, among others. Tap on the font you like. Doing so will automatically change the font of whatever you write

Step 6. Share Your Snap

Finally, after you change the font of your writing, tap on the Blue Arrow button on the bottom right side of the screen. You will be able to share your snaps with friends or post them as a story

Snapchat only offers a minimum number of fonts. Snapchat might update these in the future, where users might get more options. However, if the fonts available fail to satisfy you, there is another way to change your font on Snapchat

Change Writing On Snapchat Using Third-Party Apps

When compared to Snapchat, Instagram provides users with a broader choice of fonts. However, text styles on Snapchat are limited. Read on to learn how you can use additional fonts for your snaps

There are third-party keyboards that offer a variety of fonts. I recommend FancyKey Keyboard. Here is a step-by-step guide to change the writing on Snapchat using third-party apps

Step 1. Download And Install FancyKey Keyboard

First and foremost, you need to download FancyKey on your device. The app is available on Android as well as iOS devices. Once you download the app, wait for it to install

Step 2. Open The App

Once the installation is complete, open the app. The app will guide you through setting up the keyboard on your device. First, you have to make the app’s keyboard your default keyboard. Once you do this, close the app

Step 3. Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat once you have set the app’s keyboard as your device’s default keyboard

Step 4. Take A Snap

On the home camera screen of the app, tap on the shutter button to take a snap. The shutter button is at the bottom of the screen

Step 5. Select The ‘T’ Icon

After clicking a photo, tap on the ‘T’ icon at the top of the right sidebar menu. Tapping on the icon enables you to write something on your snap.

Step 6. Change The Writing On Snapchat Using Keyboard Font

On your new default keyboard, tap on the font option. Select the font that you like and start writing whatever you want on your snap.

You will have a wide choice of fonts on the keyboard

Step 7. Post Your Snap

Once you finish writing what you want, tap on the Blue Arrow icon at the bottom right side of the screen


Snapchat is a powerful tool that proves to be incredibly useful. However, this also makes the app complex at first glance. The features provided by Snapchat are compelling for a mobile device. This power makes the learning curve steep for Snapchat users.

This blog helps you overcome the confusion of changing the font on Snapchat. The steps to changing the font aren’t complicated at all. You can also get more fonts through third-party apps

Now you can change and customize your font however you want. Happy Snapping!

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