How To Make Shortcuts On Snapchat?

Snapchat has become an important medium to interact with friends with its unique filters and game-like features of Snapscore and Streaks. However, most Snapchat users have streaks with multiple users, so if you are tired of selecting users one by one when sending a Snap, you can make shortcuts on Snapchat.

To make a Shortcut on Snapchat, follow these steps;
1. Take a Snap from Snapchat and click ‘Send To.’
2. Tap on ‘Shortcuts’ and then click on ‘New Shortcuts’
3. Choose an emoji for your Shortcuts.
4. Pick the friends you want on your Shortcuts.
5. Tap on Create Shortcuts.

Since we don’t make streaks with only one friend, Snapchat users need to press each and every username to send their Snaps to multiple users. So read along if you want to know how to create a shortcut on Snapchat.

What Is A Snapchat Shortcut?

Snapchat Shortcuts is a unique feature of Snapchat as this feature allows Snapchat users to create groups without making one. Of course, you must be wondering what this means. After all, how can you create a group without creating one?

Snapchat Shortcuts can be best described as keyboard Shortcuts since it helps you complete your task faster. Since Snapchat Shortcuts allows users to send Snaps easily to their friends without having to send them manually.

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So if you want to maintain streaks with any of your Snapchat friends, it is a good idea to create Shortcuts so you can access them immediately.

How To Make Shortcuts On Snapchat?

Making a Shortcut on Snapchat will allow you to send Snaps easily to your friends since you will not have them out individually. Follow these steps to maintain streaks with your Snapchat friends by creating a Shortcut.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat on your device and log in using your username and password.

Step 2: Take A Snap

Take a picture of anything and tap on ‘Send To.’ You will be taken to your Best Friends And friends list.

Step 3: Create New Shortcuts

Tap on ‘Shortcuts‘ and then tap on ‘New Shortcuts‘ to create a group.

Step 3: Choose An Emoji

Tap on ‘Choose Emoji’ located on the top of your screen. Choose a single emoji as you cannot choose more than one.

Step 4: Select Your Friends

Select the friends that you want to maintain streaks with or want to start with.

Step 5: Create Shortcuts

After selecting your friends, tap on ‘Create Shortcuts’

Now you have Shortcuts denoted by your picked emoji, which will appear every time you send a snap. So now you can click that emoji and all.

How To Remove Someone From Shortcuts On Snapchat?

There can be various reasons you want to remove someone from your Shortcuts list. For example, you might not want to continue streaks from this user, they aren’t active as before, or you just don’t want to send snaps to them anymore. Whatever the reason, you can easily remove someone from your Snapchat Shortcuts.

Now that you know how to create Shortcuts on Snapchat, here’s how to remove someone you already added on Snapchat.

Step 1: Launch Snapchat

Go to Snapchat on your device and log in using your username and password if required.

Step 2: Create A Snap

Click a picture or a video from your Snapchat.

Step 3: Go To Shortcuts

Go to the top right corner of your screen and tap on ‘Shortcuts.’ A pop-up menu will appear; click on the Shortcuts group.

Step 4: Remove Your Snapchat Friends

Now all your selected friends will appear with a blue check mark. Next, click on the usernames of the friends you want to remove.

How To Add Someone From Shortcuts On Snapchat?

Creating Shortcuts on Snapchat is a very easy task, and so is adding users to Shortcuts. The steps are similar to when you create a Shortcuts list. So if you have made a new friend on Snapchat, you want to make streaks with or just want to send snaps to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Log into Snapchat using your username and password if required.

Step 2: Create Snap

After opening Snapchat, take a picture and tap on ‘Send it‘ located on the bottom right of your screen.

Step 2: Create Shortcuts

On the top right corner of your screen, tap on ‘Shortcuts.’

Step 3: Go To Shortcuts

Click on the Shortcuts group you created and tap on the emoji.

Step 4: Add Your Friends

Your added friends have a blue check mark beside their username. Click on their username to add them to the list.

Now your Snapchat friend will be automatically added to your Shortcuts list. Hence the next time you click on the Shortcuts emoji, they will be automatically selected.

How To Send A Snap Using The Shortcuts?

Now you know how to add, remove and create Shortcuts on Snapchat. The next step is to send the snaps. Unlike when you didn’t create Shortcuts, you won’t have to manually pick what friends you will be sending the snaps to.

Follow these steps to send snaps to your friends using Shortcuts.

Step 1: Create A Snap

Open Snapchat on your device, take a picture you want to send to your friends, and tap on ‘Send it.

Step 2: Click The Emoji

On your ‘Send To’ list. Go to the top of your screen and tap on the emoji you had chosen when you created your Shortcuts group.

Step 3: Send Your Snap

Now all your Snapchat friends in your Shortcuts group will appear. Tap on ‘Select All.’ Finally, go to the bottom right of your screen and tap on the blue arrow to send your snap.

How To Delete Shortcuts On Snapchat?

Like creating Shortcuts on Snapchat, deleting them is a very simple process. For example, if your group of friends has changed and you no longer want to use the Shortcuts you created to send snaps, then you can delete the group rather than edit it.

If you want to delete Shortcuts you created on Snapchat, follow these steps;

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Locate Snapchat and log into Snapchat using your username and password if required.

Step 2: Create A Snap

After opening Snapchat, take a picture and tap on ‘Send it‘ located on the bottom right of your screen.

Step 3: Locate Shortcuts

On the top right corner of your screen, tap on ‘Shortcuts.’

Step 4: Go To Shortcuts

Click on the Shortcuts group you created and tap on the emoji.

Step 5: Delete The Shortcuts

Tap on the three horizontal dots in your screen’s top right corner. Next, tap ‘Delete Shortcut’ highlighted in red and confirm by tapping on ‘Delete.’

How To Add Chat Shortcuts On Snapchat On Android Phone?

Snapchat has already made it easier to send snaps to multiple users by adding the function of Shortcuts. So is there a way to make it so that other functions of Snapchat are accessible as well?

Adding a Snapchat widget can allow you to easily access functions such as Snap Map, Chat Screen, Stories, and Spotlight without opening the app itself. So follow these steps to add a widget on your home screen.

Step 1: Go To Snapchat

Locate Snapchat on your device and hold-tap until a pop-up appears. Tap on the ‘Widgets’ icon

Step 2: Place The Widget

Tap on the widget and click on add. The widget will appear on your home screen to change its placement. Simply hold-tap and drag it to your desired position.

How To Add Chat Shortcuts On iOS?

Since Android users can have Snapchat Shortcuts, iOS users may also want such a handy function on their home screen. But unfortunately, iOS devices don’t have the function that allows them to access Shortcuts.

You will have to go to the app itself to use its functions. However, you are allowed one widget by Snapchat. You can add the Snapcpde on your home screen to allow your friends to add you on Snapchat easily. And since you don’t have to accept their friend request, it’s a handy feature to have.

Having your Snapchat Snapcode is a function limited to iOS users. So if android users want to access their snapcode easily, they will have to generate the QR code from Snapchat and save it in their gallery.

Can I Add Text To The Shortcuts Instead Of An Emoji?

Since Snapchat has a variety of emojis and icons, you might think having an emoji for Shortcuts is fitting. But there is one more reason besides the fact that Snapchat uses emojis and icons to show its many functions.

The main reason Snapchat only allows users to use one emoji instead of two or three or even texts is the space it takes on top of the screen. Since Snapchat already shows users Shortcuts to ‘New Friends,’ ‘Birthdays,’ and ‘Nearby.’

Allowing users to add texts and more emojis would only take more space and hide the Shortcuts users have made. Thus defeating the purpose of adding Shortcuts as a function that allows users to spend less time selecting their friends. Since users would spend more time swiping through to find the Snapchat Shortcut they created.

Will Someone Know That They Are In One Of My Snapchat Shortcuts?

Unlike when you create a group on Snapchat, users will not be notified that they are a part of your Shortcuts group. When you create a group on Snapchat, users would know that you have added them as they are notified of who created the group and added them.

Creating Snapchat Shortcuts will not notify your friends, nor will they know who added them, as it is less like creating a group and more like creating a close friends list on Instagram. Except the ‘Close Friends’ don’t know they are on your list.

Adding people on Snapchat Shortcuts indicates that you want to continue making streaks with them. So if a Snapchat user consistently sends you Snaps, you might be on their Snapchat Shortcuts list.

Can I Send Snaps To All My Friends At Once Using Shortcuts?

Since Snapchat Shortcuts is such a handy tool, you might have thought to add all your friends at once so you can send Snaps to all your friends at once and maintain streaks with everyone. However, while it is possible, there is one key factor.

If you have more than 200 friends on your Snapchat, you will be unable to send all your friends Snaps at the same time. While Snapchat hasn’t released the official number, you cannot add more than 200 users on Shortcuts.

Therefore if you want to send your Snaps to all your Snapchat friends at once, make sure to keep your friend list to less than 200. If you exceed the number, you can always delete your Snapchat friends.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Have more questions about Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Do Red, Purple, And Blue Mean On Snapchat?

The red, purple, and blue colors all have different meanings depending on the icons. Still, the red icons generally refer to snaps of pictures and videos with no audio, purple icons are pictures and videos with audio, and blue are text messages. You will also see other icons and emojis on Snapchat, and all have a specific purpose.

How To Send Pictures On Snapchat Without It Saying From Camera Roll.

To send your pictures from the camera roll without saying it’s from the roll, you need to go to ‘Explore Lenses’ and search for ‘camera roll.’ You will see various filters that allow you to export your pictures from the camera roll now, you simply need to select the picture you want to send, and it will appear as snaps.

How To Delete A Snapchat Story?

Snapchat stories automatically disappear after 24 hours. However, suppose you want to delete it earlier than the allocated time period. In that case, you need to go to ‘My Stories,’ tap on the story you want to delete, tap on three vertical dots finally, and tap on Delete to delete your Snapchat story before 24 hours.


To summarize, Snapchat has unique features that differentiate it from other social media apps. The app encourages users to find its different functions rather than spell them out. Shortcut as a function definitely makes it easier for users to maintain streaks. It also helps users to avoid sending snaps to users they wish to avoid. Likewise, users can use Shortcut, so they don’t forget to send snaps to the person they wish.