What Does Grey Arrow Mean On Snapchat?

What Does Grey Arrow Mean On Snapchat

If you’re an avid Snapchat user, you may have noticed the appearance of a grey arrow on the platform and wondered what it signifies. In the world of Snapchat, symbols and icons carry significant meaning, and the grey arrow is no exception. 

The grey arrow on Snapchat indicates that the message couldn’t be delivered to the recipient. It could be due to a pending friend request, being unfriended, or being blocked by the person you sent the snap to. You’ll need to wait for them to accept your request or unblock you to try again.

Understanding the implications behind this particular symbol can help unravel the mysteries of Snapchat’s intricate messaging system. So, let’s delve into the realm of Snapchat and uncover what the grey arrow means on this popular social media platform. 

What Are Snapchat Indicators? 

Snapchat indicators display the status of sent media, such as photos, videos, and texts. These formats each have their indication. Both the sender and the recipient can benefit from the signs.

A sender can access information about the content they have sent, including whether it has been opened, seen, or read. On the other hand, a receiver can determine the substance of the sent media just by glancing at the indicator. Without even opening it, people can identify whether they have received a photo, a text message, or a video!

These indicators, located just beneath the user’s name, alter according to the status of the submitted item.

What Is The Use Of Indicators On Snapchat? 

Snapchat’s indicators have a variety of uses and give users useful details about the status, delivery, and engagement of their messages. These are the main applications for these indicators:

Message Status 

The grey arrow shows a message successfully delivered to the intended recipient. It notifies you when your message has reached the Snapchat server from your device.

Message Viewing 

A filled grey arrow indicates that the receiver has viewed a message. It reassures you that your message has reached its target.

Snap Type

The purple arrow denotes sending an audio-enabled Snap (a picture or video) to another user. It distinguishes between standard Snaps and Snaps with audio.

Delivery Problems

When a message is not successfully delivered, a red exclamation mark warns you. It suggests that there might be a problem with the recipient’s internet connection or computing setup preventing them from receiving the message.

Active Conversations

The blue chat bubble indicates when a conversation is still in progress with a particular friend. It makes it easier to see who you are now chatting with.

Snap Viewing Confirmation 

A Snap (picture or video) has been opened and viewed when a solid-colored square or circle appears next to the recipient’s name. It attests to the recipient has a view of the material you shared.

Time Limit 

The timer symbol is visible when a friend gives you a Snap with a time limit. It encourages immediate viewing by letting you know how long the Snap will remain visible.

Friend Activity 

If your friend’s Bitmoji avatar or the Bitmoji Stories are visible in the Chat section, they have recently been using Snapchat. It provides you with information about their most recent platform activity.

These indicators are essential for letting users know whether their messages have been sent, read, and engaged with in real time on Snapchat, improving the overall messaging experience.

What Does Grey Arrow Mean On Snapchat? 

The grey arrow is one frequent indicator that you might discover on Snapchat.

This signal could imply several things. Although Snapchat doesn’t provide a precise definition, understanding the three interpretations can assist in focusing on what the indicator implies.

The grey arrow’s general message is that Snapchat cannot connect with the receiver.

The initial reason is that the user didn’t accept your friend request. If you recently added someone to your Snapchat friends list and sent them a snap, they have not yet added you back. A grey arrow with the pending message next to it will appear when you send them a snap in that situation.

Second, you might have been unfriended by a specific person. The receiver may have unfriended you on Snapchat if you previously received the blue arrow and now see the grey one. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t let you know when someone unfriends you; nevertheless, if you see a grey arrow, it means that this has happened.

Lastly, you’ve been blocked by someone. If someone blocks you on Snapchat, they do it because they don’t want to communicate with you. As a result, even after sending them a snap, it won’t get to them; instead, you’ll get a grey arrow, which denotes that they have blocked you and the Snap hasn’t gotten to them.

The next time you see a grey arrow on Snapchat, be aware that it can be caused by one of the three factors mentioned above. Your only choice is to try to contact them later, after they’ve approved your friend request or unblocked you, via another method.

Why Does Grey Arrow Appear? 

Possible causes for the grey arrow’s appearance include:

It’s Possible That The Person Unfriended You

Your Snap indicates delivery, but a grey arrow still appears. If so, it can result from them deleting your Snapchat contact information or altering their settings so they no longer accept Snaps from strangers. They most likely received the Snap but did not examine it before removing you from their list.

It’s Possible That The User Initially Declined Your Friend Request Or Its Pending 

If you recently issued a friend request to someone who hasn’t accepted it, a grey arrow will appear when you send them a Snap. Under this person’s name, “Pending,” a filled-in grey arrow will be visible. Your Snap will send, and the arrow will turn blue after they agree to your request.

The User Does Not Wish To Hear From You

A friend may have blocked you if you send them a Snap, and a grey arrow and “Pending” appear next to their contact. Use the search bar on Snapchat to look up their username to see if you two are still friends. If their name appears, you have lost their friendship. If nothing appears, you have been blocked.

What Is A Grey Arrow Check? 

The grey arrow check will be pretty close now that we know what a grey arrow on Snapchat indicates. The phrase refers to determining whether someone on your friend’s list has unfriended you. When someone unfriends or blocks you on Snapchat, you are not notified.

The grey arrow check mainly consists of sending a snap to a large group of individuals to determine whose name will have the grey arrow beneath it. Anyone whose name appears with a grey arrow has unfriended you or has yet to accept your friend request, as the grey arrow denotes that you cannot connect with the individual.

What Will Happen If The Person Re-Friends You? 

As previously mentioned, the grey arrow indicates that a user has unfriended you. Snapchat won’t send the content won’t to the other person, and the arrow will stay grey on your account. If they later add you back as a friend, two things will transpire:

  1. A notification that they have added you as a friend will be emailed to you. It is a dead giveaway that they had, at some point, unfriended you.
  2. Depending on the type of media you are sending, your grey arrow will turn into a colored one. In other words, your friend will receive your Snap, and the recipient can see it.

What Are Other Snapchat Arrows? 

When you send a Snap, other arrows appear in addition to the grey one.

On Snapchat, two different kinds of arrows are opened and sent. A friend has opened your message when they see the opened arrow icon, which is a colored outline of an arrow. A filled-in colorful indicator called a “sent arrow” indicates that Snapchat successfully delivered your Snap. There are red, purple, and blue indicators on Snapchat. The following is what each colored arrow denotes:

Purple: A snap with audio 

Blue: A chat 

Red: A snap without audio 

What Are Other Snapchat Icons? 

There are squares, speech bubbles, double arrows, and replay indications along with the arrows. When someone has interacted with your Snap, these icons appear beneath their username. Here is a brief explanation of what each icon represents: 

  1. Red solid square: Sent a snap without audio
  2. Red unfilled square: You viewed a snap without audio
  3. Red double unfilled arrows: A friend took a screenshot of a Snap without audio
  4. Purple solid square: Sent a snap with audio 
  5. Purple unfilled square: You viewed a snap with audio
  6. Purple double unfilled arrows: A friend took a screenshot of a snap with audio
  7. Purple replay: A friend replayed a snap with audio 
  8. Blue solid square: Sent a chat message 
  9. Blue unfilled square: You opened a chat message 
  10. Blue double unfilled arrows: A friend took a screenshot of a chat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Some of the most frequently asked questions about the grey arrow on Snapchat and other indicators are as follows: 

What Can I Do About The Grey Arrow? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to force a snap-through if a friend has unfriended you. If you think there was an error, contact the other person and let them know so they can add you back as a friend. You’ll have to contact them through another app, as you can’t do it on the Snapchat app.

Are There Other Indicators Related To Messages On Snapchat Besides The Grey Arrow? 

Yes, Snapchat has additional indicators, such as the red exclamation mark for delivery issues, the blue chat bubble for ongoing conversations, and the timer icon for time-limited snaps. 

What Should I Do If A Red Exclamation Point Appears On Snapchat In Place Of A Grey Arrow?

When a red exclamation point appears next to a message you’ve sent, it signifies a problem with the message’s delivery. For more help, check your internet connection, send the message again, or contact Snapchat support.

Do Pictures Sent Via The “Chat” Feature Also Have A Grey Arrow?

Yes, the “Chat” feature also has a grey arrow icon to show when a snap has been successfully delivered to the intended receiver.

Can I Modify Or Alter How Snapchat Displays The Grey Arrow?

You cannot customize the appearance of the grey arrow on Snapchat. It continues to serve as the platform’s default symbol.


In conclusion, understanding the meaning of the grey arrow on Snapchat is crucial for users to navigate the platform’s messaging system effectively. The grey arrow is an important indicator that shows that Snapchat successfully sent a message to the intended recipient. Even if it doesn’t indicate the message read status, a filled grey arrow shows that the message has been viewed.

Users can better understand the status, receipt, and engagement of their messages on Snapchat by being familiar with these signs and other relevant symbols. So, you’ll know when a grey arrow appears on Snapchat the next time your message has been successfully sent. Keep in touch and explore Snapchat’s dynamic environment while leveraging its many indicators to improve your messaging experience.

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