Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik?

Kik is one of the most popular apps that allows its users to share pictures, videos, and gifs. The main idea that sets Kik apart from other platforms is that it does not require you to share personal information to connect with strangers except for your username. The fact that Kik keeps you anonymous by sharing the least amount of information is what appeals to most people. But the question is when I share very little information about myself can my contacts find me on Kik?

The answer is yes. People in your contacts can easily access you; Kik adds contacts by matching the contact number synced in the app so they can connect using your phone number. People can also connect with you via your email address, your Kik username, and also your Kik code. New people can also find you through other third-party apps like Kik Friender and Kik friend finder.

Even with strong privacy protocols, Kik has not compromised its accessibility, people can easily find you with very fewer information as well. This app is mostly used to connect with new people but you can also very quickly catch up and connect with your existing contacts. So if you want to learn how to help your contacts find you on Kik keep reading.

In this article we will talk about:

  • How Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik
  • 9 Ways My Contacts Can Find Me On Kik
  • Setting Up A New Account On Kik So That My Contacts Find Me

So let’s get started.

How Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik?

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Usually, when you don’t provide much information about yourself on a social networking site it is harder to find people. Even though Kik doesn’t ask you for much information your contacts can still find you and connect with you. Kik has made it easier for your contacts to access you even if they have very little information about your account.

There are 9 ways to do this and they are: by phone number, with the help of email address, through other social media handles, using Kik code, Taking the help of third-party apps, using your location, if they have your username, through friend suggestions and also by joining public groups.

And if you w3ant to remove some friends from Kik, this article will explain how can you do it safely and without your friends noticing it.

The above-mentioned are some ways in which your contacts can find you on the Kik application. people can easily connect with you through these ways. If you want to know about them in more detail keep on reading.

Managing social media like Kik is extremely important. It is also hard to find complete information like how to manage a Kik profile, so we have tried to create a complete Kik Profile management guide. Click here to read the guide.

9 Ways Your Contacts Can Find You On Kik

Your contacts can find you on Kik and contacts and your contacts can easily find you on Kik the way they do it is:

By Using Your Mobile Number

People can easily find you on Kik via your phone number. Your account will appear on their find friend option if it matches the phone number saved on their phone. Kik will then send them a notification.

If you want to update or remove your phone number from the Kik app, refer to this article for complete guidance.

By Using Your Kik Codes

There is a unique feature added to this Kik application, Kik users each have their Kik QR-like codes and people can connect with you using these codes as well. When someone scans these codes they can directly send messages to you. You can share these codes with your friend so they can find you.

By Using Third-Party Websites

People can easily find you using different third-party websites as well. Different websites are designed for this purpose. Like: my Kik friend finder, Kik friend finder, Kik contacts, Kik Friender, and Kik username finder.

Click here for the list of best Kik friend finder apps and websites.

Through Public Groups

People with similar interests find you when you enter into groups. You can enter into any group that interests you through explore groups feature and you will find many people having similar interests and they can find you as well.

Through Friend Suggestions

Kik will also suggest your name by displaying it on contacts’ suggestions. This feature operates by matching the email address and phone number stored in your phone. Kik will notify your contacts about your account in friend suggestions if they have saved your phone number or email address.

Through Your Username

People can also connect with you even if they only know your username with the “find by username” feature. Kik provides a feature where you can search for people if you have their username. Your contacts can also connect with you if they have your username.

Through Social Media

Your contacts can also find you via social media. If you list your Kik information on other social media handles your contacts can search and find you based on that information.

By Using Your Using Your Email Address

Your contacts can also find you with the help of your email address with the help of a book address match feature. Turning this feature on in your Kik app will sync your smartphone email contact with Kik and this feature will automatically add people to your chat and you will also be added to their chat.

In case you want to change your Kik email, click here for the guide.

By Using Your Location

People can also find you solely based on your location. The Kik app allows you to share your location hence your contacts can find you based on your location and for that, you need to give location access to the app.

With all these ways to find you, the question arises if Kik is safe and private for your use? This article seems to answer it and provide you with solutions on how can you use Kik safely?

How Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik Using Contact Number?

You can follow some steps to make your account more accessible to your contacts. If you already have a Kik account. Following these steps, it will make it easier for your old and new contacts to connect with you.

Step 1: Login To Your Kik Account

Step 1 Login To Your Kik Account

Open the Kik app on your phone and provide your username and password and log in to your account.

Step 2: Allow Kik To Access Your Contacts

Step 2 Allow Kik To Access Your Contacts

Once you log in to your Kik account, Kik asks you for access to your contacts. Click allow so it can match and find contacts that are already on Kik.

Step 3: Enable The “Use Phone Contacts” Feature

Step 3 Enable The Use Phone Contacts Feature | Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik

Select the privacy menu and enable the “Use Phone Contacts” feature. This feature in this app will help your contacts find your account.

This is how your contacts can find you on Kik using your contact number.

How Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik Using Kik Code?

Sometimes sharing your username, email or phone number can be a hassle so Kik codes make it easier to connect with people without sharing anything. Following these simple steps, you can easily share your code with people in this app.

Step 1: Tap Settings On The App

Step 1 Tap Settings On The App

Once you open the Kik messenger go to settings.

Step 2:Tap Your Kik Code

Step 2 Tap Your Kik Code

You will find the Kik code written in the settings menu, tap that button.

Step 3: Let Your Contacts Scan This Code

Step 3 Let Your Contacts Scan This Code | Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik

After your code pops up you can let your contacts scan it using their devices to connect with you on Kik.

So following the above-mentioned steps, your contacts can find you on Kik using your Kik code.

How Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik With My Username?

There is a certain procedure to follow for finding people on Kik and your contacts can follow it up to find you. How your contacts can add you on Kik is mentioned below:

Step 1: Open The Kik App On Your Phone

Step 1 Open The Kik App On Your Phone

They can click on the Kik app on their mobile phone.

Step 2: Tap + Which Is At The Bottom Right Of Your Screen

Step 2 Tap Which Is At The Bottom Right Of Your Screen | Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik

They can open the Kik app and find a + at the bottom right of their screen; press +.

Step 3: Tap The “Find By Username” Feature

Step 3 Tap The Find By Username Feature | Can My Contacts Find Me On Kik


After they click the + they will find the find my username feature; Tap the find my user name feature and they can add your username here. For that, you have to share your username with them.

This is how your contacts can find you on Kik using your username.

Setting Up A New Account On Kik So That My Contacts Find Me

If you are new to this app and don’t have a Kik account; sign up for Kik. And to sign up; Once you have downloaded this app on your device you can follow this procedure:

Step 1: Open The Kik Application On Your Phone

Step 1 Open The Kik Application On Your Phone

Find the Kik application and your device and tap on it. It is a white app with Kik written on it in green color.

Step 2: Press The SignUp Button

Step 2 Press The SignUp Button

After you open the application you will find the signup button. Press that button to create an account on Kik.

Step 3: Give Your Details

Step 3 Give Your Details

When You Tap On The Sign-Up Button Kik will ask you to fill in some details which include your Firstname, Lastname, and Username(this can be different from your real name) Email, Password, Birthdate, and phone number(This is optional but is recommended by the app).

Step 4: Hit The Sign Up Button

After you fill in all the details you can now hit the sign up button and get started with Kik.

This is how you get started with Kik by signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are many queries on the topics related to this article. Some of the frequently asked questions on the internet related to this topic are mentioned below. These questions are closely related to this article.

Can My Contacts Trace Me On Kik?

The answer is yes. Kik collects very limited information from users but location falls under one of them and if you have shared your location on Kik your friend can easily trace you. This application also collects your IP address which makes it easy for your contacts to trace you.

Can My Contacts See My Real Name On Kik?

No. You can preserve your privacy if you wish to because Kik only reveals your user name and you can put names other than your real name and stay anonymous if you wish to

Can My Contacts Tell If I am Online On Kik?

No. People cannot tell if you are online or not on Kik due to its privacy protocols. Kik doesn’t give any direct information on whether a person is online or not.

However, there are ways to find this out. Your contacts can see if the message is seen or not. Kik uses S, D, and R symbols to direct users if the message is sent, delivered, or read respectively.

For a more detailed answer to this question and ways to avoid it, refer to this article.

What Can I Do To Stop My Contacts From Finding Me On Kik?

To stop your contacts from finding you on Kik you can choose a username that is difficult to guess and is far from your real name. Do Not share your Kik username or other details on other social media handles.

If everything else fails you can always block your existing contacts or new people.

Can People See if I Am Chatting With Someone Else?

The answer is No. Kik doesn’t provide any information on the online status so it is not possible for people to know if you are chatting with someone else or not.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Kik?

Kik will not directly notify you if you have been blocked. One of the easiest ways to find this out is; to try creating a group with them. If they have blocked you you won’t be able to create a group with that person.

If you want to know more about how to block and unblock someone on Kik, click here?


Therefore, Kik suggests you connect with the people found in your contacts by matching the synced phone number or provided email address. New contacts can also find you using various methods such as contact and email address.

You can do this easily by finding a topic that interests you and joining a group of people with similar interests on the Kik app with the explore public groups feature. Other people with similar interests can find you as well through these groups.

You can also invite your contacts and family who are not already on the app. Kik helps people in connecting with contacts, family, and also connecting with strangers as well. It tries to connect you with people even with as less information as possible.

Kik has strong privacy protocols however it doesn’t stop your contacts from finding you.

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