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How to Change Kik Email 2020 [Step by Step Guide]

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Have you ever use the wrong email for your Kik account during the sign-up. This will be a little bit of a frustrating thing if you don’t want to share your personal official email. So, if you have ever been in this kind of situation, then don’t stress out and don’t make up your mind to delete your Kik account. That’s because you can change Kik email even though after a successful sign in and today we are going to learn that process in this article.

Before you move to change your email on Kik first, you should know that Kik won’t send any email notification. This means the user won’t get any new messages, marketing, join members, or other kinds of notification on email, which they have used on their Kik account. So, it’s not quite necessary to change email; however, if you want to use your another email anyway, then we are here for you.

Okay, let’s get started.

Can You Use Kik Account Without Email Address?

Before we move to our main topic, let’s know whether we can create a new account on Kik without email or not. This is because not everyone happy with sharing their email address online.

Now, for the above question, the answer is no. You can’t sign in a Kik account without an email. It is important to provide an email during the registration process if you want to use a Kik messenger app.

The reason why we need to provide an email during sign up is because of the communication. Developers need some path to reach their users in case they forget their username, password, or other important credentials.

Now, you know that email is required to use the Kik account, but it is not essential for your phone number. You can create a Kik account without using your number; well, this sounds good, isn’t it?

How to Change Kik Email?

Suppose you created a Kik account three years ago. At that time, you have provided an email address during the sign-up process. But now, you don’t use that email anymore because of your personal reason. In addition, you have also forgotten its password. Now, if you are still using the same email on Kik, then it won’t be quite good for you. You may wonder why? Well, in case you forget your Kik username or password, then Kik will use your email in order to retrieve it. So, without accessing your email, you can’t get your password as well as username.

Why I’m using this example is because here, you need to change your Kik email if you don’t have a plan to delete or deactivate it for now.

So, now let’s see the simple process to change your email on Kik. Trust me; it won’t take much time.

Android and IOS

The steps which we are going to follow down below to update email on Kik are for both Android and ISO devices.

  1. Launch your Kik messenger.
  2. Tap on the Setting Gear icon from the upper right corner.
  3. Now, tap on Your Account option, which you can find just below to share your interests.
  4. Here, tap on the Email option. This section stores your email address, which you have provided on Kik.
  5. Clear the current email and type a new one. This means replacing your current email address with your another one.
  6. Once it’s all set, then tap on the Save option from the upper right corner of the screen.
  7. You may need to verify your new email to make sure that it’s your own email address, not others.

Windows Phone

For those users who have Windows phone can follow these steps to change Kik email.

  1. Access your Kik account using login credentials.
  2. Tap on Settings, which is located at the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. There you can find lots of options to customize your Kik account. Among those options, tap on Your Account.
  4. Now, select the Change Email option, which is essential to replace your email.
  5. Erase your current email and type a new one.
  6. Finally, tap on the checkmark option, which is located at the bottom middle of the screen in order to save changes.
  7. Here, you may also need to verify your email address in order to successfully change your Kik email.

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Verify Your Kik Email Address

Do you ever verify your email on Kik? If no, then do it now. There is a reason why you need to verify your email address.

The simplest reason is to know whether a particular email is valid and belongs to a real person. Besides, it is also essential for your own benefit like to retrieve your Kik username and password. Since all the work is done through email these days, it is easier for you and Kik’s support team to manage any problem that occurs.


Kik is a fun app to use for the day-to-day conversation with a friend, family members, and of course other new people. However, when it comes to choosing the username, password, and email, you need to be extra careful with that because it is good to first finalize than to change it later on after creating an account.

Do you have any queries regarding this article? If yes, then leave comments down below.

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