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Best Kik Friend Finder Apps And Websites [Updated 2021]

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If you are looking to expand your interactions and make more friends through Kik Messenger, there are several ways to do so. One such way is by using other websites and third-party apps that work with Kik and assist you to find new people through it.

Kik Messenger is already one of the most popular instant messaging apps among teenagers these days. This platform lets you find new people and socially interact with them while keeping your information private and making your experience equally secure.

Kik offers many features such as the “Explore Public Groups” and “Meet New people”, which allows you to easily talk to new people and make new friends. However, there are several other apps and websites that enable you to do the same. In this article, I have listed some of the best friend finder apps and websites that work accurately with Kik Messenger.

Best Kik Friend Finder Websites

Kik Friends Finder

Kik Friends Finder is a UK-based website registered in 2013. However, today it has users from everywhere across the world. This platform is a very convenient friend finder, as it helps users expand their searches and add new friends to Kik’s friend list.

Kik Friends Finder is the most popular platform among other apps from the list of the top best friend finder websites. You can check out the website itself to know why the features and benefits offered by this website make it the best among all of the other websites.

This website has an age and country filter; using this you can choose to either broaden or narrow your search for people with specific details of your type. You can post your profile picture and add more details to make it look attractive. Moreover, this website is fast, easy to use and does not have popup ads.

Even though Kik Friends Finder is the top pick on the list, it has a downside too. There is no way to confirm whether the other user’s profile is genuine or fake using this platform.

Kik Usernamesfinder

Kik Usernamesfinder has almost all the features of the best friend finder websites. But the best thing this platform offers is its search tab.

You can specifically find the friends you want to add on your Kik’s friend list, as the website lets you choose the age, gender, orientation and country on the user’s profiles you want to search through.

Kik Usernamesfinder presents your search results according to your choice, i.e., by oldest or youngest users first, or by recently submitted names, etc. This makes it easier for you to know about your friends and add them to your list.

Kik Friends

Kik Friends is a simple website that ensures you find new friends on Kik.  It is based on a minimalist user interface, i.e., designed to focus on its users.

Kik Friends allows you to highly specify your search results. It enables you to search for people by their gender. This website also allows you to search for people who are currently online, which is an added benefit this platform has to offer.

And then, you can also filter your search results by age, interest or image and continue your choice of adding friends on Kik.


Watme is a great website for Kik users to find new friends and add to their list. It allows you to find new users and communicate with a wide range of people from all across the world. You can choose specific people to increase your friend’s list on Kik. For mobile devices, Watme is accessible from an Android OS only.

This website allows you to search for people based on various categories, such as gender, age, region, country, etc. Besides, you can create a profile with a distinctive photo of yourself. You can add interesting details about yourself so that people add you to their friend list or groups.

However, you cannot make sure if the other user’s profile is a real one or a fake. Also, this website does not have an option to avoid sexting problems.


KikFriender is a preferable website for your Kik account to find new people. It is a safe platform to use to find appropriate friends of your choice.

KikFriender solves one of the biggest issues that is found on the friend finder platforms; the sexting problem. It ensures to take care of the users by allowing you to specify your preferences, i.e. if you want to have a clean chat with others or not.

Moreover, this website has different sections to find friends based on the user’s preference. It could be based on your interest, location, gender, and so on. You can also check their profile and photos on this site.

This website enables you to have a look at its extensive database of Kik usernames, where you can find people from all around the world. Here, you can post your username and profile picture, so that others can find you as their chatting partners.

KK Friend Finder

KK Friend Finder is regarded as one of the most convenient platforms to find new friends. It is popular among Kik users, as this website has an easy-to-use user interface, where you can search for friends easily.

KK Friend Finder enables you to directly type a username and then find people real quick. However, it is used to find new people only for Kik Messenger.

You can add your profile pictures and connect with other Kik users in an instance. Also, you can broaden or narrow your search for friends, as this application features a very convenient search tab.

One more thing about KK Friend Finder is that it has a strict policy against sexting. Therefore, this platform is safer to use for young teenagers as well.

Best Kik Friend Finder App

KK Friend Finder

KK Friend Finder is available as a free app for smartphones. Since it has satisfying customer reviews and high ratings, this app is mostly preferred by most Kik users.

The KK Friend Finder app works in the same way as it does on its website. You can find new people in less time and connect with them easily. It offers an equally satisfying search tab for you to manage your search results.

Furthermore, you can do some more in-app purchases to enrich your experiences with this app. But, this app only works for smartphones with Android OS only.

Benefits Of Using Kik Friend Finder Apps And Websites

There are many benefits of using other apps and websites to find friends for Kik Messenger.

  • You have an opportunity to find more people than you usually find on your Kik account. So, you can expand your social network and friends circle with this.
  • These websites and apps are easy to use and available for free.
  • You can connect with people from different parts of the world, which makes the interaction pretty interesting.
  • Most websites allow you to find friends according to your preferences. In this way, you can meet new people who may share the same interests as you.
  • You can post your profile on these platforms, which makes it easier for other people to find and add you.

Downsides Of Using Kik Friend Finder Apps And Websites

Apart from benefits, there are several drawbacks with such friend finder websites too:

  • Most of these websites include popup ads, which can be extremely annoying for users.
  • There can be malware issues that may appear after using these sites for quite a while.
  • One major problem with searching for people on such platforms is that you cannot determine whether the user’s profile is a real or a fake one.
  • Finding and meeting new people means talking to strangers, which is very risky. You never know who the person on the other side exactly is, as they may turn out to be scammers or creepy online predators.
  • Some websites only focus on adults and may not have restrictions on sexting issues. Thus, this might be inappropriate for certain users who are just looking to find new friends.


Lastly, I have listed some of the best and convenient websites and apps to find new friends for your Kik account. Each of these sites is easy to understand and they do give you satisfying search results. I hope you find interesting friends using these platforms and increase your Kik friends circle.

Thank You.

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