How Does Snap Map Work? [Updated 2022]

Snap map is a major feature updated by Snapchat, where you can share your location with your friends and also see their current location on the displayed map. You can easily scroll around in the actual map and view where your friends are or wherever they’re up to. This means Snap Map lets you do more than just watch your friend’s activities through Snapchat.

So how does Snap Map work? And what is it used for? In this article, I have answered these simple questions as well as some other things you need to know about Snap Maps. Read along the article below to know more regarding Snap Map.

How To Get Access To Snap Maps?

To open the Snap Map, go to Snapchat’s camera screen. Then pinch into your screen, as if you’re zooming out of a photo. Now, the Snap Map opens.

If you’re opening the Snap Map for the first time, you’ll see a welcome screen and guidelines on how to use the feature. Then, you will be able to customize your updates. You can choose to share your location with all your friends, or only certain friends, or with no one. You can also change this choice later through the app’s settings.

Now, let’s see how the Snap map works so that it will be easier for you to share your location.

How Does It Work?

Snap Map works similar to Google maps or Apple maps. It uses your phone’s GPS sensor to display your location to your friends on Snapchat. Here, you can choose whether to show your location to others or not and also choose a few friends to whom you want to view your location on the map.

Snap Map does not track you on a real-time basis. It updates your location every time you open your Snapchat. But, you will probably disappear from the map if you won’t open the app for quite a few hours.

You and your friends are shown as an ‘Actionmoji’ on the map. An Actionmoji is your personalized avatar, which you can create through Snapchat’s Bitmoji app. These figures are displayed based on what the person is currently doing at the moment.

You can submit your stories on Snapchat’sOur Story’, and then it will be visible on the Snap Map. You can also view your friend’s stories through Snap Map by simply tapping on the glowing areas on the map.

Now you know how does snap map work, right?

Is It Possible To Login Snap Map Through The Web Without Being On Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat has made it possible for its users to access the Snap Map without actually logging in to their respective accounts. You can open Snap Map through your desktop’s web browser with ease. However, the desktop version will display things a bit differently on the map than the actual app does.

You won’t be able to see your friends and their respective Actionmojis on the map. As it doesn’t require a login, this version is more like a public place. Hence, you will be able to view public stories submitted from specific locations. Most of the stories are displayed through heat maps.

How Do We Update Snap Maps?

Basically, your location on Snap Map is updated every time you’re using Snapchat. Your Actionmoji will be displayed according to what you’re doing at the moment, i.e. if you’re listening to music, or driving somewhere, or sitting on a bench, etc.

Is It Accurate?

Yes, Snap Maps are almost accurate. Since the app works based on the last time you were logged in, it shows your current activity or location on the map. With this said, you can promptly believe anyone’s current location is shown on the map.

However, in some cases, your location can be shown at a different place from where you actually are. This might happen due to certain glitches in the app’s network. There can be various reasons for this, such as internet access in the area, or if someone is going through remote places, or GPS network problems.

Who Can View My Location?

On Snap Map, you are free to choose whoever you share your location with. Like I mentioned above, you get to manage your location setting when you open Snap Map for the first time. Or else, you can change the status anytime you want through the “Settings” function of Snapchat.

You have three options on who can be able to view your location on Snap Map. They are:

All Friends

Under this option, all friends and contacts on your Snapchat can see your location. You will be visible in all of your friend’s maps, including your newly added contacts too.

Select Friends

Under this option, you can choose specific friends with whom you can share your location. These chosen people won’t be notified that they’re on your “Select Friends” list. And other people not included in this list won’t see your location on the map.

Ghost Mode

The Ghost Mode is like an “only me’ feature. If you turn on the ghost mode, none of your friends can view your location on the map. It’s like staying on stealth mode on the whole map. However, you can still view your friend’s location easily while on ghost mode.

Does It Notify When My Location Is Getting Viewed?

Snapchat does not pop up notifications to tell you that someone just viewed or is viewing your location.

However, you can check whoever had viewed your location on the map, just like you see how many people had seen your story. Once a person taps on your Bitmoji on the map, they will come up in your view list. But if they don’t, then it won’t appear on your list.

Any Kind Of Safety Concerns?

Snapchat is making its users go crazy over its features. Especially after introducing Snap Map, the app has become a huge favorite among the public. But, there are a lot of safety concerns regarding this feature as well, particularly for the young and vulnerable users.

The Police and Child Safety Organizations have asked schools and parents to talk to their children about location tracking apps such as Snap Map. Young teenagers are easily attracted to such interesting features, but they are not fully aware of the dangers that can come with it. The main concerns are for these users, who easily share their location with others, and unknowingly allow someone to track their location.

Why Are Our Children Preferred To Be In Ghost Mode?

For safety concerns, parents need to talk and teach their children about the apps and features like Snap Map. Most of these young users are unaware of the risks of connecting themselves with such apps. Hence, they can be taught to take precautions while using them.

One such way of using safety is the Ghost Mode. When your child is in Ghost Mode on Snap Map, no one can know their current location through the map. You will also not see them on Snap Map, but at least it keeps stalkers and strangers from tracking your child through Snap Map.

Can We Turn Off The Snap Map?

Turning off the Snap Map means disabling its location feature on your phone. Therefore, the answer is yes! You can turn off the Snap Map on your phone. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Tap on “Apps” and go to “Snapchat”.
  • Check the “Location” option and disable it.

Now, your location won’t be shown on Snapchat, and no one will be able to track you with this app.

Last Word

Lastly, the Snapchat map is a great way to inform your friends about your current location. Whenever you are having a part in your house just use or share the snap map instead of calling. This is the fastest way to know your location. And are the mechanism that how does Snap Map work.

Do you have any queries on how the snap map work? If yes then let us know in the comment section down below.

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