22 Best Snapchat Aesthetic Filters [Best Of 2022]

Do you want your Snaps on Snapchat to be aesthetic? Do you want your snaps to be pleasing to the people in terms of appearance? If you want your snap to be appreciated by most of your friends on Snapchat, then here are the 22 Best Snapchat Aesthetic filters listed that can make you look pleasing and increase your social media reach.

Snapchat consists of various popular aesthetic filters such as Ciao mood, L85 effect, BW film, Sunset lamp, and many more. Some more aesthetic filters are listed below in this article.

With these aesthetic filters on Snapchat, you can easily achieve snaps with aesthetic effects to make your snap more beautiful. In addition, with these Snapchat filters, you don’t need to dwell around other photo editing apps to make your snap aesthetic.

And if you want to know how to add Snapchat filters to camera roll pictures, this article will help you do that.

Steps To Find Aesthetic Filters On The Snapchat App

Follow the below-given steps to find aesthetic filters on the Snapchat app

Step 1: Open The Snap Chat App

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Open the Snapchat app on your device. Log in if you have not yet logged in.

Step 2: Tap On The Smiley Face Icon

After logging in, tap into the smiley face icon on the bottom right side located on the side of the large circle.

Step 3: Browse Through Varied Snap Filters To Find The Aesthetic Filter

You can also tap on the explore option to find new aesthetic filters.

Step 4: Apply The Filter

You can choose a filter that looks aesthetic to you.

And if you want to know how to use Snapchat filters and lenses, refer to this article.

Some of the filters that can get the best aesthetic pictures on Snapchat are listed below for you.

22 Best Snapchat Aesthetic Filters

The most popular way of expressing photographic memories these days are through aesthetic ways. People have a craze and a huge following for aesthetic pictures. Snapchat has various aesthetic filters that have a trendy effect on the snaps you share among your friends to keep up with the trend.

BW Film By Snapchat

This filter contains black and white drama, which is the trendiest aesthetic look. The snap contains the picture in four frames and gives a vintage look like the black and white filter that sets you back to 18th-century photography.

Sunset Lamp By Snapchat

Sunset backgrounds are the best aesthetic background so far. The golden hues added on this filter of the sunset are the best aesthetic background for your snap. If you are a fan of sunset, this filter is perfectly perfect.

The Vintage Film By Snapchat

Vintage backgrounds are quite trendy these days for taking aesthetic snaps. This filter gives retro vibes as it clicks pictures like the cameras of the 19th century.

Pink Butterflies By Snapchat

This filter is quite famous among the girls. The purple butterflies on this filter add quite an aesthetic vibes to butterfly lovers to live up to their imagination of getting a picture along with butterflies.

Airy Shadows By Snapchat

This filter is the most used filter on Snapchat because it adds a little makeover that contains an airy effect with light blush and slightly pink lips. Airy shadows filter also gives confidence to the people during bad face days as being aesthetic means feeling beautiful.

Polaroid By Snapchat

Polaroid cameras were trendy during the 19 century. However, the use of polaroid cameras has decreased with the modernization of the photography field. Now it is quite famous as people tend to prefer it for giving aesthetic filters to their snaps.

Polaroid cameras are quite rare to find, so this Snapchat is the perfect replacement for the pictures from polaroid cameras.


This filter is a soft brown tone that gives an aesthetic look. It gives a slight brown tone to the skin and brings a tanning effect to the skin.

Vogue Noir By Tyler Allen

This filter consists of the logo of Vogue, an international bestseller beauty magazine. This filter gives the user the feeling of being on the front cover of this magazine. It is quite thrilling to the model aspirants and the normal users to feel the aesthetic vibes of being on a cover like a supermodel for once.

Golden Hour By Jalen Le

Everyone loves the golden hour. Most professional photographers recognize these as the best time to click photos. You can experience golden hour anytime with this filter on. You do not need to wait around a certain time to experience the golden hour. It applies to you any time of the day with this filter. In addition, this filter brings warmth to your picture.

The warmth brings love and coziness to the snap, which is an aesthetic vibe.

Pecan Filter By Snapchat

Everyone loves to be around the beach. This filter comes under this list as a beachy background is the best aesthetic filter. It comes with both grain and no grain features.

HDR By Snapchat

This filter gives you a feeling of being in the middle of the shoot. There are actual grid lines that are present that make you feel so. This filter gives aesthetic vibes as it is less dramatic and is quite sophisticated. Everyone can use this filter.

Mirror Aesthetic

Everyone loves a good mirror selfie. Mirror selfies are the new way of feeling beautiful. This filter provides a beautiful mirror on the screen that imagines you as taking a mirror selfie.

L85 Effect

This filter is a little more dramatic than another filter. It is a filter that gives a simple blushy outlook to your snap. It is aesthetic to girls who love blushy makeup. This filter gives a light effect to your snap.

Simple Love

This filter is aesthetic to the user who wants to take a snap-on simple yet elegant background. It is less dramatic and has a simple effect on the snap taken by the user. So if you want to feel beautiful yet less dramatic, this filter is just for you.

Cartoon 3D Style

This is the most popular filter on Snapchat. It is related to the animation of your face with your favorite Disney character. It is one of the childhood dreams of anyone to look like their favorite characters. You can use this filter to achieve the look of your favorite Disney character and relive your childhood memories and send the snaps to your childhood friends whom you used to enjoy Disney masterpieces. This filter is aesthetic to the people who are huge Disney fans.

Soft Filter Multi-Person

This filter is used when taking pictures of the groups. This filter can be used to change the appearance of the people of the group if you want to achieve an aesthetic picture of the group. This is quite a soft filter that has pinkish hues. It is not quite extravagant but soft, and everyone can use that.

Pink Glitter

Everyone is a fan of sparkle. This filter provides a sparkly pink effect with a pink background as well as your face appears pink. This filter gives a pink contrast that looks animated as well as aesthetic.

Mood Filter By Snapchat

If you are a fan of black and white photos, this filter is for you. This filter has a black and white background with the word mood written in the between. This filter gives quite a vintage look and is a commonly used filter. Everyone seems to use this filter to get the aesthetic vibe.

Purple Grain Filter

This filter is a popup filter that gives a purple Huish background to your snaps. With the use of this filter in your snap, it would look quite artsy and aesthetic. The purple grain on this filter makes the background very appreciable.

Blush Tone

Blush is one of the key features while taking a selfie. This filter helps you get a blushy effect on your cheeks with a slight change in your background color. In addition, this filter shows people being happy, which is quite a good background.

Ciao Mood

If you are to achieve an aesthetic picture by bringing a smooth effect to your snap, this filter is just for you. This filter inverses the background color slightly and makes your selfie more pleasing to your viewers.

CBright Filter

You might have some dull pictures in your galleries that requires some light. This filter adds light to the pictures. It makes your snap stand out and picture-perfect. It makes your snap look like it has been clicked in a light-filled room. Perfect light always propagates perfect snap.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions about the topic are taken from the internet. Please go through the questions and their answers.

What Do You Mean By Aesthetic Filter?

The filter usually refers to removing unwanted things to enhance the purity of something. In the same way, an aesthetic filter refers to removing the dullness or unwanted background of the picture to enhance your photo instantly. An anesthetic filter usually makes the picture more pleasing to the viewer. Aesthetic refers to people’s appreciation of beautiful things. Aesthetic filters are designed to make the pictures more palpable to the viewers.

How Do You Make A Photo Aesthetic?

Some of the tips for taking an aesthetic photo are:

  • Use shape and textures
  • Use shadows
  • Use best colors
  • Take pictures up close
  • Balance contrast
  • Always simplify the photo
  • Focus on your subject
  • Keep the purpose of the photo in your mind

Making a photo aesthetic refers to adding beauty elements to the photo to make your photo more interesting than normal ones.

What Is The Best Filter On Snapchat?

Some of the best filters on Snapchat are Airy shadows, Cio mood, Cartoon 3D style, Blush tone, etc. are some of the best filters on Snapchat.

What Are The Most Popular Filters On Snapchat 2022?

Some of the popular Snapchat filters 2022 are Vogue Noir, Pecan, Mood, Vintage Camera, Simple love, Airy Shadows, Blush, Ciao, Mood, Golden Hour, and HDR.

Can Snapchat Be Hacked?

Snapchat refers to itself as a secure and safe messaging app, but it has some privacy concerns with various hackers constantly hacking and spying for blackmailing purposes.

You can always use strong passwords and be careful about accepting a request from fake IDs to prevent your account from hacking.


Snapchat’s best feature is its filters. It has quite a varied range of filters used in expressing various moods and circumstances of the people. Snapchat filter has helped many gain the confidence to fit in the beauty standards by providing aesthetic filters. This filter has helped people to achieve their aesthetic goals. Please comment below if you have more information related to the topic, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.