How to Change Text in Snapchat Cameos? 2023 [Step by Step]

How to Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

I think we’ve all spent time amusing friends on Snapchat with its assortment of filters, Bitmoji, and lenses. Beyond selfies and chat, Snapchat offers Cameos, putting your face on looping videos personalized through GIF-like flexibility. While choosing from hundreds of animated Cameos lets your imagination run, few realize you can also Change Text in Snapchat Cameos. Beyond simply selecting a Cameo, this hidden trait lets you customize the caption, adding yet another layer of individualization to an already entertainment-packed feature.

To customize the text in Snapchat cameos, open the chat with a friend, type the desired text, and tap the smiley face icon. The text can now be changed by typing new text and selecting the emoji to update what appears on the cameo sticker shared in Snaps or chats.

Now, let’s see how users can easily customize the text in Snapchat cameos through step by step process. But before we jump to our main topic, let’s take a little bit of time to learn about what is Snapchat cameos and how it works.

What is Snapchat Cameo?

Cameos are the hottest new feature or, let’s say, a trick on Snapchat. It’s a short animated lopping video that lets you add a picture of your head on the various funny characters. If you are bored with the regular emojis and filters, then you can spice your Snapchat message by bringing the cameos.

I think using cameos takes our conversation to the next level. That’s because you always don’t have to send regular messages and stickers. Whenever you want to express some emotion, then you can use your own personalized cameos.

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How Does Snapchat Cameo Work?

The working principle of the Snapchat cameos is quite simple. For the very first time, it asks you to put your face on its default cameo and later on makes hundreds of cameos using your face.

If you want to know how to do that, read this article on How to Make Snapchat Cameos.

Once Snapchat automatically makes a cameo of yourself, then, later on, you can create an emotion, silly and funny condition, the reaction to cameos. I mean that you can customize your Snapchat cameos according to your desire.

Besides, you can also create a meme on Snapchat using the Cameo; sounds interesting, right? This way, you even don’t have to download any memes from the internet.

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Can You Edit Snapchat Cameos?

The short answer is yes. Snapchat cameos are fully customizable, so you can use any animated GIF cameo as you want. If you think that default cameos are good but not good enough, then you can edit your cameos.

You can change your face and also text Snapchat cameos.

To edit the text of Snapchat cameos, go through just the below topic.

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How to Customize Text in Snapchat Cameos?

Suppose you are having a good conversation with your crush on Snapchat. You are using the normal sticker, bitmoji, on the message to add a little bit of shine and make her smile.

If you send your crush the same types of stickers and GIFs, it’s kind of unattractive, right? That’s why cameos are there for you. All you have to do is change the text on Snapchat cameos, and your work is done.

This way, you can both make your conversation interesting and make her laugh. Trust me; this is a way to attract your crush.

Okay, let’s see how you can change the text of Snapchat cameos.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.

Open Snapchat

Step 2: Click On Chatbox Icon

Tap on the Chatbox icon, which is placed beside the camera option.

Click On Chatbox Icon

Step 3: Tap Friend’s Profile Icon

Choose any friends from the list, and once done, tap on his/her Profile icon.

Tap Friend's Profile Icon

Step 4: Click On Emoji Icon

Now, tap on the emoji icon beside the chatbox section to check whether you have created cameos or not. If you didn’t create one, then the first finish that works.

Click On Emoji Icon

Step 5: Type Any Word

Now, type any word in the Chatbox.

Type Any Word

Step 6: Click On The Emoji

And tap on the emoji.

Click On The Emoji | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Step 7: Check The Text Font

There, you can find that your cameo text has changed.

Check The Text Font | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Now, you change your cameo text as much as you want or according to your desire and send it to your friend.

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Can You Change the Text on Two-Person Snapchat Cameos?

Yes, you can change the text on two-person Snapchat cameos when customizing the text on single-person cameos.

The text feature on Snapchat cameos allows users to enter any text they want to display on their cameo stickers. When text is added or modified, it automatically syncs and populates on both single and two-person cameo stickers containing that user’s Bitmoji.

So by simply editing the text from the “Add a Text” option within their Bitmoji profile, a user can customize the textual overlay that will then appear on any cameo stickers they generate – whether those cameos include just their own Bitmoji or include another friend’s Bitmoji in a two-person format.

In this way, Snapchat cameos allow for seamless text customization across all types of persona-focused stickers created from a user’s Bitmoji, maintaining consistency in the added message or keyword visible in both single and dual-person cameo sticker options.

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How to Delete Cameos in Snapchat Chat, Which is Already Sent?

We pick up the Cameo and change the text of it, then send it to our friends on chat. It is the most reliable way to have a conversation in a boring time.

But have you ever accidentally sent the Cameo, which is not supposed to be sent to that person or friend?

Let’s say you are having a good talk with your friends, and sometimes you both are sending cameos for fun. You change the text of the Cameo, write something that irritates your friend, and accidentally tap on the send option. Later on, you realize that you should not have done that because it can ruin your friendship.

So what will you do in that case?

Don’t worry, and stop scratching your head because you can delete it or, let’s say, undo the Cameo even though it was already sent to that person. But remember, you should delete it right after; that’s why your friend won’t see your Cameo. However, if a person opens the Chatbox, then you are doomed; there’s nothing you can do.

But these tips can help you in the future so that you won’t make the same mistake again.

Okay, now, if your Cameo is already sent, then long-press on the Cameo in the Chatbox. After that, tap on the Delete option and once again tap on the Delete Chat.

There’s a little drawback of this trick like a person can see that you have deleted something.

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How to Save an Edited Cameo Text in a Chatbox?

Suppose you are having fun with your best friend using Snapchat cameo on chat. Both of you don’t want to write a long text, so that you prefer using different cameos. You both are constantly sending the cameos only to each other by customizing the text.

One time, you find a perfect, hilarious cameo for the conversation that both of you are having and don’t want to lose that Cameo on chat suddenly. You don’t have to worry if Snapchat keeps the message forever, but sadly, your messages will disappear right after you see them.

Yes, you can still see the messages for 24 hours if you set that option for Snapchat messages. But after that, nothing; all your messages will be gone forever.

Considering this issue, here’s a little tip to save your cameos on the Chatbox.

Once you choose the Cameo and hit the send option, then long-press on the Cameo and tap on Save in Chat. But remember, if your friend opens the message, then it will disappear, so tell your friend not to open the message until you save it. You can also save the Cameo, which your friend has sent you using the same process.

Unfortunately, if the Cameo got deleted, then set a 24 hrs time. This way, Snapchat will keep the messages for 24 hours and, after that, delete them.

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How to Keep Snapchat Messages for 24 Hours?

Snapchat offers cool features to its users from time to time. Not only that, but it also provides various options which users can interact with.

Keeping that thing also lets the users save their chat messages for a longer time. Not for 8 hrs or 12 hrs but for 24 hrs. Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, it sounds pretty good.

Previously, Snapchat messages would disappear right after a person sees them, but this time, it won’t. What benefits users get from it is that they still have time to review their messages over and over for 24 hours.

So, let’s see how you can do that.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device.

Open Snapchat | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Step 2: Click On Chatbox Icon

Tap on the Chatbox icon, which is placed beside the camera option.

Click On Chatbox Icon

Step 3: Tap Friend’s Profile Icon

Choose the friend you are talking to or want to save the messages and tap on their Profile icon.

Tap Friend's Profile Icon

Step 4: Click On Your Friend’s Profile BitMoji Or Name

After that, Tap on your friend’s profile bitmoji, name or long-press on their profile.

Click On Your Friend's Profile Name  | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Step 5: Tap On Three Horizontal Line

Now, click on three horizontal lines from the top-right corner.

Tap On Three Horizontal Line

Step 6: Click On Chat Settings

Tap on Chat Settings from the available options.

Click On Chat Settings

Step 7: Tap On Delete Chats

Now, a new prompt will come, and from the available options, click on Delete Chats.

Tap On Delete Chats | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Step 8: Select 24 Hours After Viewing Option

Tap on 24 Hours After Viewing.

Select 24 Hours After Viewing Option | Change Text in Snapchat Cameos

Step 9: Tap On Done

After that, click On Done to complete your process.

These guided instructions will now keep your friend’s Snapchat messages for 24 hours.

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Why is Snapchat Cameo Text Not Changing?

Cameo is a great feature on Snapchat that lets the users make the conversation more interesting than before.

Saying that but some of the users reported that they couldn’t change or customize the text in Snapchat cameos.

Usually, users can easily change or edit the text on Snapchat cameos, but if it doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry. I have mentioned some of the solutions to solve your problem regarding the changing text of cameos.

Re-open the App

When you open the app too quickly, then sometimes it won’t load properly. In this way, you can able to interact with the app features the way you used to do before.

So if you are changing the text of Snapchat cameos and it doesn’t change, then close the app and re-open it. Don’t suddenly try to change the text of cameos; wait for a second until Snapchat is completely opened, then only try to customize the text of Snapchat cameos.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

When we are sending a text to someone on social media, sometimes we forget to open our mobile Wi-Fi network. As a result, we can’t be able to send a proper text because of the internet connection.

So your case, first check your mobile Wi-Fi connection, whether it is properly connected or not. If you are connected, then only try to edit or customize the text of Snapchat cameos.

In other cases, a slow internet connection also causes the issue. If your internet is way too slow, then you cannot change the text of cameos properly. So wait until you get a full Wi-Fi strength and only change your text.

Device Compatibility

The Snapchat Cameos feature utilizes advanced augmented reality technologies like facial recognition and overlay of animated elements in real time. To support these resource-intensive processes, Cameos have minimum device requirements of an iPhone 6s or newer or an Android phone with at least 3GB of RAM running Android 7 or newer.

Older or less powerful phones may be unable to handle the computational load of Cameos, resulting in unreliable performance, lack of support for all features, or an inability to access Cameos at all. Compatibility also depends on having a front-facing camera of sufficient resolution for accurate facial tracking.

Update the Snapchat App

An outdated app also causes various problems in the app. If you didn’t have updated the app for a while, it also prevents you from properly accessing its features.

In the case of customizing the text of Snapchat cameos, maybe your app needs an update that won’t let you change the text. So first, completely update the app and try to edit the text.

Server Issues

As with any major online platform, Snapchat’s servers are subject to occasional technical problems that could temporarily impact features like Cameos. If users find they are unable to access Cameos or certain aspects are not working correctly, it may be due to server performance issues on Snapchat’s end.

Most often, stability is restored once the underlying server issues are resolved by Snapchat. Users need to check back later if server troubles are preventing normal use of Cameos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about

How Do I Make A Snapchat Cameo?

To make a Snapchat Cameo, open the Snapchat app, take a selfie, or choose a photo from your camera roll. Snapchat will then automatically generate a cameo using your photo. You can then customize the cameo by changing facial expressions, outfits, backgrounds, etc.

My Snapchat Cameo Text Is Not Changing, What’s Wrong?

Possible reasons cameo text isn’t changing include closing and reopening the Snapchat app, checking the WiFi connection, and updating Snapchat to the latest version. Try these fixes if the text edit feature stops working.

Can I save an edited Snapchat Cameo?

Yes, you can save an edited Snapchat Cameo that you have sent in a chat. Long press on the sent cameo, select “Save,” and it will be saved in your camera roll.


Snapchat cameos are a great way to make a conversation fun, engaging, and interesting. It is the best substitute for GIFs on Snapchat. So, if you are having trouble or don’t know how to change the text of Cameos on Snapchat, you have found your answer. Just head through the above steps, and you get your own moving animated cameos in the meantime.

If you find any difficulties while following the above steps, leave a comment below. We will solve the obstacles that are on your path.

Thanks for reading.

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