What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat? [2023]

What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat?

Acronyms are important for swift social media talk. People now like speedy chat. This is why short forms exist. They also make even dull talks more fun. Lately, “SFS” has become very common on Snapchat. Though many use it, some may not know its meaning. As someone familiar with SFS, I can explain what it stands for and when to use it. Below, I will share what “SFS” means on Snapchat and the appropriate times to send this acronym to friends.

SFS stands for “Snap for Snap” on Snapchat. It refers to the mutual sharing of snaps or stories between users, with the goal of increasing engagement and followers through promotion. The term implies asking another Snapchatter to post your story in return for you posting theirs, helping boost the reach of content for both parties. SFS can also mean “Shoutout for Shoutout” or “Spam for Spam,” but generally represents a collaborative effort to gain more exposure on the platform.

If you are curious about what SFS means and how to use it, read on! In the section below, I’ll be guiding you through it in detail.

What Does SFS Mean On Snapchat?

SFS stands for “Snap for Snap” on Snapchat. It is a term used to request a mutual exchange of snaps or posts between users. When someone asks for SFS, they are essentially asking you to tag them in one of your posts, and in return, they will do the same for you. It’s a way to promote each other’s content, increase followers, and increase engagement on the platform.

SFS can also be interpreted as “shoutout for shoutout,” “spam for spam,” or “Snapchat for Snapchat,” but all three phrases essentially mean the same thing. The concept is similar on other social media platforms like Instagram, where you may come across “L4L” (like for like) or “F4F” (follow for follow), which operate in a similar manner to SFS.

While all three might have different meanings, the intent is the same: engagement boost and mutual promotion. This kind of hashtag and acronym is used by influencers to boost their follower count.

If someone’s using “Snap For Snap,” they typically want people to share their Snapchat story to increase its reach to more users.

In the case of “Shoutout For Shoutout,” Snapchat users aim to promote each other among their Snapchat circles. To give someone a Shoutout, you need to share their username on your Snapchat story so that they can get more followers on Snapchat.

When it comes to Spam Spam, it might give a negative message at the first go, as spam is generally associated with unwanted messages. However, “Spam For Spam” on Snapchat aims to put a positive twist where spamming a user typically means flooding them with likes, comments, and more engagement on their content, as a result of which, more traffic to their Snapchat profile.

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Where Did The Term SFS Come From?

The acronym SFS has become increasingly common on Snapchat, though many may not know its meaning and origin. While social media influencers popularized this term in recent years, the concept of “shoutouts” dates back much further.

In the 1980s, radio DJs and MCs would use “shoutouts” over airwaves or at live events to greet friends and family tuning in. A “shoutout” served as a subtle sponsorship or endorsement even back then. Gradually over time, the term evolved its use in promotion on emerging social platforms. “SFS” – shoutout for a shoutout – essentially represents an agreement between users to boost each other’s profiles and audiences mutually.

Snapchat’s “snap for snap” iteration maintains the same collaborative spirit of exchanging promotional support.

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How Does SFS Work On Snapchat?

The goal of using SFS on Snapchat is to help grow one’s audience and visibility on the platform. When posting a story, including the hashtag “#SFS,” communicates that the user is looking to partner with others involved in a mutually beneficial shoutout exchange.

By adding another participant’s SFS story to your own viewings, you help broadcast their content to your network as well. In return, they do the same for you by posting your story, expanding the potential reach of both users’ stories organically through reciprocal promotion. Other Snapchatters noticing the SFS hashtag on a shared story will understand the invitation to keep circulating stories further to incrementally grow each person’s follower count over time through this collaborative method.

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How To Use The #SFS Hashtag?

With the rise of social media, abbreviated terms have become common in online conversations. However, the meanings aren’t always clear. One frequently used acronym on Snapchat lately is “SFS.” Let’s break down the different interpretations of this short-hand below.

Shoutout For Shoutout

One popular definition of SFS is “Shoutout For Shoutout”. In this context, it refers to exchanging promotions between users. By posting someone’s Snapchat story that uses the #SFS tag, you are effectively “shouting them out” to your own followers. In return, they will also post your story, growing both people’s audiences organically through this reciprocal partnership.

Snap For Snap

Another common meaning seen on Snapchat is “Snap For Snap.” Here, SFS encourages sending snaps back and forth between friends to maintain streaks without the pressure of matching filters or drawings. It’s a quick and easy way to keep streak counts climbing daily with low-effort exchanges.

Send For Send

A lesser-used but still relevant interpretation is “Send For Send.” With this definition, SFS implies agreeing to swap basic Snaps or short videos simply for the purpose of extending each other’s active statuses on the app over time through continuous daily posting.

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Where To Find People For SFS?

The most straightforward approach to finding potential SFS partners is within your existing Snapchat social circles. Simply asking good friends if they would like to participate offers a convenient, low-effort entry point.

However, expanding your network of SFS collaborators can help unlock even greater audience-building opportunities. If you want to cast a wider net beyond immediate contacts, online communities catered to Snapchat users provide access to a larger pool of potential synergy partners.

Reddit hosts one such platform – r/Snapchat – where like-minded individuals regularly post requesting SFS involvement. By browsing profiles advertised here openly seeking mutually beneficial engagement, you can mutually expand reach through coordinating regular story re-sharing with new connections formed across the subreddit. Interacting both on-app and through subreddit forums optimizes visibility and matchmaking prospects.

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How To Respond To SFS On Snapchat?

If someone mentions you on #SFS snaps, you can choose to ignore it if you do not want to be involved. But if you also wish to have more followers, you can reshare the post, and in return, they will share your post, which is a win-win situation for both of you. This will hopefully give you more followers, as the whole point of SFS on Snapchat is to generate more reach and traffic.

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What To Avoid When Using SFS?

While SFS can effectively expand a Snapchat account’s community, overreliance presents specific risks if not thoughtfully applied:

  • Seeming unoriginal or lazy
    Frequent hashtags without creative content may leave others seeing SFS as a low-effort tactic versus authentic engagement, hurting one’s online image.
  • Inviting criticism
    Overusing SFS without additional value can provoke allegations of just seeking attention through spam. This negativity harms the brand and deters potential followers.
  • Posting without quality
    SFS should complement well-made content, not substitute it. Relying purely on hashtags lacks substance and fails to attract loyal audiences organically in the long run.

Maintaining innovative content paired judiciously with strategic SFS use maximizes reach gains while avoiding these potential pitfalls.

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Other Commonly Used Snapchat Acronyms

With the advancement of technology and the internet, you can now quickly connect with your loved ones and get information from around the world at the tip of your hands.

Social media users have grown accustomed to this behavior and now want fast-paced communication. Hence, the reason why acronyms exist. Below, I’ve listed down some common acronyms and their meaning.


AMOS stands for “Add Me On Snapchat” and serves as an invitation for new connections on the platform. By including this acronym in your social media bios or direct messaging someone through other apps, prospective friends can effortlessly search and include you without needing to exchange Snapchat usernames manually.

Tapping this hashtag in Search allows mutual adds, kicking off the initial correspondence and potentially leading to engaging story-posting partnerships down the line through greater familiarity between profiles.


PMOYS stands for “Put Me On Your Story” and requests other Snapchat users to feature or mention your profile directly on their story updates. This provides valuable promotion to a whole new nested network by piggybacking off an established creator’s following. By reposting a snap with this tag, both parties reap engagement benefits as new potential subscribers are exposed to collaborative content across interlinking communities.


NRS stands for “No Replies” and serves as a courtesy notice to friends that while active on Snapchat, the user is unavailable for live video or image exchanges due to lack of time or abilities. It acknowledges an open conversation exists even if active participation is limited, preserving relationships until reciprocation is possible.


“ESB!” stands for “Everyone Snap Back!”. It’s an acronym Snapchat users send in group chats to remind everyone to check for unopened snaps before a streak expires.

Jenna was freaking out in our chat one day because her 107-day streak with Alicia was about to end. That’s when I learned what “ESB!” actually meant. Seeing how stressed she was, I opened Snapchat and luckily saw I had an unopened snap from Alicia. I sent it back just in the nick of time to save Jenna and Alicia’s streak. After that close call, Jenna explained to me that “ESB!” was her desperate plea for help. Now I understand why maintaining Snapchat streaks means so much to her and other Snapchat friends.


“GMS” stands for “Good Morning Streaks,” reminding Snapchat friends to send their first snaps as soon as they wake to preserve daily counts. By initiating photo exchanges right away, streaks remain unbroken throughout the day. Alternatively, “GNS” or “Good Night Streaks” suggests ending evenings with snaps to keep coveted tallies intact overnight until tomorrow’s GMS ritual.


SMO can mean “Serious Mode On” when users want to have a private, serious discussion. It signals the recipient to refrain from humor and focus on providing sincere advice or support. It can also mean “Shout Me Out” when asking someone with a sizeable following to feature your Snapchat story, helping you gain more exposure and new followers.


BFS stands for “Best Friends” on Snapchat. It refers to the one person a user messages most frequently, allowing them to earn a “Best Friends” status through consecutive days of communication. This enhanced status reveals additional details about each other’s activities to those able to achieve the designation.


WBY stands for “What About You?” using this common question encourages an engaged back-and-forth conversation on Snapchat. It prompts the recipient to share details about themselves, mitigating a one-sided exchange and cultivating better understanding between users.


SB represents “Snap Back,” a habitual response on Snapchat that sees users quickly replying to snaps from contacts. This real-time engagement helps maintain interaction momentum and fulfills an unspoken expectation of reciprocation to avoid letting a conversation fizzle out prematurely.


SNR decodes to “Streaks N’ Recent” and serves to request specifications about others’ most enduring messaging partnerships as well as their latest Snapchat activities. Understanding contacts’ significant relationships and recent behaviors supply valuable social context within one’s extended network on the app.


FFF is shorthand for “Follow For Follow.” By exchanging follower endorsements reciprocally, Snapchat profiles can mutually help boost each other’s growth in scope. This collaborative practice enlarges networking possibilities through the communal amplification of multiple social circles.


RQ stands for “Real Quick” – a casual preamble suggesting an incoming snap will only require a brief response before returning to previous tasks. It sets appropriate interaction expectations and prevents assumptions of extensive engagement or dedication of time.


“YK” are the initials for either “You’re Kidding” when reacting incredulously or “You Know?” when double checking facts or inviting affirmation. Both serve as loose conversation fillers that leave space for the recipient to significantly further the exchange through clarification or the addition of their own perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, I have gathered some frequently asked questions related to the meanings of some specific Words, so read on if you have similar queries.

What Does ESB Mean On Snapchat?

ESB stands for “Everyone Snap Back” on Snapchat. It is an acronym used when someone wants all their friends or recipients of a particular snap to reply with their picture or message. This term is often used to maintain snap streaks, consecutive days of exchanging snaps with another user.

Snap streaks are a way to measure activity on Snapchat. When you send and receive a snap from a user for three consecutive days, you start a streak with that person. To maintain the streak, you must exchange snaps at least once every 24 hours. An active snap streak is identified by a fire emoji next to the user’s name. The streak will break if you or the other user fails to send a snap within 24 hours.

What Does NRS Mean On Snapchat?

NRS stands for “No Replies” on Snapchat. It’s an acronym that indicates that someone is unable or unwilling to respond to messages. It’s a polite way of letting friends know they are busy or uninterested in conversation. This term is also used on other social media platforms to express temporary unavailability or disinterest in responding to messages.

Why Can’t My Friend See My Snapchat Story?

Some of the reasons why your friend can’t see your Snapchat story might be:

  • The Snapchat Server is down.
  • You have a weak internet connection.
  • You may have forgotten to put that friend on your list while creating a custom story.
  • You might have accidentally blocked that friend.

Thus, these might be the reasons why your friends can’t see your Snapchat story.

How Do I View Stories On Snapchat?

To view stories on Snapchat, firstly, Open Snapchat > Tap on the friends icon > Find stories under the “Friends” section > Select the story you want to view.

How To Secretly Save Someone’s Snapchat Stories?

You cannot save someone’s Snapchat stories from the app itself as there is no such built-in feature on the Snapchat app.

But what you can do is use some third-party apps to screen record and secretly save someone’s Snapchat stories.


To conclude, SFS on Snapchat basically means one of the three: Shoutout For Shoutout, Snap For Snap, or Spam For Spam. It is a way to increase your reach and gain more followers on Snapchat. This is a two-way deal where people who ask for a shoutout to others also give them one.

So, did you find our article insightful? Comment down below to share your experience! I’d like to hear any input you have on this topic.

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