How to Turn On Ghost Mode in Snapchat 2022 [Android and IOS]

Snapchat offers a great feature called “Snap Map” to get connected and communicate with friends no matter how far they live. All you have to do is just enable your location and share your real-time location with your friends in “Our Story.” Sound interesting, isn’t it unless you realize that sharing your location on Snapchat is not quite safe. By default, your location is shared (broadcast) with everyone on Snapchat, including the complete stranger. This way, anyone can view your current real-time location. Considering this thing, Snapchat provides an option to turn on ghost mode in Snapchat.

When you enable Ghost mode on Snapchat, then it will hide your current location and maintain your privacy unless you itself share your location. In other words, your snap map location is only visible to you. So, if you don’t want to make your Snapchat location public, then you came into the right place.

Here, I have provided the most simple way to enable ghost mode on Snapchat. Have a closer look!

What is Ghost Mode on Snapchat?

In simple terms, Ghost mode is the feature that allows you to hide your real-time location on Snapchat from everyone. In other words, it makes your location private, and no one can see your location, even your added Snapchat friends.

When you share your location in the “Our Story” section, then everyone can view your location. This means your privacy all open to the public.

If you do not wish to share your location by any chance, then you can turn on the Ghost mode feature.

How to Turn on Ghost Mode in Snapchat?

Now, if you want to keep your location private with yourself, then here are few steps to turn on ghost mode in Snapchat. Make sure you go through step by step if you really want a successful result.

Open Snapchat App

The first thing which you have to do is open your Snapchat app. You can use any device you want but make sure it can properly run a Snapchat app. If you are currently using the old version, then update it to the latest one.

Head to Your Profile Section

profile section

Here you can view your profile icon at the upper left corner of the screen, which is also your bitmoji icon. So, now tap on that icon for the next step.

Tap on Settings Gear Icon


Once you are inside your Profile icon section, then tap on the Settings Gear icon. The icon is located in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, you can manage all your Snapchat settings, whatever the customization things you wish to do.

Select See My Location

turn on ghost mode in snapchat

Now, under the “Who Can…” section, locate the See My location section. Once you find it then open that option. This is where you can turn on the Ghost mode to hide your location from everyone on Snapchat.

Note: Once you open the Snapchat app, then your location will automatically update. This means Snapchat won’t always fix your location. As you move, your location status also changes.

Enable Ghost Mode

turn on ghost mode in snapchat

Finally, checkmark or enable the Ghost mode option. You can also choose the time option to enable Ghost Mode.

turn on ghost mode in snapchat

3 Hours: When you choose the 3 hours time, then it will hide your real-time location for only 3 hours. After crossing the 3 hours time period, your location will once re-activated.

24 Hours: If you are planning to go out with your friends for a night out, then this option is the best one which you can choose. You can turn it on for 24 hours and share or take a party snap as much you want without worrying about your location. Trust me; no one will find out where you are currently living.

Until Turned Off: If you do not have a plan to share your location for a long time, then go out with until turned off option. In case you change your mind, then you can disable it anytime you want. Your choice!

What Happens When You Turn on Ghost Mode on Snapchat?

Did you turn on the ghost mode on Snapchat because your friends told you so? You don’t know what will happen after that, but even you turned it on. If that’s the case, then here is what happens when you turn on ghost mode, no Snapchat?

Ghost mode is like a complete location privacy mode, so when you turn it on, then it will make your current location invisible to everyone on Snapchat, even from your friends. No one can find out where you are living or staying right now.

However, if you don’t want to hide your location with all Snapchat friends, then you can also choose specific friends where they can view your location. This means you can include and exclude friends from seeing your real-time location on Snapchat.

To do so, have a closer look down below!

How to Share Snapchat Location to Selected Friends?

If you don’t want to hide your location with everyone, then you can also share it with selected friends. Here’s how you do that!

  1. Go to your profile icon.
    profile section
  2. Tap on the Settings gear icon.
  3. Tap on the See My location option.
    who can
  4. Under Who can see my location, choose any of these options:
    My Friends: If you choose this one, then only your Snapchat friends can view your current location when you share it.
    My Friends, Expect: Here, you can exclude friends to whom you don’t want to share your location on Snapchat.
    Only These Friends: Here, you can select limited friends with whom you can share your location.
    who can see

By doing this, your location is only visible to your selected friends after turning on a Ghost mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ghost Mode Show Your Last Location?

Your location on the Snapchat map will expire within a few hours when you enable the Ghost mode. So, basically, it doesn’t show your last location.

Does Snapchat Automatically Turn on Ghost Mode?

No, Snapchat doesn’t automatically turn on Ghost mode. You have to manually turn it on. By default, your location is visible to everyone, so if you don’t want to share your location, then you can enable a Ghost mode. To do so, I have provided a few steps in this article. Just scroll up and get your answer.

How Do You Turn off Ghost Mode in Snapchat?

If you wish to turn off ghost mode on Snapchat, then it’s quite simple. Just go to your profile> Settings Gear Icon> See My Location> Uncheck Ghost Mode.

This way, you can easily hide your location by turning off Ghost mode. If you again change your mind and wish to enable just to reverse the above process.

Is Ghost Mode on Snapchat Safe?

Ghost mode is a perfect way to hide your location on Snapchat. You don’t have to turn off your mobile location; just enable the Ghost mode and leave the rest to it. This is the best feature Snapchat has ever provided to its users. But, is Ghost Mode on Snapchat safe?

Simple answer, yes. Ghost mode on Snapchat is quite safe to use. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just leave the ghost mode to make your location private from everyone on Snapchat.

Last Word

Now, your location is all safe and hidden, which makes your presence even more private. From now on, Snapchat won’t broadcast your location to the public.

Sometimes keeping your location private is the best thing to do on any social media platform.

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