How To Signup on Snapchat Without Phone Number [Updated 2022]

In the world of technology, people do not stick to using only one social media platform. Rather, one prefers using numerous networking applications. And, one of the popular among them is Snapchat. The exciting features have made the youths highly addicted to Snapchat for their fun. Similarly, it has won the hearts of many people around the globe. Now, to get access to Snapchat, you will have to register. It is easy to register yourself using both the phone number and email. So, can you register without the use of a phone number? Will your Snapchat account be created using only the email address?

Well, in this article, I have addressed how to Signup on Snapchat Without a Phone Number. It is a highly exciting application with several interesting features integrated into it.

Snapchat and Its Basic Features

Initially released in 2011, this networking application is one of the most popular applications currently. There are lots of features that make it stand out among other social media applications.

  • Self-destructive Snap
  • Story broadcasting for 2 hours
  • Lenses
  • Filters
  • Geofilter
  • Voice and Video Call
  • Chatting with people
  • Snap Map

Can You Signup Snapchat With an Email?

Yes, you can sign up for your Snapchat account using the email address. Either you can sign up using the phone number or email address. Well, both the signing up procedure is easy. In both the process, you will get a confirmation code before being signed up. Thus, do not worry, if you do not have a number or if your number is not working for signing up. You can enter into the Snapchat world through the email address.

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How To Signup on Snapchat Without Phone Number?

It is not a compulsion that you need to signup for your Snapchat account using a phone number. Though, most people create a Snapchat account using a phone number. There are alternatives methods as well for creating your Snapchat account instead of your phone number. Here are the two other procedures apart from signing up using a phone number.

Create an Account with the Email

For creating a Snapchat account using email, you must have an email address. The email makes your Snapchat account secure. Now, for this, a confirmation code will be sent to your stated email address. Comparing with signing up from a phone number, email gives you more security. You will be notified when any unnecessary movement is carried out.

Create an Account with Another Number

If you do not have an email account or have forgotten your email details, you can create one using another phone number. Obtain a friend’s phone number for your Snapchat account sign-up procedure.

Steps To Create Snapchat Without Phone Number

Step 1: Find Or Install Snapchat

At first, you must have a Snapchat application on your phone. In case of absence of it, download it from your App Store or Play Store.

Step 2: Open Snapchat

Then, launch your Snapchat app on your phone.

Step 3: Tap On Sign Up

Once you open your Snapchat app, you will see options to log in or sign up. Click on the sign-up button.

Step 4: Enter All Your Details

Enter your names, DOB, username, and personally generated password.

Step 5: Enter Your Friend’s Phone Number And Wait For The Code

After this, enter your friend’s phone number and wait until you get a confirmation code on the phone.

Step 6: Confirm You Are Not Robot

Then, copy the confirmation code and prove that you are not a robot.

Step 7: Click The Sign Up Button Again

Finally, hit on Sign up. Your Snapchat account will be created.

Steps To Signup Snapchat With Emails

Step 1: Download And Open Snapchat

At first, download the Snapchat application on your phone and then launch it.

Step 2: Click On Sign Up

When you open Snapchat, the Log In option and Sign Up option will be available to you. Click on Sign up.

Step 3: Fill In Your Details

Then, you will have to enter the details, including your username and password, along with your date of birth.

Step 4: Skip The Phone Number Section & Select Email

You will see the phone number option there. Skip the phone number section and select the email.

Step 5: Enter Your Email Address

Next, enter your email address. The confirmation code or activation code will be sent to your email address.

Step 6: Open Your Email And Fill The Code

After this, open your email and then fill in the activation code, you will find in the mails.

Step 7: Sign Up Your Account

Finally, click on sign up. Here you will be able to use Snapchat without the phone number.

Is the Snapchat Linked With Your Phone Number?

So, is your Snapchat linked with your phone number? Well, yes, your phone number can be vital for signing up on Snapchat. But, it is not fully linked with your phone number only. There are other alternatives as well. The phone number is helpful for your friends to find you on Snapchat. however, this will not be displayed publicly. And, you can not look at someone’s phone number through their username.

How To Change Email Address On Snapchat?

When you sign up for your account using the email address, you can easily perform any activities such as changing your password, getting notifications, etc. This also enables your friends to find you on Snapchat with the email address. However, there might come a time where you wish to change your email address. Or, you no longer have the access to the email address that you signed in to. In such circumstances, you will have to change your email address via Snapchat’s account setting menu.

Here’s the simple step to changing your email address on Snapchat both on Android and iPhone.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

At first, open your Snapchat on your phone device and log in if necessary.

Step 2: Click On The Profile Icon

Tap on the profile icon which is present in the top-left corner. It will either be your Bitmoji, a screenshot from your story, or a generic icon user.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

Then, after this, you will in your profile page. Tap the gear icon(the icon for settings) in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Click On The Email

In the next step, go to “Email” and tap on the email address there.

Step 5: Delete The Old Email And Keep A New One

There, in the email address box, delete the address listed and enter the new one. Then click on “Continue.”

Step 6: Confirm Your Email Account

After this, the verification will be sent to your new email address. Then click the confirmation link there in your email.

Finally, after it is verified, the new email address will show on your Snapchat account.

Final Words

In this digital era, people have left text messaging and have opted for photo or video messaging apps. And Snapchat has been a major platform for youths. This application is highly preferred by the current generation because of its several features. However, to use this service, you will have to create your account on Snapchat. For the same, you can do it using either a phone number or an email address.

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