Top 10 Snapchat Emojis Ideas And Themes For Best Friends

Snapchat has default emojis that show next to your Snapchat best friend’s names. So if you guys interact with each other often on Snapchat, you will notice various emojis appearing on your chat screen. Unfortunately, these default Snapchat emojis can get pretty boring to look at, and you might not remember what these emojis mean. So, we have listed some Top 10 Snapchat Emojis Ideas And Themes For Best Friends.

While there are many unique emoji ideas and themes, my top 10 favorite Snapchat emojis and themes are Tropical, Hearts, Flowers, Color, Ocean, Seasonal, Christmas, Food, Knives & Weapons, and Cat.

Snapchat emojis are a unique feature that tracks and show you and your Snapchat friend’s interaction. So if you have difficulty remembering what these emojis mean, you can change them to make it easier to track your friendship level.

How To Change Your Snapchat Emojis?

If you want to customize your Snapchat Emojis, it is very easy to do so. For example, if you want to try out new combos and spice up your chat feed, you can try different combos and change how they look. So follow these steps to change your Snapchat Emojis.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat on your phone and log in using your username and password if required.

Step 2: Go to Your Chat Screen

After opening Snapchat, Swipe right to go to your chat screen.

Step 3: Change Your Emojis

Tap the three horizontal dots located on the top right corner of your screen. Now click “Customise Best Friend Emojis.”

Step 4: Customize Your Emojis

Now you can choose the emoji you want to appear on your chat screen for various titles.

Why You Should Customize Your Emojis Ideas And Themes For Snapchat?

Many think that Snapchat is only for younger kids as most of its functions aren’t easy to “get.” Thus the same things that Snapchat fun can also make it frustrating. So it is up to you to figure out many of its features.

For those who think that they have run out of Snapchat features, have you tried customizing your Snapchat emojis that show on your chat screen? In addition, you can do various things with your Snapchat friends other than just sending them snaps.

You can create Snapchat lenses, Add a best friend or remove them from your best friend list, customize Snapchat emojis, and more. Customizing Snapchat can make your chat screen more aesthetic and help you remember what the different Snapchat emojis mean. Plus, who doesn’t like looking at cute things?

Snapchat Emojis Ideas And Themes For Best Friends

You can choose many Snapchat emojis and themes to spice up your chat screen. The only limit is the emoji choices, but even with limited choices, there are many themes you can pick and choose. And you can always change the Snapchat emojis to the default settings once you have your fill of customization.

There are many different icons and colors on Snapchat. In this list, you will get different Snapchat Emojis Ideas and Themes for Best Friends that are aesthetic to look at. You can pick and choose your ideal emoji theme or mix and match to have the best of both worlds.

Here are my top 10 favorite picks for Snapchat emojis you can choose to spice up your chat screen.

Tropical Theme

Love the summer vibe? This is your theme if you are living your hot summer girl season every day. Imagine sipping cocktails on a beach and living out your best holiday lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is hard to fulfill that lifestyle in this economy. So how about choosing a tropical theme emoji to manifest that holiday lifestyle.

Hearts Theme

You can never go wrong with the classic heats emoji. Not only is there a uniform emoji, but you can also pick and choose various colors representing the various levels of your friendship. My personal pick is the heart on flames emoji for the Snapstreak.

Flower Theme

Are you a flower-loving kind of person? Of course, the real flowers do wither and die, but that’s the charm of life, isn’t it? If you like looking at flowers, may I suggest the flower aesthetic? You can choose different flower emojis, and it will instantly make your BFF’s connection more special.

Colour Specific Theme

There are tons of colored emojis. If you don’t want to stick to a specific emoji shape, you can choose the same colored emojis. I personally find purples the best as they represent romance, spirituality, and wisdom. So if you are a romantic and love color-coding, try this theme.

Ocean Theme

As someone who lives in a landlocked county, I have always wanted to see the sea. There is a different kind of romanticism towards the sea shore. You can choose different water emojis or anything related to the sea. For those who especially adore surfing and the sea, this theme is made for you.

Seasonal Theme

The change of seasons is so beautiful. The way flower blooms in the spring only to die out in the autumn is serene. But if you are someone who doesn’t go out often to see the seasons changing, how about a theme that changes according to the seasons.

You can use sunny emojis or sunflower emojis for the summer, rainy emojis for the monsoon, flowers and everything green for the spring, and warm brown tones for the autumn.

Christmas Theme

Whether you are a Christian or not, we can all agree there is a charm that comes with the Christmas season. The trees decorated in lights, the cute hanging ornaments, gifts, and cookies all welcome Christmas. Suppose you are someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas or just loves the festival. How about a Christmas theme for your Snapchat chat screen to get into the jolly spirit.

Food Theme

You cannot go wrong with the food theme. How about an assortment of your favorite food emojis for my food lovers out there. Pick your favorite emojis to show love towards all the connections you made with your Snapchat friends. And throw in dessert, too; it’s my favorite food.

Knives And Weapons Theme

Feeling anarchy is on your mood. But, on the other hand, maybe you are just a Knives and weapons enthusiast, and you can now show your love by changing your Snapchat emojis. It might sound a bit weird, but it looks good on the chat screen, quite unique if I say so myself.

Cat Theme

As someone who is more of a cat person, I cannot describe how happy I feel when I see random cats doing random things on the internet. So how about picking the cat theme to increase the number of cats you see in your life. As I like to say, there is no such thing as too much cat.

More Ways To Customize Snapchat With Your Best Friend

Once you start the customizing route, you just cannot go back. If you feel like customizing Snapchat emojis and themes is not enough and want more fun ways to interact with your Snapchat friends. Try these methods to make Snapping more fun and personal.


Bitmoji has become a vital part of Snapchat. With the many collections of Bitmoji stickers, it is a fun way to text your friends. Plus, customizing your Bitmoji to look like you and dressing it up is a process many users enjoy.

So how do you use Bitmoji to make it feel more personal? Here are a couple of ideas you can try. First, if you have a best friend, you can try and customize both your Bitmojis to have the same color palette. You should try this if you both have different fashion styles. Not only is it super subtle, but it can be a secret just between you two.

You can also have the same Bitmoji pose to connect with your best friend. Like on Instagram, you can have different DP, but others can still know you are a pair. For example, Spongebob and Patrik, Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. You can also change your Snapchat Bitmoji pose to show others you are pair.


Snapchat cameos are another fun way to customize Snapchat stickers. It’s like deep fake GIFs that you can exchange with your friends. For example, in Bitmoji, you can only see your avatar, but on Cameos, you can put your own face, and it moves in a loop form. You can also change the text of Snapchat cameos.

Create cameos, and now you can share short looping GIFs with both your faces. The selection of cameos is hilarious and makes funny faces to make it even funnier.

Cameos are a great way to have a conversation with your friends or even be a conversation opener if you want a fun way to break the ice.

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Ideas To Customize Your Bitmoji With Your Best Friends

Customizing your Bitmoji to look like us is always a fun process. So if you want a matching Bitmoji with your Best friend or your Snapchat friend group, you can try some of the following ideas.

Changing Your Bijmoji Avatar On Snapmap

We all have our Bitmoji Avatar on our profile, and changing its position is a cute idea, but it is certainly a secret between friends. But if you want another option, turn on your Snap Map, and you can have certain themes between your friends.

If you only want to try it with your best friend, then you can try Bitmoji positions relating to the same activity. For example, you could be a food, and they have an eating position, or you both can hold animals.

For groups, I recommend the same poses for everyone or try different variations of the same Bitmoji. You can try the tired Bitmoji poses with your Snapchat friends since there are enough variations for all your friends to try.

Having A Clothing Theme For Your Bitmoji

Coordinating outfits with your friends in real life is fun, so how about trying it with your Snapchat friends as well. And you don’t even have to worry if you have that one green T-shirt to complete your look.

According to your friend circle, you can try and base your outfits around famous duos or trios. You could try recreating cartoon characters’ outfits such as Scooby-Doo, Power Puff Girls, Winx Club, and many more.

The Bitmoji stickers will be super cute since your friends will match, and if you guys have a Snapchat group, that’s even better. So now you guys can share how you guys look together in Bitmoji Stickers.

Having Monochromatic Bitmoji Outfits

Maybe coordinating the outfits is too much, and you feel like it takes a lot of effort. Then how about having the same top for everyone. There are many options for clothing choices, so how about rocking the same outfits with your besties. The best part is you don’t need to pay for these outfits, so all your Snapchat besties can wear the same outfits.

You can choose different colors for the same outfits to look less copy-paste. But, if you want to be extra, I recommend monochromatic looks if you want a two-piece look. And Since there won’t be many Snapchat users having a monochromatic look, your friends are sure to stand out.

The best part about monochromatic outfits is that even your guy friends can join in, and you won’t have to change your fashion aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Have more questions about Snapchat? Here are some frequently asked questions related to the topic of “Snapchat Emojis Ideas And Themes For Best Friends”

How To Make Snapchat Filters?

If you arent satisfied with the million filters already available on Snapchat, you can make your own filter. Or you might just have a cool idea and want to be a Snapchat creator. To make a Snapchat filter, you can either use your phone or the official Snapchat website. After creating your Snapchat filter, it will take about 24 hours for the review and approval.

Best Snapchat Filter For Guys?

If you use Snapchat often, you must have noticed that most filters cater to women since most Snapchat filters have makeup, cute hearts, and “girly” things. So if you want a manly or simple filter for guys, try Flame Sunglasses, Fire Horns, Stylish, and any filter that doesn’t feature makeup.

How To Add Snapchat Filters To Camera Roll Pictures?

Snapchat filters always make you appear more pretty than you already are. And it’s always fun to play around with funny filters. So if you want to add a Snapchat filter to your camera roll pictures, go to your memories, then to your camera roll, and you can choose and edit the pictures on Snapchat.


Snapchat has always been an instant messaging app mostly targeting younger users. With all the different emojis and icons, Snapchat can be hard to navigate. But by customizing your Snapchat emojis and adding themes, not only will you be able to remember what these emojis mean, your chat feed will look super cute. Now you can be organized and understand Snapchat a bit better. Do you have more ideas for Snapchat Emojis Ideas And Themes For Best Friends? Comment below.