How To Find Out When You Made Your Snapchat Account?

As I was scrolling through my Snapchat memories, I noticed that there were a lot of photos and videos. The scrolling seemed endless. With each photo and video, the moments started coming back to me. I had so many memories saved on this app. Most of which I had already forgotten about. This got me wondering how long I had been using Snapchat. From good morning to good nights snaps, snaps sent while spending time with friends and family. Snaps were sent while I was on vacation or snaps when I was working. There were snaps on good days and the bad days. I was really curious to find out how long I had been on this platform. That is when I decided to look it up online and create a guide for users like me who were curious to find out when you made your Snapchat account.

Here is a guide for you to find out how long you have been “snapping”. All you have to do is navigate your way to the Snapchat profile and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom, you can find the day you joined Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat?

If you don’t already know what Snapchat is, you must either be a “boomer” or living under a rock. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps that you can find in the world. It is a simple way to share everyday moments while simultaneously making them look amazing.

Snapchat was created on July 8, 2011. The app was developed by a public company called Snap. Snap developed Snapchat as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The app was developed with the core concept that any video or photo or message sent “self-destructs”. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which record and broadcast what you do, Snapchat messages are meant to disappear after you view them. This means that the videos and photos or messages are only available to the receiver for a short time. After, it becomes inaccessible. There is something about snapping, sharing, and then forgetting about the moments that appeal to the users.

Snapchat lets its users connect with friends and exchange pictures and videos called snaps. The messages then disappear after they have been viewed. It was termed as a “new type of camera” as the essential function of the app is to take a picture or video, add filters, lenses, and other effects.

Why Is Snapchat So Famous?

Have you seen your brothers or sisters and teen children going crazy about snaps? This is because the app is optimized for younger age groups.

Snapchat has this thing called a streak. Streaks are when you send a photo or message to someone each day. You will get a streak in 3 days but have to keep sending photos every day to keep the streak going.

If you fail to send a picture within 24 hours, the streaks will disappear. This starts getting obsessive when you accumulate a big number of streaks with your friends. At this point, it becomes a necessity for you to maintain the streak.

Imagine losing a streak of over 500 days, infuriating isn’t it? This simple feature keeps bringing users back to the app every single day.

Fun fact: The longest streak on Snapchat is 2190 days. That is commitment right there.

Snapchat is not just limited to streaks. The app has other features like filters, games, quizzes, news, and entertainment. It also has truly innovative photo and video editing tools. The tools are so innovative that it’s nearly impossible for grown-ups to figure them out. This might be another reason why the app is so famous among the younger age groups.

Features On Snapchat

Snapchat filters are one of the biggest factors contributing to its popularity. The filters on Snapchat make the photo or video you have taken look awesome. Some filters have been used to create viral trends like the Disney-style cartoon face filter. Other filters include having dog ears or cat whiskers.

Snapchat also has “Snapscore”. This indicates how active and social a user is on Snapchat. No, the score cannot be used for anything. But, it’s fun to see who is more active on Snapchat from your friend list. You get the scores based on the snaps you send and receive, stories you have viewed and posted.

With the features that Snapchat offers, there is no denying that you want to keep coming back for more.

When Did I Join Snapchat?

Are you looking to celebrate your Snapchat anniversary or want to find out how long you’ve been on Snapchat? Or are you like me?

Whatever the reason, here is how you can find out when you made your Snapchat account.

Step 1. Open The App

The first step to finding out when you made your Snapchat is to open the app. Tap on Snapchat’s icon on your phone. This will instantly open the app.

Step 2. Tap Your Profile Picture

When you open the app, your camera will open too. If you look at the top left-hand side, you will see your profile picture. Most users have a “Bitmoji”, which is a cartoon-ish version of themselves that the user makes. Press on your profile picture.

Step 3. Scroll Down Your Profile

Pressing on your profile picture will take you to your Snapchat profile. On your Snapchat profile, you will be able to see your name, Bitmoji, and snap score among other things. Scroll down to the bottom of your profile until you find the Snapchat logo.

Step 4. The Day You Joined Snapchat

Once you find the Snapchat logo at the bottom of your Snapchat profile, look right below the Snapchat logo. You will see a phrase that says “Joined Snapchat on DD//MM/YY”.

There you have it! This is how you find out when you made your Snapchat account. The process is quite simple. You will also see many other options on the Snapchat profile that you can explore.

You have learned how to check when you joined Snapchat. But, can your friends see when you joined Snapchat too? This is not possible on Snapchat. However, you can check how long you have been friends with someone on Snapchat.

During my quest to write this article, I also stumbled upon a guide that helped me check how long I had been friends with someone. Therefore, I have written about how you can do so in this article.

Find ‘Friends With Since’ On Snapchat

In addition to finding out when you made your Snapchat account, you can also check the date from which you were friends with someone.

To check the date from which you were friends with someone, you must first swipe right on the main screen. Swiping right on the main screen will take you to the messages list screen. You will be able to see a list of people who have texted you. Next, tap on the profile picture, which will take you to the person’s Snapchat profile. Scroll to the bottom of their profile. Here, you will see the date that you and your friend connected on Snapchat.

You have also learned to check how long you have been friends with your friend on Snapchat.

You can also download your Snapchat data, where you’ll be able to see when you joined Snapchat, among other information.

Download My Data

When you create an account on Snapchat, the app collects information from you. You can access and download this data. Here, you will be able to find information regarding your Login history and account information. You can check when you joined Snapchat from here too. Other information includes User and Public profiles, Snap and Chat history, Memories, Purchase History, Friends, Location, and Search History as well.

Visit Snapchat’s accounts website and log in to your account. Secondly, click on “My Data’. At the bottom of the page, you will see a “Submit Request” button. Mind you, Snapchat takes your account security very seriously. Therefore, make sure the app verifies your email. Snapchat will send you an email with a link once your data is ready to download. Follow this link from your email, and then click the link to download your data.


Snapchat has given young people what they want: a simple way to share everyday moments. The app is not just limited to photo messaging. Its features make it an entertaining platform where individuals can share moments of their life throughout the day. The filters, streaks, games, and quizzes make it an interactive platform that users can enjoy with their friends.

For me, Snapchat has become a way of life. It is easy to communicate with people using the app. I send photos to people to tell them what I’m up to rather than having to start a conversation. If you dislike having conversations online but still want to keep in touch, then this is the social media platform for you.

Finding out when you made your Snapchat account isn’t difficult. But it allows you to look back on how much time you have spent on the app, the moments you have shared on it, and your friends.

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