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Why Telegram Voice Message Not Working 2021 [ 5 Fixing Methods]

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Are you wondering why Telegram voice message not working on your device when you try to send a voice message to someone? One of my friends also reported the same problem when we both are having a conversation through voice chat on Telegram. That’s where I start finding its causes and solution.

One of the common reasons for Telegram voice message not working is because of slow internet connection, poor device performance, and insufficient device storage. Rather than this, if your Telegram stores too many cache or there is some bug on the app itself, then you will have trouble using voice messages.

However, if none of the above reasons is your issue, but you still can’t able to use/send a voice message on Telegram, then I have listed some of the best solutions in this article. So, go through them one by one and re-again continue your conversation using Telegram voice message.

If you are ready, then let’s get started!

Why Telegram Voice Message Not Working?

As I already mentioned, some of the main reasons behind the issue in Telegram voice message features.

Considering that thing, in this section, I have provided few methods which I personally worked on during my research to solve one of my friends’ issue when he was having trouble sending his Telegram voice message feature.

So, you can also try them all and fix the Telegram voice message problem as soon as possible.

Close and Re-open the app

Closing and restarting the Telegram app is the first common thing that you can do if you are having trouble in your any apps. So, this will also work for the Telegram app.

When you close and re-open the app, then it will restart the app server, which will fix common bugs and errors. This can also help to solve Telegram voice message issue.

Switch to Mobile Data

Are you getting enough Wi-Fi signals on your device? Does your network signal is disconnecting over and over again? If so, then it will interrupt all the app performance on your device.

If your internet is slow, then it will be hard for Telegram to send and receive messages. And this is where you will say my “Telegram voice message not working.” So, here you can switch to your mobile data. By doing this, you will get a full signal, and you can work on your Telegram voice message.

Clear App Cache

Cache stores the duplicate of your Telegram data, files, information so it will be easier to load that certain content fast. This means, when the cache of Telegram is full, then it can start malfunctioning its features. So, this is where you have to clear the Telegram cache.

To clear the Telegram cache, follow the following few steps.

Android Device

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Next, tap on Application Manager, which is under the device section.
  3. After that, tap on the Telegram app.
  4. Tap on the clear option.
  5. Finally, tap on Ok.

IOS Device

If you are clearing the Telegram app cache on your iPhone, then you should remember that it will delete the Telegram app from your device. Clearing any app cache on IOS means removing an app from that device. So, you have first to clear the Telegram cache and have to download it from the app store.

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Tap on General option.
  3. Next, tap on iPhone Storage option.
  4. Locate and open Telegram app.
  5. Finally, tap on Delete.
  6. After that, go to the app store.
  7. Search for Telegram in the search bar and install it.

Uninstall App

If clearing the Telegram cache didn’t work for you, then uninstall the app and re-download it from the store. Maybe it’s not because of your device nor internet connection but with the app itself. If there is an issue with the Telegram app, then you can’t do anything except delete the app and re-again install it from the app store.

Note: Keep your login credentials safe and sound because you will need them later on to access your Telegram account. You can also backup your messages and information if you don’t want to start your conversation from the start.

Android Device

  1. Open your device settings.
  2. Next, tap on Application Manager.
  3. Search for Telegram app, and once you find it, then tap on it.
  4. After that, choose uninstall option.

Apart from this, you can also long-tap on the Telegram icon from a home section and choose uninstall option.

IOS Device

If you are using the iPhone or iPad, then simply long-tap on your Telegram app and afterward, tap on the “X” button. This will remove or uninstall the app from your device.

Update Telegram App

If you are using the outdated version of the Telegram app, then you may find some of the features not working properly. This usually happens when the developer updates the previous app features to make them even better.

In the context of Telegram voice features, maybe the app doesn’t support Voice message and ask for an update. In this case, you can’t just simply update this feature only so you have to update the whole app.

Android Device

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines from upper left corner.
  3. Now, tap on My Apps & Games.
  4. Under update section, search for Telegram app and tap on update if there is one.

IOS Device 

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Tap on Today, which you can find on the bottom side.
  3. Tap on your Profile icon.
  4. Check for the Telegram update under the Available Updates section.
  5. Finally, update Telegram app.

Why is Telegram Voice Message Not Playing?

Suppose you received a voice message on Telegram from one of your friends. It was a song which he sings for you. But when you try to play the message, then it won’t even play. If this thing ever happens to you while on the Telegram app, then here are the reasons and its solution, which I have mentioned down below.

Slow Wi-Fi Connection

If you are connected to a poor internet connection, then it may be the first reason why you can’t play the Telegram voice message. So, check your Wi-Fi connection, and if it’s slow, then try to fix it.

You can also use the simple home method to boost your connection. That is by unplugging the router wire for like 15 seconds and afterward re-plug in. By doing this, sometimes it can somehow give you a proper network signal.

Corrupted Message

When the voice message got interrupts while recording, then it will not play later on. This is because it cannot record the flow of your voice. So, if this ever happens to your friends or to you then sorry to say but you can’t do anything. Just make another new voice message without cutting down your voice.

Laggy Device

If Telegram voice message is not playing on your device, then first, you must make sure that your device is running fine. If your device is constantly frozen or laggy, then it will take time to load the whole voice message.

That’s why, it’s better for you to either change Telegram default storage location to SD card or increase your device performance. To make your device run faster and smoother, you can uninstall the app which you are not using, or those which are consuming too much space.

Why Telegram Voice Message Not Showing?

Are you recording the voice message on Telegram but can’t able to find the microphone option on it? If that’s the case, then maybe you are using a video message instead of a voice message.

In this case, you have to switch from video message to voice message. So, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open Telegram app.
  2. Go to the chat section where you want to send a voice message.
  3. Now, tap on video option, which you can find from the bottom right corner. This will switch back to your microphone section.
  4. At last, start your recording.

How to Fix Telegram Voice Message Not Sending?

Have you tried to send a voice message on Telegram but later finds out it not working? Well, if so, then it might be because of the following reasons.

  • Disable Wi-Fi connection
  • Poor device performance
  • App server issue
  • Telegram is down

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Activate Voice Call in Telegram?

If you want to make a video call on Telegram then it is just simple as texting. Just open the Telegram app> Head to individual chat box> tap on three vertical lines from upper right corner> select video call from drag-down menu.

Why Telegram Desktop Voice Message Not Working?

When Telegram desktop voice message not working, then check your internet connection, disable the antivirus program, allow the telegram desktop app on the firewall.

Other than this, you can also completely close the app or website (if you are using the web version of Telegram). After that, start it again from the start.


There you go, I have listed the best possible methods to fix Telegram voice not working problem. So try out all and let us know which method works for you. However, if none of them works, then the issue might be in the Telegram app itself. In such a case, just sit down and wait until the problem is fixed.

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