How To Make Video Or Voice Call On Telegram 2022 [Android, IOS, Desktop]

With the latest update of Telegram on August 14th, now it supports video calls. This means you can now have a face to face communication and chat at the same time with your friends. This is a tough competition between Telegram and WhatsApp. A video call is supported on Android, IOS, and Desktop Telegram app. So any users can share their moment using any device. Now, are you interested to make Video or Voice call on Telegram? This is how you do it!

If you want to make a video or voice call on Telegram then just open your Telegram app, Select an individual chat to whom you want to make a voice or video call, Tap on three vertical lines from an upper right corner or you can simply tap on their username, select either voice or video call.

Now, you can have a conversation with your friend on Telegram and also get along with your other task. Your calls are end-to-end encrypted, which means you don’t have to worry about security. This is a great multitasking feature that Telegram has ever provided to its users.

However, some of the steps to make video or voice calls on the Telegram desktop app, Telegram Web, and IOS are somehow different than the above one. That; why read the whole article and get access to video or voice call on all devices.

How to Make Voice or Video Call on Telegram?

Before starting to make a voice or video call on Telegram, you must remember to update your app. If you didn’t have an updated version of the Telegram app and Telegram desktop app, then you can’t make a video call except for a voice call.

Besides, you can’t make a video or voice call on Telegram web because it is still yet to come. Moreover, a video call is also not supported on Telegram Channel or group. So, it is only available on Individual chats. Telegram said that they are working on launching group video calls soon, so stay tuned till then. 

Tip: You can switch between your video and voice call on Telegram. This is beneficial when you don’t want to have a face-to-face talk.

Now, let’s see how you can make video or voice calls on the Telegram app and Telegram desktop app.

Make Video or Voice Call on Telegram on Android

If you are an Android user and want to show something funny through a video on Telegram, then you can follow the following steps.

  1. Launch your Telegram app.
  2. Open the profile or person chat where you want to make a video or voice call.
  3. Next, tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner of the screen. You can also tap on their username from the above beside their profile picture.
  4. There, select either the voice or video call option to make a call.
  5. Once you are done with voice or video call, then tap on the End call option to send cut your call.

There you go, you can successfully make a video or voice call on Telegram using Android. Let me tell you one thing, video or voice call requires a good internet connection if you don’t want to feel any lag during the call. Saying that, you can also send a voice message on Telegram if you find a disturbance in your call. This is better than moving back to typing to have a conversation.

Make Video or Voice Call on Telegram on IOS

If you are an iPhone user and want to have a conversation through video or voice call, then follow the following few steps.

  1. Open Telegram app.
  2. Tap on an individual profile or chat.
  3. Next, tap on their username.
  4. Now, make either voice or video call on Telegram.
  5. If you want to mute your voice, then tap on the mute option; otherwise, leave it just as it is.
  6. Finally, tap on End call to finish your conversation.

Make Video or Voice Call on Telegram Desktop

Are you accessing the Telegram account on your laptop or desktop just because it is easier to switch between your work and chat session? But want to make a video or voice call to your friends regarding the work? Then it is just simple as on mobile devices.

Just download the Telegram Desktop App on your PC and after that, start following the below-mentioned steps.

As a reminder, you can’t make either voice or video calls on Telegram Web. So you have to go with the Telegram desktop app version on your desktop.

  1. Launch Telegram desktop app.
  2. Open the conversation on where you want to make a voice or video call.
  3. Click on the Phone icon from the upper right side. This will start your call.
  4. For a video call, click on the camera option on the bottom left side.
  5. Finally, click on Decline to send a call.

How to Make Group Video or Voice Call on Telegram?

You can’t simply make a group video or voice call on the Telegram at once but you can make a call to members of the Telegram group. By doing this, you can call your favorite member of a group anytime without inviting them to individual chat.

This is how you do it!

  1. Launch your Telegram app.
  2. Go to the group.
  3. Tap on the Group display name from the upper side. There you can see all the group members of Telegram which you have joined in.
  4. Choose a group member to whom you want to make a video or voice call.
  5. Finally, select either Voice or Video call option from the upper right side.

How to Make a Video Call on Telegram X?

Telegram X is an alternative client-based Telegram that provides even better performance speed and features. It is an official app from Telegram which is available on Android only. However, for IOS users, you have to use an official version of the Telegram app.

Taking about the calls, you can make both video and voice calls on Telegram X, just similar to the original version of Telegram. There is no such difference between calls compare to the official Telegram app. Same experience but slightly different steps.

So, how do you make a video or voice call on Telegram X? Have a closer look at the following steps!

Download Telegram X on Android

  1. Once you download Telegram X on your device, tap to open it.
  2. Next, tap on three horizontal lines from the upper left corner.
  3. Select the Calls option from the menu.
  4. Next, tap on call con from the bottom right corner.
  5. Now, select a person or your friend to whom you want to make a video or voice call.
  6. Finally, tap on End call to decline a conversation.

How to Switch From Video Call to Voice Call on Telegram?

Making calls on Telegram is way interesting and fun than before. That’s because you can switch between a voice and a video call.

Let’s say you are doing a video call with your girlfriend in your room. But suddenly, your mom came into your room and ask to whom you are making a call. The fun part is your mom doesn’t like having a girlfriend. That’s where you will be in trouble, isn’t it if she finds out about your girl. That’s where you can instantly switch to a voice call and talk about something else. Trust me, it will be a lifesaver!!

Now, let’s see how to switch from video call to voice call on Telegram?

  1. Open your Telegram app.
  2. Go to that persons’ profile on where you want to make a video call.
  3. Once you are on a video call, then simply tap on the camera option from the bottom side.
  4. Now, it will disable your device camera and switch to voice calls only.

How’s that sound? Quite simple, isn’t it?

Telegram Video Call Not Showing?

You want to make a video call on Telegram with your friends to show them something funny and interesting. You open your app and start to make a video call but then boom! There is no any video call option on your Telegram app. Does this ever happen to you?

If yes, then there are several reasons behind it such as,

  • Poor internet connection
  • Slow device
  • Outdated Telegram app
  • Enabled VPN
  • Full of cache
  • App issue

So, first, try to solve all the above-mentioned issues and check whether it’s solved or not. If not, then uninstall the app and re-download it from the app store.

Is Telegram Video Call Safe?

Telegram video calls are end-to-end encrypted call which means the security on a Telegram video call is really good. Moreover, it is a 100% tested feature from Telegram so that you don’t have to feel any trouble using it.

You can easily share your personal, office, or other important files or data through a Telegram video call. You don’t have to worry about data breaches or hacking.

Therefore, Telegram video call is safe to use on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There No Video Call on Telegram?

If you can’t find the video call feature on Telegram, then maybe you are using an outdated version of the Telegram app. So, first, update your app, and you will find a video call option on your Telegram.

Can I Make Video Calls on Telegram?

Yes, you can make a video call on Telegram without any problem on any device. But before that, make sure to update your app.

Can We Do Group Video Call on Telegram?

No, you can’t make a group call on Telegram. That’s because group call on Telegram is still not available. However, a company is working on this feature and can be available in the near future.


At last, make video and voice call on Telegram on your any devices within few steps. And share your moment with your friends or family members whenever you want. But remember to update your app if you can’t find a video call option on Telegram. Other than this, you are good to go!

If you have any other queries regarding Telegram, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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