How to Make Telegram Channel From Private to Public [Updated 2022]

You create a Telegram channel to share social content and other information with your friends only. It was a private channel where only you and your invited friends can see your content. But, one day, you feel like converting your Telegram private channel to the public so that you can increase the audience and subscribers. So, if you are thinking about making changes to your Telegram channel, then you came into the right place.

To make Telegram channel from private to public, simply open your private channel > Tap on Channel name > Tap on Pencil icon > Tap on Channel type option> Select public channel > Make permanent link for your channel > Tap on tick icon.

Now you can increase your audience and introduce a new product or improve your services that you are currently providing in your channel. Moreover, this is the beginning step to make money on Telegram by promoting your channel business. But, first, you must have the courage to wait.

If you still can’t change your Telegram private channel to the public, then you can look at the step-by-step process which I have provided down below. Don’t hurry up and read the full article!

How to Change Telegram Channel From Private to Public?

Telegram allows you to make both public and private channels based on your audience. If you have a small target audience or group and your content or product is private, then you can go with a private channel. However, if you want to promote your new business and grow sales all around the world, then you can come with a public channel.

Other than this, you can also make your private channel to public anytime you want within few minutes. This way, you can expand your sales boundary and increase the subscribers.

Before you move to build a public channel from a private one, you must first have a valid account on Telegram. You can either go with the Telegram app or Telegram Web. So, check an article on “How to create a Telegram account?

Note: If you make your Telegram channel public, then anyone can search your channel name and can join them without your permission. You will no longer have to share your invitation link with people in order to join your channel.

Now, let’s get into our main topic.

Change Telegram Private Channel to Public on Android

If you are on an Android device, then here are the steps to change Telegram private channel to public using Android.

  1. Open your Telegram app.
  2. Go to your channel (private).
  3. Tap on your channel name, which is just on the upper side.
  4. Next, tap on a pencil icon which you can find on the upper right side.
  5. Tap on Channel Type under the description section.
  6. There, you can see your Telegram channel is on private. Now, select the Public channel.
  7. After that, make a permanent link.
  8. Finally, tap on tick icon from the upper right corner.

Change Telegram Private Channel to Public on iPhone

Changing your Telegram channel from public to private on IOS is just as simple as on an Android device. So, here follow the following few steps to make Telegram private channel to public using the iPhone device.

  1. Go to your Telegram account.
  2. Open your channel, which is private.
  3. Tap on your channel name.
  4. After that, tap on the Edit option from the upper right corner.
  5. Choose the Channel Type option.
  6. Select a public channel and set your permanent link.
  7. Once completed, tap on Done.

How to Change Telegram Public Channel to Private?

Have you created a Telegram channel for the purpose of expanding your business and sales? But because of your own personal reasons, you can’t share the content anymore or sell your product to the customer?

If that so, then you can make your channel from the public to private. This way, you can hold your business for a certain time and can focus on your own personal stuff. You will not get an order from the new member through your channel. Moreover, it is also easier for you to control your existing members.

Besides, if you think that you have enough members on your channel and don’t want to add more, then making your Telegram channel private is also the best option.

Note: When you change your Telegram public channel to private, then you won’t get any new subscribers automatically. You have to share the invitation link in order to join your channel. Plus, your channel won’t be visible on the search.

  1. Open your Telegram account.
  2. Head to your public channel, which you have created.
  3. Tap on your channel name.
  4. Next, tap on the pencil icon.
  5. Tap on the Channel type option.
  6. There, select a private channel.
  7. At last, tap on the tick icon.

The above process is for Android users only, but if you are using an iPhone, then you have replaced “pencil icon” with “Edit” and “Tick icon” with “Done.

How to Join Telegram Channel?

Telegram channels are basically a great comparison to groups. That’s because it provides information, social content, and posts that are informative and sometimes entertaining.

You can join a channel to download movies on Telegram, read articles or books, buy a product which you like, and more.

It is basically an organized channel based on interest, product, and topics.

So, in order to join a channel on Telegram, you first have to find a channel name and subscribe to it if they are public. But, in the case of a private Telegram channel, an admin has to provide an “invite link” to join.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step process to join the Telegram channel using Android and iPhone devices.

  1. Login into your Telegram account.
  2. Next, tap on the search icon, which is located in the upper right corner.
  3. Type the name of a channel which you want to join.
  4. Once you find that particular channel, tap on the Join option.

Now, you have successfully subscribed to that channel, and you will see that channel in your chat section. From now on, enjoy the content which is posted on the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to See Telegram Channel  Members?

If you want to view Telegram channel members, then first open your Telegram app. Visit the channel which you want to see its members. After that, tap on the channel name from the upper section. Next, tap on the subscriber option under the members section. Now, there you can see all Telegram channel members.

How to Share Telegram Channel Link?

If you want to share your or someone’s Telegram channel link, then go to the channel. Tap on the channel name and locate the invite link option. After that, copy the link and paste it to your desired channel, group, or an individual chat.

How to Contact Telegram Channel Admin?

You can’t contact Telegram channel admin directly unless you are made an admin of the channel. But you can leave a message to the admin through the channel regarding your topic. Maybe, admin can see your message and talk to you in an individual chat.


Lastly, through the Telegram channel, you can collect information, download movies or entertainment-related content, participate in the events, buy or sell products, and more. So, if you also have plans to start a small business, then you can make the Telegram channel from private to public.

Target your audience and increase the subscribers on your channel.

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