How To Download Movies On The Telegram App [Step By Step Guide 2022]

Telegram is a free and secured cloud-based instant messaging, video call, and voice over IP service.  Telegram launched its app (August 14, 2013) on iOS, and (October 20, 2013) on Android with different exciting features. And the interesting part is that you can create groups or channels and add up to 200,000 peoples.

After creating a group and channel on Telegram, there are many tasks you can perform within the app and as we all know telegram is a great source to stream and download movies and web-series, and you can download movies on telegram for free of cost. To download movies on telegram you have to:

  • join a telegram movie channel or group
  • Open channel or group
  • Search for a link
  • Click on the download link 
  • Open downloaded movies from your device.

These are the steps to download movies using telegram, but there are few more methods that you can implement to download movies on the telegram app. So if you want to know the various methods to download movies on telegram, follow the methods mentioned below.

Steps to Download Movies on the Telegram app (Channels and Groups)

So, as we all know we can download movies on Telegram, but we might get confused about how we can download movies, here is the step by step procedure to do so

  1. Open the telegram app on your device
  2. Now from the chat list, tap on the Search (Magnifying glass icon) on the top right corner
  3. After that, type the movie name or best movie channel name
  4. And you will see a list of channels
  5. Now, open an individual movie channel and search for a movie download link
  6. Once you find a download link, click on the download link
  7. After that, your movie will be download on your device

There you go, once you click on the download link, your movie will start downloading, and it will automatically be saved in your device storage after its downloaded.

Steps to Download Movies from Telegram Bots?

On the Telegram app, you can talk with Bots to download movies and perform many tasks with the help of bots on telegram.

So, if you want to know how to use a telegram bot to download movies then, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the search box
  2. Search Muvi Bot
  3. Open a chat with the bot
  4. Tap the Start button to initiate a talk
  5. Now, enter the movie name you want to download as a message
  6. You can text Movie Website, Movie Id, or Movie name
  7. If your movie name exists in their database you will see the Download Now link 
  8. Tap the Download Now link 
  9. After that, click on the OPEN button
  10. And you will be back to the chatbox with a bot
  11. Now, click on the Start button
  12. Finally, your movie is ready to download, click on the download icon.

Once your movie is downloaded you can access the downloaded movie from your device gallery and enjoy your movie.

Best Channels to Download Movies on Telegram

If you don’t know the name of channels on Telegram where you can find links to download movies then don’t worry! We have mentioned some of the channel names where you can go and search for the download links for the movie you want to download.

So, here are the best telegram channels from where you can get download links for movies and web series;

  • Netflix Originals
  • Movies_Web_Universe
  • Movies Forest
  • Google Drive Movies
  • Hindi Old Movies

So, there you go these are the best channel on telegram from where you can get download links for movies and web series. Simple open the telegram app, click on the search icon, enter the channel name, open the channel, and you will see a list of movies and download links within the movie channel.

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) regarding movies download on telegram. Do watch once.

Is It Possible To Download Movies From Telegram?

Yes, it is possible to download movies from telegram but you won’t be able to watch online movies on telegram. You will get a download link to the movies on telegram, and you can on the links to download movies on Telegram.

Once you download movies from telegram, your downloaded movies will be saved on your device storage from where you can watch movies offline.

Is it possible to download movies using Telegram bots?

You can use Telegram bots to download movies on telegram and it’s easy: you can search telegram bot and start a bot to search movies when bots find the link you can click on the Download Now to download movies using telegram bot.

What are the ways to search the movie name in Telegram bots?

On the Telegram app, you can use telegram bots to search and download movies. There are three ways to search the movies using telegram bots and they are;

  • Full Url of the movie from the website
  • Movie Id
  • Name of the movie

You can use it anyone way to search movies and its download link on Telegram using bots.

In Conclusion

So here in this article, you will find out quick and easy methods to download movies on the telegram app. We have mentioned two methods that you can use on telegram to download movies (i.e download movies on the Telegram app from channels and download movies from Telegram bots) and we have also mentioned some best Telegram channels where you can get download links of movies and web series. Just follow step by step procedure mentioned according to its heading.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article on how to download movies on Telegram then you can leave us a comment in the comment section below.

And for more helpful guides on the telegram app, go to the Telegram Tips.

Thank You.