How to Create a Telegram Channel 2023 [Android, IOS, Desktop]

How to Create a Telegram Channel

Have you ever heard of Telegram? A cloud-based instant messaging app that is used to exchange and share unlimited messages, photos, and videos, as well as files up to 1.5 GB. It has more than 700 million daily active users around the world.

Another quite interesting thing about Telegram is that users can create a channel as well as a group on the app. The main purpose of the channel is for business purposes and entertainment.

So, if you are new to Telegram and want to create your own channel, then you came to the right article.

To create a Telegram channel, first, open the Telegram app> Tap on the circular Pencil icon from the home screen> Tap on New Channel> Provide channel Name, description, and picture> Tap on the tick icon> Select Public or Private channel> Include members> Finally tap on tick icon.

Today, we will learn the most simple steps to create a Telegram channel on Android, IOS, as well as on desktop.

Before moving to our main topic, let’s get even deeper and learn more about the Telegram channel and the things you should consider before creating one.

What is Telegram Channel?

In simple terms, the Telegram channel is a kind of platform’s group feature where you can interact with multiple users at the same time.

You can create or share content like videos, photos, messages, infographics, podcasts, quizzes, polls, and more that will target your audience.

There is no limitation on adding people to Telegram because it is suitable for a large audience, which is kind of unlimited.

Suppose you are a huge fan of anime, and you want to share all your thoughts about anime with others as well as want to receive a new one.

In addition, you also want to get the latest news about any new anime that is ongoing worldwide.

Or want to sell products related to anime. In this case, you can create a new channel called “Anime World” and interact with it.

The Telegram channel is divided into two parts “Public” and “Private.”

Here you can choose anyone according to your need or the target of your audience.

If your target is only local people like whom you know, then go with private.

However, if you want to share your content with a large number of audiences, then the Public is the good one.

In order to gain an audience on your channel, other people have to subscribe to your channel (if it’s private) so they can access your content.

Just think of it like a YouTube, where only an admin can post or a specific member can post content.

To gain a subscriber, you have to share your channel link with others so that they can become a subscriber.

You are the administrator of your channel, so it’s up to you to choose people. In addition, you also have a right to add and remove people if they violate any rules.

If you want to keep your subscriber interested and excited, then you have to post unique content to attract them.

This will make your channel engagement level at a higher point. But remember not to share any unnecessary contents which are worthy and eye-catching, which can lead to subscriber turnover.

At first, it’s a difficult task and can take more time, but nothing can stop you after your channel becomes popular.

Moreover, with the Telegram channel, you can also build or boost your small business, something like online sales, ads, etc.

Basically, it’s not only for fun or news but also for a good source to generate profit and customer engagement through online business.

What is the Difference Between Telegram Group and Channel?

Most people or users get confused over these two terms of Telegram “Group” and “Channel.”

They considered these both as the same in the app.

So are they actually similar? Do they work the same? Here’s a simple answer to these questions.

When you create a group on Telegram, then it is only for a small audience, like up to 200,000 people.

I know it’s a lot of users for a group, right? I think the main reason behind this is to increase the engagement between friends, family members, and other small teams.

If your audience target is short, then you can definitely go with a group.

However, on the other side, the Telegram channel is for a large audience, which is like almost unlimited.

It’s like a YouTube channel where you can have a large number of subscribers on your channel.

If you create a Telegram channel, then you only have a right to share content.

Other people are only your subscriber who can only view or watch the content which you share on your channel.

What Should You Know Before Creating a Telegram Channel?

There are a few things that you should know before you start to create a Telegram channel.

This will lower the chance of deleting the channel later on in the future.

So, what are those key points which you should know or remember for the Telegram channel?

Let’s have a closer look down below.

  • When creating a new Telegram channel, choose a unique and interesting name.
  • You can create 10 public telegram channels per account.
  • You can add unlimited subscribers.
  • If you want to add your friends to the contact list, you can invite 200 users to your channel.
  • You can make 50 members (max) as the administrator of your channel.
  • If you want to edit your content, which was already published, then telegram provides you with 2 days’ time.
  • Users can also add or activate 20 bots on the channel.
  • If you have over 1,000 subscribers on your channel and in case you want to delete it, then you have to get help from the user support team.

Difference Between Telegram Public and Private Channels

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you choose an “Introvert,” then you are more likely to keep your things private or with only a limited number of people.

However, if you choose an “Extrovert,” you are open-minded and love sharing your content with the outside world.

The reason why I am giving you this example is that it is related to the Telegram channel.

Whenever you start to create a Telegram channel there, you have two options whether you want to keep your channel “Public” or “Private.”

So, have a closer look at how they differ from each other.

Telegram Public Channel

If you choose a public channel, then it is available to all other Telegram users.

There is no any restriction for any users to join your channel even though they are not subscribers.

Users can search for your channel and can join and share content anytime they want.

If your target is a large audience throughout the world, then the public channel is great for you.

For example, if you have a clothing brand where you want to shine your product all over the world, then you can open a channel targeting your brand name and attract the customer with a good engagement.

For more briefing, I have written an article on how to use the Telegram channel for business.

Telegram Private Channel

In the context of a private channel, it is only available for a subscriber.

This means a channel is locked or won’t be visible or available to the public.

This is the same thing that you can find on Instagram; if you want to see someone’s news feed, which is private, then you have to follow them.

The same goes for Telegram’s private channel too.

In order to join the Telegram private channel, you must have a link that is from the Administrator of the channel.

Once you get a link, then click on it to become part of that channel.

The link-sharing authority is only accessible to the owner only, which means you can’t invite your other friends on a private channel.

However, if the channel administrator makes you a member of that channel, then you also gain the same right as an administrator.

Private channels are great for short businesses or teams. If you have a limited number of people whom you only want to share your content around that boundary, then go for a private channel.

Besides, if you think that your business is getting large, then you can easily shift or make your private telegram channel to the public whenever you want.

How to Create a Telegram Channel?

Now, if you are ready to create a Telegram channel for your personal use or for business purposes, follow these few simple steps down below.

In addition, if you are using the Telegram channel for business, then you might love this article.

I have provided all the essential things along with tips and tricks on where you can start and grow your business on Telegram.

The process of creating a new Telegram channel is slightly different on Android, IOS, and Desktop, so that’s why you have to follow different steps for each one.

But don’t worry, and it won’t take much time.

But before moving any further, let me remind you that you must create a Telegram account in order to create a Telegram channel.

So, if you haven’t still created one, then do it right now.

You can use any device as long as it’s working smoothly and won’t freeze.

The requirement for Telegram is not high, so it will work fine on any device.

How to Create a Telegram Channel on Android?

For Android users, follow these steps to create a Telegram channel on an Android device.

  1. Launch your Telegram app on your device.
  2. Now, tap on the pencil icon from the lower part on the right side. You can find it on the homepage of telegram.
  3. Tap on New Channel, which is symbolized by the megaphone icon.
  4. Here, provide an avatar, and name along with a good description for your channel. Remember, this is the main part that helps to grab the attention of subscribers towards your channel. So, make it catchy, clear, and informative.
  5. Once you complete step 4, now tap on the Tick mark from the upper right corner.
  6. After that, select your channel type, whether Public or Private, according to your needs.
  7. If you choose the public channel, then you have to provide a link so that people can find it in the search and share it with other people or friends. Use the Permanent link section to make a link for your channel. However, in the case of a private channel, you already a pre-made link, so there you don’t have to create one.
  8. Next, select the members which you want to add to your channel. It’s not compulsory, so you can do it later on manually.
  9. Finally, tap on the Tick icon from the upper right corner.

How to Create a Telegram Channel on iPhone?

For the IOS users, follow these steps to create a Telegram channel on the IOS device.

  1. Open your Telegram channel.
  2. In the chats, start with the New message. For that, tap the icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Now, select the New Channel option.
  4. After that, follow the same process which we have learned while creating it on an Android device. You can start from step 4.

How to Create a Telegram Channel on a Desktop?

In case you can’t access Telegram either on Android or IOS, then you can also use it on your desktop.

This means your personal computer or laptop.

To get Telegram for PC, you don’t have to use an emulator or additional third-party software, just download the Telegram app and get your job done.

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux

Download Telegram for PC

Now follow these simple few steps to create a Telegram channel on a desktop.

  1. Download the Telegram app from the above link.
  2. Install and run the app.
  3. Launch the Telegram app on your computer.
  4. Now, click on the three vertical lines from the upper left corner of the home screen.
  5. Here, choose the New Channel option.
  6. In the new pop-up windows, provide the avatar, name, and description for your channel. Once all is complete, click on the Create button.
  7. Next, select your channel type, whether public or private.
  8. After that, manage your link if you choose the public channel. If you see your selected link is unavailable, then use another unique but simple.
  9. In the next step, you can invite 200 people from your contact list to join your channel. You can also skip that process if you don’t want to do it right now. You can invite them later on using the link.
  10. After all, you have created a Telegram channel.

How to Manage Your Telegram Channel?

Have you completed creating your own new telegram channel? If so, now it’s time to manage your channel so that it can attract visitors and can get more followers.

When you leave your channel unmanaged, then nobody will look for it, which is a good way of losing followers and visitors.

Do you want to see your channel with 1000+ followers or with 10 followers? Obviously, tons of followers, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Set up your telegram channel in a proper form by adding your channel description and product avatar which the help of following the procedure down below.

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Tap on the channel which you have just created.
  3. Next, tap on the three vertical lines.
  4. There, upload an avatar and next write a complete brief description about your channel.


Lastly, create a Telegram channel and broadcast your informative messages. You can choose either private or public channels for your target audience. If you have a larger audience or want to boost your sales ratio, then it’s better to choose a public channel.

So use your creativity, different styles, and publish exclusive and engaging content for your audience.

If you have any queries regarding the articles, then feel free to ask.

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