How To Send Fake Live Camera Picture On Kik 2022 | Proper Guide

Kik is a popular anonymous messaging app. You can talk to strangers from all around the world without showing your real identity on Kik. This is why it is loved by most teenagers and younger adults.

You can send texts, videos, pictures, Gifs, stickers, memes, and many more. When it comes to sending pictures, users can choose two options on Kik.

  1. They either can use the pictures from the camera roll or,
  2. Use the Kik app camera.

However, the recipient will know whether a photo was recently clicked or was an existing one from the gallery. That’s because you can find the camera caption on a picture if it is taken from the app’s camera. This is the reason why many users want to send Fake Live Camera Pictures on Kik.

Choosing a fake live picture for Kik helps users to use the existing photo from the camera roll and send it as a live picture. This way, the recipient will never know whether a picture was recently taken or not because it always shows the camera caption beside the picture.

If you’re looking to fake it on Kik, you’ll need to use a third-party app. Gallery Cam, AppValley, and Fake Camera Kik App are all great options for staying anonymous on Kik messenger when you don’t want to show your real identity to someone else. These apps allow you to send fake live pictures, which is the best way to stay anonymous on Kik. So if you’re looking to fake it on Kik, be sure to check out these great apps!

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What Is A Fake Camera For Kik?

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On the Kik messaging app, there are basically two methods to send pictures while chatting. You can either take a live photo from the Kik app or choose from the camera roll. Live photos work just like on Instagram when you use the camera during the chat.

However, there is a slight difference between these two options on Kik. If you choose the Live camera, then Kik puts the “Camera” caption beside the picture by default. On the other hand, when you send a photo from your device’s gallery/camera roll, it does not use any caption.

What I am trying to say is if you use the fake camera for sending pictures on Kik, then Kik puts a “camera” caption on the picture. So, you can send any picture to your friends, whether it was a screenshot or a downloaded old one, and fool your friends into thinking that it was the hottest recently clicked one.

How does that sound, interesting, doesn’t it?

How To Fake A Live Picture On Kik?

You can send fake Kik live photo to your friends or family members if you don’t want to take a real-time picture. There are tons of fake camera app for Kik that allows you to use the existing photos from phone gallery and use t as real-time camera picture.

Some best fake Kik camera apps are GalleryCam, Fake Camera Kik App and AppValley. You can choose any of the following apps and use it to fake Kik live pic. Nobody will know that you’ve used the image from your device which is not the real-time clicked photo from Kik camera.

Is It Possible To Fake A Live Camera On Kik?

Answer: Yes, you can easily send a fake live camera picture on Kik.

In the new Kik update, Kik changed quite a few features and added new ones to the app. That is why the user app interface is slightly different from the old version.

If you are using the previous version of Kik on your device, then it is possible to fake a live camera using a third-party application. However, after updating the app, this trick may not work.

But do not worry if you already have the latest version of Kik. We are here to help you out to send fake live camera pictures.

We will reach that section very soon. However, if you are in a hurry, then directly jump to our main topic down below.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use A Fake Camera For Kik?

Some of you may be wondering why would anyone want to use a fake camera on Kik even though the app has its own camera. There are lots of reasons for someone to use a fake camera for Kik. Some of them are mentioned below.

Take a closer look.

1. Lazy Moments Or Selfies

Suppose you are having a conversation with a friend on Kik. You are in your natural state; wearing sweatpants, and messy hair and you just woke up. Suddenly they ask you to send a picture of yourself at that very moment.

If you do not want to send them a picture of yourself at that moment and want to look presentable, that is where a fake camera comes into play.

You can just use a good old picture of yourself from the galley and send it using a Fake Live Camera. Your friend will never know that you sent an old picture from the gallery as the fake camera for Kik adds a “Camera” caption beside the picture and makes it look like an instant live picture.

2. Practical Jokes And Troll

A fake live camera for Kik is also the best way to joke around with your friends.

Well, you can download a picture of a snake from the internet and send it to your friends saying that you actually saw a big snake on the road. You can also photoshop your photo to make it look like you met a famous singer or a celebrity somewhere or even add a fake tattoo on your wrist.

There are tons of amazing jokes or pranks you can pull on your friends using the fake live camera. So this is also the best way to pass some boring time.

Here is one tip, always send pictures that are realistic, or that have a connection with you while sending them to your friends. Else, your friends will know you are faking it.

3. To Avoid Response To Strangers

On the Kik messenger, anyone can add any person by searching for random usernames and using the “Meet People” feature. Due to this, a person you’re recently talking to might ask you for your pictures. So, this is the best way to respond to them by sending whatever picture you want by making it look like you instantly clicked it.

4. Hide Your Real Identity

Hiding your real identity is one of the reasons to use fake live pictures on Kik. You can find lots of strangers who have bad intentions regarding the people in their kik contact list. So, it is better to be fake and safe than to be real and in danger. Plus, you never know what kind of person you are really talking to when you are using a fake kik live picture. They could be anyone from anywhere in the world. At least with a fake picture, you can be sure that they are not who they say they are.

5. Online Freedom

Few people relish the full freedom of the internet. The ability to be anyone you want, to say anything you want, and to do anything you want is both exhilarating and dangerous. It’s no wonder that many internet users choose to remain anonymous. After all, why would you want to share your true identity with strangers? However, this anonymity can also be a double-edged sword.

Without any way to identify the actual person behind the screen, we are left feeling less connected and more alone. Sending fake Kik live pictures is one example of how we try to bridge this disconnection by creating fake identities online. Fake Kik live pictures allow us to show our true selves, without the fear of judgment or rejection. In a world where we are constantly being judged for our looks, our clothes, and our opinions, fake Kik live pictures provide a much-needed respite.

6. Reverse Image Search Can Find Matches

The problem I found was that sometimes reverse image searches find some of the source images. Ideally, you don’t want any potential matches to your fake profile picture. A better way to send a fake picture is by using a fake live camera.

This way, you can avoid any potential matches and keep your identity safe. Kik fake live camera is the best way to send fake pictures. It is easy and fast.

How To Send A Fake Live Camera Picture On Kik?

There are lots of apps out there to use for the Fake live camera on Kik. Some of them are on the Google Play Store or App Store and some of them are on the website.

If you choose to download the app from the store, it could be time-consuming trying to find the safest one for Kik. If you use the website, you can directly get the fake live camera app but you have to follow a few additional steps to download it.

In this section, we have provided links to fake live camera apps for Kik from both application stores and websites. So feel free to choose any option according to your desire.

Okay, let’s get started.

Send Fake Picture In Kik On Android Devices

We have provided two apps to send fake live camera pictures on Kik. One from the Google Play Store and another from the Website. Both of the apps work perfectly fine for Kik to use camera roll pictures as fake live camera pictures.

So, take a look at both of the apps.

  • Fake Camera Kik App
  • Gallery Cam

Using Fake Camera Kik App To Send Fake Picture In Kik On

This app is best to fool any friends by using existing pictures as a live camera pictures. You have to visit the website in order to download this app on your device (Android/IOS). So, this app not only works for android users but also for iPhone users.

Steps To Use Fake Camera Kik App

Note: Turn off any AdBlock or antivirus software on your device while downloading the app. you can turn on the AdBlock after the download and installation process is fully completed.

Step 1: Open The Link

Open the link mentioned above to download the Fake Camera Kik App.

Step 2: Unlock The Application

Now, complete the two offers to unlock the app. You have to install both of them on your device and run it for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Wait For The Download Button

Once you complete both of the offers, refresh the page until it shows the Download Button.

Step 4: Download The App On Your Device

Now, download the app on your device. The size of the app is around 109MB as it is already ready to work for a fake live camera picture. You do not have to install other applications besides this.

Step 5: Install The App

Once the download is complete, install the app on your device from files.

Step 6: Use Kik

Open the app using your Kik login credentials.

Step 7: Select The Picture

Finally, select the picture from the camera roll and send it as a fake live camera picture on Kik.

This way, you can easily fool your friends or strangers by sending fake live camera pictures. Besides, you can also access this application on your PC or laptop. All you have to do is get Kik for PC and follow the same process as above.

Using Gallery Cam To Send Fake Picture In Kik On

Gallery Cam is another way to send fake live camera pics on Kik on Android devices. You do not need to root your device in order to get this app. It works perfectly fine with any android device. All you have to do is download the app and it will get your job done.

Download Gallery Cam

Steps To Use Gallery Cam App

Note: You may need to download the previous version of the Kik app in order to work perfectly. You can use the Uptodown website to download the older version of Kik.

Step 1: Download The App

Download the Gallery Cam app from the above link.

Step 2: Install The App

Install the app on your device as only the apk version will be installed from the website.

Step 3: Open Kik

Launch your Kik app.

Step 4: Send Pictures

Now, send pictures on Kik following the instructions given by the app.

Step 5: Tap On The Live Camera Icon

Tap on the Live Camera icon, and it will ask which camera you’d want to use.

Step 6: Choose The Gallery Cam App

So, choose the Gallery Cam app and send existing pictures as fake live camera pictures.

Send Fake Picture In Kik On iOS Devices

If you are using iPhone then you can also send fake live pictures to your friends or someone else. You don’t have to jailbreak your device or do anything that harms your IOS. Simply download the “AppValley” app on your iPhone and leave the rest to it.

The best thing about AppValley is that it already has an older version of the Kik app within itself. So, you don’t have to download the latest version of Kik messenger.

Quick Look: Whenever you are using the AppValley on your device then you must have both the original version of Kik and the one that AppValley install on your device. If you delete the original Kik then it can’t retrieve data from it and won’t work.

Download AppValley

So, let’s see the steps to use AppValley on iOS devices.

Note: You must have both the original Kik app and the one which you have just downloaded from AppValley.

Step 1: Click On The Link

Visit the above link to start the download process.

Step 2: Install The App

Tap on the Install option to start downloading AppValley.

Step 3: Give Permission To The App

Now ‘allow the permission’ on your iPhone to install the app.

Step 4: Wait For Download To Complete

Wait for a few minutes and complete the download process.

Step 5: Open AppValley

Once the download is completed, then open AppValley.

Step 6: Search And Install Kik

Next, go to the search bar and search for the Kik app. Once you find the app then start the download process as well as installation.

Step 7: Open The App

When the installation is complete, you open the app.

Step 8: Allow Permission To The App

After opening the Kik, you will see a pop-up error message saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.” It asks for you to give your device permission to allow the app.

So, in order to enable the permission, follow these paths device settings> General> Profile & Device Management> Henan Mobile Games Software> enable Trust.

Follow the exact same path which was mentioned above, otherwise, it may not work for you.

Step 9: Allow Access

Here you have to tap on Trust in order to allow access.

Step 10: Open Kik App

After that, open the Kik app, which you have just installed from AppValley.

Step 11: Send A Fake Live Picture

Finally, send a fake live camera picture to your friends on Kik.

So, in this way, you can easily send any fake camera pictures on Kik. But remember, don’t delete the original app; otherwise, it will not work.

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Things to be Remember While Using Fake Pictures on Kik

There are a few things that you should always remember whenever sending a picture on Kik, especially the fake one.

  • Don’t send a picture that has a filter or lenses.
  • Think about the quality of the picture that should match your device’s camera quality.
  • Don’t share your personal or private picture
  • Don’t hesitate to send a fake picture too early if you recently met a person and you like him/her.
  • Always maintain your privacy.
  • Don’t share your personal government document on the Fake camera picture apps.
  • If possible, use the default live camera of the Kik app.

Is It Safe To Use A Fake Camera For Kik?

When you send the fake picture on Kik then you have to do it from the third-party applications. Downloading the additional third-party apps on your device may be a problem if it has a harmful virus and other insecurities things.

As long as you use the secure third-party apps which we have mentioned above, you are good to go. But if you download other fake live picture apps from unknown sources then your personal information and data may on risk.

Other than this, using the fake live camera picture for Kik is somehow a good idea. But remember it’s not always a good thing. If somehow someone catches you using the fake picture then you will be in trouble.

Besides, in case the third-party apps are hacked or corrupted somehow then it will also affect your device.

So, think about it carefully!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use Kik?

No social media account is always safe in every term. Therefore, make sure you take proper precautions for your privacy safety, and your mental health while using the Kik app.

Why Is Kik Slow?

Kik Can be slow because of various reasons, such as slow internet speed, bugs and viruses, older versions of Kik, and many more.

Is It Easy To Open New Kik Account?

Yes, it is very easy to open a new Kik account by using the phone number or email address.

Can You Send Pictures on Kik?

Yes, you can send pictures on Kik from the Kik live camera feature and also from the camera roll.

Can You Video Call on Kik?

No, you can’t video call on Kik.

What Are the Dangers of Using Kik?

Kik has an equal number of good things as well as bad things. Until you don’t share your personal information with strangers and keep as the distance from them as possible then you are safe.

Can You Go Live on Kik?

Yes, you can go live on Kik which means you can Livestream on Kik messenger from Android and IOS devices.


Fake live camera pictures can be a lifesaver when you are talking to new friends or when you want to prank your friends. In fact, it is a good way to maintain privacy when you do not want to share instant pictures with people.

But, remember if you are using a fake live camera picture, other people might misuse it. So, don’t believe everything you see on the Kik messenger when it comes to the pictures.

Have you ever sent a fake live camera picture on Kik? Let us know in the comment section down below.