How To Activate Dark Mode On Kik App

Dark mode is changing the screen interface in your device to a darker theme. This was introduced by Apple and now is quite famous across all devices. Different applications also have this feature which includes Kik. So, if you want to activate the dark mode on the Kik app on your device, you can read further.

Enabling the dark mode only requires you to go to the chat section in your Kik application and to access settings. In the settings, the dark mode feature is already available for free. You can also change the device theme settings to get a dark mode in your Kik app as well.

What Is Dark Mode

Dark mode is an interface setting that reverses the display colors on your screen from white text against a dark background (light mode) to black text on top of light-colored backgrounds (dark mode).

To switch between dark and light modes, users can usually find dark mode in System Preferences, Display settings or with a dark-mode toggle switch in the Dock.

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Depending on your screen’s specifications, dark mode can be limited to just dark text against light backgrounds or dark text on light backgrounds.

Dark mode has been very popular among developers lately for apps on macOS and iOS. This feature is available on devices in general or for specific applications too.

Benefits Of Dark Mode On Kik

There are many benefits to dark mode, especially on an application like Kik if you use it often.

  • Dark mode on Kik can help you focus on your work. Dark mode can also help you sleep better at night by reducing the amount of blue light that is emitted from your devices.
  • Additionally, dark mode can help conserve battery life on your devices.
  • Finally, dark mode can be easier on your eyes than light mode.

Overall, dark mode provides a number of benefits that can make your life easier and more productive. Try it out today and see for yourself!

What Does Dark Mode On Kik App Mean

Dark mode is a feature on devices that changes the overall color scheme to dark colors.

This can be helpful for people who want to reduce eye strain, as dark mode can be easier on the eyes.

So, changing your Kik app into dark mode is the same as changing your device into dark mode as well. It changes the interface color into the specified features as elaborated above.

How To Activate Dark Mode On Kik

Enabling the dark mode on Kik will create the night mode in the chat section. However, it will take up more battery power than your usual screen.

Don’t worry, your battery won’t go south in seconds. However, if you enable the dark mode on kik messenger and use a light color scheme for background then it’ll take up more juice from what’s left than just using default settings which will drain 10% faster (little bit).

So make sure that before going ahead with this option please consider all pros n cons.

Also, carefully assess how much time an hour has passed since last charge when talking about Kik app usage.

Remember that the dark mode is not applicable on Kik live streams.

Now that we know the benefits and reasons behind enabling the dark mode on Kik, here is the way in which you can do it. Follow the given steps and enable this feature on your Kik app.

Step 1: Launch KiK On Your Device

First, launch the Kik application on your device. Then, on the login landing page, log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Go To Settings

Tap on the Gear Settings Icon on the top right corner of the screen to access settings.

Step 3: Access Chat Settings

In the settings, go to the Chat Settings option to enable the dark mode option.

Step 4: Enable Dark Mode

Finally, toggle the Dark Mode feature on to enable it in your chat sections.

However, at times, the chat sections may not show the dark mode. In this case, you can repeat the process again.

To reverse the dark mode and get back to your original screen light, you can toggle the dark mode off and it will immediately change.

Enable Dark Mode In PC

Unlike the mobile Kik application, dark mode is not readily available for your PC. So, you need to use Android emulators on your PC to activate the dark mode. You can choose any of the reliable Android emulators you find on the web to enable this feature. Some Android emulators include bluestack, NOX, MEmu, Leapdroid, Andy or mode.

Once you’ve installed the Android emulator in your device, you can follow the given steps.

Step 1: Install Kik In Your PC

Once your Android emulator is in place, install the Kik application on your PC. On the login landing page, log in to your account with your credentials.

Step 2: Go To Settings

From your Kik home page, access settings from the Gear Settings Icon.

Step 3: From Chat Settings, Enable Dark Mode

Within settings, go to the Chat Settings and Enable Dark Mode.

If your Android emulator does not access the dark mode feature then you might not see it. In such a case, try using any other Android emulator and complete the process.

Ways To Enable Dark Mode In KiK – Mobile Settings

Mentioned above are all the ways in which you can enable the dark mode in your Kik app. However, there is an alternative method that you can apply as well.

However, the dark mode feature on your device uses the light black theme on Kik bit the original dark mode feature of Kik uses a light dark – bluish color for the dark mode theme.

For Android Device:

Follow the given steps to enable dark mode in Android devices.

Step 1: Swipe Down Notification Bar

First, swipe down the notification bar on your device.

Step 2: Swipe In Widgets

Next, swipe left from right on the widgets that you have on the screen.

Step 3: Enable Dark Mode

Finally, enable the Dark Mode feature on your device. Your Kik application will also apply this dark mode theme.

For iOS Devices:

For iOS devices, follow the given steps to turn on dark mode. The steps are similar to that on an Android device but you need to access the feature from your device settings itself.

Step 1 : Go To Device Settings

First, go to device settings by tapping on the Gear Settings Icon.

Step 2: Access Display And Brightness

In settings, tap on the Display And Brightness option.

Step 3: Tap On Dark Mode

In that option, you will see the Dark Mode. Tap on it to enable it in your iOS device.

Dark Mode Not Working

It seems like Kik has been testing the dark mode feature, so that users can change their background theme color from light to dark. The app currently offers a night-time option for those who want a dark mode option when messaging friends in chat groups.

Recently however they’ve disappeared off of both Apple’s App Store and Google Play store – causing people great difficulty accessing key functions on account? But thankfully it looks like they’re back up now again! And they have activated features such as the Dark mode which works well in most chat sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to activate dark mode on Kik app are below.

Is There A Dark Mode In Kik App

Kik offers multiple chat customization options. This includes the Dark mode feature that allows night time themes when chatting with other users.

Is Kik A Dating App

No, Kik is not identified as a dating app. However, you can connect with new people from all over the world on this platform.

Is There Dark Mode In Kik Live Stream

Even if you activate the dark mode on Kik app or your device, it will not apply to live streams. You cannot have the night feature when going live or watching other user’s live streams.

Can Kik Trace You

No, users cannot be traced on Kik. However, if your account or any feature on the Kik app is reposted for a felony, then legal authorities have the access to trace or take action against you. So, be wary of the terms and conditions that you need to uphold when using the Kik app.


In conclusion, you can activate dark mode on Kik app by accessing the features from the chat section. The dark mode will not apply to the live stream section on the Kik application. You can also enable this feature from your mobile settings and Android emulators on your PC. So, reap the benefits of the dark mode in your device or the Kik application by enabling it. You can also easily reverse this by following the same procedure that you did to enable the dark mode feature on the Kik application.

Enjoy the Kik dark mode!!

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