How To Scan Kik Code Without Another Device?

How to scan kik code without another device

How to scan the Kik code without another device? Looking to scan a Kik code without the support of another device? Want to know how to do it? We can help you with this. You may not want to depend upon other apps just to scan a Kik code. So, we are here for you with an answer. Do not miss any subheadings mentioned in this article. Keep in touch till the end line when you finish reading this article.

To scan a Kik Code, follow these simple steps. First, go to your main chat list and tap on the “+” menu. Then, select “Scan a Kik Code.” Finally, switch the toggle at the bottom of your screen from the camera option to “Your Kik Code.” That’s it! You’re now ready to scan the Kik Code and access the content or connect with the user associated with it.

Kik is an app that enables you to connect with your friends. It is just like a group with your friends. Kik code is required for this adding process. It helps you to get into the Kik group. You can even have a lot of fun with the bots on this Kik app. Many cafes and restaurants also provide some facilities and discounts to the Kik app users. So, you can enjoy even more being in touch with this app.

What Is Kik Code?

Kil code is a kind of key that allows you to connect or join with your friends, family, and even bots available in Kik. At the same time, a Kik code is required before you think of joining the app. Kik won’t let you enter without the code verification.

It is even possible to type your friend’s username in the search bar of Kik and search for them. But Kik code makes the work easier and more convenient. Just in a single scan of a Kik code, you get a direct entry to your friend circle.

Modern things require modern technologies. So, based on this sentence, Kik code is developed by the Kik app. Once you are a user of this Kik app, you can easily know more about it. Your friend may send you a code that you have to scan and get an entry into the group. You can chat, talk about matters, and even call through this Kik app.

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How To Scan A Kik Code Without Taking the Help Of Other Devices?

You may not want to take help or support from other apps and make the work even more stuff. You can easily scan a Kik code without help from other devices or mobile phones. The steps are way too easy. You need not follow huge long steps to scan a Kik code.

You can either use another device to scan a Kik code or depend just on a single mobile phone. Today in this article, we will talk about scanning a Kik code without help from any other devices. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Kik App

Firstly, you must launch the Kik app on your app list. You may get to see your friend’s messages and others once you are in the app.

Step 2: Click On Your Chat List

You can see a chat box icon at the bottom right corner of your mobile phone. You have to tap on it, and you will see the list of communications you have done to date.

Step 3: Pull Down Your Chat List

Once you are on the Kik chat box, place your index finger on your mobile screen. Then slowly pull the chat list downward in the vertical direction.

Step 4: Open A Scanner Screen

Once you are done pulling the chat box in a downward direction, you will get a scanner. Just tap on it, and you will get a scanner screen on your mobile phone.

Step 5: Point Out The Scanner To The Kik Code

Then after this, you have to point out your scanner to the Kik code as you prefer. Your Kik code gets scanned by your device after this.

Using these five simple points, you can scan a Kik code without the help or support from other devices. Hope you can now successfully scan a Kik code just by using a single mobile phone.

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How To Scan Kik Code Without Using Kik App?

Here we provide you with an easy or smart way to scan a Kik code without any support from the Kik app. The steps are much simpler than the above-mentioned steps.

Please do follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. Do not try to jump from one step to another. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Kik App

Launch the Kik app from the list of your mobile phone. The app will show you plenty of icons that lead you to another page.

Step 2: Download A Third-Party Scanner App

Now you have to open your play store and search for the Third-party scanner app on the search bar.

Download any of the top-rated apps on your phone.

Step 3: Open The App

Once you are done downloading the app, you have to open the scanner app. Now point the scanner towards the Kik code and it will scan the QR code.

How To Scan Kik Code In iOS And Android?

The steps of scanning a Kik code in an Android mobile phone and iOS such as iPhone, tablet, desktop, etc are different. The steps and icons are different. So, you must know how to scan in iOS as well.

The steps are too easy to understand. You can get these steps easily and apply them on your iOS devices. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Kik App

Before starting anything, you have to open the Kik app from your app list. The app will take some minutes to load the information.

Step 2: Click On Plus Icon

Once you are on the app, you can find a plus icon. Look at the top right corner of your device screen, you can find a plus icon.

As you tap on the icon, the Kik app will show you furthermore hidden options.

Step 3: Tap On Scan Kik code

You will see a list of different options after your tap on the plus icon. Among the list, look at the bottom line of the lists, you can see the scan Kik code button from the given options.

Step 4: Point Your Camera

A camera will open on your screen once you click on the scan Kik code button. You will see multiple Kik codes on your screen.

You have to point your camera at the respective code you want to scan from the given options.

If you have used these above four steps serially then, you have successfully scanned a Kik code on your iOS device. The processes are somehow the simple and easy as you do on Android devices. Now, you have learned about the steps to use and scan a Kik code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Kik app may be wholly new to us. People may not know about its functions and for what purpose this app is used. We have collected a huge number of questions from our Kik app users. You may have problems either operating the app, scanning Kik code, or others depending on you. We are here for you.

We have picked up some of the very important and good questions from the comment section. From our dense findings and research, we have concluded all of the below answers. Please make a tie and read all of these. They are as follows:

Can I Scan A Kik Code On My Screen?

Yes, it is possible to scan a Kik code on your screen. You have to take support of another app that is available on the play store. First, take a screenshot of the Kik code. Remember that your Kik code must appear wholly when you take a screenshot. You will find a build in the app on the play store. This app is very helpful in these self-code scanning cases.

What Happens If I Do Not Have A Mobile Phone For Kik Code?

You need not worry in this case. You can easily scan a Kik code even without your mobile phone. You can take the help of a kind of software which allows you to connect the web camera with your computer. You can easily scan the code with the web camera available over there. Web and software can be used if you are facing any kind of problems with the Kik app.

Can Kik Code Be Used With All Mobile Phones?

Yes, you are allowed to use this Kik app and Kik code even on Android mobile phones, such as iPhones, desktops or laptops, etc. There are no such restrictions on the device while using this Kik app. Whether you are a smartphone user or a tablet, you are allowed to scan a QR code or Kik code through the camera that your device has. The Kik app is updating and getting more standard in its performance.

How Do I Scan A Kik Code If My Camera Is Not Working Properly?

Your camera does not work, if you are scanning a Kik code sitting at a far distance or if your camera is very close to the code. You have to keep your mobile camera at a visible distance so that you can easily scan the code. You should not move your phone more than 30cm away or very closer to 5cm. Your camera gets a big vision and won’t get to capture the Kik code. Until your mobile phone vibrates, think that your phone has not succeeded in scanning a code.

Is It Possible To Scan Kik Code With Front Camera?

Yes, you can easily use either the front camera or the back camera to scan a Kik code. Both the cameras work the same. Only the quality of cameras on either side is different. You can use any one of them to scan a Kik code. You have to maintain a range where your camera can detect a code and scan it. You should not hold your mobile phone at a very far distance or very near to the Kik code.


The Kik app is not as popular as other apps. It is also one of the social media platforms. This app is most famous among teenagers in American countries. This app is the same as a messenger which enables you to video call, chat, and even more with your friends. This app has great privacy, such as Kik code. You can not even add a friend without the Kik code. So, this app is best to be used.

In this article, we discussed “Scan Kik Code Without Another Device” with both detailed and alternative methods. Along with this, we even learned extra through the above frequently asked questions and answers.

We are at the end of our article as well as our Kik code topic. Hope you are now leaving this article with mindful knowledge. Still have some confusion? You can ask freely without any hesitation.

Was this article helpful for you with your questions? Please comment down below in our comment section. We would like to hear from you. Keep supporting and loving us. Stay tuned for further articles like this.

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