How To Increase Views On Instagram Stories?

How To Increase Views On Instagram Stories?

Waking up to see your views on Instagram stories have reduced is quite painful. However, if you are going through the same situation, hold on, as this article will guide you to increase your views on Instagram Stories. Be with us until the end of this article to get tips on increasing views on your Instagram stories.

These are a few tips you can utilize to increase views on Instagram stories:

1. Create quality and innovative content
2. Post stories consistency
3. Use relevant Instagram hashtags
4. Encourage story engagement
5. Review Instagram analytics
6. Take a break

What Are Instagram Story Views?

Instagram story views are the views you receive on your Instagram story. Instagram story views allow you to see how many of your followers viewed your story. The higher the number of views, the more the number of people who viewed your story.

With Instagram story views, you can keep track of your followers and check your views on Instagram stories. At the bottom left of your story, you will see multiple profile pictures with an “Activity” label, where you can see the number of followers that viewed your story.

Why Are My Views On Instagram Stories Low?

Are your Instagram story views dropping? Are you not sure why your views on Instagram stories are low? Well, there could be a few reasons why views on your Instagram stories are declining every other day.

The possible reasons for your Instagram stories views to decrease are:

  • Unengaging and stale content
  • You are not consistent
  • Ignoring the story hashtags
  • No story reciprocation

Unengaging And Stale Content

One of the big reasons for your Instagram stories to drop gradually is that your story contents are not as engaging and creative as it needs to be. Also, if your content is not evolving, it no longer entertains your viewers, and your story views can get low.

Therefore, you need to keep up with the trend in the market and see what people are so attracted to recently and use that to your advantage in creating quality and creative story content.

If your stories are plain and look boring, people won’t be excited to see your story. If you do not use stickers and filters to make your story more interesting, your stories might not be hitting the right mark for your followers, which leads to a decrease in your Instagram story views.

You Are Not Consistent

Posting a story today and disappearing for a month; if you do this, then it is also the reason for your Instagram story to get fewer views. If you are not consistent enough on social media platforms, your followers will have less interest in you and the content you post.

In addition, if you are an influencer or running a business through Instagram and are not consistent, people will somehow forget your existence and ultimately find you uninteresting.

Ignoring The Story Hashtags

Are you among those who do not use hashtags while posting content on social media but are still worried about your views and people’s reach? If yes, this is your cue to start using Instagram hashtags, as ignoring these hashtags could be unfavorable for you, as your Instagram story views will not shoot up as you expect.

Furthermore, as hashtags make content more discernible, you ought to use them if your Instagram stories views are not growing.

So, if you are wondering why your Instagram story views are low, then you probably neglect the hashtags, leading to passive engagement to your stories.

No Story Reciprocation

Community reciprocation is one of the core reasons to increase your views on Instagram stories. But, if you are someone who is not involved in reciprocation through your story, people find it boring and are annoyed. People want engagement, and you should give engagement rather than just flatly sharing your stories.

Hence, if there is no reciprocation on your story and people cannot engage themselves through it, they may not be watching your stories any longer, leading to your Instagram story views decreasing.

How To Increase Views On Instagram Story?

Every day you create and share content on Instagram stories with the hope that people will watch it and praise it, but instead, you don’t get as many views as you expect. Do not get disappointed, as there are ways to increase the number of views on your Instagram story.

Once you have learned why your Instagram story views drop, you can now work on the same to help you increase views on your Instagram stories.

Use the following tips below to increase views on the Instagram stories.

Tip 1: Create Quality And Innovative Content

Creative story content is the ace for getting as many views as possible on your Instagram story. Be as innovative and creative as possible to make your content unique and fun.

Moreover, you can tell a story through your Instagram story, explore new templates, create a photo collage, and always do something new to make your content stand out from others.

Tip 2: Post Stories Consistently

Consistency is the key to hooking your followers to your posts. Post stories on your Instagram consistently to build up the number of views on the story. The more consistency in posting the stories, the higher the chance of reaching many audiences, as people stroll through their Instagram feed a few times in an hour.

Posting fun content daily will generate curiosity among the followers, increasing the number of views you get on your Instagram story. So try posting 2-3 Instagram stories daily to boost your number of views among your followers. However, be aware that posting countless stories can irritate your viewers, so create an optimal number of stories per day.

Tip 3: Use Relevant Instagram Hashtags

If you want your Instagram stories to have more views, then you will need to pick up the habit of using Instagram hashtags for your stories. Hashtags and location hashtags give maximum exposure to your story, reaching a large audience.

In addition, hashtags work great if your content is food or travel related, as people research the destination before arriving. However, using wildly popular hashtags might decrease your exposure as your content might get buried among them.

So, go for hashtags that do not overshadow your content but are still popular. For example, using hashtags with 10k posts will be fine, as it shows that the hashtags have some activity going on but not much that will affect your content.

Tip 4: Encourage Story Engagement

Creating an interactive story where your followers get to reciprocate is a great way to increase views on Instagram stories. Do not make your story boring by only posting content for the users to view. Instead, make it more exciting by allowing followers to interact through your story.

To encourage reciprocation through your story, you can use Instagram stickers like a poll, question sticker, emoji slider, etc. If people are engaged more through your story, they find it fun which will further drive them to view your story once to post it on your Instagram. So, build engagement through your Instagram story to increase your views and grab your followers’ attention.

Tip 5: Review Instagram Analytics

Knowing your Instagram analytics can help you greatly increase your views on your Instagram story. Reviewing Instagram analytics help you learn more about your audience and their preferences towards the content you post. Instagram Insights work best to understand your followers better and monitor their impressions of your content.

Once you understand what content works best for you to gain views on your story, you can drive your action toward it and cut down on the content that does not perform well. So, time and again, review your analytics to keep your audience’s impressions in check.

Tip 6: Take A Break

It may sound unusual, but yes, taking a break from Instagram itself will help you with your views increment. Take a break from Instagram for a day or two and see Instagram boost your stories and, thus, give you more views on your Instagram story.

Many users have experienced a similar case where they found their story reached many audiences, leading to increased story views. Once you get back to Instagram after a day or more break, Instagram pushes your story to the front line of other people’s Instagram feed.

Furthermore, Instagram sends your followers a notification to inform them you have posted for the first time in a while. Instagram still notifies you about your story, even though no notification exists.

Why Increase Views On Instagram Stories?

Nowadays, people are pretty concerned about the likes they get on their posts and the views on their stories. One of the major reasons people want to increase their views on Instagram stories is to become more discoverable and reachable. People want to build up their communication game by reaching as many people as possible.

Who does not like the idea of being able to influence other people? The other core reason for people to care for their views is the thought of being an influence on the greater mass. The more views on their story, the greater reach and influence of their content to the people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions.

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Stories?

You definitely can. By tapping on the “Activity” icon at the bottom of your story screen, you can see how many followers viewed your story and who they are.

Can You Increase Views On Instagram Stories?

Yes. There are ways you can increase views on your Instagram story. This article has discussed the ways and tips you can follow to increase views on Instagram stories.

Why Do People Want To Increase Views On Instagram Stories?

One of the main reasons for people to increase their Instagram stories is to be more reachable and transparent. People want to reach as many audiences as possible to grow their connections and urge to influence others.

Why Are My Views On Instagram Not Rising?

You might be missing out on a few things that could help you increase views on your Instagram story. So, do read this article to know further what could be the reasons for your Instagram story views to decrease.

How Many Stories Can I Post On Instagram?

You can post up to 100 stories within 24 hours on Instagram. If you post beyond 100 stories, the earlier ones get deleted.

Why Do Some Instagram Stories Get More Views Than Others?

Some Instagram stories get more views than others is that the stories are more engaging and provide greater value.


Instagram stories are a great way of communicating with your audience. Not only can you share your thoughts and views, but you can also engage your followers through your stories and even see which of your followers have viewed your story.

Being conscious of your story views and finding ways to gain more views is a great deal of concern to people these days. Hence, in this article, you can know what made your views go down and what you can do to boost them up.

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