How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Posting Story On Instagram?

How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Posting Story On Instagram

Have you ever wondered how to keep specific individuals from seeing your Instagram highlights? Like, is it even possible to add highlights on Instagram without posting them? Instagram has generated a lot of buzz since its release. Instagram allows you to add stories to your Highlights profile, which is a collection of past Instagram stories. This tutorial will walk you through each process on how to add highlights to Instagram without posting a story.

Answer: To add highlights without posting a story on Instagram and without letting others know about it all you have to do is make your Instagram account private. Then hover to the settings and hide your story from everyone else and then upload the thing that you want to make the highlight of and wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the story will be transferred to the archive section from where you can add it to your highlight.

Now, using a clever technique, you may add highlights without submitting a narrative. You’ll learn in this article that all you have to do to add Instagram highlights without posting to the story is to follow the instructions below simply. Nice, huh? Let’s start now.

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What Do You Mean By Instagram Highlights?

You’ve come here to discover how to add highlights on Instagram. But first, what exactly is an Instagram Highlight? Simply said, Instagram highlights are stories from your archive that you select to display on your profile page. When you have an Instagram Story that you want your followers to be able to view after the first 24 hours, save it in one of your Highlights.

Continue reading to find out how to add highlights to your Instagram feed. Instagram Highlights are a grouping of your “best photos or videos” that show at the top of your profile. They are made up of previously uploaded Instagram Stories and may be produced and updated at any moment.

Highlights, like files, store your most important information. You can change the name, background photo, and other settings of a folder. Most people like creating Instagram Highlights in various categories, such as everyday life, clothing, travel, animals, etc.

Can You Add Instagram Highlights Without Posting Them To Your Story?

You can share highlights without adding to your story. Highlights are an excellent approach to providing crucial information to your followers without writing a whole post. If, on the other hand, you don’t want people to view your tales, but they see your highlights, you should be aware that you can’t add to them without adding to them.

Only stories from your gallery or camera roll can be added straight to your Highlights. Instagram only enables you to share a highlight from your Instagram stories postings. You won’t be able to add a story to your Instagram Highlights if you don’t wait 24 hours after sharing the video

If you erased the video before the 24 hours, the story would not be published in your Highlights section.

How To Add Instagram Highlights Without Adding To Story?

Typically, Instagram stories have to be published and left for everyone to see for at least 24 hours before you can move them to the Highlights section. But you can use a little hack to add a story to your Highlights without publishing it.

The process is simple and easy to follow. Here is how you add stories to Highlights without anyone seeing them.

Step 1: Switch To Private Profile

The first thing you may try is making your account private, which will prevent individuals who aren’t followers from accessing your story. People who do not follow you will be able to read the story that you banned your followers from seeing if your account is public before submitting your tale.

If you have a public profile, change it to a private profile for 24 hours. If you already have a private profile, proceed to the next stage.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Tap on the Profile tab in the right-bottom corner.
  • Look for the three-horizontal line on the upper-right side.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Enable the switch to turn on the Private account.

Step 2: Change Story Settings

Once you have a private profile, you must manually alter the Story’s privacy settings to make it inaccessible to all of your followers. You can only let a few close pals see it.

Here is how to hide stories:

  • Go to Instagram Settings and choose Story controls.
  • Select the option titled “Hide story from” below. It is a laborious alternative to individually pick each follower by tapping on the little bubble on the right side.
  • Once chosen, click or press the Check symbol in the top-right area.

Step 3: Upload Stories

You must now upload Stories regularly. No one will be able to view it because you kept it hidden from all of your followers. Unless you’ve made any changes, no one will be able to view your story now that you’ve changed the privacy settings for Story. Post the story out as normal.

Step 4: Add Story To Highlights

You can now add them to the Highlights area of your profile after posting the story. To add a new highlight or pick one that already exists, click Highlight from the next screen after tapping on your story.

Reminder: This entire tutorial was about adding highlights without a story. Please wait; do not delete the tale before 24 hours have passed; if you do, the highlights will also be affected.

Step 5: Make Everyone Visible

Unhide everyone after twenty-four hours, when the Story is automatically moved to the Archives. To hide a story from Instagram, click on Settings > Story Controls. Click “Deselect All.”

You can add Stories to Highlights in this way without anyone being able to view them. The time frame for this technique is twenty-four hours, as was previously stated.

Is There Any Restriction On How Many Stories You Can Highlight On Instagram?

Although there is no limit on the number of Highlights you may make, each Highlight can only include up to 100 videos or photographs. When you reach 100, Instagram will notify you and ask if you want to replace the Story you are attempting to upload with the oldest one from that highlight.

What Are The Other Ways To Add Instagram Highlights Without Adding To Story?

  • Method 1: Close Friends To Everyone
  • Method 2: By Capturing Through Your Smartphone Camera

Method 1: Close Friends To Everyone

The objective while creating highlights is to produce something that will serve as a symbol of your brand or the essence of your profile.

You might not want to share that with everyone as a result. Sharing your tale with your closest friends will keep it private and allow you to add it to your highlights later.

Step 1: Go To The Profile Page

Visit your profile page first.

Step 2: Tap On The Three Dot Lines

Tap the top of the page’s three lines.

Step 3: Select Close Friends

Next, select “Close Friends” from the menu. You’ll receive a list of pals. By touching on the right, you may create the buddies you wish.

Step 4: Click On Get Started

Click “Get Started or Done” when done.

Step 5: Add Story

Add the story by clicking the “+” button on your profile page.

Method 2: By Capturing Through Your Smartphone Camera/ Camera Roll

Follow the below steps to upload a story from your camera roll or by clicking from your smartphone camera.

Step 1: Tap On ‘+’ Sign

To upload a story, tap the + sign at the top of your Instagram profile. You can use your smartphone to capture a picture, record a movie, or even post anything. Feel free to add text, a sticker, or even a drawing to the video or picture.

Step 2: Tap On Your Story

You can share or skip the next step by tapping on “Your Story” in the menu that appears. Then click “Done” to complete the procedure.

Step 3: Go To Your Instagram Profile

Return to your profile and click the top-right three lines.

Step 4: Tap On Settings

A menu will appear for you. Click or tap “Settings.”

Step 5: Select Privacy

Select “Privacy” from the menu now.

Step 6: Tap On Story

Look for “Story” under the Privacy heading and tap it.

How To Upload An Instagram Highlight Cover Without Adding To Your Story?

When someone is viewing your profile, the primary symbol of the Highlight will be shown within the circle. Most users like to design icons and covers for their Highlights to make them appear more aesthetically beautiful and organized.

Without first adding it to your Story, you can upload a cover photo straight from your camera roll or choose one from a Story inside your Highlight. Even while you can pick from your already-written Stories, adding images directly from your phone’s gallery is also an option.

Here are the steps to take.

Step 1: Go To Your Instagram Profile

To begin, firstly, go to your Instagram profile page.

Step 2: Select Edit Highlights

Hold the highlighted item whose cover image you wish to modify. Select Edit Highlight from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Tap On Edit Cover

Select the Edit cover option from the Edit screen.

Step 4: Choose The Image

Navigate to the picture or video you want to use as the cover photo for an existing Highlight. However, click or touch on the little Gallery button to the left of the picture thumbnails if you wish to upload from your gallery.

Step 5: Adjust The Image

Choose your image and press Next. Adapt the image to the circle’s size. Next, click Done.

Why Can’t I Add My Story To Instagram Highlights?

Above here, I have explained how to add to highlights without adding to a story and how to put highlights on Instagram without a story. Now, if you could not do this, the only reason is that you did not wait the 24 hours you needed after posting the video.

Pay attention; if you deleted the video before the 24-hour mark, you could not add the story to your Featured section. Continue reading and learn why to move a story to highlights on Instagram and delete a highlight on Instagram.

How Do You Delete Stories From Highlights?

Having shown you how to contribute to highlights without contributing to stories, I’ll now go through how to remove a highlight from Instagram. Simply follow the instructions listed below to discover how to remove a highlight from Instagram:

Step 1: Go To Your Instagram Profile

GO to the Instagram app’s profile page.

Step 2: Choose The Image Or Video

Locate the highlight image or video that you want to delete.

Step 3: Click On The Three Dots Icon

Select the “More” option by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Select Remove From Highlights

Select “Remove from Highlight” to get rid of only that one thing.

After learning how to remove a highlight from Instagram, keep reading to discover how to move highlights.

How Can Highlights Be Moved On Instagram?

You already know how to add highlights to Instagram and how to do it without using a story. Let’s learn how to move highlights on Instagram right away. While there isn’t a built-in button on Instagram to switch stories from one Highlight to another, you can still accomplish this with a quick hack.

Step 1: Select The Highlights

Select the Highlight to which you wish to advance a certain story.

Step 2: Tap On The Three Dot Icon

Tap the three dots in the bottom-right corner of that story.

Step 3: Select “Remove from Highlight”

The story will be removed from the current Highlight if you select “Remove from Highlight” from the menu.

Using the Story Archives, you can now add this image to another Highlight as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Instagram stories, highlights, and other things related to Instagram that users often ask about.

What Are Some Possible Reasons for Using Instagram Highlights?

With the help of Instagram Highlights, you can save and organize your Stories on your profile so that both new and old followers can still watch and engage with them after the initial 24 hours.

How To Fix Instagram Stories Not Working Or Showing Up?

Check your network connection, restart your device, uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app, update Instagram to the latest version, then follow the steps above to repair Instagram stories not working or appearing.

Also, Check your time and date settings, Update your device’s operating systems, stop using Instagram Stickers, and report issues to Instagram.

How To Hide Your Instagram Post Or Story From Someone?

Instagram postings can be hidden from someone by turning on a private account, blocking an account, limiting their account

Instagram stories can be hidden from someone by going into the settings and sharing them just with your closest friends.

How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram Profile?

Except for TikTok, there are no social networking sites that allow you to observe your profile’s stalkers. Instagram does not currently have a feature that informs users of visitors to their profile page. But it’s also not impossible.

Third-party apps are the way to go if you have the will. Numerous third-party applications exist, including Follow Meter and Instagram Checker. Another approach is through the Instagram posts and stories you have created.


Instagram allows you to add stories to your Highlights profile, which is a collection of past Instagram stories. Now, using the clever techniques mentioned above, you can add highlights without posting a story.

You have now learned in this article that all you have to do to add Instagram highlights without posting to the story is to follow the instructions mentioned above simply. Read our Instagram Tips to know more about the Instagram app.

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