How To View Insight On Instagram Reels?

How To View Insight On Instagram Reels

How to view insights on Instagram reels? Looking forward to learning something about your followers on Instagram? Thinking to view the engagement of people through Insights? Do not know how to View Insight On Instagram Reels? We are here with its answer. You are at the right place and on the right website. This article contains every piece of information about Insights that is available on Instagram. This article is an ultimate guide for you to the answers. Do not break the flow and continue reading till the very end of this article.

To View Insight On Instagram Reels, You need to switch your Instagram account to a business account. Then, the Insights option will be available on your Instagram profile page. Firstly, open your Instagram app. Then go to your profile page which is available at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the three vertically arranged small lines at the top of your screen. There you can see the Insight option on Instagram. If you want to see the specific contents or overview section in more detail, you should tap on the metric section. The Insights that you see on Instagram are the contents that you have posted or shared on that respective account.

Instagram is no longer just a platform where you share photos, videos, and selfies. Instagram has transformed a lot and is even updating every week with shocking features. You can post, show your talents, explore what you have, complain about something, etc on this platform. To grow your local or other business on Instagram, this insight has played a vital role in its glow and progress. Insight is available on the Instagram reel to see if any further improvement is necessary or not.

What Are Insights On Instagram?

Insights that are available on Instagram are certain information or data about the business or any of your activities to conclude the prospects.

This section helps you identify deeply about your Instagram posts, profile, followers, business, stories, and even the Instagram reels. It is like a sight of empowerment for Instagram users. In the insights, you can see the activities such as the rate of growth in followers, your profile visitors, your searches, engagement in the app, activities of reels, etc.

Insights are the analytical section of Instagram. Your engagement in the Instagram reel and activities related to it is also displayed over here. You can distinguish which of your reels are mostly liked by your followers and which they do not like.

This section of Instagram suggests you improve your activities on the app. Basic information is provided to improve your reels, posts, engagement, etc, and increase the following count along with it.

You can use this popular website ‘Statusbrew’ to manage your Instagram app. This is an alternative website to manage the Instagram tools which are beside Instagram insights.

Insight is meritorious for you. The improvement suggested by this section must be considered. Through this section, you can improve your posts, and Instagram reels, gain benefits, and many others.

You can set up your business profile and even improve it through the suggestion given by the app. You will end up improving your marketing strategy and business field.

How To View Insight On Instagram App?

You will need an Instagram app if you want to View Insight On Instagram Reels. As this insight is just within the app. Unless you switch your Instagram profile to a business profile, you will not get the option of insight.

Everyone will want to have their view over the activities throughout the Instagram app. You are unknown about this insight.

You may be in search of an article that provides you with the detailed steps to reach the insight section on Instagram.

Here is a small guideline that would help you reach the insight section. The step-to-step guide for insight is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Firstly, you have to launch the Instagram app on your device and log in to your Instagram account.

You can see different icons shown to you on the decide and below of your screen.

Step 2: Head To Your Profile

At the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see a small circle that displays your Instagram profile.

Click on it and then it will lead you to your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Tap On Hamburger Menu Icon

Once you are on your profile page, look at the top right corner of your right and side.

Over there, you can see three vertically arranged icons. You can see a menu. At the top of the menu, you can see an option as insights.

Step 4: Tap On Three Tabs

Activity, content, and audience are the three tabs you can see after you click on the insight menu.

Then, you can tap on any one of them at a time to check the activities on Instagram. All of your records are available over here. Your interaction, marketing, audience, followers, etc are shown over here.

Four of these above steps are the guide to reaching insight into a business account on your Instagram.

How To View Insight On Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are gaining much more popularity today. Reels are alike TikTok videos. It is a short about 15 seconds of musical video. This feature is used by everyone to show what they have to the whole public.

People use it to show their dance and the unique area they have. Even the person involved in business use these reels as a means to explore their work. This work increases the engagement of the audience which is a matter of benefit to them.

The Instagram reel itself is the new and latest feature on the Instagram app. People may not even know about it. Along with these reel updates, there comes an Instagram insight.

There is a new Instagram insight tab which is an analytical section for the users. It is a new addition to this social media platform.

Here, we provide you with a short and easy step-to-step guide for you to View Insight On Instagram Reels. This guide would make you learn about insight by consuming very less time.

The step-to-step guide is as follows to View Insight On Instagram Reels:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

First, you should open your mobile phone and head on to the app list.

There you can see an Instagram app in the list. Launch the Instagram app on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Switch To Instagram Business Account

Then, go to your log-out section and log out of your account.

Set the emails and passwords on the blank space and then, log in to your Instagram business account.

Step 3: Open The Instagram Insights

Then, turn on the profile page on your screen.

You can see the three-line icon at the right corner of your screen.

That icon will take you to the Instagram insights menu bar.

Step 4: Tap On The Reel Bar

Then, you can see a reel tab inside the insight menu.

Click on the reel bar, you will get activation of insight ut to 30 days on your Instagram reel.

This Instagram reel insight section includes all of the information about your I stream reel. The reel with the highest likes and lowest likes. The ways of improving the reels, comments on the reels, shares on every reel, an account that has tea he’d to your reels, saving rate on your reels, playing time, etc are shown on the insight section of Instagram.

Alternative Way To View Insight On Instagram Reels

This alternative way is a shortcut to reaching the Instagram insight menu on Instagram reels. You can either use this method or the above-mentioned method, depending on which steps you are comfortable with.

Here is a detailed guide to view the insights on Instagram reels alternatively. This process is also mentioned detailly with the use of easy language.

The step-to-step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Firstly, you have to turn on your device. Head on to the app list and search for Instagram apps over there.

Open the Instagram app after you find it out from the app list.

Step 2: Go To Your Instagram Reel Section

Then, enter into your profile page taking the help of different icons. You can see three different icons arranged aerially.

Tap on the middle one which looks like a play button. It is the reel section on Instagram.

Step 3: Click On Any Of The Reel

Once you enter the Instagram feel section, you will see all the reels you have created and posted to the date.

Select and open any of the reels you want from the given option.

Step 4: Tap On the Three Dot Icon

Then, play your reel on your smartphone. On the right side of the reel, you can see plenty of icons arranged on a serial basis.

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen and there you can see a three-dot icon.

Step 5: Select Insight

Instagram shows you a list of options again after you enter the three-dot icon.

Then, you have to select the option marked as insight from the given list.

It will disclose to you all of the activity related to reels such as comments, likes, shaves, shares, views, followers, etc.

Improve Insights On Instagram Reels

You are thinking of creating and posting reels? Want to make Instagram reels as a source of earning? Then you should consider a lot of things before making and posting it. Insights show the exact information about the condition of your Instagram reels.

You should improve it to increase the activity in the insight of Instagram reels. Here are some of the things you must consider seriously while making a reel.

A reel maker should always consider the blur and unclear reels. Reels with high video quality seem to be attractive and attention-grabbing rather than a low-quality ones. So, avoid low-resolution reels.

Do not ever post a reel with a border on its sides. Somehow such kinds of reels seem to be cringe and people may not have an interest in them.

You should not cover your whole reels by writing something. Your images should not cover with texts. A small part is ok but excess leads to a bad impression on the audience.

Community guidelines are also the main thing to consider while posting reels. You have to make reels that do not violate any community guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Insights and Instagram reel is a whole new thing. Apart from Instagram stories and posts, Instagram is updating and adjusting to this new world. It is combing the specialty and features of other apps in it.

The mind of people is blank with these updates. We have collected a few questions and problems that our audiences have been facing. We did deep research from different sources and concluded our answers to each of the questions. Please make your time for this section of the article as well. The questions with their answers are as follows:

Why Can’t I View Insights On Instagram Reels?

Insight is a whisk new thing. This feature is only for those with business accounts. You must be using a creator account where you view others’ post, follows them, and many other interactions. A business account on Instagram is there for business purposes, that is either to sell their product. You will get access to insight only at the time when you switch to the business account. Once you switch the back to creator’s account, you will lose the insight option from your profile.

Can I See Insights On Regular Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can not see the insight option on your regular Instagram account. You will need a professional Instagram account or a business account to enable insight options on your account. But, this insight option is just for the time until when you can’t professional Instagram account

Once you switch back to your real Instagram account, you will lose the option in a single shot. Instagram may even change the feature as per the demand of users.

How Can I Get Free Instagram Insights?

You need not do any activities or fight a battle to get the insight option on your Instagram account. Instagram has limited this insight option only to that person who uses professional accounts for their business-related purposes. It enables them to check the posts, mostly liked products by the audience and other activities.

Get a business account and Instagram will provide you with this insight as a free analytical tool on Instagram. Create a professional account relating to your profession to get this insight option free on Instagram.

How Do I Download Instagram Insight?

Instagram insight is not any kind of app or something which you can download to use it. It is the latest updated feature by Instagram itself. You can not download it and get it on your phone. Only the Instagram app contains this section. Unless Instagram publicizes the insight option on the regular accounts of users, you can not get it.

The business person may create reels and post them to upgrade their business level. So, this account only has an insight option.

Is Business Account Necessary For My Insight On Instagram Reels?

Yes, you require a business account separately for your insight on Instagram reels. Creating a business account is very easy and you need not go through a long process. It is the same as creating an Instagram account.

You can post pictures, reels, etc freely even in your business account. Only you know it is a business account, not the other users. You can post reels, and check for the audience, contents, and involvement. It’s possible to improve your Instagram reels through the suggestions you get from insight.

Can I Archive My Instagram Reels?

No, you can not archive your Instagram reels.

What you can do is use third-party apps/tools to download the reels and save them on your phone’s gallery.


You might be a creator and, being a creator it is usual to be in a need of analytical tools on Instagram. Insight is the tool that analyses your activities on the app. If you View Insight On Instagram Reels, it can help you reach a better level of your performance on Instagram reels. Reelcreators can better evaluate their content technically by using this insight analytical tool. The performance and activities matter a lot on Instagram.

In this article, we have shown you how you can easily check your Instagram reels through the insight tool. Hope you guys are now perfect on viewing and can’t the tool on your respective account.

You may still have some confusion about the insight tool. It is a whole new thing and you may still have some queries right? If the answer is no then that is a very great answer.

You are free to suggest or ask us about whatever you have right now. Our comment section is open for you. Keep in loving and supporting us. We will be back with our latest article very soon. Until then, stay tuned.

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