How To Upgrade Spotify To Duo? [Easy Guide]

How to upgrade Spotify to the duo? Looking to buy a premium? Want to upgrade your account? You can enjoy the Spotify app even more after that. As a human being, it is usual to get such questions. You are here with the hope to get every answer related to this topic right? You are here in the right article.

You can change your Spotify account to a premium account. You just have to follow the simple steps to get the premium. You have to go to your account page first. Then Spotify asks you to buy a premium. Then just tap on duo premium from the list. Tap on getting started then your account will convert into a duo premium account.

Spotify has a duo premium, especially for couples. Two people living together in the same household or at the same address can purchase this premium. Less the distance between the duo partners, the more you get the discount on the purchase. It is for a maximum of two people. You guys can enjoy the best version of the music after this duo plan.

What Is A Duo Premium?

Premiums are the offers that you get to enjoy after the payment. There are varieties of Spotify Premium plans available for the users. Spotify individual premium, Spotify student premium, Spotify duo premium, Spotify family premium, and lastly Spotify free trials, etc are the premiums available on Spotify.

Duo premium is the premium for those who are living in the same household. Duo means two people so, the maximum space is for two people. Couples or two friends living together can enjoy this premium. You and your partner can enjoy lots of features through this premium.

When you and your duo partner live at the same address or same house, Spotify provides you a discount on its purchase. You guys will get to enjoy the same quality of offers but at a lower price. You can save extra and spend those on something else.

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How Does The Duo Premium Work?

Since the day you subscribe to the Spotify duo premium, you get to enjoy every offer mentioned over there. It is a huge discount plan for couples or those who are staying together. The one who buys the premium gets the bill every month. Whereas other partners are not provided with the premium bill.

Both of the partners in the duo plan to enjoy the offers individually. The premium gets upgraded in both of your accounts. You just have to invite one partner to the premium. Then you can share the password with them. Then, both of you get the duo plan upgraded. Duo partners’ accounts get a slight update after this.

You and your partner have the saved playlist in the duo plan. The duo mix offer is the one that allows both the partners to view each other’s music playlist. Spotify does not let things go beyond your choice. You are free to choose or cancel the offers you do not like at any time.

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How Do I Upgrade A Spotify Account To Duo Premium?

If you have subscribed to the duo premium available on Spotify, then you can upgrade your account quickly and easily. Your existing Spotify account, which you have created just after installing the app gets upgraded.

You need not create your next account to enjoy any kind of premium. Spotify just upgrades your account to the premium you have purchased.

Here is the guide for you to upgrade the Spotify account to duo premium accounts. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

The first thing you have to do is create a Spotify account. Kindly sign up, entering every detail of information that the app asks for.

Step 2: Tap On Your Account Page

Then go to your account page in the Spotify app. Here you can see your username and profile. Just scroll down, and you will see different Spotify premium plans.

Step 3: Click On Duo Premium

When you find Spotify duo premium in the list, just tap it. You will see the get started option. Tap on the get started and you will enter into the premium.

Step 4: Invite your Duo Partner

Spotify shows you an invite option. You just tap on it and enter the email address of your duo partner. You will invite them via their Gmail account.

When your duo partner accepts your invite, enter the same address as you have entered, then only the account gets upgraded. Along with your account, your partner’s account gets an upgrade to duo premium.

Why Can’t I Join The Duo Premium?

Spotify easily allows you to join any of the available premiums if you meet their criteria. You are not able to join the invitation from the duo plan manager? Please re-check your information once more. You may enter the wrong information, so Spotify is not letting you be a member of the plan.

Spotify doesn’t let you join the invitation if your addresses do not match each other. You and your duo partner must enter the same address while filling in the details. It is the main condition before you purchase a premium. If you and your partner are living at a distance then, Spotify won’t let you buy duo premium.

First, get the same address or the same house. Unless both of you are living in the same household, Spotify won’t upgrade your account to duo premium. Hope you know the reason why Spotify is not letting you join the invitation from your partner.

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Does Spotify Duo Merge Accounts?

No, not at all. Spotify duo does not merge your and your duo partner’s Spotify account. Spotify allows both of you to enjoy the premium individually. No such merging and all stuff. People won’t like this premium if Spotify does so.

When you and your partner decide to buy the premium, first you must be eligible. Your address must be the same. Then Spotify allows you to invite your partner to the duo plan. When both of you are accepted for a plan by Spotify, you get to enjoy offers.

You guys get to enjoy the premium individually. Your previous Spotify account gets upgraded to a duo plan. You can get extra offers and recommendations on your respective accounts. Just the name of the premium is a duo plan. But, both of you can enjoy the offered music on your own.

How Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth The Cost You Pay?

Yes, of course, the cost you pay to purchase the premium is worth it. Among you and your duo partner, the one who buys the premium has to pay the bill. While the next partner is free with the bill’s purpose. The plan manager bears everything. The price is too cheap but the price is at a satisfactory level.

Duos get a huge discount if you live in the same household. Spotify may reduce your premium price to about half, by looking at your address. Only one has to pay and another partner can just enjoy the facilities. But, the one who pays also can save a lot. by the discount that the app provides.

The price is too less which is just about $12 per month. But, with a discount, the price

even reduces and becomes $8. You can save more and spend that money on something else. You and your partner have to split the bills. As only one among you is shown the bill by the Spotify app for premium.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are asked some of the questions by the Spotify users. Here you are provided all of those questions with their answers. As a human, it is usual to get questions and want to solve them. The questions related to the topic of “Upgrade Spotify To Duo” with their answer are presented below:

What Is The Necessity To Buy A Premium?

It depends on the users. At what level do you want to enjoy the music app? It depends on you. Premium will offer you the best and most satisfactory music. Whereas an account without a premium does not offer you. You will get ads in the middle of music which makes the music even worse.

How Many People Can Join The Duo Premium?

Unfortunately, Spotify provides the space in the duo premium only for two people. Neither more than two people, nor less than two. The maximum space the premium has is for two people. You can choose anyone to be your duo plan partner.

How Can I Invite My Friend To Join The Duo Premium?

Spotify allows you to invite people only after you purchase the subscription. When you click on invite friends, Spotify shows you the blank space. There you have to enter the email address of the friend whom you want to invite. Then your friend receives the invitation in their email box.

Why Does The Spotify Show I Am Not Eligible To Join Duo Premium?

You can not join the invitation, right? It is because you and your partner have entered a different address while filling in the details. You and your friend must be living in the same household. Both of you must enter the exact address. Then only Spotify shows you are eligible for the plan.

Do I Have To Pay To Get Duo Mix?

No, duo mix is the offer that comes along with duo plans. You have the choice either to join or leave the duo mix. Duo mix is the mixed music playlist of both the partners involved in the plan. You and your partner’s playlist gets mixed in this duo mix.


Premium is a package of offers. Spotify does have the premium to provide its users with plenty of music offers. Duo premium is the newly updated plan on Spotify. Spotify doesn’t force you to purchase the premium.

Spotify just keeps on giving you notifications to buy a premium. Premium means a better experience of the app as well as the music. You may even be addicted to the app if you purchase a premium. The app changes totally after the Subscription premium.

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