How To Upgrade Spotify To Duo? [Easy Guide]

How to upgrade Spotify to duo

Are you wondering how to upgrade your Spotify account to Duo Premium? If you want to enhance your Spotify experience and enjoy the benefits of a premium account, you’ve come to the right place.

To upgrade your Spotify account to Duo, sign up or log in to Duo. Next, invite someone you live with to join Duo using their email or preferred messaging platform. Once they accept the invitation, you can access the Duo plan, which offers exclusive features and benefits. Enjoy the enhanced Spotify experience together!

Spotify offers the duo premium plan specifically designed for couples. This plan is ideal for two people living together in the same household or at the same address. The closer the duo partners are, the higher the discount you can enjoy on the purchase. This plan is limited to a maximum of two people. Once you’ve upgraded to duo premium, you and your partner can enjoy the best version of Spotify, unlocking a world of music at your fingertips.

What Is A Duo Premium?

Spotify offers a range of premium plans that provide various benefits and features to its users. These include Spotify individual premium, Spotify student premium, Spotify duo premium, Spotify family premium, and even Spotify free trials.

The Spotify Duo premium plan is specifically designed for those in the same household. As the name suggests, this plan is perfect for couples or two friends. With the duo premium, you and your partner can enjoy many features.

When you and your duo partner share the same address or live in the same house, Spotify offers you a discount on the plan’s purchase. This allows both of you to access the same quality of features, like sharing the same playlists and offers at a reduced price. You can allocate those savings toward other expenses by saving some extra money.

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How Does The Duo Premium Work?

Once you subscribe to the Spotify Duo premium, you and your partner can enjoy all the benefits mentioned in the plan. This discounted offering is designed for couples or those residing together. The individual who purchases the premium will receive the monthly bill, while the other partner will not be provided with the premium bill.

Both partners in the duo plan can enjoy the premium features independently. The premium status will be upgraded in both of your accounts. To initiate this upgrade, invite your partner to join the premium plan and share the password with them. Once completed, both of you will have your accounts upgraded to the Duo premium. This update brings slight modifications to the duo partners’ accounts.

You and your partner can access a shared playlist within the duo plan. The duo mix feature lets both partners view each other’s music playlists. Spotify respects your preferences and allows you to choose or cancel offers that may not align with your tastes at any time.

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How Do I Upgrade A Spotify Account To Duo Premium?

If you have already subscribed to Spotify’s Duo Premium, you can easily upgrade your existing Spotify account without creating a new one.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to upgrading your account to duo premium:

Step 1: Open the Spotify App

Start by creating a Spotify account if you haven’t already. Sign up and provide all the necessary information requested by the app.

Step 2: Access Your Account Page

Go to your account page within the Spotify app. Here, you’ll find your username and profile details. Scroll down to find the different Spotify premium plans.

Step 3: Select Duo Premium

When you locate Spotify duo premium in the list, tap on it. You will see the “Get Started” option. Tap on it to proceed and enter into the premium experience.

Step 4: Invite Your Duo Partner

Spotify provides an option to invite your duo partner. Tap the invite option and enter your partner’s email address associated with their Gmail account. Your partner will receive the invitation.

To ensure a successful account upgrade, your duo partner needs to accept the invite and enter the same address as you did. Once this is done, both your and your partner’s accounts will be upgraded to the Duo premium.

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Why Can’t I Join The Duo Premium?

Joining any of Spotify’s available premium plans is straightforward as long as you meet their criteria. However, it’s important to note that you cannot join the invitation from the duo plan manager if certain conditions are not met. Let’s take a closer look at these requirements:

Spotify requires both you and your duo partner to have matching addresses. This means that when filling in your details, you must enter the same address. Spotify will not allow you to purchase the duo premium without this matching address.

It is essential to ensure that you and your partner share the same household or reside at the same address. Spotify enforces this condition to maintain the integrity of the duo premium plan. Therefore, if you and your partner are living at a distance, Spotify will not permit you to join the invitation from your partner.

Please double-check your information and ensure you and your partner have entered the same address. By meeting this requirement, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the duo premium plan together.

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Does Spotify Duo Merge Accounts?

Contrary to merging accounts, Spotify Duo allows both you and your partner to enjoy the premium individually. There is no merging of accounts or shared access. This distinction is important, as it ensures that users can maintain their personal preferences and enjoy the premium features independently.

You and your partner must have the same address to be eligible for Spotify Duo. Once you meet this requirement, Spotify allows you to invite your partner to join the Duo plan. After both of you are accepted for the plan by Spotify, you can start enjoying the premium benefits.

With Spotify Duo, you and your partner will have upgraded accounts. While the premium plan is named “Duo,” it does not mean your accounts are merged. Instead, you will receive extra offers and recommendations tailored to your preferences. This allows both partners to enjoy the music and features Spotify offers on their respective accounts.

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How Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth The Cost You Pay?

The cost of purchasing the Spotify Duo premium is well worth it. When it comes to billing, only one partner must pay the bill, while the other partner enjoys the benefits without any financial obligation. The plan manager manages the expenses, making it a cost-effective option.

Living in the same household as your duo partner offers a significant advantage in terms of pricing. Spotify offers a substantial discount, often reducing the premium price by about half, based on your shared address. This means that only one person needs to pay, while the other partner can freely enjoy all the premium features. Additionally, the person who pays for the premium can also benefit from substantial savings due to the discounted price provided by the app.

The standard price for Spotify Duo is already affordable, at approximately $12 per month. However, with the discount applied, the price can be further reduced to as low as $8. This enables you to save even more money, which you can allocate for other expenses. It’s important to note that the bill for the premium is displayed to only one of the partners, as determined by the Spotify app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are asked some of the questions by Spotify users. Here you are provided with all of those questions with their answers. As a human, getting questions and wanting to solve them is usual. The questions related to the topic of “Upgrade Spotify To Duo” with their answer are presented below:

What Is The Necessity To Buy A Premium?

It depends on the users. At what level do you want to enjoy the music app? It depends on you. Premium will offer you the best and most satisfactory music. At the same time, an account without a premium does not offer you. You will get ads in the middle of the music, which makes the music even worse.

How Many People Can Join The Duo Premium?

Unfortunately, Spotify provides space in duo premium only for two people. Neither more than two people nor less than two. The maximum space the premium has is for two people. You can choose anyone to be your duo plan partner.

How Can I Invite My Friend To Join The Duo Premium?

Spotify allows you to invite people only after you purchase the subscription. When you click on invite friends, Spotify shows you the blank space. There you have to enter the email address of the friend you want to invite. Then your friend receives the invitation in their email box.

Why Does The Spotify Show I Am Not Eligible To Join Duo Premium?

You can not join the invitation. It is because you and your partner have entered a different address while filling in the details. You and your friend must be living in the same household. Both of you must enter the exact address. Then only Spotify shows you are eligible for the plan.

Do I Have To Pay To Get Duo Mix?

No, duo mix is the offer that comes along with duo plans. You have the choice either to join or leave the duo mix. Duo mix is the mixed music playlist of both the partners involved in the plan. You and your partner’s playlist gets mixed in this duo mix.


Premium is a package of offers. Spotify has the premium to offer its users plenty of music. Duo Premium is the newly updated plan on Spotify. Spotify doesn’t force you to purchase the premium.

Spotify keeps on giving you notifications to buy a premium. Premium means a better experience of the app as well as the music. You may even be addicted to the app if you purchase a premium. The app changes totally after the Subscription premium.

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