How To Use Spotify Duo Mix? [All Information] 2022

How to use Spotify duo mix? Had a Spotify app? But don’t you know how to use all the features at all? Maybe you have looked for many other articles for the answer. But didn’t find the right one? We can help you clear these. Making this article as a medium, we are trying to solve your problems. Scroll down and start reading.

First, you have to buy a premium duo plan in the Spotify app. Then only you can enjoy this feature. The playlist in the duo mix is the combined playlist of you and your next partner. You and your duo partner are only the viewers of the playlist. This duo mix offers both of you all the regular features of the streaming platform.

Spotify is a music app. You must have a Spotify account to enjoy the app. It allows you to listen to music and enjoy the features of the app. Spotify duo plan is a premium package that you need to buy. Two people or a couple sharing the same flat get a discount if they buy this duo mix plan. The Spotify app is perfect for any music lover.

What Is Spotify Duo?

Spotify duo is one of the most interesting plans available in the app. This Spotify duo enables you to share your playlist with your duo partner. You can easily view each other’s playlists. As Spotify offers you a separate account even in this duo. The Spotify duo app is best for music-loving couples.

Duo means a group of two people. So, Spotify even provides you with some discount when both of you are living at the same address and sharing a house. Firstly, Spotify will verify the address to provide you with a discount. You can enjoy the app to the fullest through this duo.

Spotify’s duo plan is easy and quick to access. You don’t have to face a lot of difficulties behind it. You just have to buy the premium subscription duo plan on Spotify. The process completes within a minute. You can buy this premium if you and your partner are interested in getting lost in the music.

How To Subscribe To Spotify Premium Duo?

The subscription process completes within a minute. This process is so quick and easy. If you are going to subscribe to the premium then you are responsible for the payment process. Among the two of you, the one who buys premium first, bills are shown to them by Spotify.

You have to handle everything in the duo mix. You are provided with steps to subscribe to the Spotify premium duo. Please consider it step by step.

You can subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo by two methods; one from direct Spotify App & the other from The Spotify Official Website.

How To Subscribe To Spotify Premium Duo Using The Spotify App?

Subscribing to Spotify Premium Duo is rather an easy process to use and does not take much time either. The steps to Subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo using The Spotify App are below:

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

First, you should open the Spotify music app. You will get to see many albums of music artists on your screen. You can click on any of them and enjoy the music.

Step 2: Visit

You can see premium duo music for two people when you click on it. You will get an option to buy a duo plan premium. Then, you can see the get started option below the price of the premium.

Step 3: Click On Get Started Button

You will have an option to fill in your information as suddenly as you tap it on to get started. Enter every detail carefully as asked by the Spotify app.

Step 4: Tap On Buy Spotify Premium Duo Button

After this, Spotify provides you with many instructions you will need to start duo plans. Invite the member whom you want to add to your Spotify duo package.

Follow these four simple steps, and you can buy a premium Spotify duo plan. You are the creator of duo plans, so you manage every plan in your account. Inviting members or removing them, everything is in your hand.

How To Subscribe To Spotify Premium Duo Via The Spotify Website?

Using the official Spotify Website to Subscribe To Spotify Premium Duo can be a little tricky and a long process for the first time. However, getting used to it is as easy as using the Spotify Pairing feature. The step-wise process to subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo via the Spotify Website are below:

Step 1: Open Your Browser

As you will be operating the site on a browser, open your default browser or the browser you normally use.

Step 2: Search And Visit The Spotify Website

Once you open your browser, search for the Spotify website ( You can also directly click the link inside the bracket.

Step 3: Login To Your Account

If you have not already, log into your Spotify account. This will let the Spotify website to have access to your account.

Step 4: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines “≡”

After you log in to the page of Spotify, you will see “≡” on the top right side of your screen. Simply, click on it.

Step 5: Click On The “Premium” Button

After you click on the “≡,” a short menu will open. At the top of the short menu, you will find a “Premium” option. Tap on it.

Step 6: Tap On Duo Plan

After you click on the premium option, a new page will open. On the page, you need to scroll down a little, and you will find the Spotify Duo option as the 2nd option of the subscription. Click on the Duo plan.

Step 7: Decide The Payment Method

Choose which payment method you prefer. You will have two choices; Via Debit/Credit card or Via PayPal.

Step 8: Complete The Purchase Of Your Premium Duo Plan

Once you choose the payment method, simply, complete the purchase of your Premium Duo Plan. This plan gives you an extra one month free.

What Are The Advantages Of The Spotify Duo Plan?

Spotify’s Duo feature allows users to create a collaborative playlist with a friend. The duo can then vote on songs, share songs, and leave comments on tracks. The advantages of having the Spotify Duo Plan are as follows:

Cost Of The Plan

Even though it is not the cheapest subscription plan you will find on the Spotify app, it is the most reasonable. It is available for two-person for just $12.99 per month, which is also after a month’s free trial.

Free For A Month

One best thing about Spotify subscription Plans is that it gives its users one month’s free trial to get to know the plan and whether the trial is worth the cost for the customer. This allows the users to make sure whether they made the right choice by selecting the Spotify Duo Plan or not.

Cancel Anytime You Wish

Another advantage of having Spotify Premium Duo or any other plan is; that you can easily cancel the subscription anytime you want. You can also cancel the subscription after one month’s free trial.

One caveat of this feature is that you will not get another one month’s free trial when you purchase the premium again.

What Is A Duo Mix?

Duo mix is also one of the features provided by the Spotify app. It is only available for those who buy the subscription premium duo of Spotify. Duo means two people, so you and your partner can use the premium together in a single payment pack. You can easily know which song and music your next partner listens to.

When you and your partner use the Spotify duo to listen to music, it creates a list of music both of you have played. So, the combination of the music playlist of you and your partner is a duo mix. Only you and your next partner who is on the Spotify duo can view the playlist.

The duo mix feature in the Spotify duo plan is all automatic. The duo mix playlist increases as both of you choose to listen to the next new music. Music with its artist and genre also appears in the duo mix. It is the mixture of songs and music that you and your partner have played in the app.

How To Join Spotify Duo Mix?

You can find different methods and ways to play your duo mix in the app. But, you may not know everything about duo mixes. Here are the guide steps for you to join the duo mix on Spotify and enjoy the music.

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

Click on the Spotify app and open it. You can see many music albums with their artist and genre types. You will also see different icons below your screen.

Step 2: Click On your Spotify Duo Account

Tap on your premium duo plan account. You will get three different options displayed on your screen. They are your duo mix, the people on this duo plan, and your address.

Step 3: Tap On Join Duo Mix Option

When you click on duo mix the app warns you. Your next friend can see the songs and music you have played. Then click on join duo mix.

Follow these steps one after one if you want to join a duo mix. You can even leave the duo mix afterward if you don’t want it anymore. Your partner won’t see your music history until you click on the duo mix’s join button.

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How To Play Spotify Duo Mix?

As we have previously discussed the steps to find duo mix on the Spotify account. Spotify Duo play needs to know your song type at first. They play the song according to it. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to play the Spotify duo after finding it on Spotify. The steps go like this :

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

You have to tap on the Spotify app. Then log in to your Spotify account. You will see your playlist history, music album, etc. You can see different icons at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Tap On Home Icon

You can find this home-like icon below the screen of your device. It is available at the bottom corner of your left-hand side. Made for you, the option is available after you get the inside home icon.

Step 3: Search For Duo Mix

When you tap on the Made for you option you can see many music options. Look at the top of your screen. You will see a search bar. Type duo mix over there and search for it.

You have found the duo mix now. You can now ask Spotify to play any of the music from the duo mix. Simply you can just type the song name or use a voice-controlled speaker. Your next partner’s music and your music are listed and they shuffle which provides you a better feeling.

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Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth The Cost?

Yes, of course, the premium duo plan in the Spotify app is worth the cost you pay. Firstly, the premium does not cost a lot at all. Just by spending a few dollars, you can enjoy the duo plan in your Spotify account. You can connect your daily life with a unique music taste through Spotify.

The Spotify app is even providing discounts in case your duo partner is living at the same address and the same house. It enables you to save even more. Just one of you will buy the premium. But, you can enjoy the premium through this unique subscription to the app.

Spotify duo plan subscription pack allows you to enjoy the app to the fullest from one side. Looking at the other side, Spotify enables you to spend less and enjoy more. You can afford something else you want through the leftover money which you get as a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Spotify app users have raised plenty of questions regarding the features of the app. People are getting doubts regarding the duo plan and duo mix. You are presented here with a few questions with their answers.

What Are The Two Things That Spotify Duo Has Made Easy?

Spotify is a fun app. It allows you to share the music albums with someone you like and care for. The Spotify duo has made both of you enjoy the best music. In other words, it is a cost-effective premium. You can enjoy new music daily and also with less price and payment.

Can I Play The Music Of Duo Mix?

Of course, Spotify allows you to play the music and songs of a duo mix. You can view the music your next partner has listened to and even play it. You have to search for a duo mix on the search bar. Then a playlist of you and your partner displays on the screen.

Can I Choose Mood For My Duo Mix Playlist?

Yes, Spotify allows you to choose a specific mood for your duo mix. But, only the mobile users get to enjoy this feature and no other device users. You can see the sun and moon icon which signifies the upbeat and chill mood. You can choose any one of them as you wish to listen.

Can Spotify Duo Listen To Music At The Same Time?

You and your partner can listen to Spotify at the same time. You and your friend have two different Spotify accounts, not the same one. Both of you are just able to enjoy the Spotify duo plan premium. You have your respective accounts so you can enjoy any music at a time.

What Is My Spotify Duo Not Working?

Spotify users may experience this technical problem sometimes. During such times you can just change your device and log in to your account on another device. It is possible to use a browser instead. Spotify hasn’t given access to use worldwide. So, in some countries, the app may not work as usual these days.

What Is DJ Mode On Spotify?

Spotify is one of the best music apps. People living around the world prefer to use Spotify over any other app. Dj mode is available on Spotify for your events, venue, or any matter. You can play songs from your playlist in Dj mode and enjoy them even more.


Spotify is one of the highly recommended apps for songs and music. Other music apps are nothing in front of this Spotify. Spotify gives a realistic feeling to the listeners, with the artist and genre displayed in the music album. It enables you to play a song even when you are using the next app.

Spotify launches many premiums to make the music experience even better. Duo plans and duo mix has made people even more involved in the app. When it comes to music, Spotify comes to everybody’s mind. It combines the playlist of both partners and generates a unique music taste.

Hope you get to clear the doubts you have before entering this article. You can get answers to most of your questions through this website. Hope this article helped you know what you were looking for.

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