Can You Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses?

Can You use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses? Are you and your partner living at a different address? Want to buy a duo premium at the same time? Want to know if you can purchase or not?

We will give answers to all of these. Just stay connected till the end of this article. You can find the answer in each heading.

To buy a Spotify duo premium, both the duos must have similar addresses. They must live at the same address sharing the same household.

If you are living in a separate place then at first, you are not eligible for this premium. Spotify won’t let you buy the premium unless duos live together.

Spotify requires the eligibility of the users before it provides any facility. Living in a different address means living in separate places with separate households.

Which does not follow the terms and conditions mentioned in duo premium. Address matters a lot in this Spotify music app.

What Do I Get From Spotify Duo Premium?

To use Spotify duo, you guys must match the address. Spotify duo premium is a plan for a maximum of two people. You have to subscribe to the duo premium to enjoy this in your account.

When you purchase a premium, you will get offers, ad-free music, and even unlock extra music which was not possible before the premium.

If you follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the duo plan then, you can get discounts and use the duo plan easily. Spotify provides you a maximum of half amount discount from the total.

But, only when you meet the conditions of premium you have chosen. Spotify even enables you to download the music and listen to them when you are offline.

After the subscription to duo premium plans, you and your duo partner get to experience the best version of music. Spotify provides you with unlimited music whatever you want to listen to.

You may even get shocked, looking at the offers Spotify provides with just a little amount of money per month.

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Eligibility Details For Spotify Duo Premium

It is possible for anyone to use the duo plan, but must follow some rules. Eligibility means checking whether you are suitable for certain things or not.

At the same time, Spotify also asks you to meet the eligibility as per the premium. It is required for you to meet it before you purchase the premium.

Here you are presented with the eligibility of duo premium. You can check if you are eligible to buy this duo premium or not. They are as follows:

  • Both the duos involved in the duo plan must live at the same address and reside in the same household.
  • Spotify asks you to verify your home address as soon as you guys have subscribed to the duo plan.
  • The re-address verification process is run by Spotify at a certain time and again. You must meet the eligibility every verification time.

How Does Spotify Detect Who’s Eligible For Duo Premium?

Do you remember Spotify asks you to enter both of your addresses before you join the premium? Unless you enter an address, there is no next option.

So, you may know about this activity on Spotify. Spotify detects your eligibility by looking at the address of both of you.

Some users are clever and tend to enter the wrong address just to enjoy the discount. But, when Spotify detects this activity, your account may get deleted and you won’t be able to buy the premium ever.

So, be careful and enter the address you are living in at the present.

The main thing that Spotify checks are addressed. Unless your address matches each other, you won’t get the premium. Both the friends or couple must be living at the same address.

Then according to the household, you have to enter the same thing. After this process, you are eligible to buy the duo premium.

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When Does Spotify Remove You From The Duo Premium?

You cannot use the Spotify duo if you live in different places. As we have previously discussed, Spotify checks your eligibility at first, before letting you enjoy the duo premium.

And we know that the eligibility that Spotify detects is the address of duos. Spotify may even remove you even if you are already in the duo plan.

When you and your duo partner join the plan, you have entered the same address. As the time passes if you guys started living separately or else, Spotify detects it so easily.

From time to time Spotify asks you for the verification of your address. So, at that time if you guys don’t meet the eligibility, Spotify directly removes you from the plan.

Both of you may lose the plan if the verification address doesn’t match the initial address. Duos must match the eligibility like always. Both of you must reside at the same address.

When Spotify detects you guys have gone out of eligibility, it may kick you out of the plan at the right time.

Can You Use Spotify Duo If You Live At Different Addresses?

Do You Want To Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses Than Your Partner?

Spotify duo premium is made for those users who are living together as a family, a couple, or any two friends living together. But, not for those who are living in different countries with far boundaries.

It is because you don’t meet the eligibility of duo premium.

You can check the eligibility. You can find it in the above heading of this article. The signing up process to join this duo premium requires your basic information.

The basic information includes the name, address, age, etc of both duos. You have to fill in the details individually.

Address confirmation is the main thing that Spotify focuses on. If the duo’s addresses don’t match with each other, Spotify doesn’t let you use the service.

Spotify will show you an error that occurred without providing you a way to the next step. You should forget about duo premium if you guys don’t live together.

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What Is The Difference Before And After Use Of The Duo Premium?

You will see the vast difference in your Spotify account. Your account unlocked plenty of items and things after the premium.

You won’t know that Spotify may provide this kind of thing after the premium. Spotify provides you with the satisfactory music you always want.

You can notice so easily that Spotify shows you an ad after every music you play. You can’t even skip it right? And next, the music is also limited to Spotify.

You can not even download any music for your offline days. So, the offers are so limited. Maybe, you have even gotten pissed off by the Spotify app.

Then, the time when you purchase the duo subscription pack, you may notice a drastic change all over the app. First, the app gets upgraded.

Then you won’t see any Spotify ads disrupting you in the middle of the music. You can even notice that you can play your favorite artist’s music from now on. Looking at the price, the offers are so very much satisfactory.

Can I Change The Registered Address In Spotify Duo?

Do You Want To Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses Than Your Partner? Then You want to consider changing addresses.

Yes, Spotify allows you to change or edit the information you have entered before. You may have entered the wrong details while signing up in the app.

Those wrong details won’t let you join the duo premium. The mainly wrong address creates this kind of problem in the premium.

One thing is that you have to match every detail you enter in the app. That is, the address that you enter when you sign up for the app, and the address which you enter while joining the duo premium must be the same.

In case you entered the wrong address when you joined the premium, Spotify allows you to change it. Only the one who has purchased the premium has this right.

He/she can only change the address. You have to go to the account page and edit the address. and change it so that you can Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses Than Your Partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, you are presented with some of the questions related to the topic of ‘Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses’.

These are the comments that the users have asked via the comment section.

We have provided answers to those questions.

Please try to gain even more through the below-mentioned question answer.

Why Does Spotify Need My Address 2022?

Spotify asks you to fill in the required information.

Spotify requires things just to make sure everything is right.

There are cases of frauds who bought the premium through the wrong address.

So, because of this Spotify reverifies your address from time to time, as well as asks for your address while signing up.

Does Spotify Know My Location?

No, Spotify does not know your location.

As Spotify asks your address just to verify them so that you can get benefits.

By the way, Spotify does not track your location.

Neither do they follow you, nor do they check where you are.

Just the address is compared and nothing else.

Why Are People Crazy About The Premiums?

Premiums are such a thing in Spotify which allows you to enjoy the music to the fullest.

The Spotify ads won’t disrupt you anymore after that.

You can listen to any music unlimited with the available next button.

You get to unlock the songs of those artists, which you were unable to listen to in an ordinary Spotify account.

When Does Duo Premium Provide Us With Discounts?

Dui premium means must include two people in the plan.

Spotify asks both of the duo members to verify their address at first.

Then if both of your addresses match with each other, Spotify verifies you and provides you with a discount.

The discount amount is about half of the total charge you have to pay.

I Am Living Far From My Friends And Family. Which Premium Would Be Better?

We suggest you choose an individual premium.

This premium provides every offer the same as when you buy a duo or family plan premium.

But, in case you are a student you can buy a student premium directly.

Student premium will provide you with about fifty percent of discount.

Whereas the individual premium does not provide you at all.

Can We Use The Same Account In Duo Premium?

No, Spotify won’t let you do this.

As you know, duo premium requires two members for the premium to upgrade in the account.

Then, when you use the same account there becomes just a single member.

So, your account won’t go beyond the invite friends option.

Unless you invite someone, Spotify does not let you move forward.

How To Change Address In Spotify Duo Premium?

It is possible to change addresses in Spotify duo premium.

But, only the plan manager who buys the premium can do this.

The plan manager has to go to their account page first.

Tap on the subscription package you have purchased.

Then Spotify displays you with the edit information option.

You can click on the address bar and easily edit the address.


Spotify keeps the address at the top, when it comes to premium and all.

Consider your eligibility first. Terms and conditions are shown to you before you buy and premium.

Users have to consider everything carefully. This app is one of the best music apps which everyone suggests.

The users can use this Spotify duo premium if they have the eligibility. Every change on the premium is in the hand of the plan manager.

The bills required for payment are shown only to the one who has purchased the premium, no others.

The main thing is, the plan manager and the one whom he/she invites, must have the same physical address.

Hope you know now if you can know the Spotify duo living at different addresses. Was this article helpful? Did you learn something? Did you enjoy reading every heading?

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