Can You Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses?

Can you use spotify duo if you live in different address

Can you use Spotify Duo if you live at different addresses? Are you and your partner residing at separate locations? Do you want to purchase a Duo Premium together? We will address all these questions in this article. Please stay connected until the end to find the answer under each heading.

To purchase a Spotify Duo Premium, both individuals must have the same address and share a household. If you and your partner live in different places, you are not eligible for this premium. Spotify won’t let you buy the premium unless duos live together.

Spotify requires users to meet the eligibility criteria, which includes living at the same address as stated in the terms and conditions for Duo Premium. Address plays a crucial role in accessing this feature on the Spotify music app.

What Do I Get From Spotify Duo Premium?

To use Spotify Duo, both users must have matching addresses. Spotify Duo Premium is a plan designed for a maximum of two people. Subscribing to Duo Premium allows you to enjoy its benefits in your account.

By purchasing a premium subscription, you can access various perks, including ad-free music, unlocking additional tracks not available to non-premium users, and downloading music for offline listening. Following the terms and conditions outlined in the Duo plan enables you to receive discounts and utilize the Duo plan effortlessly. Spotify offers a maximum discount of half the total amount based on the conditions of the chosen premium plan.

After subscribing to the Duo Premium plan, you and your partner can experience the ultimate music experience. Spotify provides unlimited music tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, you may be pleasantly surprised by the enticing offers available from Spotify for a nominal monthly fee.

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Eligibility Details For Spotify Duo Premium

Anyone can utilize the Duo plan, but adherence to certain rules is required. Eligibility refers to the criteria determining suitability for specific privileges or services.

Similarly, Spotify requests that you meet the eligibility requirements for the Duo premium before making a purchase. It is necessary to fulfill these criteria before subscribing to the premium.

Outlined below are the eligibility conditions for the Duo premium. You can ascertain whether you qualify to purchase this premium by considering the following:

  • Both individuals participating in the Duo plan must reside at the same address and share a household.
  • Spotify mandates the verification of your home address upon subscribing to the Duo plan.
  • Spotify periodically conducts address verification, necessitating ongoing compliance with the eligibility criteria during each verification process.

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How Does Spotify Detect Who’s Eligible For Duo Premium?

When signing up for Spotify Premium, you may recall that they ask you to provide both addresses before proceeding. Without entering an address, you won’t be able to proceed to the next step. Spotify uses the addresses provided to determine eligibility. They compare the addresses to ensure that both parties live at the same address.

Some users attempt to take advantage of discounts by entering incorrect addresses. However, if Spotify detects this activity, your account may be deleted, and you can no longer purchase Premium. To avoid any issues, please be cautious and provide the address where you currently reside.

The primary criterion Spotify checks are the address. You will not be eligible for Premium if the addresses do not match. Both friends or couples must reside at the same address.

Make sure to enter the same address for each individual during the process. Once this is done, you will be eligible to purchase the Duo Premium subscription.

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When Does Spotify Remove You From The Duo Premium?

To use Spotify Duo, you and your partner must reside at the same address. As we discussed earlier, Spotify checks your eligibility before allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the Duo Premium plan.

Spotify determines eligibility by verifying the address of the duo. Even if you are already subscribed to the Duo plan, Spotify reserves the right to remove you if your address is ineligible.

When you and your duo partner initially join the plan, you must provide the same address. However, if you eventually start living separately or change your address, Spotify can easily detect it. Periodically, Spotify may request address verification. If you and your partner no longer meet the eligibility requirements, Spotify will remove you from the plan without hesitation.

Both of you must maintain matching addresses for continued eligibility. You may lose access to the plan if the verification address doesn’t match the original address. Duos must always meet the eligibility criteria by residing at the same address.

When Spotify detects that you are no longer eligible, it removes you from the plan.

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Can You Use Spotify Duo If You Live At Different Addresses?

Would you like to use Spotify Duo if you and your partner live at different addresses?

Spotify Duo Premium is designed for users who reside together as a family, couple, or two friends living in the same place. It is not intended for individuals living in different countries with significant geographical distances. This is due to the fact that you do not meet the eligibility criteria for Spotify Duo Premium.

You can verify your eligibility by referring to the heading above in this article. The sign-up process for joining Duo Premium requires you to provide basic information.

The basic information includes the names, addresses, ages, etc., of both individuals in the duo. You need to fill in these details individually. Address confirmation is a crucial aspect that Spotify emphasizes. If the addresses of the duo do not match, Spotify will not allow you to utilize the service.

In such cases, Spotify will display an error message and prevent you from proceeding to the next step. If you and your partner do not reside together, it is advisable to forgo using Duo Premium.

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How To Use Spotify Duo If You Live At Different Addresses?

I understand there may be some possibilities for using Spotify Duo even if you and your partner live at different addresses or are not living together. However, I must emphasize that attempting to bypass the eligibility requirements comes with significant risks. If you still wish to try, there are potential methods you could explore.

To purchase Spotify Duo, initially, you both need to have the same address. If you live separately after purchasing the Duo plan, Spotify will monitor both of you and may request address verification.

During the verification process, you can try using the same address using third-party tools to obtain the necessary verification. Some users have employed this method, and while a few have succeeded, many have not. Alternatively, you could consider using a VPN or other third-party tools to enjoy the Duo plan while appearing to have the same (account-created) address.

However, please note that these approaches circumvent Spotify’s intended usage requirements and may violate their terms of service. Engaging in such activities may result in consequences, including suspending or terminating your Spotify account.

I urge you to carefully consider the risks and consequences before attempting to use Spotify Duo in this manner.

[Note: If Spotify finds out Duo is living separately but using the feature, then Spotify will remove your subscription as well as your account from the platform, and also, you will never be able to buy its premium features]

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What Is The Difference Before And After Use Of The Duo Premium?

Once you unlock the premium features on your Spotify account, you will experience a significant difference. The premium subscription opens up a multitude of options and benefits for you.

With Spotify Premium, you’ll discover that Spotify offers an array of features that enhance your music experience and cater to your preferences. You’ll notice a noticeable improvement in the quality and variety of music available.

One of the noticeable differences is that you will no longer encounter ads interrupting your music playback. Gone are the days of being unable to skip ads. Additionally, the music selection is no longer limited, allowing you to explore a vast library of tracks on Spotify.

Another limitation of the free version is the inability to download music for offline listening. However, with a Premium subscription, you gain the ability to download your favorite songs and playlists, making them accessible even when you’re offline. The expanded offerings truly enhance the overall satisfaction of using the Spotify app.

Upon purchasing the Duo subscription pack, you will notice a significant upgrade across the app. The app’s functionality and features are enhanced, providing a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

Gone are the frustrating interruptions from ads, and you can now freely enjoy your favorite artist’s music. When considering the price, the benefits and offerings provided by the Duo subscription are highly satisfying.

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Can I Change The Registered Address In Spotify Duo?

Are you interested in using Spotify Duo despite living at different addresses than your partner? In that case, you might want to consider changing addresses.

Fortunately, Spotify allows you to modify the information you entered during the sign-up process. If you mistakenly provided incorrect details, it may prevent you from joining Duo Premium, with an incorrect address being a common cause of this issue.

Ensuring that every detail you enter in the app matches is important. Specifically, the address you provide when signing up for the app must match the address you enter when joining Duo Premium.

If you realize that you entered the wrong address during the premium subscription process, Spotify does offer an option to change it. However, please note that only the individual who purchased the premium has the right to make this change.

To update the address, you can navigate to the account page and edit the information accordingly. This adjustment allows you to use Spotify Duo even if you and your partner live at different addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, you are presented with some of the questions related to ‘Use Spotify Duo If You Live In Different Addresses’. These are the comments that the users have asked via the comment section. We have provided answers to those questions. Please try to gain even more through the below-mentioned question answer.

Why Does Spotify Need My Address?

Spotify asks you to fill in the required information. Spotify requires things to make sure everything is right.

There are cases of fraud who bought the premium through the wrong address. So, because of this, Spotify reverifies your address from time to time and asks for your address while signing up.

Does Spotify Know My Location?

No, Spotify does not know your location as Spotify asks your address to verify so that you can get benefits. By the way, Spotify does not track your location. Neither do they follow you, nor do they check where you are. Just the address is compared and nothing else.

Why Are People Crazy About The Premiums?

Premiums are such a thing in Spotify that allows you to enjoy the music to the fullest. The Spotify ads won’t disrupt you anymore after that. You can listen to any music unlimited with the available next button. You get to unlock those artists’ songs, which you could not listen to in an ordinary Spotify account.

When Does Duo Premium Provide Us With Discounts?

Dui premium means must include two people in the plan. Spotify asks both of the duo members to verify their addresses first. Then if both of your addresses match each other, Spotify verifies you and provides you with a discount. The discount amount is about half the total charge you must pay.

I Am Living Far From My Friends And Family. Which Premium Would Be Better?

We suggest you choose an individual premium. This premium provides every offer the same as when you buy a duo or family plan premium. But, if you are a student, you can buy a student premium directly. Student premium will provide you with about fifty percent of discount. At the same time, the individual premium does not provide you at all.

Can We Use The Same Account In Duo Premium?

No, Spotify won’t let you do this. As you know, duo premium requires two members for the premium to upgrade in the account. Then, when you use the same account, there becomes just a single member. So, your account won’t go beyond the invite friends option. Unless you invite someone, Spotify does not let you move forward.

How To Change Address In Spotify Duo Premium?

It is possible to change addresses in Spotify duo premium. But only the plan manager who buys the premium can do this. The plan manager has to go to their account page first. Tap on the subscription package you have purchased. Then Spotify displays you with the edit information option. You can click on the address bar and easily edit the address.


Spotify keeps the address at the top when it comes to premium and all. Consider your eligibility first. Terms and conditions are shown to you before you buy, and premium. Users have to consider everything carefully. This app is one of the best music apps which everyone suggests.

The users can use this Spotify duo premium if they have the eligibility. Every change in the premium is in the hand of the plan manager. The bills required for payment are shown only to the one who purchased the premium, not others. The main thing is the plan manager, and the one whom he/she invites must have the same physical address.

Hope you know now if you can know the Spotify duo living at different addresses. Was this article helpful? Did you learn something? Did you enjoy reading every heading?

Please tell us about these via the comment section. Stay connected and support us so we can provide you with such a nice article.

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