What Are Different Plans For Spotify Duo?

What are different plans for Spotify duo

Are you curious about the various plans available for Spotify Duo? Wondering if there’s a plan specifically designed for duos? Perhaps you’re interested in learning about the benefits of the subscription pack. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll ensure you receive all the answers you seek, so do not miss any of the mentioned subheadings.

When you sign up for Spotify, you’ll receive a trial month. Afterward, you’ll be prompted to purchase a premium subscription. One such plan is Spotify Duo Premium, tailored for two individuals. It allows both users to enjoy downloaded music wherever they go, offering unlimited skips and the freedom to play any track, even on a mobile device.

Spotify is the ultimate music app, providing an unparalleled music experience. With unlimited songs and music at your fingertips, you can indulge in your passion for music for as long as you like. The unique combination of subscription premiums and plans sets Spotify apart, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

What Is A Premium Duo?

The premium duo is a subscription package available in the Spotify app. This premium provides you with unlimited music and other plans. It is a premium duo, so you and your partner can enjoy this premium. It even provides a discount plan for those who live together sharing a flat.

This premium duo is worth it. Two people can enjoy this app in just a single bill. If one buys the premium, the other can enjoy it for free. The bills are not high. The premium price is very low; conversely, you can enjoy high-level music.

Why Get A Premium Duo?

Music is an essential part of life, and purchasing the Duo Premium among the available plans for Spotify Duo can elevate your music experience. The cost is incredibly affordable, yet the benefits you’ll receive after subscribing are highly satisfying.

To fully enjoy music, getting a premium subscription is a must. Here are the reasons why you should consider purchasing it:

  • Download and listen to music anywhere: Spotify allows you to download and enjoy any music offline, no matter where you are.
  • Ad-free music experience: Say goodbye to interruptions and enjoy uninterrupted music without advertisements.
  • Play any track on your mobile: With the premium, you can have the freedom to play any track, even on your mobile phone.
  • Unlimited music and songs: After subscribing, you’ll have access to unlimited music and songs, expanding your music library extensively.

The reasons for getting the Premium Duo subscription are now clear to you. Take your time to consider everything, but don’t wait too long to purchase the subscription pack. Act now!

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How Many Different Plans Are Available On Spotify?

If you want to buy a premium pack, you are presented here with a description of every premium plan available on the Spotify app. There are mainly five different types of paid subscription premium plans, which are made available for you by Spotify.

You can select any one of them as per your choice. So, please carefully and choose to purchase wisely. They are presented as follows:

How Many Differenr Plans Are Available On Spotify

Spotify Premium Individual

Spotify offers the option to purchase an individual premium subscription. If you are alone and interested in getting a premium, this is your ideal choice. When you purchase, all the bills and payments are solely your responsibility.

You can enjoy all the premium features directly in your Spotify account with an individual premium. The price is reasonable considering the benefits it provides. Spotify adjusts the pricing based on your country, so prices may vary, being lower in some countries and higher in others.

Spotify Premium Students

Even students fond of music can purchase the Student Premium on their Spotify account. Spotify offers students extra benefits and facilities, including a 50% discount on the price for up to four years.

As a student, you can also enjoy access to Hulu’s ad-supported plan and Showtime at no additional cost. Spotify provides these additional services for free. The Student Premium can be renewed every 12 months, a maximum of 3 times.

Spotify Duo Premium

The Duo Premium is an excellent option for those living together, offering a substantial discount for individuals sharing the same flat. With this plan for Spotify Duo, both of you can enjoy the perks of ad-free music, unlimited tracks, and songs.

When you purchase the premium, your existing Spotify accounts will be upgraded. There’s no need to create new accounts. Both individuals will receive premium upgrades on their respective Spotify accounts.

Spotify Family Premium

The Family Premium is designed for family members who enjoy songs and music. When purchasing this premium, Spotify has specific rules and guidelines that must be followed. A minimum of six people must be part of a family to subscribe to this plan. The primary account receives a discount, while the other family members receive upgrades on their respective accounts.

This premium package offers additional options, including Spotify Kids and Explicit filters. Spotify Kids is specifically designed for children, providing playlists of music, soundtracks, and singalongs suitable for kids. If you prefer explicit content, you can opt for the explicit filter to access that type of content.

Spotify Premium Trials

The Premium Trial is designed for those who wish to experience the benefits of the premium subscription. You can avail of this trial at a reduced rate or even for free. Please note that the trial period is valid for one month. Whether you are a beginner or an existing premium member, you are eligible to participate in this trial.

However, it’s important to note that you must provide a valid payment method when signing up for the Premium trial. This is necessary for data confirmation if you purchase the premium subscription after the trial period.

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What Features Do The Plans Offer?

When you buy the subscription premium on Spotify, the app provides you with plenty of features and facilities. The features which you were unable to get access to before the premium came in access.

Spotify has mainly two unique features. As per the premium plans it provides to the user. The features of purchasing plan are mentioned below:

Duo Mix

Duo mix is the mixture of a playlist of you and your next Spotify duo premium partner. Only the partners involved in Plans For Spotify Duo have access to view the playlist, no others. The music playlist that you and your duo partner have played is shown along with the music artist and genre.

You have a choice to join or leave the duo mix. Your playlist is shown to the next partner only if you click on join duo mix. You can even join and leave after a few days. But your music history or playlist gets removed as soon as you leave the duo mix.

Change Address

Spotify asks you for detailed information regarding your name, address, age, country, etc. If you entered the wrong details when you signed up, then you have access to change it. Only the one who has purchased the plan.

Your duo partner needs to confirm the address updated by you. Spotify even provides you with a feature that you can exchange or switch the du plans. But just at an interval of 12 months, not at any time. Spotify shows you an error when you try to switch at any time.

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Which Spotify Premium Is The Best?

Which is the best, and which is the less reliable premium to buy? This may vary according to the person as well. Some may like one, and some may like another one. But, here we are talking about which premium would be cheap relating to the price or cost-effective provided with the best offers.

If you are a student couple, then rather than purchasing a Spotify Duo premium, you can purchase a student premium. This will save you money as Spotify provides discounts for students. You can get some offers as a student.

When you are in a group of friends, then, rather than buying an individual premium, you can buy a Spotify family premium. Family premium is such a cost-effective premium, you can see. You get to save and spend that money on something else.

Premium individuals must be your last preference among the premium. The plan won’t get many discounts. You alone are responsible for bills and payments. It may get difficulties regarding payment shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may get to create extra questions as you open many articles. You are presented with frequently asked questions about “Plans For Spotify Duo” by Spotify users. Please consider every question and answer carefully.

I Am Already On A Premium; What Happens To All My Saved Music?

When you buy a premium, your Spotify account gets upgraded. You get to enjoy unlimited music, which was impossible before the premium. Your existing account gets upgraded, keeping all of your saved music, songs, and playlist safe.

Can We Only Listen To Duo Mixes At Home?

No, you can enjoy the feature everywhere you go. Spotify asks for your address at the beginning and verifies the address of both. Both of you can use your respective duo premium anywhere you go. As well as on any device you log in to your Spotify account.

How Does The Bill Work? Do We Split The Cost?

The bill for the premium does not split at all. Among you and your duo partner, the one who first purchased the Plans For Spotify Duo premium will have the payment. The purchasers will receive a bill of premium every month. The bill doesn’t slip, sometimes yours and sometimes theirs.

Do We Share Premium Account, Or Do We Each Get Our Own?

Each person on the duo plan will get a premium account in their Spotify app. You need not share login information every time. Your respective previous account gets upgraded to a premium account. You will get music recommendations as per your search and far from your duo partner’s music.

How Does Spotify App Know If We Live Together?

When you first downloaded and logged Spotify, it asked you for your information. Your detailed data, including your address, is included over there. Spotify even asks you to verify your address. So, this verification becomes proof that you and your duo partner are living together or apart.

How Can I Get Benefited From Spotify Duo?

Yes, Spotify duo premium is such an advantage for you. The cost is less, but the unlimited music you get after the subscription is so satisfactory. You can get ad-free music when you buy this premium. When you buy this duo, an unlimited music pack gets unlocked on your Spotify account.


Spotify has become successful worldwide, leading in the field of music. Just within an interval of a few years, this app is now the best choice for the music of millions of users. More than earning a profit, Spotify focuses on providing a better music experience to its users.

Spotify has reached the top of success as easily as a music streaming app. Spotify has upgraded the app and provides innovative services to its users. After the Duo premium you purchased, you can enjoy all the Plans For Spotify Duo.

Every heading is elaborated clearly for you. I think you get to clear your doubts. You can learn extra about Spotify through some of the faqs mentioned above. Hope you guys enjoyed reading the article. Please comment by mentioning how you felt about this article.

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