How To Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo?

How to get the address verification done for the Spotify duo? Purchasing a duo premium? Did you set the address? Wondering Spotify to verify your address? Too many questions on your brain right? We will try our best to provide you with exact answers to these questions.

The one who manages to purchase a premium is responsible for signing up and all. You or your duo partner will be the one to do that work. The plan manager uses their device location to set the address while signing up. After you invite your other partner, he has to enter the same address to the plan. Then your address is verified by the Spotify app itself.

Spotify duo premium is a premium for a couple or any two friends living together. Address certification is required while purchasing this premium. In this duo plan, Spotify provides you with a discount, if both duos are living at the same address and the same flat. Spotify checks the address and provides facilities as per it.

How To Set Address On Premium Spotify Account?

Spotify asks you for your detailed information when you sign in to the app. Sometimes, you may enter the wrong information. You may provide the wrong information to Spotify just to see how the app works.

But, your wrong address may not permit you to use the app. It is because Spotify is limited and isn’t available worldwide.

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So, you need to confirm the correct address. Simply use the below steps and you can easily confirm or correct the address. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Spotify App

You can see your recently played music with its album, artist, and genre You will also see different icons like notifications and settings at the top. While premium, home icon, library, and search icons are below your screen.

Step 2: Go To Your Account Page

You have to click on your Spotify account page. Then you can see the detailed activities regarding what you have done on Spotify. You can even see which premium you have purchased.

Step 3: Click On Your Premium

Click on the premium which you have recently purchased. Then you can see all of the detailed information you have entered while purchasing it.

Step 4: Change The Address

You can see the address bar included in your information table. You just have to tap on it. You will see the edit option. Tap on it and set the address. Then confirm it.

Follow these four easy steps and you will get what you are looking for. The address is the main thing on Spotify. It even determines your discount and all.

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Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo

So how do you get address verification done for Spotify Duo?

If you are looking for your address verification to buy a Spotify premium, you have to know basic things first. Duo partners must be living at the same address at first. Depending on it they must enter the same address in the personal information.

When you activate a premium in your Spotify account, the app will ask you to verify the address where you are living. Address verification is one of the main things rather than any other information.

You and your partners get to enjoy discounts as well as extra offers such as Hulu from Spotify. Spotify is full of enjoyment after you have a subscription premium. Your music life is set after this.

How Does Spotify Duo Verify Address?

So, how to Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo?

Spotify verifies your address in a duo plan looking at your address. As you know, when you tap on the subscription pack premium to purchase a premium, it asks you for personal data. The personal data includes your address as well. But, to buy this premium Spotify has certain rules which you must follow.

Duo partners must enter the same address while upgrading their Spotify account to a premium account. Then by looking at your location Spotify verifies your and your duo partner’s address. Only after the address verification, do you get to upgrade your account to duo premium. You will get access to ad-free unlimited music and tracks.

In case the address of the duo partners does not match each other, your address won’t get verified. With no verification of the duo’s address, you don’t get access to an upgraded premium account. You won’t be able to play unlimited music without ads.

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Why Does Spotify Need Address Verification?

Spotify asks both members of the duo to enter their addresses in the information. At first, Spotify asks the plan manager or the one who purchases the premium to enter their address. Then the plan manager shares the link with the duo partner. The next partner is also required to enter their address.

Spotify takes the address of both partners. This is just to make sure that both of you are living at the same address. The app asks location not to track your place. It is just for simple verification.

Spotify asks you the date when you joined the app and when you changed the address. Spotify records everything you do regarding information in the app. Only the plan manager who has purchased the premium gets access to change that information. The activity that the plan manager has done gets set as history

How Do You Become Eligible For Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo Premium provides you with the feature only by looking at the duo address. The eligibility of this duo plan is that both the partners involved as a duo must have the same address.

When you sign up to purchase a duo premium then, Spotify asks you for the address. Then you share the link with your duo partner. Your duo partner must enter the same address as you have entered while signing up.

Spotify verifies the address only when both the addresses are the same. The Spotify app doesn’t even let you purchase the plan until the address matches. Spotify does not track your location. They ask you for the address to verify your location. No any other than that.

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What If Address Is Not Listed?

Yes, there may create some cases where the address that you insert isn’t listed by Spotify. But, in actuality the address auto-completes by itself. You need not type even a full address. Spotify lists the name of your address automatically.

If your address doesn’t autocomplete by Spotify, then you must type your full address by yourself. Then once click on the search icon. If Spotify shows you no result found then you can search using the next source. Only if you can’t find it then search using your street name or any public place near you.

You should not use any other address from the list which is not your real address. You may not get any offers or discounts because of it. If Spotify finds you lie at the address then, the premium you have purchased may stop at that time. Even your account may lose your access.

Why Is Address Verification Not Working?

The personal information that you provide to Spotify may be wrong sometimes. Spotify asks you to enter the information regarding your address, name, etc before you purchase a premium. When the address you provide to Spotify before purchasing premium and while creating an account gets different, you may fail to verify the address.

When you purchase a duo premium, you and your duo partner must enter the same address. So, a plan member invites another member into the duo plan and both must enter the same address. When the addresses of the duo are different, then also Spotify may not give you access to verify your address.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

You may look for the queries most of the users have on the topic of ‘Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo’. We have presented you with those queries and doubts that people have left in the comment section. We tried our best to provide answers to those questions. They are as follows:

Can I Change The Address Registered On My Premium Duo Account?

Yes, you can change the address you have registered previously while signing up. If you have entered the wrong details then it is possible. Only the duo plan manager can change it. He can change the address by going to their subscription tab on Spotify. Arrange to enter the correct information.

How Can I Check The Address I Have Registered On My Spotify Duo Premium?

If you are not the plan manager who purchased the duo premium, you can not view it. You won’t be able to see the address. Only if you are the plan manager, does Spotify display the address as well as allow you to update it. You can simply take help from the plan manager to check out the address.

What If I Don’t Verify My Address?

If you want to get your Spotify account to upgrade into a premium account then, anyhow you have to verify your address. You won’t be eligible to purchase any of the subscription premiums. Then, because of this reason, you can never get to play anything you want. The reason is you can not or do not buy a premium because of an unverified address.

Why Is My Address Not Valid?

Yes, Spotify even shows you as an invalid address. This happens mostly with the reason if you do not fill in the address while filling in the information. Even if you enter the unregistered address in the blank then Spotify shows you this. Until you get valid on your address, you can’t enjoy the features.

What Are Some Songs Unplayable On Spotify?

You may get an error when you tap on some music on Spotify. The reason is that Spotify fails to connect to the available resource. Spotify is limited as this app does not give access to every country in the world. It might even be a reason as you do not buy a premium.

Can I Get Out Of Spotify Duo Premium?

Yes, you are eligible to cancel the Spotify duo premium at any time. You are free to leave at any time as you wish. You have to log in to your Spotify account and follow the prompts mentioned on your account page. Easily, you can tell the plan manager to remove you from the duo plan.

Can I Use Spotify Duo Premium If We Live In Different Places?

Unfortunately, Spotify does not let you use the duo premium if you are settled in different places. The eligibility to purchase this premium is that a duo must reside at the same address. The number of duo members must be at least 2. Then only you can upgrade this premium in your respective Spotify accounts.


Spotify is a recently growing app. This app isn’t available for every country in the world. But, in recent years, Spotify has made the app available in most countries. The main theme of this app is to provide the best music experience to the users.

The premiums available on the app have played a great role in providing the best music experience. Spotify has become the number one choice of most people when it comes to music. Your address plays a vital role when you purchase a premium on Spotify.

So, in this way, I want to conclude this article. Hope you get to clear your doubts. I am sure you have gained some extra information through the above question and answers.

You can simply tell us what you are unclear about. Please don’t forget to tell me how you felt reading this article.