How To Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo?

How to get the address verification done for Spotify duo

How to get the address verification done for the Spotify duo? Purchasing a duo premium? Did you set the address? Wondering if Spotify to verify your address? Too many questions in your brain, right? We will try our best to provide you with exact answers to these questions.

To verify the address for Spotify Duo, both users must reside at the same address. The primary account holder sets the address during registration using their device location. When inviting the duo partner, they must enter the same address. The Spotify app then verifies the address provided by both users, ensuring they match. If successful, both users become eligible for Spotify Premium Duo.

Spotify duo premium is a premium for couple or two friends living together. Address certification is required while purchasing this premium. In this duo plan, Spotify provides a discount if both duos live at the same address and flat. Spotify checks the address and provides facilities as per it.

Why Does Spotify Need Address Verification?

Spotify requires both duo members to enter their addresses during the registration process. Initially, the plan manager or the person purchasing the premium plan is asked to enter their address. Subsequently, the plan manager shares the link with their duo partner, who must also provide their address.

Spotify collects both partners’ addresses to ensure they reside at the same location. The purpose of requesting location information is solely for verification and not tracking your whereabouts.

Additionally, Spotify asks for the date of joining the app and any subsequent changes to the address. The app keeps a record of all information-related activities. Only the plan manager, who has purchased the premium plan, can modify this information. The actions performed by the plan manager are recorded as the account’s history.

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How Do You Become Eligible For Spotify Duo?

Spotify Duo Premium offers its features exclusively to duos who reside at the same address. When signing up for Duo Premium, Spotify requests your address. Once you have signed up, you can share the link with your duo partner, who must also enter the same address you provided during registration.

Spotify verifies the addresses to ensure that both partners share the same location. The verification process is necessary before purchasing the plan, as Spotify does not allow the purchase until the addresses match. It’s important to note that Spotify does not track your location. The address is requested solely to verify your eligibility for the plan.

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What Proof Do You Need To Join For Spotify Duo?

To join Spotify Duo, address verification is an essential step. Spotify requires evidence that both individuals reside at the same address. Acceptable documents include utility bills (electricity, water, gas) that display the names of both individuals and the shared address.

Bank statements demonstrating joint accounts at the same address are also valid verification forms. Additionally, official correspondence from government agencies addressed to both individuals can serve as proof. In the case of shared rental properties, a signed lease or rental agreement listing both names as tenants will suffice.

Furthermore, joint subscriptions or services can be utilized as supporting evidence. For example, a shared Netflix account displaying both names, a joint bank account statement, or a shared internet bill can serve to demonstrate cohabitation. Be sure to provide the necessary documentation to enjoy the benefits of Spotify Duo with your partner or roommate. For the most up-to-date requirements, refer to Spotify’s guidelines or contact their customer support.

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How To Set Address On Premium Spotify Account?

Spotify requests detailed information during the app sign-in process. Occasionally, incorrect information may be entered, unintentionally testing the app’s functionality.

However, if you provide an incorrect address, you may be unable to use the app. This limitation arises from Spotify’s availability, which is not worldwide.

To ensure proper access, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of your address. Follow the simple steps outlined below to confirm or correct your address easily:

Step 1: Open the Spotify App

Upon opening the app, you will see your recently played music, including album, artist, and genre details. Additionally, there are icons at the top for notifications and settings. The home, library, and search icons are located below your screen if you have a premium subscription.

Step 2: Access Your Account Page

Click on your Spotify account page to access a comprehensive overview of your activities and view the specifics of your premium subscription.

Step 3: Select Your Premium Subscription

Choose the premium subscription you recently purchased to access all the information you provided during the purchase.

Step 4: Modify Your Address

Locate the address field in the information table and tap on it. An edit option will appear. Make the necessary changes to your address and then confirm the update.

By following these four straightforward steps, you will attain the desired outcome. The address holds significant importance on Spotify, as it even impacts your discount and other related aspects.

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How Does Spotify Duo Verify Address?

To complete the address verification process for Spotify Duo, follow these steps:

Spotify requires personal information, including your address, when purchasing a premium subscription. However, specific rules must be followed to obtain this premium.

Both duo partners must enter the same address when upgrading their Spotify accounts to premium. Spotify verifies the address by considering your location and your duo partners. You can upgrade your account to Duo Premium only after successful address verification, granting you access to unlimited ad-free music and tracks.

If the addresses of the duo partners do not match, the verification process will fail. Without address verification, you won’t be able to access the upgraded premium account and enjoy unlimited music without ads.

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Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo

To ensure address verification for Spotify Duo and purchase a premium subscription, it is essential to understand the basic requirements. Firstly, both partners must reside at the same address. Consequently, they need to enter the identical address in their personal information.

You will be prompted to verify your current address when activating a premium subscription to your Spotify account. This verification holds utmost importance, surpassing other informational requirements.

By successfully completing the address verification process, you and your partner can enjoy various benefits, including discounts and additional offers like Hulu through Spotify. Once you have a premium subscription, Spotify becomes a source of abundant enjoyment, enhancing your music-filled life.

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What If the Address Is Not Listed?

There may be cases where Spotify does not list the address you enter, but the address autocompletes automatically. You don’t need to enter the complete address manually; Spotify automatically suggests the name of your address.

If Spotify does not autocomplete your address, you can manually enter the full address and then click on the search icon. If Spotify shows no results, you can search using an alternative source. Only if you still can’t find it can you search using your street name or the name of a nearby public place.

It’s important not to use any other address from the list that is not your actual address, as this may result in the loss of offers or discounts. If Spotify detects that you provided false address information, your premium subscription may be suspended, and your account may lose access.

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Why Is Address Verification Not Working?

The personal information that you provide to Spotify may be wrong sometimes. Spotify asks you to enter the information regarding your address, name, etc., before purchasing a premium. When the address you provide to Spotify before purchasing premium and while creating an account gets different, you may fail to verify the address.

You and your partner must enter the same address when you purchase a Duo premium. So, a plan member invites another member into the duo plan, and both must enter the same address. When the addresses of the duo are different, then also Spotify may not give you access to verify your address.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

You may look for the queries most of the users have on the topic of ‘Get The Address Verification Done For Spotify Duo.’ We have presented you with those queries and doubts people left in the comment section. We tried our best to provide answers to those questions. They are as follows:

Can I Change The Address Registered On My Premium Duo Account?

Yes, you can change your registered address while signing up. If you have entered the wrong details, then it is possible. Only the duo plan manager can change it. He can change the address by going to the subscription tab on Spotify. Arrange to enter the correct information.

How Can I Check The Address I Have Registered On My Spotify Duo Premium?

You cannot view it if you are not the plan manager who purchased the Duo premium. You won’t be able to see the address. If you are the plan manager, Spotify displays the address and allows you to update it. You can take help from the plan manager to check out the address.

What If I Don’t Verify My Address?

If you want to get your Spotify account to upgrade to a premium account, you have to verify your address. You won’t be eligible to purchase any of the subscription premiums. Then, because of this, you can never play anything you want. The reason is you can not or do not buy a premium because of an unverified address.

Why Is My Address Not Valid?

Yes, Spotify even shows you as an invalid address. This happens mostly with the reason if you do not fill in the address while filling in the information. Spotify shows you this even if you enter the unregistered address in the blank. Until you get a valid on your address, you can’t enjoy the features.

What Are Some Songs Unplayable On Spotify?

You may get an error when you tap on some music on Spotify. The reason is that Spotify fails to connect to the available resource. Spotify is limited as this app does not give access to every country worldwide. It might even be a reason why you do not buy a premium.

Can I Get Out Of Spotify Duo Premium?

Yes, you can cancel the Spotify Duo premium at any time. You are free to leave at any time as you wish. You have to log in to your Spotify account and follow the prompts mentioned on your account page. Easily, you can tell the plan manager to remove you from the duo plan.

Can I Use Spotify Duo Premium If We Live In Different Places?

Unfortunately, Spotify does not let you use the duo premium if you are settled in different places. The eligibility to purchase this premium is that a duo must reside at the same address. The number of duo members must be at least 2. Then only you can upgrade this premium in your respective Spotify accounts.


Spotify is a growing app. This app isn’t available for every country in the world. But, in recent years, Spotify has made the app available in most countries in 184 countries. The main theme of this app is to provide the best music experience to the users.

The premiums available on the app have played a great role in providing the best music experience. Spotify has become the number one choice of most people regarding music. Your address plays a vital role when you purchase a premium on Spotify.

So, in this way, I want to conclude this article. Hope you get to clear your doubts. I am sure you have gained some extra information through the above question and answers.

You can tell us what you are unclear about. Please don’t forget to tell me how you felt reading this article.

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