How To Get Someone’s IP On Kik? [Tried And Tested Methods]

How To Get Someone's IP On Kik

Do you use Kik regularly? As the app’s main appeal is privacy and anonymity, you don’t know who is behind the screen. Are you talking with certain someone on Kik and want to know more about them and their location? Have you ever heard about Internet Protocol (IP)? By obtaining someone’s IP on Kik, you can get to know which country, city, and many more about a person.

It is possible to obtain someone’s IP address on Kik. The Kik application enables users to share their location, which can be exploited to track their activities. Some other methods and applications can be used to trace someone’s IP. If someone has shared personal information on Kik, others can access it using the app. Therefore, it is important to be cautious when sharing information on Kik.

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a collection of rules that govern internet communication, such as sending email, streaming video, or connecting to a website. An IP address is used to identify a network or device on the internet. So, if you want to know more about how to trace someone’s IP on Kik and more about IP and IP address, then you have come to the right article.

How To Get Someone’s IP On Kik By Internal Ways?

Kik allows users to share their location, which can potentially enable tracking someone’s movements. Additionally, personal information shared on the app can be accessed by others.

As a result, it is critical to exercise caution while sharing information on Kik. You can also directly ask for people’s locations through chat. And if the other person is comfortable enough, then they will surely share their address with you. So, you won’t even have to use any external measures.

Disclaimer: Be very mindful of how you’re going to use the IP address for. Encroaching others privacy is not according to law.

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How To Get Someone’s IP On Kik By External Ways?

If you are chatting with a certain person on Kik and you might be wondering where he/she lives. Is the other person saying the truth about their location? If you have these sorts of queries and want to get their IP, then you can use some of the ideas mentioned below.

Create a fake link from an external website and send them the link. This link would be to your web server, to which you have log access. They would be the only ones viewing that website, so obtaining their temporary external IP address should be rather straightforward.

You can follow the steps below to get someone’s IP on Kik.

Step 1: Open Any Search Engine

On your PC or Mobile, open any search engine (Google, Mozilla, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

Step 2: Then Go To The Search Bar And Type

Go to the website after opening a tab.

Step 3: Click On The Invisible Image (PIXEL) Option

Click On The Invisible Image (PIXEL) Option

After you get into “iplogger” scroll down a bit, and see the invisible image option.

Step 4: Press On Create Pixel

After selecting the invisible image option, you will be directed to another page. Click on create pixel available there.

Step 5: Now Copy The Logger Link

You will be provided with a certain link in the section “It’s your logger link.” You can edit the link as you like. And copy the link and send it to the user whose location you want to know.

Step 6: Wait For Them To Click On The Link

Whenever the person clicks on the link you have sent, they will be directed to a blank screen. You should keep on refreshing your feed as well to know if they have clicked on the link or not.

Step 7: To Get The IP Go To The “Link For Access To Statistics”

Open the link that is available in the “Link for access to statistics.” There you will get the IP of the user that has opened your link.

IP Logger

The picture above gives you a common idea of the IP Logger Website. The link information in the picture is the major thing that you should keep in your mind while gaining an IP address of a certain person.

By doing so, get the IP of the user you want to have. When a Kik user clicks on your link, the website will list all the IP addresses that are recorded using your IP logger link.

Disclaimer: The steps mentioned in this article to get IP address is purely for informational purpose and I do not encourage anyone to use it in any other ways

You can also track someone’s location with the help of an IP address. I am here to guide you if you want to know details about a certain person’s location. Follow the steps below to get more detailed information about someone’s location.

Step 1: Open Any Search Engine

Open any search engine on your computer or mobile device (Google, Mozilla, Bing, Yahoo, etc).

Step 2: Then Go To The Search Bar And Type “”

Go to the IP tracker website after opening a new tab.

Step 3: Paste The IP Address That You Have.

Paste The IP Address That You Have

Scroll down a bit on the page, and you will see a search bar. Simply paste the IP address you have. The picture above represents what the search bar looks like.

Step 4: Click On “Get An IP/ Domain Info”

Click On "Get An IP/Domain Info"

Below the search bar, you will see “Get An IP/ Domain Info.” Click on it to get results.

After completing all the above steps, you’ll be able to see the detailed location of the person whose IP address you pasted in the search bar. You can get to know which country and city they are from. You can also get to know what internet brand they are using. The website will even provide Time zone, Local time, Latitude, Longitude, etc., as shown in the picture above.

Other Ways To Trace Someone’s IP On Kik

Besides using external websites and links to gain someone’s IP, there are also various majors that you can obtain other IP addresses that you want to get. Below I have discussed some of the other methods that you can follow to acquire an IP address.

Get Someone’s IP On Kik Using Command Prompt

You can find someone’s IP address using a computer and a command prompt. This is useful not just for identifying a website’s IP address but it may also be used to determining an individual’s IP address.

Furthermore, the software comes pre-installed on the majority of devices. A command prompt may be opened from the Windows menu’s search box on Windows PCs. On a Mac, you may open a command prompt by using the ‘Terminal’ program (located in the Utility folder or accessed from the spotlight search).

Find Someone’s Personal IP Address By Command Prompt When You Are Online

If you are communicating with a certain person through the Kik web, you can find their IP address. The command prompt displays all the individuals’ IPs with whom you are having a conversation. You have to be in an active live chat session or video call. This way, you will establish a direct connection that enables you to track their IP.

To find someone’s IP address, you have to use the command “NETSTAT” command which will ping every real-time connection to your device through the call or chat session.

Using NETSTAT Command

When you type the “NETSTAT” command, cmd will display active TCP connections, listening ports, Ethernet statistics, the IP routing table, IPv4 statistics (for the IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP protocols), and IPv6 statistics (for the IPv6, ICMPv6, TCP over IPv6, and UDP over IPv6 protocols).

If you aren’t currently in a conversation or call with the person you want to track down, initiate one now. Then type “netstat –an” and press the ‘Enter’ key. Every established TCP connection will provide you with its IP address.

Using netstat -an command

After you type the “netstat -an” command, it shows you both incoming and outgoing connections, routing tables, port listening, and usage statistics, as shown in the above picture.

Trace Website’s IP Address By Command Prompt

Using ping -URL- Command

You can also get the IP address of certain websites. For example: If you want to know the IP of YouTube just type the “ping” command in the command prompt. So, the main command to type in the command prompt is “ping“.

Your computer will now attempt to locate the server for that website. If you’re successful, the IP address you’re looking for will show; otherwise, an error response will occur. When the command works, it will give the output shown in the above picture.

Get Someone’s IP On Kik Using Email

If you send an email to someone, they can examine the message’s header, which may include your IP address. IP addresses are reported to be included in the email headers of Yahoo! and Microsoft Outlook.

The email header contains routing information as well as email metadata, which you are unlikely to be interested in. However, such information is critical in determining the origin of the email.

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What Can Your IP Address Reveal?

Internet Protocol (IP) can reveal your geolocation. While it does not include personal information such as your phone number or name, it may show your area code, ZIP code, or city.

Aside from your geolocation, third parties can learn about your ISP’s name and location, as well as your online activities and personal and private information. When you connect to the internet, your IP discloses the address of your router, which keeps the IP addresses of your internet-connected devices.

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What Can People Do With Your IP?

The Internet Protocol (IP) is a unique string of numbers your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to you. The IP address is how you are found online. If someone obtains your public IP address, you can get traced. However, it will not reveal the actual location. It will only show results as close as your city. They’d have to go harder to find your particular street and residence.

It is only possible to obtain your IP as far as you are connected to the internet, or you are using the net to receive content over a network. So, if someone knows your IP address, is it a threat? To answer the queries that you have in your mind about IP, read the information available below.

People Can Hack Your Device Using IP Adress

A cyber attacker can hack into your PC and steal your private information—this is more practically possible if they have your device’s local IP address. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible with public IPs, too.

Use Your IP Address To Stalk You

Because your IP address informs websites and applications about your network location, anybody with basic computer skills may use this information to track you down. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to establish whether or if someone is spying on you using your IP address. Stalkers might want to do so to trace your footsteps using lookup tools.

Hackers Can Perform Malicious Deals Through Your IP Address

Someone with your IP address can use it to transact on the internet on your behalf. The attacker’s actions may implicate you based on how they utilized your IP while impersonating you.

Hackers Can Hit You With A DDoS Attack

If a hacker obtains your IP address, they may use it to launch a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on you. A DDoS assault employs an army of computers controlled by a hacker to overwhelm your device with traffic, causing it to disconnect from the internet and shut down altogether.

People Can Frame You For Illegal Activities

Hackers have been known to utilize compromised IP addresses to download unlawful information that endangers national security and anything else they don’t want to be traced back to them. You will be safer if you protect your IP address.

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How Do I Stop Someone From Using My IP Address?

There are a lot of methods to prevent someone from using your Ip address. In this article below, I have mentioned some of the ways you can use to prevent others from utilizing your location.

Create Unique Passwords

Most people choose to stick with the default passwords of their devices, which makes it easier for hackers to attack. They can even find your account password by hacking into your account.

Some people don’t even use passwords on their devices because they are just lazy to type in those passcodes. Keep in mind that your device password is the only barrier that can restrict people from accessing your device.

Keeping a strong password helps safeguard your device against IP address hacking.

To know how to change and reset a password on Kik, we have an article for you to read, “How To Change And Reset The Password On Kik [All Methods]

Utilizing VPN

VPN protects your IP address and your private information. You may restrict websites from collecting data about your device and location by routing your internet data through a VPN server with its IP address.

While you may be interested in VPNs primarily for their IP-switching capabilities, they also provide many extra functions. You can also subscribe to a premium VPN to get premium features.

Update Your Firewall And Router

A hacker can access your router from afar, especially if it is the default one. Change your router’s password frequently, and use a lengthy combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters in your password to make it strong.

Restrict All Your Apps

Apps on your smartphone are a common source of IP address hacking. Cybercriminals utilize most communication tools, such as instant messengers and other calling apps, as a tool.

Also, avoid answering any unknown numbers and people from any new apps. When you connect with someone on a call, that person can gain access to your device and location information.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to Kik and IP addresses are mentioned below. It can help you with other queries that you can have later while using the application or tracing your IP address.

Is It Possible To Get Someone’s IP From Discord?

Discord utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security) and other methods that are used to safeguard consumers against fraud and hackers. So, you cannot get someone’s IP from Discord.

Is Kik Anonymous?

Kik’s key selling point is privacy and anonymity: the program is free and allows users to discover strangers and connect with them secretly via a user name.

Hence, you can stay anonymous on the Kik app until you give your information away to someone.

What Happens When You Get Reported On Kik?

You can get reported ok Kik if you send spam, abusive or inappropriate messages on Kik. To know more about the question, you can read our “What Happens When You Get Reported On Kik?” article.

Is IP Tracking Illegal?

IP tracking is only authorized in B2B marketing, not in person-to-person marketing. In the United States, IP addresses are considered personal data when referring to people but public information when referring to businesses. This is why many B2B firms constantly watch IP addresses.

Is An IP Address Permanent?

A static Internet Protocol (IP) address (static IP address) is a permanent number assigned to a computer by an Internet service provider (ISP)

The above frequently asked questions above give you some extra information that can come in handy to you in the coming days.


In conclusion, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses can be assessed through the Kik app and other different mediums. An IP address is a one-of-a-kind identifier for a device on the internet or a local network.

IP is an abbreviation for “Internet Protocol,” a collection of rules governing the format of data transferred over the internet or a local network.

So, be careful about how you use someone’s IP address since you may unknowingly invade their personal space. You can request someone’s address or any other information about them directly.

I only traced my friend’s IP address since his mobile had gone missing and was later located. I want you to know that you should utilize the IP address for good.

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