How To Find Someone’s Kik Password?

How to find someone's kik password

Kik messenger is a well-known messaging app with maximum security protocols. It is popularly known for securing users’ privacy and providing anonymity. While this can be appealing to its users it is quite challenging to get access to someone else’s kik account. It is difficult but not impossible. So how to find someone’s Kik password?

To find someone’s Kik password, we can use applications used to hack Kik accounts for example uMobix Keylogger, and mSpy. We can also use an online tool like hackivo to get access to someone else’s password. Other than that we can also use methods like password resetting.

To access somebody else’s account you cannot let them know what you are up to. So to find out somebody else’s Kik password without letting them know you can follow the steps that are mentioned in this article. Some of the secured ways of hacking into somebody else’s account are listed below.

Ways To Find Someone’s Kik Password Without Letting Them Know

There are some ways in which we can find someone else’s Kik account. And they are explained in detail below with the necessary steps to take.

Find Someone’s Kik Password Using Umobix Keylogger

One of the most effective and easy ways of accessing someone’s Kik password is by using the application called Umobix Keylogger. For finding out someone’s password through this app follow the given steps.

Step 1: Get Access To Their Phone

First and foremost you will need access to their phone to proceed further. So get their phone.

Step 2: Download The Application Called Umobix Keylogger

When you get their phone download and install this application. Don’t worry this process only takes about 45 seconds.

Step 3: Hide The Application On Their Phone

Once the installation is complete hide this app so they don’t find out what’s going on.

Step 4: Open Their Website

Open the Umobix Keylogger website after you download the application.

Step 5: Purchase Their Service And Get Licence Key

Get into the website and purchase their service. By doing so you will get the licence key

Step 6: Activate The App

Using the licence key you can activate the app.

Step 7: Get Access From Any Device

Activating the app will give you access to your Umobix account from any other device.

Step 8: Find Information Through Keylogger Feature

Keylogger feature in this application will record the login information from their phone when they login to their kik account. And this information will be sent to your Umobix account.

Therefore, the Key logger feature in the Umobix application will help you find someone’s password. Now you have the login information you can access their Kik account without letting them know.

Find Someone’s Kik Password Using The Mspy Application

You can also use the Mspy app to find someone’s password and to do so follow the given steps.

Mspy is similar to the Umobix Keylogger. You can use this application on a real-time basis as well.

Step 1: Download The Mspy Application On Their Phone

Firstly, try to get access to their phone. Download and install this application on their phone without letting them know.

Step 2: Pay For Their Service

Pay on their website and get a subscription. When you get the subscription you will have access to their account information.

Step 3: Login And Start To Monitor Their Actions

Finally, log in to your account and start monitoring their action. This app will also help you in recording passwords so you can access your account.

You can use this app to find someone else’s password and easily access their kik account.

Find Someone’s Password Using Online Tool Called Hackivo

An online tool called hackivo will help you to find someone’s kik password. This is a very easy way to get access to their password. Follow these steps to find someone’s login information.

Step 1: In Your Webbrowser Open Hackivo

Enter the Kik Hackivo URL and get into this site.

Step 2: Enter the Username

Firstly, enter the username. Type the username of the account you want to access.

Step 3: Enter Email Address

Enter your email address here and you will receive a link in your mail.

Step 4: Click On The Link Received In The Mail

Click on the link and you will get the login information of the account you are trying to access

This is one of the easiest ways to find someone else’s password but it is not a very reliable method because it might or might not work every time.

Finding Someone’s Kik Password By Resetting The Password

We can find someone’s Kik password by resetting it. It is a very direct method of accessing someone’s password. For this, you will need access to the person’s email account or you could also check out how to reset Kik password without email here. To find someone’s password by resetting it follow the given steps

Step 1: Open The Kik Application On Your Device

Click on the Kik app on your phone.

Step 2: Click On The Forgot Password In The Login Page

When you open the application, on the login page you will find forgot password; press forgot password.

Step 3: Type The Username Of The Account You Want To Access

After clicking on the forgot password the app will ask you for the username. Type the username of the account that you want to access.

Step 4: Submit Username

You can now submit the username of that account; Press submit.

Step 5: Find The Password In The Email

Now get into their email and you will find the link to reset their password.

Step 6: Reset The Password

Click the link on the email and reset the password.

This is how you can find someone’s password without using any other applications or hacking tools. But this method is only possible if you already have access to their email account.

The above mentioned are the steps you can use to easily find someone’s Kik password.

Is It Easy To Find Someone’s Password On Kik If So Then How To Protect Your Account?

Kik has very strong privacy protocols which demand very less information from the users.

This makes it difficult for people to find your password. But it depends on how you use it and what precautions you take.

There are ways in which you can secure your Kik account. Some of them are mentioned below. To know in detail about preventive measures keep reading

Use Strong Passwords

Don’t share your password with anybody. To secure your Kik account keep unique and difficult to guess passwords. Avoid putting your personal information as your password(like birthdates, and pet names).

Keep passwords that don’t come easy to you because it will be easier for someone else to access them as well. Use something that is not so obvious and is unique.

Change Passwords Often

Changing your passwords time and again can help you in securing your account. Even if somebody finds out your password your account can still be safe. Frequently changing your password is necessary to secure your Kik password.

Don’t Click On Links From Unknown Sources

Be careful while you click on links that you receive from unknown sources. Opening these links can be dangerous as they can store your passwords and easily access your Kik account.

Advantages of Finding Someone’s Kik Password

Finding someone else’s password doesn’t always necessarily have to be with bad intentions. Sometimes we might want to get access to people’s accounts out of the concern and to help them. Some advantages of having someone else’s password are described below.

Keeping An Eye On Your Children’s Activity

Having an access to your children’s Kik accounts can help you in monitoring their activities and keeping them safe from predators and potential criminals. It will also help you from stopping your kids from making poor decisions and getting into trouble while using this application.

Sometimes the internet can be a scary place, especially for children and teenagers so having access to their accounts will help you monitor your children’s actions to keep them safe and this will also reduce your stress and concern about what your child is doing online.

Saving Your Loved Ones From Potential Harm

Not just children but sometimes adults can also fall into the trap of predators and criminals. And we need to know what is going on in their lives to save them from potential harm. So when we have access to their passwords we know what the root of the problem is and we can help them out.

Sometimes people are blackmailed for money in apps like these and are asked not to reveal any information and when you have access to their accounts you can save them without them having to tell you anything.

Therefore the above listed are the advantages of having access to somebody else’s account.

How Can I Logout From Kik Application?

It is very simple to log out from the Kik application. These are the steps you can follow.

Step 1: Open The Kik Application

Open the Kik application on your device.

Step 2: Go To Settings

When you open the Kik app tap the settings menu

Step 3: Press On The Account Tab

You will find the account tab on the settings menu tap on it

Step 4: Click The Logout Button.

When you see the logout button in the account tab press it. Following the above-mentioned steps, you can log out from the Kik application.


There are many queries on the topic that are related to this article on the internet and some of them are answered below

Is It Safe To Download And Use Kik?

Yes, it is safe to download Kik. But you have to be very careful while using this application. This application has become a medium for communicating and connecting with strangers

And sometimes it can be scary to connect with strangers because you meet all kinds of people and they might be criminal-minded as well. Hence, you have to use it at your own risk while preserving your privacy and being careful about who you talk to.

How to Find Someone’s Kik id?

You can find someone’s Kik id in various ways and some of them are: through phone numbers, using email addresses, by using Kik codes, you can search for their id by joining public groups. These are very simple ways in which you can find someone’s Kik id.

What Is Kik Used For?

Kik is a famous messenger app used for connecting with your family and friends. Meanwhile, it is mostly used as a platform for connecting with strangers and also as a dating app. It is more popular among teenagers as it preserves privacy and helps you connect with strangers online.

You can also connect with people having similar interests by joining groups.


Therefore, even the apps like Kik messenger which ask for minimum personal details and have robust privacy protocols it is still possible to find someone else’s password if you follow the above-given steps.

Kik is usually a safe app in terms of privacy and security but if you must find someone else’s password for various reasons you can find it using the applications and methods that are mentioned above.

Sometimes you need access to someone’s account not for spying or anything but to protect them and it is very much possible with these steps.

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