Why Did TikTok Delete My Account? 2023 [6 Fixes]

Why Did Tiktok Deleted My Account

Sometimes, TikTok can have issues that make people need clarification about posting. Your account might get deleted, and you might wonder, “Why did TikTok delete my account?” Many people of different ages enjoy using TikTok to share information and have fun. Making special videos can make you popular on TikTok, but you might only once become famous.

TikTok may delete your account if you break its rules or terms of use. This could happen if you share inappropriate content, are younger than 13, don’t follow their advertising rules, spread spam, or if someone reports you. TikTok has to follow certain laws; if you do any of these things, they might have to delete your account.

TikTok is a fun app that many people use to share cool videos. You can show interesting stuff and make others laugh. But sometimes, some things can make TikTok tricky. Let’s find out more about those things and why they happen.

Why Did TikTok Delete My Account? [Reasons And Fixes]

TikTok is basically a social media platform where there will be a large audience. Everything you post on TikTok will be viewed by people worldwide. So, if the video/content doesn’t match the TikTok criteria, you can permanently lose your account.

Apart from this, there are also various reasons “Why TikTok Deleted your Account.” Now, I’ve listed some of the best possible issues and how to solve them properly so that they will not harm your other account in the future.

Take a closer look.

1. Restriction of Age

TikTok has a big rule: You must be at least 13 to use it. But many kids under 13 still have accounts on TikTok, even though it’s against the rules.

TikTok just said that in the first part of 2023, they removed about 17 million accounts of kids under 13. They did this to keep people safe and make TikTok open. (Source: Statista)

Restriction of Age | TikTok Delete My Account

Moreover, many files or cases against child abuse on TikTok have occurred in the past few years. Children (under 15) are becoming victims because of opening the TikTok account without consulting or getting permission from their parents.

In recent years, TikTok had to pay millions because it didn’t protect kids’ privacy. They also had to follow certain rules to keep young people safe. If you need to be younger for TikTok, you need your parent’s permission to join. If your account got deleted, it could be because you’re under 13.

Fix: Do Not Create a TikTok Account If You Are Below 13

If you’re under 13, don’t create a TikTok account. TikTok deletes accounts of users below the age limit (13) to comply with privacy regulations like COPPA, ensuring a safer environment and protecting children’s privacy.TikTok’s minimum age requirement exists to comply with regulations like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This law controls websites and apps that collect personal information from children under 13. By removing accounts found to belong to underage users, TikTok aims to protect young users’ privacy by limiting data collection activities that COPPA governs. Maintaining an age-appropriate environment is a key part of TikTok’s efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of its community members.

2. Posted Sensitive Content

TikTok reserves the right to delete accounts without notice if users share content that violates its community guidelines. This includes material that depicts violence, criminal plans, bullying, pornography, or any other inappropriate, dangerous, or illegal activities. Such sensitive posts can seriously undermine others’ experiences on the platform.

Sensitive Content | TikTok Delete My Account

You can’t post such content on TikTok that disturbs their larger audience or viewers. If a person or a user views your sensitive content, then it can affect them both mentally and emotionally.

Fix: Avoid Posting Sensitive Content

TikTok wants a clean platform to protect users’ privacy. If your account gets deleted, it’s because you posted sensitive stuff.

So, don’t share sensitive content on TikTok. And if you make a new account, don’t do the same thing again. TikTok finds and removes inappropriate content. Follow their rules and keep TikTok safe and clean.

3. Violation of TikTok’s Terms of Service

The next reason TikTok deletes millions of users’ accounts is violating their policy and terms of service. TikTok is very strict about its policy, which every user must follow. The most common restriction of their policy is the copyright content and music.

If you constantly make a video copying others (exactly the same) or use music from an outside source, your account will be shadowbanned or muted. And if you repeat such things repeatedly, then TikTok will permanently delete your account.

Violation of TikTok’s Terms of Service | TikTok Delete My Account

Aside from this, other TikTok terms of service include hate speech, sexually explicit content, self-harm, terrorist act, dangerous organization promotion, violent threats regarding government or individual organizations, promoting adult sexual solicitation, and more.

The update of the TikTok policy in 2021 will now collect biometric data such as faceprints and voiceprints. This will help remove even more explicit content or data from the users.

Fix: Avoid Violating TikTok’s Terms of Services

To protect your TikTok account, make sure you don’t break their rules. They may delete your account if you violate TikTok’s Terms of Service. Learn the guidelines and avoid things like posting mean or rude content, bullying, spreading hate, or sending lots of unwanted messages.

Follow the rules to keep your account, interact with others, and share your creative videos on TikTok.

4. Bug In TikTok Algorithm

There is also a high chance that the bug in the TikTok system can delete your account automatically. TikTok is fined $5.7M compliance for violating the FTC terms, which do not protect the user’s accounts under the age of 13.

So, to change their policy, there can be a bug in the algorithm responsible for deleting users’ accounts under 13 years old.

Bug In TikTok Algorithm

Other than this, it can also delete your account even though your age information on TikTok is over 13.

Therefore, TikTok has announced to call their customer support if your account is suddenly deleted for no reason or you are not violating age restrictions.

Fix: Contact TikTok Support

You can contact TikTok and state your problem regarding the deletion of your account. If you haven’t violated any new terms of TikTok, then you may be able to recover or get your account back.

However, if your account is against TikTok’s privacy and policy or violates their restrictions or rules, it’s all on your luck.

5. Violating Advertising Policies

You can be an influencer with many followers on your TikTok account. You can advertise products or shout something on your account to do business. It all depends on how engaging your advertisement skills are and the quality of the product.

However, if you have violated any advertising policies of TikTok from time to time, even after the warning, then TikTok can suddenly delete your account.

Violating Advertising Policies

There is a limitation on the warning, so if you keep ignoring those warnings from TikTok regarding your advertisement scheme, you can lose your account.

But remember, TikTok doesn’t always delete your account for violating advertising policy. It will simply reject your advertisement from posting. But, if you are unlucky, you can also lose your TikTok account.

Fix: Avoid Violating TikTok’s Advertising Policies

First of all, ensure that it does not violate TikTok’s advertising policies.

Even if you do, take TikTok’s account warnings seriously and correct your mistakes, which will prevent your account from getting deleted by TikTok.

6. Reported Account

There is also a high chance that TikTok will delete your account from reporting. If you’ve posted such content that created hate from viewers, and if many viewers keep reporting your account, you will have to forget your account.

Reported Account

Most of the time, when someone reports your account, TikTok will first start to examine your account fully. If it finds something related to the report, it will act against your account. It will either deactivate your account for some time or suspend you from accessing your account for a few days.

Thus, if you post the same thing repeatedly, even after the warning or mass users keep reporting your account, then there is a chance that TikTok will delete your account. The reported file will have a ratio; if it crosses the limit, TikTok will act against your account.

Fix: Avoid Posts That Might Create Hate From Viewers

To prevent your TikTok account from getting deleted, avoid any content that might create hate from multiple users, resulting in them reporting your account.

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How To Recover Deleted TikTok Account Without Phone Number and Email?

You can easily get it back if you deactivate your TikTok account, which still needs to be fully deleted. This works if you break TikTok’s rules and your account is only turned off temporarily.

But you can’t get it back if TikTok suddenly and permanently deletes your account. In that case, creating a new account is the only option.

You’ll need your TikTok login info (email/phone and password) to regain your account. If you can’t remember your email or phone, you can use your TikTok username and password instead.

Also, if you have used Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Instagram to log in before, you can use those accounts to access TikTok again.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Tap your Profile icon in the bottom right.
  3. Choose “Signup” in the middle.
  4. Then tap “Login” at the bottom right.
  5. Select “Use Phone/Email/Username” at the top.
  6. Pick “Email/Username” on the top right.
  7. Type in your TikTok username and password.
  8. Tap “Login.”
  9. If your account is deactivated, it’ll say, “Your TikTok account is currently deactivated.”
  10. You’ll need to stop the deactivation process.
  11. Finally, tap “Cancel Deactivation” to get your account back.

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TikTok Deleted My Account For No Reason

I’m sorry that your TikTok account was deleted, and I understand your frustration. Account deletions on TikTok can occur for a variety of reasons. Still, contacting TikTok’s support team is essential to investigate the specific cause and potentially recover your account. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Contact TikTok Support:

Visit TikTok’s official support page or help center and look for the option to report a problem or contact support. Describe the situation, including that your account was deleted without apparent reason, and provide relevant details.

2. Check for Violations:

Review TikTok’s Community Guidelines to ensure your content doesn’t inadvertently violate their rules. Sometimes, accounts are removed due to violations, even if unintentional.

3. Gather Information:

Be prepared to provide information like your account username, email associated with the account, and any additional details that might help TikTok support assist you.

4. Patience:

TikTok’s support team may take some time to investigate and respond to your request. Please be patient and check your email or the app for updates.

Note: Always follow TikTok’s guidelines and policies to prevent future issues.

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How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review An Account Deletion Appeal In 2023?

When you ask TikTok to review why they deleted your account, it might take some time for them to answer. In 2023, TikTok usually takes a little while to check everything and decide.

Sometimes, you need to be patient for about a week or two. TikTok wants to ensure they carefully examine your appeal and determine what’s right.

So, if you’re wondering how long TikTok took to look at your account deletion appeal in 2023, remember it could take around a week or two before you get their answer. Give them a bit of time to sort things out.

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What Happens To My Videos And Content When My TikTok Account Is Deleted?

When your TikTok account is deleted, it’s like cleaning up your entire room, and all the stuff you had in there disappears, too. So, all those funny videos and cool content you posted on TikTok will vanish, and no one can see them anymore.

It’s a good idea to save those videos you love somewhere else, like on your phone or computer, before you delete your account. That way, you can still enjoy them even after your TikTok account is gone. It’s like ensuring you have a copy of your favorite photos before throwing away an old photo album.

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What Changes Has TikTok Made In 2023 Regarding Account Deletions And Content Moderation?

In 2023, TikTok changed how it handles account deletions and content moderation. They want to ensure people have a safer and more positive experience on the app.

They now pay extra attention to the content you post. If something goes against their rules, they might remove it to keep things friendly for everyone. If your account breaks the rules too often, they can decide to delete it.

TikTok also lets you explain if you think they made a mistake by deleting your account. They review appeals and try to make things right if there is a misunderstanding. But remember, it might take some time for them to look into it properly.

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Can I Create a New TikTok Account After My Old One Was Deleted?

Yes, you can create a new TikTok account even if your old one got deleted. If your old account was removed or you chose to delete it, that doesn’t stop you from creating a fresh account. Go to the TikTok app, sign up with a new username and password, and you’ll have a new account ready.

If your previous TikTok account isn’t around anymore, don’t worry! You can easily start over by creating a new account. Just open the TikTok app, create a new username and password, and you’re good to go with your new account. Deleting the old one doesn’t keep you from enjoying TikTok with a new beginning!

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Can I Transfer My Followers And Content To A New TikTok Account If My Old One Was Deleted In 2023?

Imagine your TikTok account is like a special club. When it deletes, it’s as if the club is shutting down completely. All the people who were members (your followers) and all the fun things you did in that club (your content) disappear, too.

If you want to start a new club (create a new TikTok account), you can’t magically bring back the old members or the stuff you did in the old club. You have to start from scratch, inviting new members (followers) and doing new fun things (posting new content). The old club has disappeared, and you cannot bring any of it to the new one. It’s like moving to a new town and making new friends because you can’t bring your old friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the deletion of the TikTok account, and they are as follows:

Can TikTok Delete My Account Without Warning?

Yes, TikTok can delete your account without warning if you violate their guidelines, engage in harmful behavior, or breach their terms of service. Severe violations may lead to immediate deletion. It’s important to follow TikTok’s rules to prevent unexpected account removal.

What Happens When You Delete a TikTok Account?

If you delete your TikTok account, everything you put there, like videos, people you know, and messages, will be gone forever. TikTok might not return your account, and you won’t recover any content.

Also, you can’t get your money back if you bought virtual stuff or coins with your TikTok account.

However, if TikTok swiftly removes your account, you have 30 days to retrieve it.

How To Deactivate TikTok Temporarily?

To deactivate TikToK temporarily, follow these steps:

Open TikTok > Tap on Your Profile > Go to Settings and Privacy > Click the Manage account option > Select the Deactivate or Delete account > Choose to Deactivate account > Click the Deactivate icon on that page and verify your account.


Setting up and using a TikTok account is quite simple. However, planning your content and managing your account carefully is important to gain followers and become well-liked.

It’s a good idea to organize your account thoughtfully, following a certain order or balance. This helps prevent any issues with your account down the road. If TikTok removes your account, remember the above tips and avoid making the same mistakes.

Also, if TikTok temporarily deactivates your account (not permanently deletes it), you can get it back within the first 30 days after deactivation.

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