Why Did Tiktok Deleted My Account 2022 [Reasons and Solutions]

Tiktok becomes a sensational thing among teenagers as well as adults. Nowadays, people are using Tiktok whether to share valuable information or just to have fun. If you have the right content which is different from other creators then you can definitely become popular on Tiktok.

However, it always doesn’t mean that your account will progress each and every day. Sometimes, you may undergo some issues that make you to think before posting something. Other than this, your account can also be deleted from Tiktok.

So, why did Tiktok Delete user’s account? Tiktok usually delete your account because you’ve violated their terms and condition or you’ve posted sensitive content or you’re under the age of 13 on Tiktok or you’re violating advertising policies or someone reported your account or you’re spreading spam messages.

Now, if your Tiktok account violated any above-mentioned things and they’ve deleted your account then let’s see how you can recover your Tiktok account back in the most simple way.

Why Did Tiktok Delete My Account?

Titkok is basically a social media platform where there will be a large audience. Everything you post on Tiktok will be viewed by people all around the world. So, if video/content doesn’t match the Tiktok criteria then you can lose your account permanently.

Apart from this, there are also various reasons that “Why Tiktok Deleted your Account”. Now, I’ve listed some of the best possible issues and how to solve them properly so that it will not harm your other account in the future.

Take a closer look.

Posted Sensitive Content

One of the first reasons that why Tiktok delete your account without warning you is because of the sensitive content. If you’ve posted such content/videos that are abusive, misleading, pornography, murder, threatening, crime, or more then it will affect your account permanently.

You can’t post such content on Tiktok that disturbs their larger audience or viewers. If a person or a user views your sensitive content then it can affect them both mentally and emotionally.

Tiktok is trying to make its platform neat and clean from sensitive content to protect its viewer’s privacy. So, if your account is got deleted for that reason then don’t repeat the same things for your next Tiktok account (if you are creating a new one).

Violation of Tiktok’s Terms of Service

The next reason behind Tiktok deleting millions of users’ accounts is because of violating their policy and terms of service. Tiktok is very strict about its policy which every user must follow.

The most common restriction about their policy is the copyright content and music. If you constantly make a video coping other (like exactly the same) or you are using the music from the outside source then your account will be shadowbanned or muted.

And, if you again make such things again and again then Tiktok will delete your account permanently.

Aside from this, other Tiktok terms of service include hate speech, sexually explicit content, self-harm, terrorist act, dangerous organization promotion, violent threats regarding government or individual organizations, promoting adult sexual solicitation, and more.

In the recent new update of the Tiktok policy in 2021, now it will also collect biometric data such as faceprints and voiceprints. This will help remove even more explicit content or data from the users.

Restriction of Age

The first and main policy of the Tiktok is the age restriction. You can’t use the Tiktok account if you are under the age of 13. Saying that there are still lots of accounts (millions) on Tiktok that belong to those under 13 years old.

According to the official report, Tiktok has deleted nearly 7.5 million accounts linked to a child under 13 in the first three months of 2021. It is all because to protect their users’ privacy and make their platform transparent.

Moreover, there are also lots of files or cases against child abuse on the Tiktok from the past few years. Children (under 15) are becoming the victim because of opening the Tiktok account without consulting or taking permission from their parents. So due to this act, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) punish or fined Tiktok $5.7M for violating child privacy and protection.

After that, they also forced Tiktok to implement the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act” and “COPPA” in the platform. This means if you are under the age requirements on Tiktok then you have to take permission from your parents to create a new Tiktok account.

So, if Tiktok deleted your account without any reason then you might be under the age of 13.

Bug in Tiktok Algorithm

There is also a high chance that the bug in the Tiktok system can delete your account automatically. Tiktok is fined $5.7M compliance for violating the terms of the FTC which is not protecting the user’s account under the age of 13. So, in order to change their policy, there can a bug in the algorithm which is responsible to delete users’ account under 13 years old.

Other than this, it can also delete your account even though your age information on Tiktok is over 13. Therefore, Tiktok has announced to call their customer support if your account is suddenly deleted for no reason or not violating age restriction.

You can simply contact Tiktok and state your problem regarding the deletion of account. If you haven’t violated any new terms of Tiktok then you may able to recover or get your account back. However, if you are account is against the Tiktok privacy and policy or violated their restriction or rules then it’s all on your luck.

Violating Advertising Policies

If you have lots of followers in your Tiktok account then you can be an influencer. You can advertise any products or shout out something on your account to do a business. It all depends on how engaging your advertisement skills has and the quality of the product.

However, if you have violated any advertising policies of the Tiktok from time to time even after the warning then Tiktok can suddenly delete your account. There is a limitation on the warning so if you keep ignoring those warnings from Tiktok regarding your advertisement scheme then you can lose your account.

But remember, Tiktok doesn’t always delete your account for violating for advertising policy. It will simply reject your advertisement from posting. But, if you are unlucky then there is also a chance to lose your Tiktok account.

Reported Account

There is also a high chance that Tiktok will delete your account from reporting. If you’ve posted such content that created hate from viewers and if a large number of viewers keep reporting your account then you will have to forget your account.

Most of the time, when someone reports your account then Tiktok will first start to fully examine your account. If it finds something which is related to the report then it will take action to your account. It will either deactivate your account for some time or suspend you from accessing your account for few days.

But if you starting posting the same thing again and again even after the warning or mass users keep reporting your account then there is a chance that Tiktok will delete your account. There will be a ratio on the reported file, if it crosses over the limit then Tiktok will take action against your account.

How to recover Deleted Tiktok Account without Phone Number and Email?

You can easily recover your deleted Tiktok account if your account is only in the deactivation phase. It means that, if you have violated the terms or policy of Tiktok and it has only deactivated your account (not directly deleted if permanently) then you still have time to recover it back.

However, if Tiktok deleted your account permanently out of sudden instead of deactivation then you can’t do anything else to retrieve your account back except to create a new one.

Besides, you also need your Tiktok login credentials (email/phone number and password) to recover your account back. In case, you can’t remember your email and phone number then you can use your Tiktok account username and password to retrieve your account back.

Now, let’s see how you can recover your deleted Tiktok account without phone numhttps://onlinehelpguide.com/delete-tiktok-account/ber and email.

Note: You can also use Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram to log in to your TikTok account if you’ve previously used any of them to access your account. 

  1. Open the Tiktok app.
  2. Tap on Me icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Now, select Sign up option from the middle part of the screen.
  4. After that, tap on Log in option from the bottom right corner.
  5. Select Use Phone/email/username option from top section.
  6. Now, select Email/Username from the upper right corner.
  7. Enter your Tiktok username and password in the required field.
  8. After that, tap on Log in button.
  9. If your account on deactivation then you will see a message “Your Tiktok account in currently deactivate”. So, here you have to cancel the deactivation process.
  10. Finally, tap on Cancel deactivation button to retrieve your account back.


Creating a Tiktok account and using it not a difficult task. But if you want to make followers and get popular then you have to think about your content and account carefully. You have to take your account in the systematic order or ratio so that it won’t harm your account in the future.

So, if you Tiktok deleted your account then do remember to follow the above-mentioned methods and don’t repeat it in the future. Besides, if Tiktok has deactivated your account instead of permanent deletion then you can recover it back within the first 30 days of deactivation.

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