What Does FYP Mean on TikTok?

If you are on TikTok, you must have seen people commenting and captioning #FYP, #foryou, or #foryoupage on each others’ posts. People believe that posting these hashtags can make your video go viral. But is this true? Today we will know all about the FYP on TikTok and in the end, I will share some tips about getting your video viral.

What does FYP mean?

The home page of TikTok allows you to view contents under two different sections i.e. “following” and “for you”. Under the following tab, you get to see the videos of people that you have followed on TikTok. But when you click on the “For You” tab, you see videos of people that you have never heard of, seen, met, or followed. This is the mysterious For you Page or FYP in TikTok and it allows engaging and entertaining content to go viral.

FYP is similar to the Explore tab on Instagram and youtube’s recommendation system. Tiktok presents you with viral content considering what kind of content you prefer, follow, and like. These videos appear on the FYP page. As simple as that. TikTok uses a secret algorithm to feature any video on the FYP of users. If you can crackdown this algorithm then you could also be the next Loren Gray or Ariel Rebecca Martin.

How Does FYP Make TikTok Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

The thing with Instagram’s explore tab and youtube’s recommendation system is that they push already-viral content. Yes, when you go to IG’s explore page you see posts that people you follow have liked, posts with high engagement, and accounts similar to ones you already follow. So if you are new to Instagram with few followers and likes but have good content then your posts won’t feature on the explore page. This means that IG will make things easier for people with more followers and likes. This is similar to youtube’s recommendation system.

But the system in TikTok is totally different. While it takes some time for content to get viral on IG and feature on the explore page, this can happen in TikTok overnight. This is what makes creators stick to TikTok much longer than on youtube. The hope of getting viral overnight and becoming a TikTok sensation encourages them to make more videos. This is the reason why TikTok has 800 million active users today.

Possible FYP Algorithm (Batch Testing) Explained

Like most of the other social media platforms, TikTok doesn’t reveal its algorithm for obvious reasons. But there are some popular theories regarding how a video gets viral. One of the best and probably the most accurate is the Batch Testing Theory. I have explained this theory in summary and I hope you understand it clearly. But don’t trust this blindly because nobody is 100% sure is this is the real algorithm or not.

  • As soon as you post a video it gets featured in the FYP of a small batch of random people who are engaged in similar content to that you have created. This video is shown along with other popular videos so that the users don’t get bored.
  • Now the engagement ratio on this video decides whether the video gets forwarded to a larger batch or not. Likes per view and total watch time are two main contributing factors.
  • If the video completely fails in the first small-batch then there is a small chance that it will get viral.
  • If the video fails on the batches but is liked by your followers at a huge rate then TikTok might consider it for re-batching i.e. starting the process all over again.

This is the basic batch Testing Algorithm that many people believe to be the FYP algorithm on TikTok.

Why Do People Comment #FYP or #Foryoupage On TikTok Videos?

When people see a video and they love it, they want it to become viral or get more views and likes. People show support to the creator by sharing, liking, and commenting on that post. One popular comment that you will see on many posts today is #FYP or #Foryoupage. people comment on these hashtags hoping that the post will feature o the FYP. It is a common way of expressing that you want this post to go viral or you want this on the For You page. But does commenting this really work?  As I have already said that TikTok only pushes a video to larger batches depending upon the engagement and the like ratio, not because of comments or caption on any post. So, commenting FYP on any post doesn’t help in making the video viral directly.

Tips To Get Your Video On The FYP

This is a huge issue and a big headache for creators in TikTok. Some people spend a lot of their time editing and making complex transitions (quite popular on TikTok) but still can get the desired number of views and like. Sometimes people showcasing their extraordinary talents also fail on TikTok. So, here is a basic guide on how to become viral or get your video featured on the FYP in TikTok.

Make Short Clips

Today because of platforms like TikTok, our attention span has really declined. We quickly get over things and get bored with it. Some people can’t even withstand a 10 min long video on youtube. Short clips and pictures have become the easiest ways to express anything. TikTok allows you to create videos of any length under 60 seconds. But people don’t join the platform to learn new things, get educated, etc. The sheer purpose of TikTok is entertainment. People who see your video want to laugh, cry, or get any other emotions within 10-15 seconds. If you spend the first10-15 seconds of your clip, building the environment or preparing for the main thing then people won’t stick around. The first few seconds are the heart of your video.

So, limit your video to those first few seconds. This is extremely important. Statistically, most of the viral videos on TikTok are under 15-17 seconds.

Make Engaging Content

View time also contributes a lot in featuring your video on the FYP. So you should focus on keeping people engaged. Short videos and videos with stories have more engagement ratio.

One way to ensure higher engagement on your videos is by dividing your video into series. This creates curiosity among people who watch your videos. You should also divide your story into the beginning, middle, and end. This creates great emphasis on story-telling.

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Use viral music in your TikTok

Using viral music is a straightforward way of getting more views. People who love listening to the songs will definitely watch your TikTok, sometimes just for the music. Background music and special effects can make your post look more attractive and expressive.

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Make duets or collab with other famous TikTok artists

Most of the famous TikTok artists use this method and it is quite effective. You can create a duet of any allowed popular video. This attracts those people who loved the original content. Just don’t try to ruin the video for those who loved it. Always try to outdo or outperform the original artist.

Use trending hashtags

Hashtags are important aspects of all social media platforms. Hashtags create a public community and allow everyone to hop in. Using a bunch of hashtags with the caption is the best way to include your video in various communities. This boosts views and ultimately lands your posts on the FYP of millions of people.

Participate in Challenges

Various challenges appear on TikTok in the form of hashtags and also inside the content. Participating in challenges and using relatable hashtags can really boost the number of views in your video.  There are some weird TikTok challenges like peeing in your pants and walking out of a moving vehicle and dancing.  There are also some challenges that create social awareness and sometimes are also used for brand endorsement.

If your video has all these features then surely it might one day land on the FYP.

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How Does TikTok Decide What Videos To Show To Its Users?

There is also no specific or accurate answer to this question. But all we can say is that you get to see those videos according to your choice. As soon as you create a TikTok account, the app asks for your preferences. You can choose a single one or multiple options. If you don’t choose any of these options TikTok will probably show the content that is already viral in your location. It is fair to say that TikTok will quickly adapt to your taste and offer the most relevant and interesting videos that you’ll never want to stop watching.


All in all, TikTok is a fun app, and getting your video featured in the FYP is a huge deal. If your content is good enough, then FYP will surely help in making it viral. You won’t have to worry about pushing your video yourself lie than on Instagram or Youtube. TikTok is a great platform for showcasing your talent and in some aspects, it is far better than other social media platforms. I think I have provided all the information regarding FYP on TikTok.

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Thank You.