How To Fix “You’re Following Too Fast” Issue On TikTok? [2023]

You're Following Too Fast

Let’s be real. If you use TikTok or other sites like Instagram, you might have followed people without thinking much. There are two reasons for this: either you hope they’ll follow you back, or you want to see cool new stuff from them. But on TikTok, if you follow many people quickly, you might see a message that says, “You’re Following Too Fast.” If you’re wondering how to fix this issue, you’re in the right spot.

The “You’re Following Too Fast” issue on TikTok arises when users try to follow many accounts rapidly, which is detected as potential spam behavior by TikTok’s algorithms and temporarily prevents further following. The only real solution is to wait patiently for a period ranging from a few hours up to three days for the restriction to be lifted by TikTok.

When you encounter the “You’re Following Too Fast” error message, it’s essentially TikTok’s way of preventing spammy behavior and ensuring the platform remains enjoyable for everyone. This error is typically triggered when you attempt to follow multiple users quickly, which can appear as spammy behavior on TikTok’s algorithms. Let’s learn more about this issue and explore other solutions.

What Is The “You’re Following Too Fast” Issue On TikTok?

The “You’re Following Too Fast” issue on TikTok is when the app tells you to slow down because you’re trying to follow or subscribe to many people quickly. Imagine you’re at a candy store, and you’re picking up candies quickly. Sometimes, TikTok asks you to take a little break because following too many accounts fast can make the app worried that you might be a robot instead of a real person.

TikTok wants to ensure everyone is having a good time on the app. So, if you see the “You’re Following Too Fast” message, don’t worry! Take a short break from following people for a little while, like a quick snack break. After that, you can go back to following more people. It’s like giving TikTok a little signal that you’re a real person who loves watching fun videos.

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How To Fix “You’re Following Too Fast” On TikTok?

The best thing to do in this situation is to wait patiently. Your wait time can be from 2 hours to 3 days. But if you want to fix this problem and start following people again quickly, there’s another way you can try. Remember that this method might not always work, but it’s worth trying. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Open The TikTok App

Open the TikTok app on your phone by tapping on its icon. It usually looks like a black musical note on a white background.

Step 2: Tap on the “Me” Icon

In the bottom right corner of the app, you’ll see an icon that looks like a person’s silhouette. This is the “Me” section. Tap on it.

Step 3: Look For The Three Horizontal Lines

You’ll see three lines arranged horizontally in the top right corner of the “Me” section. These lines represent options. Tap on them.

Step 4: Find the “Support and About” Section

After tapping the three dots, a menu will pop up. You will have to click on the “Settings and Privacy” option.

Then, inside the settings menu, scroll down and look for an option called the “Support and About” section. This is where you can get help with the issues you’re facing.

Step 5: Tap On “Report A problem.”

In the “Support” section, you’ll find various options. Look for the one that says “Report a Problem” and tap on it. This is to let TikTok know about the issue you’re having.

Step 6: Tap on Pen-Pad Icon

When you tap “Report a Problem,” you might see an icon resembling a pen and a pad. Tap on this icon to start describing your problem.

Step 7: Describe Your Problem

A box will appear where you can type. Describe the issue you’re facing, which is the “You’re Following Too Fast” message.

You can say, “I keep getting the ‘You’re Following Too Fast’ message even though I haven’t followed many people. Can you please help?

Step 8: Click on the Red “Report” Button

Once you’ve described the problem, you’ll see a red ” Report ” button.” Tap on this button to send your description to TikTok’s support team.

Following these steps might help you eliminate the restriction, but remember, it’s not guaranteed to work every time. It’s still a good idea to wait patiently if you can.

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How Long Does “Following Too Fast” Last On TikTok?

On TikTok, “following too fast” typically refers to a temporary restriction preventing users from quickly following more accounts. This restriction is imposed to prevent spammy or abusive behavior on the platform.

The duration of this restriction can vary but usually lasts for a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the violation and the user’s previous behavior. I want a timeout for the following accounts, and once the restriction period is over, you can resume the following accounts as usual.

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How To Prevent “You’re Following Too Fast” Issues On TikTok?

One easy way to fix this problem is to control how many people you follow. Social media algorithms don’t like it when you randomly follow many people – that’s considered spam. To seem like a real user, you should stick to a limit and not follow too many accounts.

Here’s a simple plan: Follow a maximum of 10 people first. After that, take a 5-minute break, make a video, and then you can start following more people again. Some folks follow multiple accounts to get them to follow back and have more followers. But that’s not a good way to gain followers. Instead, it’s better to focus on making videos many people want to watch and share. This will help you get more followers in a better way.

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What Are The Effects Of Following Too Fast?

If you follow too many people too quickly on social media, like Instagram or Twitter, it can temporarily stop you from following more people for a short period. This pause can last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days.

It’s like a timeout, where you can’t hit the follow button for a while. This reminds you to be careful about how fast you click that “follow” button when adding new friends or accounts to your list.

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What Is The Follow Limit In TikTok?

TikTok is a place where you can create and share videos with others. You can also follow different people to become part of a bigger group. This works the same as other social media sites. When you follow more people, you’ll see more interesting things from them daily. You can even follow famous people and those who make popular videos.

But sometimes, if you follow many people simultaneously, TikTok might say you must follow more quickly. This could happen when you try to follow more than 150 people simultaneously.

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How Long Until I Can Follow Again On TikTok?

How long you have to wait to follow again on TikTok depends on the specific situation, but it usually ranges from a few hours to a few days.

It depends on the specific situation, such as how many accounts you followed too quickly and if you’ve had similar issues.

Once the waiting period is over, you can follow the accounts normally. Think of it as a temporary break before you start following up again.

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How Can I Increase My Following Limit On TikTok?

You must be a good user and play by the rules to follow more people on TikTok. TikTok wants to make sure you’re responsible.

So, use TikTok regularly, like and comment on videos, and ensure you’re not breaking any of their rules. This shows TikTok that you’re a responsible user.

Over time, if you keep doing this, TikTok might let you follow more people. It’s like earning their trust. They want to see if you can handle having more friends on the app.

Remember to be a good TikTok user, follow the rules, and be patient. TikTok will let you follow more people when they think it’s okay.

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Does the “You’re Following Too Fast” Issue Also Apply To Unfollowing Accounts On TikTok?

When you unfollow accounts on TikTok, you might also encounter the “You’re Following Too Fast” issue. This happens because TikTok wants to ensure you’re doing things slowly, whether following or unfollowing. They do this to stop spammy behavior and make the app a better place.

Just like when you follow people too fast if you try to unfollow accounts very quickly, one after another, TikTok might show you this message. They want you to take your time and not rush things. So, whether you’re following or unfollowing, it’s a good idea to go slower to avoid running into this issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic, and they are as follows:

Can Using Third-Party Apps or Services Lead To The “You’re Following Too Fast” Issue On TikTok?

Yes, using third-party apps or services that rapidly automate actions, such as the following accounts, can trigger the “You’re Following Too Fast” issue on TikTok. TikTok’s algorithm detects and restricts suspicious or excessive activity to maintain platform integrity.

Are TikTok’s Restrictions Vary Based On Account Types (Personal, Business, Or Content Creator)?

TikTok’s restrictions mainly depend on user behavior and adherence to the platform’s rules rather than account types like personal, business, or content creator. Our goal is to ensure a safe and authentic environment for everyone.

Can I Get Banned From TikTok If I Frequently Encounter The “You’re Following Too Fast” Error?

Experiencing the “You’re Following Too Fast” error on TikTok repeatedly typically won’t result in a ban. This is a temporary restriction meant to prevent spam-like behavior. However, if you consistently engage in suspicious or violating actions, you may face consequences, including temporary or permanent bans.


Hence, the “You’re Following Too Fast” issue on TikTok can be considered a minor inconvenience but can be resolved easily. The most effective approach to prevent encountering this problem is to refrain from following accounts indiscriminately. This discussion has covered all aspects of the issue and will help you avoid such challenges in the future.

Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated; please share them in the comment section below. Additionally, you can explore our official website at our Online Help Guide for further solution guides and assistance.

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