WhatsApp Not Sending Photos iPhone And Android 2022

WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware and popular application for instant messaging, fast voice calls & video calls, and sharing pictures, videos, and documents. Everyone uses WhatsApp due to its fast encrypted, and reliable features. Sometimes due to bugs or our device problems, we face a lot of issues that occur within the application, but you might wonder why WhatsApp is not sending photos, right?

You can fix WhatsApp not sending photos in the following ways:
1. Set the correct Date and Time
2. Check your Internet speed
3. Allow WhatsApp to use data
4. Restart your device
5. Clear space on your device
6. Clear all cache data
7. Update your WhatsApp application
8. Reinstall WhatsApp
9. Contact the official customer service on WhatsApp

Don’t worry, today in this article we will guide you on how to solve WhatsApp not sending photos problem using Android and iPhone devices. Since in this issue, the device doesn’t matter and the reason might be the same. So even if you are an Android or iPhone user, you can follow this article to solve your issue.

What might be the reasons behind WhatsApp not sending photos?

If you are using the Whatsapp application on your device and while sending photos you noticed that photos are not sent to your friends then there might be some cause. So, here are some of the reasons why Whatsapp is not sending photos:

False Date And Time

If your device’s primary date and time are not accurate with your local time, then it might create problems with WhatsApp. Similarly, due to the device date and time, you can see some issues on Whatsapp like while sending messages and photos, failing to show online status or recently online status, and many more.

Poor Internet Status

As WhatsApp is fully based on online sources, it is very important to have a good internet source or Wi-Fi connectivity. If the internet quality or the Wi-Fi status is poor, then it will cause many problems while using WhatsApp. Some problems can be; slow loading of messages, problems opening WhatsApp, taking way more time to connect to friends via call than it should have, WhatsApp not showing contact names, and many more.

You haven’t allowed WhatsApp Contact Permissions

Giving access to contact is a very important step for WhatsApp to function properly. When you don’t allow WhatsApp contact permission, WhatsApp can not get enough information about the contact, such as the name of the person. Therefore, you must allow contact permissions to WhatsApp so that all the necessary pieces of information will be available for WhatsApp to use.

Outdated WhatsApp Application

It is a common mistake for people who use WhatsApp on their smartphones do, as not keeping Whatsapp updated can cause various issues such as; bugs not being fixed, which can result in the crashes of Whatsapp and glitches, problems adding people, problems with calls not connecting properly, Whatsapp not showing contact names and so on.

Device Not Being Updated

When the device isn’t up to date with its recent software update, it can often cause difficulties in operating WhatsApp. As WhatsApp is optimized to operate in a newer version of the software, an older version might create some issues, such as; WhatsApp not opening, slower speed of messages getting loaded, calls not connecting, WhatsApp not showing contact names, and many more.

Lack Of Space

Mostly in android devices, lack of space becomes a major problem with time. For example, when WhatsApp can not get enough space it needs to operate, it can start getting glitchy, slow, and often crashes immediately. Similarly, lack of space can lead to calls not connecting.

Bugs In WhatsApp

When you have bugs in your WhatsApp application, it can get very glitchy and often might not work as it needs to. Therefore, when you have a slight doubt that you have bugs in your WhatsApp, simply delete your application and reinstall it. This will make your app bug free and should solve the problems.

Old Cache Data

Cache data can affect an application a lot, both in a good way and a bad way. For example, when your app collects cache, it can be easier for the application to fetch all the needed data for a certain task. Similarly, when there are a lot of cache files, the storage might not be enough for the application itself to perform its own task smoothly.

Therefore, when you use WhatsApp and start having problems with the app, check and clear the cache if you find it necessary. Having too many cache files can lead to WhatsApp calls not connecting, along with other problems.

Server Down Of WhatsApp

As many people use WhatsApp (nearly 2 billion), it can sometimes be hard for WhatsApp to keep its servers operating smoothly. Therefore, when the data is too much to process, the servers of WhatsApp can go down, which can lead to problems like WhatsApp call not connecting, WhatsApp not sending photos, and many more.

So, these might be the reasons why Whatsapp is not sending photos from your device. To solve this problem you can follow the methods mentioned below.

How to Solve WhatsApp not sending photos on Android and iPhone?

As we have already talked about different reasons above that might cause issues to send photos on Whatsapp, here are some methods that you can try to solve your problem.

  • Set the correct Date and Time
  • Check your Internet speed
  • Allow WhatsApp to use data
  • Restart your device
  • Clear space on your device
  • Clear all cache data
  • Update your WhatsApp application
  • Reinstall WhatsApp
  • Contact the official customer service on WhatsApp

Set Correct Date And Time

Sometimes while doing some hacking stuff or playing games, to hack coins and lives we change the date and time on our device later we forget or mistakenly enter the wrong date and time. And when you use WhatsApp you encounter some problems like photos not sending, it’s because of the wrong date and time you have entered. So first before sending photos check and correct the date and time from your device. And change your primary date and time, adding a new time and date won’t work.

Even if you are out somewhere and you don’t know the exact time then you can follow the steps mentioned below, and these steps work for both Android and iOS devices.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to the Settings of your Android device.

Step 2: Type On Search Box

In the search box, type Date and Time.

Step 3: Open Date And Time

Open Date and Time setting. Under Date and Time, you will see various options related to date and time.

Step 4: Turn On Or Tap On Select Time Zone

Now, turn on the toggle button of “set automatic time zone.” or Tap on the Select time zone.

Step 5: Select Time Zone And Region

Now, choose Region and time zone.

There you go, now you will see automatic date and time will be updated according to your country and time zone. Now, you can try to send photos to your friend, and if still doesn’t work follow the next method.

Check Your Internet/Data Connection

In today’s generation, everyone has access to the internet or mobile data connection but in hurry, we don’t remember whether our internet connection or data is working or not.

We don’t notice that we are not connected to the internet connection, even sometimes we are connected to the internet we disconnect mistakenly. And even though we are connected sometimes our internet is not working, or out of coverage area.

To solve your internet connection problem simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open The “Settings”

On your smartphone( iOS or Android) Launch your default “Settings” app on your devices by just tapping on it.

Step 2: Tap On “Wi-Fi”.

Once you open the “Settings” app, you should see a tab saying “Wi-Fi”( differs with software and the type of device you have but Wi-Fi will be a common word).

Step 3: Turn Off The Wi-Fi Network

Once you open the “Wi-Fi” tab, you will be taken to the “Wi-Fi” menu and will be shown the option to either enable it or disable it.

Step 4: Turn On Your Wi-Fi

Restarting doesn’t mean you turn your wifi off and on within seconds, make sure to wait for a minute or so which will be some time for your device to process the data and give you a better experience.

So, you should check your internet connection before you make a call on Whatsapp. You can find various online and offline applications to check your internet speed. For example:

Step 1: Open Web Browser

Open any Web browser on your device

Step 2: Type Fast.com

Type fast.com on the search bar and click search.

Step 3: Wait For The Result

Typing fast.com will start the Test and you will see the download and upload speed of your connection.

And if everything is fine with your internet and still you are not able to call someone then follow the next method mentioned below.

So, you should check your internet connection before you send photos to your friends on Whatsapp because it uses an internet connection to get connected. Even if everything is fine with your internet or data connection and still you are not able to send photos then follow the next method mentioned below.

Allow WhatsApp to use Data

If you don’t have an internet connection in your area then just activating a data connection on your device is not enough, you have to allow WhatsApp to use data. If you are not allowed to use data even if you turn on data, WhatsApp won’t use your data to get connected. So, make sure you have allowed WhatsApp to use mobile data connection.

If you are puzzled and thinking what am I trying to say then don’t worry you can allow WhatsApp to use data connection from your device, follow the steps to do so.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your device Settings.

Step 2: Search And Open Manage App

Tap on the search bar and search for Manage App. Simply type Manage App and open manage app once you find it.

Step 3: Tap On WhatsApp

Inside the Manage app, scroll down and Search and tap WhatsApp, among other apps.

Step 4: Click Restrict Data Usage

Now under WhatsApp, you will see various options. Tap on the Restrict data usage.

Step 5: Toggle The Data Usage

After that, turn off and turn on data usage. Done.

That’s it! This is how you allow the WhatsApp application to use data.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes what happens is our device’s RAM gets low or our device misbehaves and we feel some delay while using the WhatsApp application. This might also be the reason why you can’t send photos on WhatsApp.

So, while using WhatsApp, if you face problems like photos, videos, or files not sending, then you should try to reopen your WhatsApp app; if you still face the same problem, then you can clear all the tasks on your device and restart/reboot your device.

For Android Users:

Press and hold the power button until you see the restart. Now, tap on the restart, and your job is done.

For IOS Users:

Press and release the volume up and down key, and afterward, press the power button until the screen turns black.

After you restart your device, open WhatsApp and try to send photos to your friends, even after restarting your device, if you cannot send photos to your friends on WhatsApp, then it’s not because of your device. You should move to the next method mentioned below.

Clear Space on your Device

If you are using a low Rom device, then your storage might be full; take care of it. Besides if you are taking photos from a WhatsApp camera then to save the pictures you need some space on your device, if you are running out of space, then you have to delete some of the photos or videos from your device to create some space on your device.

But if you are choosing photos from your gallery then it might not be a problem to share them with your friends on Whatsapp. And if you are taking pictures from a WhatsApp camera, then make sure first you save your picture in the gallery on your device and send it to your friend.

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Clear All Cache Data

The old cache or junk cache on your device can create some issues in the app. So within 30-40 days, we should clear all the cache of the app to use it smoothly. To clear all the cache of your WhatsApp, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: Click App

Under Setting, go to the App.

Step 3: Open App Manager

Choose App Manager.

Step 4: Select WhatsApp

Now, choose WhatsApp.

Step 5: Tap On Clear Cache

From the bottom, Choose to Clear the Cache.

Step 6: Clear All Data

Finally, tap Clear all data, and all your WhatsApp cache is gone.

Your cache of WhatsApp will be cleared, and you will feel the change while using Whatsapp. Now, try to send photos to your friend. If still, you face the same problem while sending photos, then you should reinstall the application.

Update Your WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging applications, so we get updates within a few months and miss the latest version. Due to the outdated app, we face some issues, so if we want bug free application, then we should be alert and check out for the new version and update the application.

To update your WhatsApp application, follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps To Update WhatsApp On Android Device

The necessary step to take while updating WhatsApp on an Android Device is below:

Step 1: Launch Play Store

Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Click On the three horizontal lines “≡”

Tap on the three horizontal lines “≡” from the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap On “My Apps & Games”

You should find a “My Apps & Games” option; tap on it.

Look for the “Updates Section”, and if there is a new update on WhatsApp, you will be able to find it there.

Step 4: Update WhatsApp

If you discover WhatsApp within the “Update Section”, you should just simply update WhatsApp.

Steps To Update WhatsApp On iOS Device

Many people might have a problem while updating WhatsApp on their iOS devices. If you are one of them, then following the step below will be the right thing to do:

Step 1: Open App Store.

On your iOS Device(iPhone or iPad), open App Store.

Step 2: Click On The Profile Icon

Now, search for your profile icon in the highest right section and click on it.

Step 3: Update WhatsApp

You’ll find the list of apps waiting to be updated. Scroll down until you find WhatsApp.

If you discover WhatsApp on the list, tap “Update.” If you have the will to update other remaining apps, too, then just simply tap on Update All.

Now try to send photos with your friends, we hope your problem is solved following these methods.

Reinstall Your WhatsApp

If you face any minor application issue, the best option is to re-install the application. You don’t have to think much about it; just uninstall and reinstall the app. So, here are the steps to reinstall the WhatsApp application.

Process To Re-install WhatsApp for Android

Re-installing WhatsApp on an Android device is

Step 1: Open Play Store

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step 2: Click On The Search Bar

Tap on the Search bar of Google Play Store. You can easily locate the search bar as it is on the front page of the Play Store.

Step 3: Search For WhatsApp

Type WhatsApp on the Search bar.

Step 4: Click On WhatsApp

After you search for Whatsapp, the app will come at the top. Tap on WhatsApp.

Step 5: Unistall WhatsApp

Click on the Uninstall button and wait.

Step 6: Reinstall The App

Now, click on the Install button. Done.

Steps To Re-install WhatsApp For iPhone

Step 1: Open App Store

Open the App Store on your device.

Step 2: Type WhatsApp

Type WhatsApp on the Search bar.

Step 3: Tap WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp by tapping.

Step 4: Remove The App

Click on the Remove button and wait.

Step 5: Click On Get Button Or Cloud Button

Now, click on the Get button or cloud button. Done.

So these are the step to reinstall the WhatsApp application according to your device.

There you go, this is how you can reinstall your application. Now, try to make a call with someone, we hope your problem is solved.

Get In Touch With The Customer Service Department Of WhatsApp

If you are still facing the same problem then we think there is something wrong with the WhatsApp application so once try to coordinate with the customer support of the WhatsApp application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Hide Last Seen Status on WhatsApp?

You can easily hide the your last seen status on WhatsApp by going in settings and managing your privacy. It is very easy and simple process.

What Is The Age Requirement To Open WhatsApp?

The minimum age requirement to open WhatsApp is 16. You can not open WhatsApp unless you keep your date of birth above 16 or at least 16.

Is WhatsApp A Safe App To Use?

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is used by over 1 billion people worldwide. It is known for its security and privacy features, which make it a popular choice for people who want to keep their conversations private. However, recent reports have shown that WhatsApp may not be as safe as we thought, and that the app may be vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

In Conclusion

Lastly, if you are facing photos not sending issues on WhatsApp then this article will be really helpful for you. We have mentioned some of the basic methods to solve Whatsapp’s not sending photos issue, follow each method unless you solve your problem otherwise you have to coordinate with customer support from the official website of WhatsApp. We hope every method is understandable and clear.

Besides, if you have any questions regarding this article then don’t hesitate to comment on your problem we are always here to solve your problems.

And if you want more helpful guidance on the WhatsApp application then you can go to WhatsApp Tips from our official website Online Help Guide.

Thank You.