What Happens When You Hide Comments On Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform that is used worldwide by 1.9 billion active users every day. You can post texts, photos, and videos on Facebook. When you post something on Facebook you receive plenty of comments. It is good to receive comments on your content as it reflects their option towards it. So, here is a guide on what happens when you hide comments on Facebook.

But sometimes you can also receive hate speech on your post as a comment. People might use abusive words, offendable language or inappropriate images, and many more. In this case, you might want to hide those comments so that others can’t see them.

Who Can See When You Hide Comments On Facebook

When you hide someone’s comment on Facebook then that comment will not appear on the post. But the commentator will still be able to see his/her comment on that particular post. It can also be visible to his/her friends on the post.

So, remember that hidden comments will be invisible to you only, not for commentators. If you don’t want the commentator to see the comment as well then you have to delete it from your post.

How to Hide Comments On Facebook From the Public

It is very easy to hide someone’s comment from your post or others’ posts on Facebook. Everybody likes to see positive comments and hates negative comments. But few people want to spread negativity and they always make inappropriate comments on every post.

It is not good manners to make abusive comments on others’ posts. Most of the time Facebook automatically deletes the comment which has abusive words or language. But some of them can still be seen. So, below are the steps to hide those comments on Facebook from the public.

Hide Comments On Facebook From Public Using Android or iOS Device

Most of the time you are using your mobile devices nowadays. So, when you see the negative comments on your posts which have abusive words you want to hide them immediately. Therefore, here are the steps on how to hide comments on Facebook from the public using your Android or iOS devices.

Step 1: Launch Facebook App

Launch the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Go To Your Post

After logging in, go to your Profile to locate the post on which the negative comment was posted. Otherwise, tap on the notification section from the ‘bell’ icon on the top row and click the notification.

Step 3: Tap On The Comment Icon

Tap on the ‘Comment’ icon under your post and scroll down to locate the comment that you want to hide.

Step 4: Long- Tap on Comment

Once you find the comment long-tap on it and a pop-up will appear.

Step 5: Tap On The Hide Comment

Then tap on the ‘Hide Comment’ option and it will disappear from the post.

Hide Comments On Facebook From Public Using PC

Similarly, if you want to hide comments on Facebook from the public using your PC then you can do that as well. The following are the steps to hide it from your PC.

Step 1: Go To Facebook Site

Go to the official site of Facebook.

Step 2: Log In To Your Account

Log in to your account if you have not saved your login credentials.

Step 3: Click On Your Profile

Click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your Facebook Home page.

Step 4: Locate Your Post

Scroll to the post that has the comment to hide or simply click on the bell icon at the top to see notifications.

Step 5: Click On Comment Icon

Once you find the post, click on the ‘comment’ icon to see all the comments. And scroll to the one that you want to hide.

Step 6: Click On The Three Horizontal Dots

Then click on the three horizontal dots icon next to the comment. A pop-up will appear.

Step 7: Click On Hide Comment

You can see the ‘Hide comment’ option at the top. Click on it.

How To Hide a Comment On Someone’s Post On Facebook?

You can hide comments from your post as well as others on Facebook which appear on your feed. You may have followed plenty of public pages on Facebook and you receive their contents on your newsfeed.

When an admin shares a post then there are thousands of people commenting on those posts. Each person has a different option and does not match with each other. So, if someone’s comment is inappropriate to you then you can hide those comments.

You do not have to be an admin of the page to hide the comments. But only you will not be able to see those comments others can unless an admin hides them. So, here are the steps on how to hide comments on someone’s post on Facebook.

Step 1: Open Your Facebook Account

Open your Facebook account on any device.

Step 2: Search For The Post

Search for the post where you have seen the comment.

Step 3: Long-Tap On The Comment

Long-tap the comment section under the post.

Step 4: Locate The Comment

Scroll down and locate the comment.

Step 5: Click On Hide Comment

Click on the three dots beside the comment and click on the ‘Hide comment’ option.

But this is not a practical way as there may be tons of comments on public posts that you don’t want to see. It is not possible to hide all those comments so simply ignore them.

Will A Person Know If I Hide Their Comment?

The answer is simply ‘No’. This is because when you hide a comment on your post or someone else posts then the commentator will never know. The changes will appear on your side only and will not affect the commentator’s side.

But when you hide someone’s comment on your post other people will be able to see your action. This will have a bad impact on your post if the content is about the products. For example, if you are running an online business and you hide negative comments on your post then customers will have a second thought.

So, it is necessary to hide all the negative comments on your post as you can improve from your mistakes. From this, you will get to know the feedback from the public may it be positive or negative and you should accept it.

How To Know If Someone Hides Your Comment On Facebook

You will not get any notifications when someone hides your comment on Facebook. So, you can ask your friends on Facebook to search for your comment on the post. If he/she could find the comment then it is not hidden but if only you can see the comment, then your comment has been hidden by the admin. This is the only option to check if someone has hidden your comment.

How To See Hidden Comments On Facebook

There is no direct method to see hidden comments on Facebook. When an admin of the post hides the comment for the public, then only the commentator will be able to see the comment. But if you are really interested to see the hidden comment then you have to request the admin. Either ask to send a copy of the hidden comment or request to unhide the comment.

What Is Facebook Hide and Delete?

Facebook hide and delete are two different things. Deactivating the Facebook account for a certain time lets you hide your account from the public. Later on, you can again log in to activate your Facebook account.

Similarly, you can also hide your Facebook content or posts from the public or friends for a certain time. But deleting the content is forever as you cannot see the deleted posts again. So, remember the difference between Facebook hide and delete.

How To Hide Facebook Posts

Like hiding comments, you can also hide your or someone’s post from your Facebook feed. To hide the post, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Facebook App

Launch the Facebook app on your device.

Step 2: Go To The Post

Go to the post that you want to hide from the feed.

Step 3: Click On Three Horizontal Dots

Click on the three horizontal dots above the post you want to hide.

Step 4: Edit Audience

If it is your own post, you can find the ‘Edit Audience’ option. Click on it and select ‘Only Me’ to hide it from everyone else and choose any other option.

Step 5: Hide Post

If it is someone else’s post, then you can find the ‘Hide post’ option which will hide the content from your feed.

How To Delete Facebook Post?

If you want to permanently delete your post from Facebook then you can do that. But you cannot delete others’ posts instead you can hide only.  If other users and their content is offensive in any way, then you can report the account or pages on Facebook. To delete your own post from the feed you can do the following steps.

Step 1: Launch The Facebook App

Launch the Facebook app on your device

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Go to your profile by clicking on the profile picture on the top.

Step 3: Find The Post

Find the post that you want to delete permanently.

Step 4: Click On Three Horizontal Dots

Click on the three horizontal dots above the post

Step 5: Delete The Post

Click on the ‘Move to trash’ option at the last. It will delete your post permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some queries regarding hiding your comments on Facebook. So, here are a few queries answered for you.

Can Someone Know If You Hide Their Post On Facebook?

No, the person will never know that you have hidden their post on Facebook. Because only you will not be able to see the post on your feed. But everyone else can find the post.

How Does The Hidden Comment Appear On Facebook?

When the admin of the Facebook account hides the comment, it will appear like ‘Comments are hidden’ on the post.

Who Can See A Hidden Comment On Facebook?

Only the admin and the commentator could see if any comments are hidden from the post.


Thus, you can hide anyone’s comment on Facebook if you don’t want to see them anymore. If you hide any comment on your post then nobody can see it except the commentator. But if you hide comments on others’ posts then only you will not be able to see it.

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